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Hills, Hills and more Hills

ByTransporter Sep 20, 2021

Ignition is a challenge,  min of 4 miles and one hour so expectations are high.  Today was no exception. Mosey to the Lawson club house for

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The Crawl

ByDoughBoy Aug 22, 2021

Well, you know that you planned a crazy workout when you wake up the next day and figure out that you cannot play basketball because your entire

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Back at it

ByTransporter Mar 2, 2021

Injuries arn't fun but they are a part of life and learning your limitations isn't always fun either,  especially when you see all the pictures

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Low Temps and Lots of Legs

ByRicky Bobby Dec 30, 2020

11 Pax braved the chilly temp on this holiday week to try to work off some of the weeks festivities. The changed holiday hours has some of the pa

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Slippery when wet

ByDasher Feb 7, 2020

9 Men braved the rain and lighting this morning for gear workout that got the heart pumping. Warm-up Since it wasn't raining when we starte

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I went blank…

ByDeadwood Jan 24, 2020

10 pax joined me For Clyent Dinner.  For some pax it was their first workout today but 4 were at our second. At around 5:25 I received an urg

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Watchtower BB

ByDeadwood Jan 9, 2020

This will be my first to the last Q in the Waxhaw area.  I've grown a lot over the past few years and thankful for all you guys. I'm going to ke

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