Murder Bunny Madness

Murder Bunny Madness

This was my first time Qing Diesel in a very long time. The weather was a little gloomy but the temps were pleasant. The ground was damp but it was not raining. Everyone was in a good mood and I was excited to be Qing.


Walk with bricks in hand

arm raises sides


shoulder presses

forward raises

Shoulder stretches

15 Side Straddle Hop

15 Imperial Squawkers (I have no rhythm and screwed up the counting)

Jimmy Dougans,

Calf stretches

upward and downward dog

15 merkins


10 Burpee Block Jump overs

Murder Bunnies to first line

-Rifle carry back to start

10 alternating block MERKINS

Murder Bunnies to 2nd line

-Rifle carry back to start

20 Thrusters

Murder Bunnies to 3rd line

-Rifle carry back to start

30 Curls

Murder Bunnies to 2nd line

-Rifle carry back to start

40 Chest press (on the ground)

Murder Bunnies to 1st line

-Rifle carry back to start


ABS did this 2 times:

30 LBC’s

15 Heals to Heaven

10 Big Boys

10 Vertical block Windshield Wipers

Rifle carried back to COT to workout with Bricks

100 Tricep Exensions

50 Curls each arm

25 Punches

10 air presses

Did this 2X but second time we halved the Triceps extensions and curls then did 15 punches and 15 presses

We then finished with a JACK WEBB of Merkins and air presses. 1 MERKIN 4 air presses upto 10 Merkins and 40 air presses. I kept hoping time would run out but it did not. We did make it all the way to 40

Announcements: – Turnbuckle is hosting a cornhole tournament sat NOV 6. for Kensington PTO -$50 a team


This was a pretty tough workout. Everyone pushed themselves and I really enjoyed the workout and the group of guys. Thanks to TB for asking me to Q this about 6 months ago.


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