Weinke -Do

Weinke -Do

The time was 5:13 and no Q had been claimed and no Site Q on site, YHC looked around the parking lot and saw 1 gazelle to the right (hocking shirts from trunk).  Looked to left saw another gazelle that looked to have competed against Joey Chestnut and looking to release some of the leftovers on pavement, and then looked ahead and saw only 1 other Musketeer of LRC (Smithers not ready to do work today so we left him at home).  Question came up who wants to Q, so YHC quickly says I have it to ensure that he can control the volume for the morning’s activity (avoid 5:30/mile pace to start).

Oh and back to BB title – what do you call it when your belly sticks out further then your weinke…..a weinke-do.


Mosey down concrete path and come back to the circle for quick stretch.  If Hollywood is reading this we spent 15 mins doing Imperial Walkers and Calf Stretches.  For others we did quick Jimmy Dugan, calf stretch, runner stretch.



Using the the two circles by baseball field w/ Jump Squats and Merkins

Mosey towards alcove with steps.  1st time that YHC avoided doing calves

Burpee Indian Guardian

Hand pick randomly assign 2 groups.  Each group would do burpee indian guardian run around the bus island.  Once back to front of stairs do 20x Big Boi’s as group.  Do 3x.  Not sure if it was after round 2 or 3, but at some point Ice-9 pulled the lever and released the gremlins onto the pavement.

Mosey towards front of middle school

 Bear vs. Camper

Around the island in front of school start with 1st 2 contestants and point was for Bear to do 2 burpees and see if they can run down the camper before completing a lap.  Rotated through group until all had a chance to compete.

Mosey over to middle school parking lot for round 2.  Most cases bear won.

Finished at 6:15 with all clocking in 5+ miles with some north of 6.


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