Deja Vu, Waxhaw Baby!

Deja Vu, Waxhaw Baby!

10 came out to do basically the same thing that was completed last week.   I should write this is some sort of weird poem that you would have to try and decipher but I don’t have that talent unfortunately.

Warm Up:

Mosey to Cox Law Firm, PLLC.   All IC-Mountain climbers x 15, Plank Jacks x14, peter parkers x13; Merkins x10, CDD’s x10, Parker Peters x7


From there, run up Providence to CVS. At every third light, 8 Merkins.  CVS-we kept going to Autozone. Low slow squats x15 IC, Jump squats x20 IC

Main Event: 

Keep moving to Providence Farms Halfpipe Hill, newly paved for some unknown reason

We stopped at the bottom, small hill on one end and large hill on the other end.  .25 miles end to end

Run up the hill, 15 Bomb Jacks, back down and at other end, 15 HR Merkins, in the middle, 20 Monkey Humpers.   We repeated this 3 times.


Back down Providence, stop at CVS for some quick mary, at every light until Cox Law Firm, 8 jump squats

Cross the street. Merkins x5IC, wide arm x5 IC, stagger R x5IC, stagger L x5IC. Then go up Keith Jong Hill

To half wall, 8 mike tysons, 24 shoulder taps feet on wall-Then repeat.




When Bottlecap and Moneyball started Floater they had dreams of this being the premier 45 minute workout in all of Waxhaw , thought it would be fun to dodge cars knowing that an increase in traffic was forthcoming due to the surge in people moving to Waxhaw  , foresaw a huge increase in FNGs due to the visibility factor of the workout , always wanted to start a site and design a flag based on poop , couldn’t wait to have a convergence so we can have all of the sob’s drive down and complain how far it was , torture people by requiring a backblast and then heckling them by 1pm if it’s not ready, wanted to do anything but go to Cool Runnings on Thursdays (RIP).

Truthfully I have no idea but it was likely some combination including at least one of the above.  Despite the change in some of the PAX over the years, to me it has definitely maintained it’s standing as our most unique and diverse location with a variety of things to do.    Due to the lack of hills and most other sites in The Haw, it pains me to not use at least one of the now 4 (there are more out there) good size hills close to the Water Tower.  So not knowing Ice 9 did almost the exact same workout last week, that’s what we did.  So much to do and I do the same thing.  Dang.    Half Pipe hill is a beast.  Speaking of Halfpipe, my first skateboard was a Vision Gator.  Oof.  Still in prison.      Form was impeccable as always, especially the monkey humpers.  Despite the distance traveled, there was little wait for the 6.  Baio, Ice 9 and Glidah killed the hills.    Good push from Surge and Twinkle Toes not too far behind.  Rockwell wished he brought his bike.  Maddog used to be an early regular at Ignition, now he picks his spots with the running workouts.  Radar knew what he was walking into and took on the challenge head on.  Great push.   Thanks to the support from all of my former Briarcrest neighbors.

Mash crew of Bunyan, Recalculating, Penalty Box and FNG McGruff broke the 4-person world record for block jump squat thruster presses while talking about inflation.

FNG Andy, now known as McGruff, works for Wells Fargo in their Crime department-Recalculating with the name choice, Ice 9 was a close second with Nice Guy



Dads Camp Aug 20-22  See Radar for details and sign up

Prayers for Twinkle Toes M and family-having a biopsy next month

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