KettleBells and Grunge

ByTonyatine Mar 9, 2022

How come anytime YHC is asked to lead the dreaded Cowbell workout in needs to be raining or wet? flash back a few months ago where Gerber, Rain M

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Last Gasp for ….62?

ByBlue Screen Jan 27, 2022

Bluescreen's last day as a 62-year old boy (hit panic button)!  Birthday is tomorrow but still made everyone pay with 63 (9 reps x 7 sets) burpe

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Let’s GOOOO Brandon!!

ByBlue Screen Dec 16, 2021

"Don't sue me, don't sue Petsmart,  and don't sue former vice-president Joe Biden who will be upset at today's agenda". Exciting extended cal

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Wearing our C/Sea shoes to keep warm?

ByTonyatine Dec 8, 2021

Knowing the rain would deter most Pax from showing up, YHC was really contemplating staying in the nice warm DRY bed, and telling himself, "Why w

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ByTransporter Nov 17, 2021

Cowbell is the bomb,  if you don't get a work out in,  ITS YOUR FAULT.  Today we added some FLAIR: By incorporating sand bags, Dumb

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Partners need more Cowbell too

ByBottlecap Aug 26, 2021

8 PAX answered the Cowbell on Wednesday. THANG: Partner work with a catch P1:  Runs loop P2:  Called Exercise *Catch:  When

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Simple, not easy

ByChastain Aug 18, 2021

I'm an excellent procrastinator. I really excel at it. When it comes to putting together a weinke I really work hard to make sure I put it off un

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How long is this workout?

ByIce9 Aug 11, 2021

Four friends posted this morning to get stronger and faster and watch the sunrise together. We did a few SSHs and some merkins, and then got to i

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IPC Prep… ish

ByDeadwood Jul 26, 2021

Yes...I know you can't believe I made it to a workout! I Qed Chiseled once and it was a complete disaster and I didn't need that to happen at Cow

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Slamballs, Sandbags, and Kettlebells

ByBlue Screen Jul 14, 2021

Mix today of kettlebells, Slam balls, and Sand-filled bags in a three-corner circuit. PAX divide equally up in the three corners 2 rounds eac

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