Just like riding a bike, except the back blast part….

Just like riding a bike, except the back blast part….

I haven’t Q’d a boot camp for quite some time as I’ve been mashing for so long given my knee surgery.  I’m finally back to full time running as Chicken Little keenly observed and suckered me into asked me to Q flash sometime.  I obliged and put together some thoughts for the Monday morning weinke.  After 2 1/2 years of F3 and a ton of Q’s at mash, its not too hard to come up with plenty of exercises to keep the group going for 45 min.  I do like to try to pull in some new exercises so that the same old things aren’t done every time but we’ll save that weinke for another Q when all the rust is worn off.  Dicc’s were a little rusty but we got those covered and off we go–


The thang-

Mosey to the front of the elementary school for some warmups

  • imperial walkers
  • side straddle hops
  • mountain climbers
  • calf stretches
  • upward/downward dog

Grab a partner, one does reps while the other runs around the circle and then switch.

  • 100 merkins, 150 big boys, 200 dips

Mosey to high school gym entrance area

  • bottom of the steps 10 squats, run up to top by wall and do Mike Tysons 10x, run back repeat, 10 squats while lowering Tysons to 8x,6x,4x,2x

Mosey to back side of high school by wooden benches

  • 3 rounds  use wooden benches for 20 incline merkins, run to tables/benches and do 20 step ups

Mosey to Rudys shack, run the path back up to parking lot, getting short on time

  • alternate light poles- 3 burpees, then next pole 10 LBCs, keep repeating till we get back to parking lot, times up.




As the title says, Q’ing its like riding a bike.  You never forget how to do it, maybe its a little harder to get creative with exercises if you haven’t done anything in a while or haven’t pulled out the exicon to find some new stuff.  The backblast is a little different story- I kinda forgot where to login, my password, how to put all the information in, and mostly its a bit of just being lazy on my part.  Well the backblast certainly wasn’t posted in a Flash like the name of the site!  Anyway, all you pax that are counting your workouts for the year should now have credit for July 12th.   Always a honor to get out in the early morning gloom and lead a fine group of F3 pax, and looking forward to the next time…..



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