God let’s everything happen for a reason (Mike Tyson quote)

God let’s everything happen for a reason (Mike Tyson quote)

Mild morning with 21 PAX arriving bright eyed.  It was a pleasure to lead today.


Mosey from the parking lot by the shed for a warm up.

20 Imperial walkers

Plank, 6”, repeat

20 Mountain climbers

Mosey to front of middle school

20 side straddle hops

Plank, 6”, repeat

Calf stretch

Runners stretch


The Thang

Mosey to school road in front of the MS, stopping at first streetlight

Alternate 10 x merkins, 10 x big boy sit ups at each light to the stop sign

Mosey to large parking lot by football field, 4 corners

Three series of:

25 heels to heaven

25 plank jacks

25 american hammers

25 mike tyson’s


Mosey back shed, gather as a group and then to COT

The Moleskin


We had a great turn out and there was a lot of complaining especially with the third round of mike tyson’s (was only planning to do two) but complaining = a good workout so I thought we should continue.



Fuse Box noted a few changes for the race tomorrow.  Be there by 7am (or earlier) to start by 7:15am.

Chastain is still open to do more burpies so sign up/donate even if you don’t want to run.

F3 dad’s are getting together 12/11 for a kickball game but really to do a toy drive for Christ’s Closet.  New and used toys will be collected.  The event will be at the high school lot 9am.

Zin is doing an “ornament” exchange on 12/4…bring whatever you like to drink or what you want to get rid of…either way is good.  Still don’t know what type of ornament he is looking for.  Guess you have to show u to find out just please RSVP so he can get a better idea of how many will show.  Its for all Pax, even guys that are not part of F3.

EFFEE will be hosted in February.  Location and date to be confirmed

Chatterbox’s wife is selling traditional Indian meals to benefit Roof for a child.

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