15 Pax showed up on this humid morning with hopes of enjoying a casual 9 holes of fun at Bushwood. They would soon realize that the 2 man scramble they signed up for would soon cook their shoulders.

Warm up: Mosey lap around to front entrance of school parking lot and circled up

  • 18 SSH IC
  •  18 Moroccan Nightclubs  IC
  • 18 Low Slow Squats IC
  • 18 Mountain Climbers IC
  • 18  Merkins IC finished with calf stretches

The Thang:

Mosey to the BBall courts for a DockCrawl Ladder throwdown.  1 Dry Dock followed by 4 Bear Crawls across court.  Ladder up to 9 with lots of mumble chatter suggesting for Fiji return to Costa Rica.

PAX Partnered up! 9 holes (at each street lamp) for as many the pax could do while partner ran the loop of each of the following exercises listed below. 1 partner began the exercise at hole 1 while the other partner ran the 9 hole course and then switched. Each 2 man team moved together thru each hole.

Merkins, LBC’s, Dry Docks, Freddy Mercuries, Mike Tyson’s, Heels to heaven, Bobby Hurleys, American Hammers, Squat Air Presses

Mosey to COT  finishing with the Fijian Fire Walk (Quickfeet with merkins on the down call)


Great work today gents and hopefully the Q didn’t let any of you down, Mike Tyson’s at hole 5 was no bueno for any of the Pax but everyone finished the hole with a birdie and moved on! Way to hang in there and work hard without too many complaints as Fiji came up with workout on the fly!  Hopefully the music helped take the focus off the humidity!





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