Zero elevation and sorry ms Jackson

Zero elevation and sorry ms Jackson

Per my usual I wait to see who shows before I come up with my plan.  This group was hungry and wanted a beat down so I knew I could go more aggressive.

the thang:

hill one: 7’s. Merkins at the bottom reverse lunges at the top.


hill two: 7’s merkins at the top and forward lunges at the bottom


moleskin:  the second hill intersected with Jackson street and all I could think of was the chorus for sorry ms Jackson from a rap song when I was a kid. Hence sorry ms Jackson hill.  Highlights.  Ex lax killed it,  never stopped running.  Overall I think half our pax is part of the respect club and damn they killed it.  Ice and Glida took the lead while the rest of us pressed on behind them.  My watch said zero altitude but Ricky’s said we killed out 44 flights of stairs.  Solid work by all!

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Twinkle Toes
1 year ago

Great beat down Transporter – needed those hills to remind myself what running with strain was like so I can enjoy all the other running we do for the next few days at least 😉

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