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LinkedIn Workout

ByDasher Mar 5, 2021

So I found the idea of the workout on the F3 Group on LinkedIn.  Who woulda thought that. DiCCs We headed out for out warm-up run to the H

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Back at it

ByTransporter Mar 2, 2021

Injuries arn't fun but they are a part of life and learning your limitations isn't always fun either,  especially when you see all the pictures

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Well That Was Interesting

ByGerber Feb 26, 2021

As I was in the shower last night, I had an epiphany:   So the call went out on GroupMe:   Apparently Smithers text

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Anniversary of the First Performing Monkey

ByCarb Load Feb 25, 2021

It's true!  Today is the 270th (1751 - NYC) anniversary of the first performing monkey exhibited in America.  We celebrated by doing the follo

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Let’s Save That For Another Day

ByGerber Feb 22, 2021

I had a plan for today.  Something that I've been thinking about for a while.  With sunny weather and good temps this weekend and only 30% chan

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More Like Viva La Rain… Amirite?

ByZinfandel Feb 19, 2021

And for my 64th Q I pulled into the Waverly shopping center and pulled in by the parking deck to count number of floors. See 15 guys running arou

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Frozen Bells

ByGerber Feb 17, 2021

Today was my VQ for Cowbell thanks for the heads up on the Q Gerber, better late than never Gerber insert: Warmup: Stretch, Cowbell Swi

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