Which school?

Which school?

I have to think Easy Button for the reminder call so I definitely would have been a no-show. No clue what I was going to do since all push exercises are out for me… let’s see what happened.

Abbreviated DiCCS with 15 secs to go. Let’s mosey. As we took off I yelled head to Waxhaw Elementary. We may or may not have lost a pax along the way.

Long mosey (1mile) straight to Waxhaw Elementary. Circle up near the buses.



Runners lunge

Calf Stretch..let’s mosey

The Thang:

Head to the playground for a modified ladder.

Pullup ladder

1 pull-up / 25 American Hammers 2/25 going to 10 pull-ups

when we hit 4 pull-ups we added 5 to the hammers. Around 6 rounds we changed to flutters still add 5 each round. Done. Let’s mosey!

Mosey to the front of the school and partner up.

P1 runs a lap P2 did the inchworm up P1 returned.

We almost made it 2 rounds but we had to get back, I didn’t want to Hooch it.

Mosey back to the wooden bridge. Ice 9 we kind enough to keep the Pax going until the 6 was in.

We circled around the little wooden sitting around just beside the bridge.

Various Movements

25 squats, 25dips

25 monkey humpers, 25 dips

25 back lunges, 25 dips…Let mosey back to COT

The Moleskine

We arrived at COT on time and see 069, soaking wet, standing all alone. Someone asked him where he had been all morning. He said well I didn’t know you were going to Waxhaw Elementary, all I heard was school.  The lone pax ended up at the school beside Bad Idea. Oops.

Today went well, it’s been a while since I’ve Qed well since I’ve shown up to a Q! Well done guys!






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