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Just like riding a bike, except the back blast part….

I haven’t Q’d a boot camp for quite some time as I’ve been mashing for so long given my knee surgery.  I’m finally back to full time running as Chicken Little keenly observed and suckered me into asked me to Q flash sometime.  I obliged and put together some thoughts for the Monday morning weinke.  After 2 1/2 years of F3 and a ton of Q’s at mash, its not too hard to come up with plenty of exercises to keep the group going for 45 min.  I do like to try to pull in some new exercises so that the same old things aren’t done every time but we’ll save that weinke for another Q when all the rust is worn off.  Dicc’s were a little rusty but we got those covered and off we go–


The thang-

Mosey to the front of the elementary school for some warmups

  • imperial walkers
  • side straddle hops
  • mountain climbers
  • calf stretches
  • upward/downward dog

Grab a partner, one does reps while the other runs around the circle and then switch.

  • 100 merkins, 150 big boys, 200 dips

Mosey to high school gym entrance area

  • bottom of the steps 10 squats, run up to top by wall and do Mike Tysons 10x, run back repeat, 10 squats while lowering Tysons to 8x,6x,4x,2x

Mosey to back side of high school by wooden benches

  • 3 rounds  use wooden benches for 20 incline merkins, run to tables/benches and do 20 step ups

Mosey to Rudys shack, run the path back up to parking lot, getting short on time

  • alternate light poles- 3 burpees, then next pole 10 LBCs, keep repeating till we get back to parking lot, times up.




As the title says, Q’ing its like riding a bike.  You never forget how to do it, maybe its a little harder to get creative with exercises if you haven’t done anything in a while or haven’t pulled out the exicon to find some new stuff.  The backblast is a little different story- I kinda forgot where to login, my password, how to put all the information in, and mostly its a bit of just being lazy on my part.  Well the backblast certainly wasn’t posted in a Flash like the name of the site!  Anyway, all you pax that are counting your workouts for the year should now have credit for July 12th.   Always a honor to get out in the early morning gloom and lead a fine group of F3 pax, and looking forward to the next time…..



No Q No Site-Q No problem

You usually don’t see a message at 5am that says “doesn’t look like rain, can someone substi-Q for me?”  But Brutus probably fell asleep in his raffle winning recliner and was too comfortable to get up, then again maybe he was helping with the morning feeding of his daughter.  Chicken Little stepped up as usual and said he would take diesel and figure it out.  Since we were expecting rain, Mash had already called an audible and we quickly planned to get Diesel to join us.  Centerfold shockingly got to five stones early enough to redirect Chicken, O-69 and Popeye over to Cuthbertson HS to meet the regular mashers (Bunyan, Penalty box, Sledge and Mayhem) under the awning and stay dry.  At 5:32, figuring it was safe to leave diesel, Centerfold headed to the workout, but little did he know Posse was running even later.  Posse was able to get a cinder block and bricks at Five stones and find us at Cutty only a few minutes late.

The thang-

Mayhem leads some warmup. We grab our cinder blocks and bricks, head up the stairs to the covered awning near the gym entrance and get started.  We decided to wing it since nobody had a full weinke prepared.  We did our ring-around-the-rosie exercise call out with each Pax picking an exercise/body part and calling however many reps they wanted.  I can’t remember the exact order or the exact number of reps but we covered the following-

  • curls
  • tricep extensions
  • chest presses
  • merkins
  • captain morgan’s
  • people’s chair air presses
  • ditkas
  • curls/shoulder press combo
  • argos
  • calf raises with up and down steps carrying block
  • offset merkins
  • more chest presses
  • squats
  • stormy daniels (needed a more creative name other than hip thrusters)
  • lots of cherry pickers into moroccan night clubs
  • webb of Diamond merkin UTIs/Ab medley


Posse’s Diamond merkin uti/ab medley sucked but he knows how to push guys to work hard.  We did 1/4 thru 5/20 on the first pass around the circle and finished rounds 6-10 on the second go around.  Thank goodness we didn’t do big boys on rounds 6-10 like we did for 1-5.  We accomplished multiple things today.  We got a good workout in as usual, and secondly we stayed dry.  Not that we are afraid of water, but with Mayhem getting over pneumonia recently, he didn’t want to run the risk of working out in the rain.   I’m sure everyone was happy to oblige and find some cover.  It’s good to see Mayhem back at it after missing a couple weeks being sick and then on a mission trip.

Can’t remember if we had much in the way of announcements, read another backblast if you want to see them and Centerfold took us out.




A Mere Formality

7 pax put on some cold weather gear for a Saturday morning Commitment workout with temps around 26.  Even Recalc had sleeves on this morning.  As we are gathering in the parking lot a few minutes before 6:30, Popeye says “your first boot camp Q in quite some time”.  True from a ‘formal aspect’ although I say it doesn’t really feel like it since I have probably Q’d a gazillion mash workouts since last May.  Difference is I’m usually late half asleep as the Q goes through the DICCS and then we break-off for mash so a lot less responsibility.  This time, everyone is waiting on me to get the party rolling.

6:30 is here, lets get the Thang started–

DICCS are a little rusty but we make it through and onto a little mosey around the parking lot a quick three laps, last one running backwards and we stay with Mashers for the warmup.

  • Moroccan night clubs
  • Side straddle hops
  • Plank with some 6 inch call outs
  • Mountain climbers
  • Potato pickers

Break off from mashers, tell em we’ll be back and head over to nesbit driveway near circle.

  • At every other tree we do 2 burpees and then do 10 merkins alternating to the end by elementary school entrance
  • Mosey over to steps in between school parking lot and baseball field.  4 sets of 20 calf raises.

Mosey to parking lot by basketball hoops

  • Four corners. start with 10 squats in the center, then run over to a corner to do 20 reps and back to center. the corners exercises are Dips, Donkey kicks, LBCs and Mike Tysons.
  • Next Bear Crawl 1/3 parking lot, linebackers for next 1/3, flapjack linebackers for the last 1/3.  At end turn around, repeat the thirds back to the beginning.
  • Grab some wall.  People’s chair position, each guy counts out 10 reps going down the line (50 in total) after reps are done jailbreak across parking lot to curb and then mosey back. First set of reps is air presses, second set is air punches (ditkas), third set is hammer twists.  Ghosted smoked us showing some speed in the jailbreak!

Mosey out of parking lot towards kensington road and head back into first Millbridge entrance and back to parking lot to join the mashers with the cinder blocks

  • 30 curls
  • 30 for 30 ladder-  30 chest presses followed by 30 Gas pumps on cinder block, 25 cp w 25 rosalitas, 20 cp w 20 LBCs, 15 cp w 15 v flutters, 10 cp w 10 heels to heaven, 5 cp w 5 big boys
  • Captain Therkin webb   (1 big boy/4 amer hammers/2 merkins, 2/8/2, 3/12/2 etc…to 10/40/2)

Mosey over to circle

  • each guy calls out exercise that the others have to do it while caller runs around the circle.  We almost get through two rounds of callouts then we are out of time so head back to parking lot for COT.



  • blood drive in a few hours
  • csaup waxhaw next weekend
  • rice n beans/christ closet partner event uptown on Feb 20th
  • prayers for Shop dog and his family with the recent passing of his father
  • prayers for Sledge as he starts a new job


So my first ‘formal’ Q in probably a year and I was able to get through with only one major glitch that I am aware of.  I forgot Name-o-rama, so we did that after the COT prayer.  It was good to be Qing a workout where the scenery changed a bit and had some more variety to chose from.  I’ve been pretty much only doing mash workouts for 8 months, and there are only so many ways to lift a cinder block and brick I have been itching to get some more running in now that my knee can handle it and get more cardio mixed into my routine.  Mash has been an awesome workout while I healed from surgery and I also got to know a handful of pax well.  Since we don’t move around much and stare at the same people for 45 minutes, we have a ton of good banter and chats while we are doing reps.  Even as some of us injured folks heal up and start mixing back in with other boot camps, I know Mash is in good hands.  Many others have stepped up and and are leading the workouts plus there are always pax coming to the IR (some for second and third ir stints!) so its very much needed as well.  And even when I get back to 100%, the mashers can’t get rid of me forever.





I triple dog dare ya…

Wednesday morning at Dromedary, its gonna be a cold one, temps really dropped overnight. Who can I dare to stick their tongue on the flagpole?? Maybe Recalc– I mean he was crazy enough to show up in a short sleeve shirt. I think it was right around 27 although I overheard someone say actually feels like 17 with the wind. Dasher and Goodfella finishing up their pre-run as I pull into the parking lot. 20 pax showed up to brave the cold this morning, more than I expected. I dressed warm enough with plenty of layers but I intend to keep the group moving so the rest don’t get too cold.


Mosey around the parking lot, circle up

  • SSH IC 20
  • IW IC 15
  • MT Climbers IC 10
  • Plank hold, down 6 inches hold, repeat twice

The Thang

Mosey over to school entry driveway, at every light post 5 bombjacks, 10 merkins all the way down to globe

Mosey over towards lane by tennis courts, alternating between 10 speed skaters and 10 dry docks at each light post till the end past middle school

Mosey to covered awning at middle school, partner up. one partner runs half lap, other does reps. 150 derkins, 150 dips, 150 step ups

Grab some wall, 11s of Mike Tysons and Donkey kicks. Find out this is a bad idea after getting to 7MT/4DK, audible to odd numbers rest of way (5/6, 3/8, 1/9)

Mosey long way back past mobile trailers pass track, back towards bus parking lot, wait by buses for the 6, (another bad idea sucking in bus exhaust fumes). Head back toward high school parking lot.

Grab some pavement for some ab work.

  • 25 LBCs
  • 20 gas pumps
  • 20 Rosalitas
  • 20 box cutters
  • 20 Heels to Heaven (Goodfella’s choice and count)
  • 20 Freddy Mercurys

Three minutes left, Brain to frozen to think of what to finish up with, audible from weinke, run as many laps as possible up to top of parking lot and back to start before times up.

Announcements- Holiday party on Saturday, Gladiator on Saturday

The Moleskin

It was great to see 19 other guys out this morning to join me in the cold weather. To be honest, I probably would have fartsacked in these temps if I wasn’t on Q, so I admire the dedication by the other pax to keep posting whether its cold, hot, rainy etc. I’ve been slacking off a little as well as my knee is bothering me, but that’s no excuse, I can always start hanging with the Mash unit. I can’t remember who took us out, I guess thats what happens when you write a backblast 5 days after the workout. Good thing I wasn’t writing one for the Floater.

You’ll get nothing and like it!

Great weather today for another 18 out at the exlusive Bushwood CC. Better make sure I’m plenty early since I have the first tee box this morning. 5:29 lets get started, DiCCs discussed, two FNGs this morning, make sure we pick up the 6.

The Thang

Mosey over to the parking lot by the playground for some warmup

  • 18 SSH IC
  • 9 Potato pickers, hold right, hold left
  • 9 IW IC
  • 9 Merkins IC
  • Plank/down to 6 inches hold/up hold/6 inches hold

Mosey again back through parking lot out toward sidewalk to Marvin Creek

  • At each mailbox reps alternating between 5 burpees and 10 Carolina Dry Docks

At path, head back to the school, find a long wall

  • Balls to the Wall handstand, 10 count from each guy going down the line, holding it till all 15 Pax finish counting (great idea)
  • People’s chair, same 10 count from each guy, hold till all 15 guys count
  • Partner up, 100 Donkey Kicks/100 Mike Tysons, one partner does reps while the other runs a lap in parking lot

Mosey to playground

  • Captain Thor- 1 Big Boy situp/4 Amer Hammers up to Bushwood count of 9/36

Over to Track

  • Run Lap/10 Speed Skaters/run to corner/walking lunges to next corner/run to corner/bear crawl to corner/run to corner/Karaoke to corner/run to corner/run backwards to corner/broad jump to corner/jailbreak last 1/2 lap

Back to front parking lot, kill last 90 seconds with gas pumps and heels to heaven.


  • get your Baby Ruth, you earned it
  • Name two new FNG’s- Noonan and Ex-Lax
  • Announcements- Dana update on Christ Closet fold-a-thon Thursday night starting at 5:30. Lots of clothes that need to get folded and put in proper bins, Q school first weekend in November
  • Thanks Bottlecap for taking us out


After losing my voice for the last three days and coughing non stop, I was wondering if I could keep up with the rep counting and yelling out the weinke. At least I would try to sweat out whatever got in my system. I certainly wouldn’t pass on a round at Bushwood especially with the nicer temps we’ve been seeing in the morning. Good to see the group growing as we had another two FNGs out this morning. Not a lot of running, 2.25 miles but I’ve been trying to get more reps in the steps in, since the IPC kicked my butt and I know I need to get stronger. I just hope everyone continues to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. We all have more in our tanks than we realize.

Back to where it started..

Dromedary will always be one of my favorite AOs because 9 months ago, this is where I showed up as a FNG. Boucher brought me out and despite the physical beatdown I took that day, I remember how welcoming the group was, especially Goodfella and Posse and I’ve kept coming back ever since. Dromedary is also a great campus with a ton of options and a lot of room to roam.

The Thang

5:30 19 Pax show up in the gloom, half asleep ready to roll. DiCCs given and we start the mosey around the parking lot. Get halfway around, near the high school for some warmup

  • SSH 15 IC
  • IW 10 IC
  • Bobby Hurleys 15 IC OYO
  • Merkins 10 IC followed by plank/6inches

Mosey over to the lane that goes along school towards the globe

  • At each light, alternate between 10 mountain merkins, 15 squats

At the globe, we take a short mosey over towards tennis courts, more Lightpost reps, this time all the way to the end past middle school

  • At each light, alternate between 10 Dry Docks and 15 Plank Jacks, probably a total of 12 lights

Mosey over to covered entrance at Middle School, partner up, one guy does reps, one runs a half lap around small parking lot

  • 100 Derkins, 150 Dips, 150 step ups

Mosey towards buses, OneStar mentions “this is a nice wall”, I say Great, we should use it! Besides, I need to alter the weinke, I won’t have enough time to get to the rockpile

  • 10 Donkey kicks, 10 Mike Tysons, two times

Mosey over to other side of middle school to Amrap table area

  • Captain Thor- 1 Big Boy, 4 Amer Hammer, 2/8, 3/12 etc. We start getting drizzled on, feels better than 90% humidity

Just about out of time, mosey back to start, 2 min left so we do 30 gas pumps and some LBCs. Time’s up


There always seems to be a good mix of Pax at Dromedary, between gazelles and clydesdales. As I said there is lots of room to roam, but I know some don’t love a lot of running, so I try to keep everyone happy. We only cover about 2.25 miles and I try to get a little work in on all the body parts, Hopefully some will have some sore abs tomorrow morning. I ran out of time so we didn’t get to the rockpile at the end to do some IPC work. I planned on doing some squat thrusters and burpee jump-overs, Dana would be happy to know we missed those as he did the Meter’s 43 IPC challenge the previous day. It’s always a good start to the day when we can get ourselves out of bed and get to F3, not only to work on getting healthier, but also surrounding ourselves with a great group of guys that help guide us to be better in many aspects of life. Thanks for letting me lead today.

No announcements or Hope challenge volunteers, thanks Johnny Utah for taking us out.

Hey Lama….

“Hey Lama, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know”……Well if the Lama ever showed up for a F3 workout, instead of us asking him for something at the end, he would be thanking us for introducing him to F3, and he’d be the one saying, “So, I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.” I think we all feel the same way with F3 as a part of our daily lives.

Some mumbling before 5:30 about sore body parts from the Monday workouts but since I wasn’t there (excusable absence), oh well, all body parts are fair game today in the weinke. DiCCs given, let’s get moseying.


Mosey across sidewalk in front of school, down entrance lane to far parking lot and circle up

  • 18 SSH IC
  • 9 Imperial Walkers IC
  • 18 Mountain Climbers IC
  • Hold Plank, 6 inches up and down a couple times
  • 18 Bobby Hurleys IC

The Thang:

Mosey back to playground by the jungle gym

  • 11s— 10 pull ups/1 Merkin, 9 Pull ups/2 Merkins, 8/3, etc…
  • Captain Thor- 1 Big Boy Sit up/4 American Hammers, 2 BB/ 8 AH all the way up to 9 and 36. *At Bushwood, we like to count to golf numbers, 9s and 18s seem more fitting than 10 and 20
  • over to the picnic benches, partner up for 100 Derkins, 150 Dips, one guy does the reps while the other runs a lap on track, doing 10 squats at mid point on track.

Mosey back across front of school to the Covered walkways and wall

  • Broad jump first covered walkway, Bear Crawl next walkway, Karaoke around sidewalk back to first walkway, repeat 3 times
  • over to the wall– 9 Mike Tysons, 9 Donkey kicks, run a lap around parking lot, repeat till time runs out. I think everyone got in 4 laps, BC got an extra one in because he was killing it.

Not alot of running today (your welcome HighHat), everyone covered between 2- 2.25 miles.

Mosey back for COT

The Moleskin:

I was a bit disappointed that I missed the Launch-vergence Monday although I can’t complain as I had some good family time at the beach for the long weekend. I tried to do my part on the road marketing our new region as I was sporting the new F3 Waxhaw shirt running down there as well as suffering through cranking out the Ironpax week 0 challenge. I certainly enjoyed reading all the GroupMe posts Monday about how great the day went. Congrats to everyone who played a role in planning, executing and just being there to represent the Waxhaw Pax.

So we only had two foursomes today at Bushwood. I figured attendance might be a little light after yesterday’s festivities but I did see there were 21 at Watchtower, which Dancing Bear was quick to point out to One Star. I’m guessing after Deadwood’s track meet mileage, some Pax wish they put on the collared shirt to travel to the other side of town. If you haven’t been to Bushwood, yes it sort of has a dress code. But don’t let that scare you off, maybe we can try to get the Site Q to allow sleeveless Hanes undershirts, then there’s a chance DB will make a trek to the other side of the town too!

Side note– I put some pull ups in the workout today and encourage guys to get back to a regular routine of pull ups, especially since many of us have bars at our houses from the previous Murph Challenge. November/Veterans Day is going to creep up quickly on us and we know from previous experience how important it is to get reps in ahead of that workout. If you didn’t participate on Memorial day, find the workout guide Zinfandel sent out back then and start following it soon so you can partake in Murph part Deux as well.

Thanks Twinkle Toes for leading us out.