Wine Me, Dine Me and Sixty-Nine Me?

ByZinfandel Apr 14, 2021

And for my 69th Q....I would invite Posse to pop not one cherry but two. Getting him to post at Cow Bell was a simple task but getting him to 69

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PreBlast: 8 Weeks To Your Fastest Mile

ByTuck Apr 12, 2021

YHC will take the reigns at Swift starting next week for an 8-week training program designed to produce your fastest mile.  Why?  Because getti

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Suzanne Somers Greatest Hits

ByGerber Apr 7, 2021

Perfect 50 degree morning, some heavy hitting regional VQs, how were the numbers going to be this morning? Pax answered the bell this morning

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More PAX gotta have some Cowbell!

ByBottlecap Mar 31, 2021

16 guys picked up their prescription for their fever at Cowbell.  It was a warm morning so C3PO had to scrape off the ice arrive late.  Jingles

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ByTransporter Mar 24, 2021

DEAR Cowbell, I have a love hate relationship with you,  love the challenge, hate how sore I am the next day.  Today you worked us well,  a

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Top Ten Workout

ByDasher Mar 17, 2021

5 for a pre-run between 2 and 3 miles. DiCCs Warm-up Carry KB over to Hickory Tavern than ran a lap around the island.   The

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The only thing to fear is cowbell itself

ByIce9 Mar 10, 2021

Hard workouts can be scary. We get it. That's why there are famous quotes like: "First of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only th

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Swing Em If You Got Em

ByGerber Mar 5, 2021

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times Another Wednesday for Waxhaw's premier kettlebell and running workout There were kettle

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Testicle Size Kettlebells

ByBlue Screen Feb 25, 2021

Cowbell, Feb 25,2021 QIC: Blue Screen PAX: Popeye, Swift, Gerber, Dasher, Transporter, Ice9, Zinfandel, Bayo, Deadwood, MadDog (Warm up)

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