Hills, Hills and more Hills

Hills, Hills and more Hills

Ignition is a challenge,  min of 4 miles and one hour so expectations are high.  Today was no exception.

Mosey to the Lawson club house for a simple warm up,  we did stuff

The thang.  7’s on the back hills of Lawson and suicides on the front.  Merkin shredders and squats. Burpees and merkin shredders

Moleskin:  Good to see Stinger on the SOUTHSIDE he killed it an pushed himself. Glida and BC led the pax and didn’t even seem to be breathing, you both suck.  Ice admittedly was sucking wind this morning but he gave a solid finish along with Glida and Deflated who always kills the back half of a work out.  Not much mumble chatter and everyone pushed!



Anoucnements:  Christ’s Closet loading this friday 4-6 PM   @ 6025 New Town Road

Giving Event this Saturday 7 AM   503 Maurice Monroe



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