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Sunday Morning Retreat

ByTurnbuckle Mar 1, 2021

This week we met up at the Retreat at Rayfield in Indian Land. Its quite a busy neighborhood/development. None of us really knew anything about t

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Side Straddle Hop Bonanza

BySledge-O-Matic Feb 27, 2021

For my 1 year F3 Anniversary, let’s jump for joy at Diesel.  A bit more cardio than most may have expected, but with my knee not quite there f

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Revenge of the Panties

ByPremature Feb 27, 2021

Started the morning with a little half mile Mosey to Millbridge community center parking lot and Rudy’s response was priceless: Oh gosh! Arrive

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1st Anyul Bushwud Spellin’ Bee

ByDasBoot Feb 24, 2021

18 PAX saw the forecast of mid- to high-60s today and headed out early to start their day at Bushwood Country Club.  The only problem was that i

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Not Much Mileage, but Rubbery Legs Anyhow

BySledge-O-Matic Feb 20, 2021

My 3rd Q and my 3rd bootcamp since torn meniscus surgery in December...great to be back...and ahead of schedule!  Now if we could get the rain t

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Playing 21

ByPremature Feb 18, 2021

The Warmup Warmup simple: ran to the nearest covered area which was about 100 yards and started dynamic stretching 21 SSH 21 IW 21

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Stalled Diesel, the latest backblast ever

ByPopeye Feb 18, 2021

The usual Popeye beatdown, with typically insane lifts, making gazelles scream to be allowed to run. WARM-UP Mosey around the parking lot.

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2nd Chisel

ByEx-LAX Feb 18, 2021

15 Pax braved the cold to participate in my 2nd Q.   DICCS given The warmup: Opening mosey to front of church entrance Circle

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Inmates are running the Asylum

ByBlue Screen Feb 17, 2021

QIC: Blue Screen Pax: Fuse Box, Swimmers, Loafer, Shop Dawg, Schnitzel, Flanders, Mayhem, Sledge-O-Matic, Posse, Bunyan, Ice9 Hosted Mash

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