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I feel bad about your funhouse mirror

39 years, not really a very big deal in most circumstances.  It’s not a milestone birthday, its “just one more year”, one more trip around the sun.  So why make a deal out of it.  In part, I guess, its serendipity my birthday landed on a Saturday giving me the opportunity to return to my favorite AO to kickstart my 40th annum.  The other part, is each year is a gift worth celebrating, worth acknowledging the gift which was another 365 days of breath, of strength, and of enduring the challenges of every day life.  I appreciate the PAX who tolerated my vanity, and humored my hubris, by posting alongside me this morning.  Read on to know what we did:

The Thang:

COT including 13 of IW, LSS, LSM (3 X 13 = 39) followed by 13 burpees.

-Mosey over to the circuit in the parking lot outside the hotbox consisting of:
-Sister Mary-Katherines

-80# Squats

-40# Ball Slams

-60# ground to overhead

-35# Triple Lindys

-44# Plate press burpees

-Ball-Over Merkins

-Deadlifts with either 120# bag or 2 44# bells


We did 3 rounds Tabata style, 40 seconds on each station with 20 seconds to rotate to the next.  After round 1 we moseyed to the wall for peoples chair with 13 alternating leg lifts in cadence, 13 count right leg up, 13 count left leg up with 13 count balls to the walls in between each set of PC.  After round 2 of the Tabata we went to the tables in the hotbox for 13 step ups, 13 dips, 13 derkins X3.

After round 3 we re-loaded the truck and moseyed back to the start for circle of Mary including  Flutta, LBC, Dolly, Rosalita, protractor, American hammer, and plank-o-rama


-It’s always awesome to show how much work occurs standing in a parking lot picking up heavy things.  I do believe all PAX (except Joker who was doubling down and taking it easy) were thoroughly smoked after 2 rounds of Tabata and the third was an absolute ball-buster.

-Speaking of Joker, after a 1 hour speed work set at a nearby track, he rolled in late and upset what was a perfect 8 station circuit.  YHC knew he was coming tho, so the audible was pre-considered and applied in real time (adding the sister Mary Katherines, which got many a grumble.)

-During the second set, Cheese Curd was squatting opposite Stalker when he said the most cheese curd thing ever.  “It’s like looking in a funhouse mirror, I’m bigger, tougher, and squat deeper.  I feel really bad about your reflection though.”

-Speaking of Cheese Curd, his usual ridicule was somewhat muted as he seemed to be quite labored from doing work.  Today we learned he DOES have a mute button… now only if it would work on McGee… I’ll investigate and report back.

-I should already know this, but YHC really needs to stop pre-defined circuits next to Alf.   During the bench work, he was routinely done with his Derkins before I started, and it was done with good form.  WAMRAP has built a monster there…

-Hoover and Geraldo seem to think their stature immunizes them from having to do burpees, not sure why that is…

-Urlacher makes odd noises when lifting weights… curd squeaks 2.0?

-Joker spent most of the time we were doing bench work chatting up the three ladies who were doing some kind of Pilates on the other side of the hot-box.  Married men have no game, just saying…

-Spent the entire workout and time after doing things themed around my birthday and complete failed to acknowledge Madison’s 50th birthday which is today as well. RESPECT brother, and apologies for failing to acknowledge during COT… just awful dropping of the ball on my part.

Announcements: Check it out, October in Wilmington, Join the slack channel, sound off about whether or not you might want to go.  It’d be really cool if you did man.

-8/14 bring your broken down 26” or great bikes to RockZero, Stone-Cold will be coordinating a drop off to a compatriot who will refurb them and then donate them to a family in need of basic transportation.


High Heat Low Turnout

DISCC for all 3 of us in attendance, all Appetizer regulars.

The Thang

We started with a mosey around the school and warm-up in parking lot with SSH, LSS, merkins & stretching.  Mosey to other side of the parking lot for some ab exercise.   Into the woods we use the benches for step ups, dips and derkins, all 15 reps each.

Next we ran to the track and alternated with running laps and I honestly forget which exercises.

Next, mosey to the rock pile and down the road for a suicide circuit of thrusters, run to next point merkins, back to thrusters, run to merkins, then to next stop LBCs, etc.

And wrapping up with some H2H while Twinkle Toes did a quick lap around the parking lot I assume because he wasn’t hot enough, or perhaps had a mileage goal I deprived him of meeting at that point.


Very light attendance most likely because it was about 90 degrees and felt closer to 100.  We stayed in the shade most of the time but could not avoid the heat.  I’m most likely going to be out of town the next 2 weeks, and with attendance so low lately & heat so high, we may put the Appetizer on hold for a week or two.  See GroupMe for updates.


Prayer requests for Samantha awaiting test results & also my mother recovering from a non-covid virus that hit really hard


Apologies for not getting this out sooner.

The Wave

Warm Up

SSH, Mountain Climbers, Runners Stretch, Moroccan Night Clubs, Plank Jacks, Jimmy Dugans

The Thang

Ab Web – 1 Big Boy, 4 American Hammers…finish at 10 BB and 40 AH’s

Circle Up with Coupons.  Concept was to do the Wave, with 1st pax starting an exercise, after first rep the guy next to him starts his reps while Pax 1 continues doing reps.  All others plank on coupon until your turn.  Once all pax around the circle completed, stay with same exercise but go in the reverse direction so that the last pax of the last round gets to enjoy all the numerous reps as the first pax in the first round.   We did curls, military press, blockees, chest press, kettle bells swings, squats.

Rifle Carry to spot in parking lot.  Partner up.  P1 bear crawls to island and back, P2 does blockees.  Rinse and Repeat 2X.

Rifle Carry back.  Some wave games, this time instead of plank, top taps on block.

Upward Dog, Downward Dog, Time.


Hot and humid, wow.  Thank you for the opportunity to lead, sorry for explicit lyrics on one song on my playlist, it has been removed. Prays for Chicken Little’s friend. Good luck Chastain on your competition tomorrow, Brutus – you should bring a doctor, priest and a drug dealer to help you get through the day tomorrow.

Lost clips of casting call from Howard Stern Movie (frisbee scene)

In history there have been some well known trios – Three Stooges, Three Tenors, Bee Gees, Huey/Dewey/Louie, so Sugar Daddy decided to do his best Chris Young impersonation and call on his Famous Friends – LRC (Deflated, Smithers, and Foundation) to lead Swarm.  As this was going to be an epic event it resulted in creating its own GroupMe channel and was planned months in advance.  Fast forward to this morning and much deliberation and consultation we came up with a stellar weinke for 13 lucky participants to enjoy this morning.  So here is recap of what happened.

To kick off this event we decided to go old school and have Deflated be our main MC and lead us in the Disclaimer and DICCS.  Disclaimer included a clear and audible announcement that we will remain on campus.  This disclaimer was perfectly heard by all and was even better since it did not cost the group $100 for use of the microphone (Inaugural EFFEE reference).  With that the reigns were handed off to Smithers for the open mosey down the concrete path.

Smithers led mosey towards the circle for quick warmup consisting of:

  • SSH
  • Calf Stretch
  • Runner Stretch
  • Pickles and Goo stuff (upward dog/downward dog)

Next was mosey past the football stadium towards the parking lot hill.  As Smithers led the pax he decided to give instructions for exercises to all the pax that were in front of him (none) of what to do at each opening.  As the remaining pax arrived an exercise was called back towards the remaining pax.  Depending on where you stood in the line for the game of telephone the count for each differed but was somewhere between 15,10 or 5.  With that we get to the top of the hill and now Smithers decides to go rogue and scrap the preplanned weinke and play Ice9 Frogger into Champion Forest.   We amazingly did not lose any of our 3 credits while attempting to cross.

Next instruction was for alternating between 10 merkins and 10 big boys at each Stop Light street light.  This proceeded for few lights until the LRC Congress investigated these missteps by the Q and then passed along to the LRC House of Representatives recommendation to impeach the Q from his duties.  By a vote of 2-1, Smithers is removed from Q and Deflated is elected new Q.  Decides to stop Dasher from proceeding further into Champion Forest and return back to campus.  Upon return proper Zin (Zin apologize you do not receive credit in app for workout due to BB reference) crossing was performed across Providence with all pax as a group and we moseyed with various exercises down towards the football stadium.

Deflated decided to pull a Foley (2nd old timer F3 reference) and within 2 mins decided his portion of the Q was complete.  Handed to Foundation who brought the group back up through parking lot and led entire group around for quick 4 Square tour consisting of merkins, jump squats, speed skaters, big boys.  At this point the 13 pax in attendance were broken into 3 groups of 4 using Bottlecap 3v3 b-ball team logic. With that cones were placed for reference of boundaries and endzone guidance randomly onto the parking lot.  Then 2 teams were set to kickoff with game of Ultimate Frisbee as 3rd did another round of 4 squares as the timer.


  • Nali’s Heroes: Sugar Daddy, Premature, Easy Button, Foundation, Schnitzel
  • Kraft’s Massage Parlor: Deflated, Rubbermaid, Ghosted, Blue Screen
  • Toon Squad: Smithers, Gerber, Dasher, Mute

Each team had chance to play 4 games and complete 2 rounds of 4 squares and completed close to 4 miles in total.  Based on play all clearly showed the lack of athleticism amongst and proved why Swarm should remain a runner’s workout not an athletic event.  To help others understand here is quick scouting report of all that played

  • Gerber – Decided to replace the consonants in his name for vowels and became the Greek Freak at the FT line with the frisbee.  Once he got his hands on the frisbee it took a good 10-15 secs before a   throw was completed
  • Premature – Almost lost a few chicklets this morning due to a bad throw by Easy Button that hit him right in the kisser.
  • Smithers –  Nearly was relegated to walk home today due to early demerits received while on Q and for post TD celebration flip of frisbee to Deflated.  Instead he was forced to pay for post workout drinks at DD.
  • Rubbermaid – may look like Kurt Rambis with the glasses but unsure if due to lack of anti-fog spray or athletic ability did not provide much help for Kraft’s Massage Parlor Squad
  • Deflated – some say he looked like Tom Brady, we say he looked like just another 40+ year old playing QB playing backyard football.
  • Dasher – rounded out the Toon Squad but instead of looking like Road Runner, today he appeared to more reassemble Brucie from the Longest Yard.  It was not until the very end did, we see a typical mid-air Dasher collision.
  • Mute – truly lived up to his namesake and was mostly silent for majority of game.  Unsure if he was singing Skee-Lo or talking to himself at one point as I heard him saying “Wish I was a little bit taller…”
  • Ghosted – unsure if he was pouting due to be a Jets fan and teamed up with couple Pats fans or but proved to be more MarK Sanchez then Vinny Testaverde with the frisbee today as every catch looked like the butt fumble
  • Blue Screen – Was elected team MVP not for his stellar play, but for ensuring that Deflated walked away with a Bob Kraft smile on his face after throwing a TD right before proceeding to head to 4 squares and providing an adequate massage.
  • Sugar Daddy – After further review of game tape, come to realize the reason for Premature being unable to make catch was due to reflection of the lights off of Sugar Daddy’s scalp.  For this he just missed out of winning defense MVP as it was his own team
  • Easy Button – Clearly not a good day for his Madden rating (24) as he had few drops and miss throws including the one mentioned above that hit Premature in the kisser.  He just barely remained ahead of TB Bucs long snapper Zach Triner for worse rating ever.
  • Schnitzel – chants of MVP…MVP…MVP were heard based on his performance today, but unfortunately this is a team sport and even with his performance he could not throw and catch the frisbee by himself.  So instead he gets to drowned his team’s loss with an early pint today olde Mecklenburg brewery.
  • Foundation – even with the added Nali bonus of being the 5th on a 4 man team was most absent in the game.  Believe one LRC member said he works harder at his burpees then his ultimate frisbee game.  Either way he too is going to will be having a pint today to commensurate his team’s loss…For clarification Foundations pint will be from Haagen-Dazs.

All in all still had fun and complete a workout, until next time


I Hate Birthday Q’s

I hate when guys sign up to Q on their birthday and then subject the whole group to their birthday burpees.  I don’t want to do burpees just because its your birthday.  That’s stupid.  Anyways, now that that’s off my chest.

Extra long DiCCS for our FNG – Gabriel Blunt from Briarcrest.



10 Burpees

Mosey to parking lot past Rudy’s Poop Palace.  Jimmy Duggan waiting on the 6 then 10 more Burpees.

Mosey to the traffic circle.  Calf stretch waiting on the 6 then a downward dog.  10 more burpees.



Mosey to football parking lot for a Star Fish.  (Yeah, thats right.  Dispite Zin’s best effort to be more like his whetstone Hooch and make all things sexual, this is known as a Star Fish).

5 jump squats in the middle.  Outside exercises were:

  • 15 Turkish Get Ups
  • 15 No Surrenders
  • 15 Baryshnikov’s Right Leg
  • 15 Baryshnikov’s Left Leg


Gather the 6 in and then repeat with 10 reps on the outside and 10 jump squats in the middle.  Legs are nice and loose now.  Mosey towards the middle of the two traffic circles getting into groups of 3 as you run.

Grinder: Exercises on the ends with a runner in between.  On one end partners split 150 Ranger Merkins and 150 Wide Arm Merkins.  On the other end partners split 200 LBC’s and 200 Gas Pumpers.

Mosey to back to Rudy’s Poop Palace.

1 Burpee per light back to COT.  There were 8 lights.  (Mad Dog pushed hard just so he could arrive before me and call have a nice day for the final 30 seconds.  Veteran move).



  • Thanks to the 20 guys that joined.  I had promised no Frisbee games but little did I know that the tripod LRC crew had planned an ultimate Frisbee Q for Swarm.  I heard the frisbee hit the ground a lot and based on the mumble chatter in the playhouse, it appears everyone soaked their hands in butter over night.
  • O-69 with a powerful testimony during COT about the impact F3 has had and how some people bet against him saying he wouldn’t stick with F3.  Since apparently he has strong determination to prove people wrong…..Hey O, I bet you can’t buy me a handle of Crown once a month for a year.
  • I haven’t seen a post about yesterday’s Floater 6 man speech.  It was very powerful and I appreciate you guys sharing what’s on you mind and in your heart here recently during COT.  Keep them coming.  Your words are impacting other men.
  • Welcome FNG Swisher Sweets.  His hospital name was Gabriel Blunt so the name pretty much wrote itself.  He lives in Briarcrest and was brought out by a Lawsonite.  Pretty sure Recalc will be chirping all day about that one.
  • Great to see some old faces making it back out consistently to workouts.
  • Surge has his street crew in top shape with Falcon and Golden Plates hitting it hard lately.
  • I was partnered up with Dough Boy as the lone foursome group for the Grinder so I was able to make easy work out of the push ups leaning on Dough Boy to dominate the counts (another veteran move by my part – never pick the sniffing cat pee award winner when trying to knock out 300 Merkins).
  • Either not much mummble chatter or my heart pumping in my head was too loud today to hear anyone.  I do know it was quite moist out there and highly recommend using that word around your wife today.  I also find wives love the word penetrate.  Put them together for a real way to annoy them.



  • See Surge if you want to sign up for CPR class.  Its about an hour and a half.  August 9 or 10th at Five Stones Church.
  • Pray for Chicken’s buddy Greg dealing with a cancer scare.


Just when I thought they couldn’t get any…..

Swimmers and EE launched an new site…ASPEN… and just when I thought they couldn’t get any dumber, they go and totally redeem themselves.  This site is great! Great location, great grounds and great pax!   Although, I didn’t explore at all today I look forward to future beat downs to expand in this awesome site.

WU: We did stuff

The thang:  10 light poles.  Merkin shredders at each starting at 10, 9,8 etc.. Mosey to the front of the school partner work one does exercise while other does loop.  Two rounds of stuff ( I forgot what we did).

Moleskin:  Saw work by all but special call out to Loafer,  the dude is getting faster!  He keeps this up he’s going to give Chastain a run for his money!  Great to see HairBand and EE as well as some new faces to add to the mix.  Welcome Hokey Poky to FC

Looking forward to more posts a this AO!

Invincible…The Waxhaw Version

Invincible…The Waxhaw Version


Inspired by the Marc Wahlberg classic, “Invincible,” I decided to come up with a football “Weinke” to spice things up a little.  With dudes running on fumes from vacation, humidity, life’s struggles, I tried to drag out some laughs and old stories of the glory days when we were in pee wee, middle school, and high school football.

With excitement and nerves galore, I woke up at 4:00 am.  I showed up at the Chiseled campus at 4:45 to set up our football facility.  This entailed taking the wrapper off my new 5’ Jenga blocks and setting them up in a ladder formation and large circle.  I’ll get back to why later.  As the cars came into the parking lot, I had to direct them to different parking spots.  Glad Centerfold was not around, as he usually comes in on 2 wheels and might have taken some of us out.  The coupons were stacked in one corner of the asphalt field.  The bricks were placed in the center of the makeshift field.  We were ready to go…

Warm up

Moroccan Night Clubs

Jack and Jills

Side Stradle Hops

Imperial Walkers

Yoga Warrior Poses

Calf Stretches
(To honor Damascus)

The Thang

OK, here’s the deal.  We start out with 35 reps of something.  I line everyone up.  Each side (to my left and right) picks 1 receiver.  I throw 3 bullets to the receivers.  If they catch it, -5 off reps.  If they drop it, +5 on reps.  Group could drop to 20 reps or do as many as 50.  Make sense?  Guess you had to be there.

Did a miriad (bid word for some of you, including me)  of bubble screens, slants, skinny posts, deep outs, and punt coverages.  Exercises consisted on irkins, merkins, outlaws, box cutters, 21s, curls for the girls, Russian crab dips, Romanian leg lifts, Stormy Daniels (Mashers made this one up months ago), and so forth and so on.  In Jenga block circle (known as “The Pit”), Pax had to weave in and out like the commercial with the dude from Mike and Molly.  When they came out of “The Pit,” I would direct the brothers to go left or right.  Would then randomly throw a laser to one of them.  Part of throw/catch scenario before.

On the Jenga “Ladder,” we did quick steps on our toes.  Think of running backs going through the “rope drills.”  Again, part of throw/catch scenario before.

Punt coverage was fun.  Surge (self proclaimed rugby star with some mad skills) kicked the ball as far as he could.  We had to sprint to the ball.  Everyone had to touch it or run through the end zone, like you see the Tarheel football team perform on TV.  Come on Fusebox, I’m expecting a dig.

A lot of great engagement by the Pax.  High Hat kept me in stitches.  When guys would run routes, he would cover them.  Falcon volunteered for everything.  Must have been his Russel Wilson mass produced Seahawks jersey that inspired him.  😊  Judge Smalls almost dove for one.  Sledge ran a 4.32678 forty on a go route.  Very impressive.  Forgot to catch the ball though.  Maybe because I was 15 yards off the target.  Others were stars as well.  Can’t remember them all.

Special thanks to Loafer to give me a long leash to run with this Weinke.  I had to run a lot of audibles, as I game planned for 8-10 dudes.  The brothers came out in force.  Already thinking of ways to tweak workout next time.


This was hilarious. Asked for 1 quarterback and 1 receiver.  Receiver had 7 seconds to find a hole in the zone and “sit down” for a potential pass/reception.  17 of us spread out and did side straddle hops to create diversions and small windows to throw in.  When High Hat ran his pattern, he found a spot and literally “sat down.”  Judge Smalls overthrew him.  Go figure.


High Hat-                   F3 Dads camp coming up.  Some spots are left, gents.

Turnbuckle-              pickup furniture for Christ’s Closet this weekend

August 14-house in Pineville needs to be cleaned out.  Full of

furniture.  Turnbuckle out of town.  Shop Dog will be the lead

Sledge-                      Playing at Mary O’Neills Friday night at 7:00 pm.  NO Freebird requests, please.  Just kidding.  Go watch our brother lay it down.

Turnbuckle-              Kevin at Rice and Beans.  Terminally ill.  10 days to live.  Prayers galore that he goes peacefully

Surge-                        Lauren is God daughter.  Was in an accident some months ago.  Part of skull replaced yesterday.  Went well.  Prayers for Lauren’s quick recovery.

Meathead Mashup, “Little Baby!”

So last Friday was Christmas morning for me, figuratively speaking, of course.

Concert Season had finally arrived and the M and I were en route to Raleigh to see the Dave Matthews Band tour opener. Cloud 9. Just when I’m thinking the day can’t get any better I receive an email – yes, email, not a slack, DM, tweet… – from Unplugged, seeing if I can Q the following Wednesday. I replied that I’d be happy to but warned that the workout would fall in between my four-show mini-tour – Dave Week, as I call it – and that it would only make sense to use a DMB playlist for the workout. Unplugged didn’t budge. “Bring on the DMB,” he said, which told me one thing – He was hard up for a Q!

My favorite part of Meathead in 2021 has been the musical “discussions” that break out each week.

“What defines a ballad?”

“How do Poison and The Foo Fighters stack up to each other?”

“Which era is better – 80s? 90s? 2000s?”

The one guarantee each week is there will be plenty of banter around the chosen tunes and this morning’s workout was no different.

Luckily for the pax, over the weekend a buddy turned me on to Umphrey’s McGee’s Zonkey album (12-track mashup covering the likes of Marley, Talking Heads, Chicago and Frank Zappa – and that’s just one song), which gave me an idea. Rather than risk getting blackballed from future DJ opportunities for subjecting the pax to 45 minutes of DMB, why not improve my odds with 30+ songs across multiple genres and eras all mashed together?

If anything it was something new and gave us something to think about other than what’s below.


SSH x 20

IW x 10

Good Morning w/KB x 10

Prying Squat w/KB

Merkins x 10

2-Handed Swing x 10

Main Event

7’s with both KB swings and KB press

  • 6 swings, 6 presses Right; 1 swing, 1 press Left
  • 5 swings, 5 presses Left; 2 swings, 2 presses Left…etc

4 x 10 x 2 – four exercises, 10 reps, two sets

  • 1-handed swing (Right 10, Left 10)
  • Clean (Right 10, Left 10)
  • Squat 10
  • Forward lunge (Right 10, Left 10)

Farmer carry R 40 yds, L 40 yds

4 x 10 x 2 – four exercises, 10 reps , two sets

  • 1-handed swing (R 10, L 10)
  • Romanian Deadlift ( R 10, L 10)
  • High pull (R 10, L 10)
  • Lawn mower (R 10, L 10)

Waiter carry (R 40 yds, L 40 yds)

90 second plank medley


*  My goal for the workout was to hit the entire body and get our heart rates up. We didn’t actually get as many reps as scripted (only 132 swings) but I think the mission was accomplished. To my surprise, the cleans stood out the most from all the exercises. It’d been a while since I had looked forward to getting to squats.

*  You’ve heard of a three dog night? Well today was a two-hat morning for me. I brought two speakers just in case one failed. Also brought two hats cause I knew the sweat would be pouring! The heat/humidity didn’t disappoint.

*  As always, I appreciate the opportunity to lead at Meathead – thank you. It was a good morning that’s bound to affect tomorrow’s golf round – but since Frehleys liked the music it was all worth it! Here’s the album for those who are curious:

So many cherries

Today I was accused of making up the weinke on the fly. That hurts. Ad-libbing, yes, but making it up? How dare you?


11 men plus a Chicken in a towel arrived at the humpiest site in Waxhaw. Moments after departing their air conditioned vehicles they were already dripping and I hadn’t even given the DiCCS yet.


Mosey around the HS lot and circle up near the top for SSHs, Moroccan Night Clubs, more SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Calf Stretches, Glidah Stretches, waving our hands in the air like we just don’t care, and ending with even more SSHs.

A very quick mosey to the curb to really get loose. Line up along the curb for some suicides.

  • To the center and back
  • 5 Mike Tysons
  • To the far end and back
  • 10 Bonnie Blairs (2=1, duh)
  • To the center and back
  • 5 burpees

Heart rates in the optimal position, we mosey.

The Thang

Long mosey to the first alcove on the left of the school for some 7s. Starting with 6 Donkey Kicks and a quick run to the next alcove to do Speed Skaters (2=1). Repeato until finishing with 1 Donkey Kick and 6 Speed Skaters.

Another mosey past the roundabout and towards the back of the school. Another curb. Another lineup. Broad Jump Burpees. Lots of groaning. From one curb to the opposite and back. Burpee with a broad jump instead of jumping straight up. Did I mention the groaning? Fine. Audible. We won’t go back. Instead we started picking cherries. Drive By didn’t see what the big deal was about picking cherries. You’ll see…

So we did a modified version of the Broad Jump Burpees. 2 Broad Jumps, 4 Walking Lunges, and 8 Bear Crawls all the way to the other curb. Pick those cherries, drop’em in a bucket. Do it again. Do another round of Broad Jump, Lunges, and Bear Crawls. Pick more cherries. Drive By started to get the point. It was somewhere around here I was accused of making it up as I went. Maybe the cherries were made up, but they got the job done.

Back to our regularly scheduled weinke…

Mosey back to the roundabout for some Paula Abduls. 2 light poles up, 5 T-Merkins. 1 light pole back, 5 jump squats. Repeato for a few rounds.

Partner exercises: 75 Dips, 75 Step-Ups, and 75 Derkins while the other partner does a half lap. Running low on time so a final little mosey to the trees in the center of the parking lot. 5 Bobby Hurleys at every other tree to the top of the hill. Then a jailbreak to COT.


The Chicken was waiting for us at COT. At some point while we were doing the 7s a law enforcement officer stepped out of the bushes. It was kinda weird. He said hey but mostly ignored us. He was checking all the doors and entrances to the school. Makes me wonder if a half naked Chicken standing in the parking lot is what prompted his arrival. I think that’d disturb anyone…


F3 Dads camp still has a few spots available but prices go up TOMORROW. Sign up fools

Prayers for Johnny Utah’s friend Rick who is dealing with colon cancer

yhc took us out

Watchtower Backblast

DICCS given, it was more like CCDSI.  who said it had to me in a specific order. Short Mosey around the side of school and circle up.

Warm up

20 x SSH

15 Imperial Walkers

5 merkins, 5 diamond merkins, 5 wide arm merkins

Various stretches.

Find a bench – 20 dips and 20 derkins

The Thang

Mosey long way around to elementary school parking lot.  Partner up and grab a lifting rock (or in schneider’s case just grab a small rock). P1 run to end of the parking lot and back while P2 does exercise, then switch.

As a team complete 250 curls, 150 overhead presses, 50 blockee’s

Mosey to long entrance to middle school off Deal road.  Run to light #1 and complete 2 burpees, run back to start for 10 jump squats, run to light #1 for 2 burpees then to light #2 for 4 burpees. Back to start for 10 jump squats.  Repeat at light #1 and #2 and then 6 burpees at light #3. Back to start for 10 jump squats.  Repeat at light 1,2,3 and then 8 burpees at light #4.  This was a crowd pleaser.

Mosey side of middle school and find some wall.

15 Mike Tyson’s and 15 Donkey Kicks

10 Mike Tyson’s and 10 Donkey Kicks

5 Mike Tyson’s and 5 Donkey Kicks

Head to COT.  30 seconds of have a nice day

The Moleskin

Great group of guys this morning.  This was my first time Q’ing at Weddington and I really enjoyed it. Appreciate you letting me lead you.


F3 Dad’s Camp – Spots still open.

Achbar’s son’s birthday today!  Happy Birthday Lane.

Zinfandel finished last in his Fantasy Football League.