Elmers VQ

Elmers VQ

At 5:18 am Elmers text the chicken a video of Motley Crew Kick Start My Heart !! HELL YEA.. So Schneider, o69 and I cranked that tune up to get pumped for his VQ.. We took right at the first light into the school and we were met by a group on shirtless dude with headlights so we decided to scream at the.. Damn Ignitioners always in the way trying to flex their muscles at us Flashers..

DICCS- cell phone, cpr, do not sue anyone, modify as needed ect…

Warm Up

Mosey to front of middle school

15- SSH

10 – Imperial Walkers

10- Merkins

Calf Stretch/ runners pose flap jack

Mosey to Front of high school

The Thang

20 – Dips- hot lap

20 – Step ups- hot lap

Rinse repeat

Mosey to first culvert around corner

20- Donkey Kicks then run to next Culvert for 20 Mike Tysons – Rinse repeat 2 more times YIKES

Mosey to Stair area near buses and Partner up

P 1- run around triangle

P 2- 200 LBCS, 100 Pistol LBCS, 100 Gas Pumps, 100 Low Slow Squats, 50 Bobby Hurley’s.

Mosey to the shed

25- air press

25 – air jabs

Mosey back to COT..


Elmer’s First VQ written by Chicken Little


Was fairly quite today on the announcement front.

FNG at ignition Jackson Mingledorff — AKA PUDDLES- heading to the Navy for air traffic controller in a week.





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