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IPC Lite at Commitment

No that’s not a #FusedIt.  I went with the Miller Lite spelling on IPC Lite.  At COT last week at Commitment they announced Commitment was staying open opposite of the IPC site and needed Q’s.   I joked that if asked I would just run a second IPC.  Little did I know I would be tested so soon when both JWoww and Popeye reach out mid week looking for a Q.

6 guys in the lot when the watch struck 6:30.  We would pick up another 3 along the way.



Off we go with a mosey up the hill past the Elementary school to the main road.  As we reach the top, we see Rudy pulling in on two wheels.  Some Jimmy Duggans to allow Rudy time to park.  Run back down the hill with Chainsaw audibly contemplating if once we get Rudy will we have to go back up the hill.  That’s an affirmative.  Lucky for us, Rudy was booking and was north of the Elementary School by the time we caught up with him and we turned back up the hill.   I granted the pax a second breather with some calf stretches.  Mosey backways to the school through the bus lot and to the front entrance.



IPC Lite.  Partner up.

  • Share 100 merkins and run a full parking lot lap.
  • Share 75 merkins and run 2 laps.  (This is where Atlas and Judge Smails join us).
  • Share 50 merkins and run 3 laps (it was around lap three that I started questioning if this was a good idea).
  • Share 25 merkins and run 4 laps.

Ended with most everyone doing 125 merkins and 2.9 miles with 30 minutes left to go in the workout.  Yikes, we are damn near a 6 mile pace.  Lets slow this thing down.

Mosey to Bus Parking lot for station work.  Same Partners.   Stations were:

  • Supines on the swing
  • Pull Ups
  • LBCS at other end of the parking lot
  • Runners used to rotate stations

We did 3 rounds.

Mosey to the rock pile (the long way).  Everyone grab a rock for a partnered version of make it stop (trademark Chastain).  Partners to split 150 curls and 150 tricep extensions.   1 partner starts with curls while the other starts with extensions.  Once one partner stops or needs a break, you switch exercises and pick up where the other one left off on counting.  It was a crowd pleaser.

Rocks up and mosey to COT.  Arrived with less than a minute left so we finished up with 16 low slow squats.



  • Chainsaw was not happy about having to run up the hill a second time.
  • Rudy pushing even with an injury.  Glad to hear surgery is not in store but lots of modifying will be done on upper body exercises so don’t be a dick and give him a hard time…or do.
  • TB nursing a continuing hurt foot, but still showing up
  • Atlas and Judge Smails conveniently showed up just as we finished the 100 shared merkins (I assume the were the only ones at Blackhawk).
  • Mad Dog was the ever consummate partner allowing me to bitch enough to make me feel good while still pushing me to work harder.
  • Twinkle and JWoww leading the pack in the runs (and trash talking the Q)
  • I did too good of a job of slowing our pace down as we were at 2.9 miles midway through and finished with 3.6 miles.



  • Prayers to Chainsaw’s niece who is battling stage 4 breast cancer
  • Waxhaw 2 year anniversary this Monday.  Holiday Hours – 6:30 start.  Part in Cuthbertson HIGH SCHOOL drivers ed lot.  Multiple options – bootcamps, 5K, and Mash.  Coffeteria afterwards.  EH a friend/neighbor/coworker to join us.  Its a great time for an FNG to test the waters.
  • F3 Waxhaw 1st Annual Cookout.  Sunday Oct. 3 at Five Stones from 4:00 to 6:30.  Open to all F3 Pax and their families (2.0’s and wives).  We have secured Kid Rocks kick ass tailgating trailer.  He will handle the NFL Games and cooking.  The F3 Band will be there playing and there will be games for the kids.
    • Still looking for volunteers:
  • Twinkle Toes has Commitment next week which also happens to the the 20th anniversary of Sept 11.

1st Annual F3 Waxhaw Cookout

When: Sunday, October 3rd.  4:00 – 6:30 (Floating)

Where: Five Stones Church Parking Lot

Why: Because we need more 2nd F

Who: All F3 Pax and their families – yes 2.0’s and M’s included.


I’ve been wrestling with how to get us back (yes back) to being a close knit region.  Our expansion has been great but it’s been at the sacrifice of our 2nd F.  So with that, I bring you what I hope will become an annual tradition – a Fall Family Cookout.  This is a chance for not only fellowship among pax, but the entire family.  You M can finally come see what a Posse is.  Your 2.0’s can come see what Bottle Cap’s tennis arms really look like.  And we can all verify that Twinkle Toes does in fact have a wife and its just his F3 name that is effeminate.

So what can you expect?  Well if I can pull together what’s in my head, there will be:

  • Live Music
  • A TV showing Sunday NFL Games
  • Food: On site grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and chips.  Pax will be asked to Bring Your Own Beverage.  I’m asking that this NOT be an alcohol event due to Church grounds (but if its in a cup and I don’t know about it then what can I do).
  • 2.0 games.  There has been talk about a nerf war capture the flag event.  Kick ball and whiffle ball was also discussed (I heard Paper Jam really wants to volunteer to run the whiffle ball game).
  • Lots of 2nd F


How can you help you ask?  Awesome, because I’m going to need a lot of help to make this work.  I need:

  • Someone to take lead on bringing a TV and streaming NFL game(s)
  • A portable grill to cook hot dogs and hamburgers on.  Charcoal or gas.  Mine is too large to drag over.
  • A couple of tables (2-3).  Maybe some chars too, but I’m going to ask families to bring own chairs as well.
  • Someone willing to step up to lead the 2.0 games
  • Someone to step up to lead the 2nd F – not just between pax but also with wives.  If your really good at mingling at parties, then I need you to make the rounds to make wives and kids feel welcomed and get pax out of their comfort zone in talking with different pax.
  • Set up and Clean up volunteers.  As always, we must leave the site better than we found it.
  • And I’m sure there is more that I’m not even thinking about.


A sign up genius will go out later this week, but don’t wait to come find me if you want to help.   We will also need a rough count for food purposes so be on the lookout for a calendar invite in Group Me later this week as well.

I hope this excites the pax as much as it does me.  I hope this is a well attended event.  Be on the look out for more details soon, but go ahead and start spreading the word!

Imitation Is A Form Of Flattery – I Think

I’ve had a Chiseled workout in my head for awhile.  Something that combined cardio and weights.  Enough weights that you were begging for cardio for a break and then halfway through cardio you were looking forward to getting back to weights.  I had a line of stations laid out with staggered runs.  Then Chastain has his Q where he laid the stations out in a circle instead of a line, and the run was a lap around the stations.  Hmm, that’s actually a much better way of doing it.  I think I’ll steal it and make it better – and by better I mean I took out those god awful hair burners.

Arrived early to lay out gear.  9 stations in total.  (Thanks for the assist Tuck and Roll – who after several times of me saying I’m good, finally wore me down enough that I obliged and allowed him to help.  Why are men so stubborn – and I’m talking about me not allowing someone to help me).

As pax arrived I started getting the jitters of pax to station counting.  The tough thing is about stations is you never know how many pax there will be so you have to be nimble enough to add or remove stations on the fly depending on pax count.  Luckily for me today we had 9 stations and 17 pax so almost the perfect number needed (for those that are not strong in math like me, there was one station that had just 1 pax – me).



Lap around Mount Chiseled and circle up for:

  • Jimmy Dugan
  • Merkins on my up and down
  • Calf Stretch



Partner up as we mosey to the first station.  I give out directions.  Fire Hose is our timer.  1 partner runs hose around half the loop then switches and the other partner finishes the run.  That transition of the fire hose between partners also switches partners at the other stations.  Station work was:

  • Fire Hose Pull (insert joke here).  Timer
  • 27 lb bar curl and 20 lb dumbbell curl
  • 27lb bar curl and 20 lb dumbbell curl (yes duplicate stations and yes back to back to burn out the biceps)
  • 10 lb tricep kick backs and curb dip
  • 35 lb keddle bell extension and curb dip (yes back to back tri’s to burn them out)
  • 50 pound farmer carry with shoulder shrugs and side straddle block hop (This was the “middle” of the stations and opposite of the fire hose so the thought was to add heavier cardio at the “ends”).
  • 25 lb dumbbell snatch presses.  Posse giggled like a school girl so perhaps I should call it clean and press?
  • 2 30 lb dumbbells military press and carolina dry docks
  • 35 lb dumbell lawnmower pull (bent over row)

After I finished the first station I realized I forgot to tell everyone we must run a full lap to the next station.  Lots of confused faces as I ran past guys starting to lift yelling “Run a Lap”.  We got it worked out.

There was about 5 minutes left after we did one round so I asked everyone to bring their gear to the back of my car.  Circled up for Thunderstruck while catching hell from Rockwell for taking his “thing”.  I didn’t realize he started, I thought I did (hands up confused emoji along with who gives a crap emoji – all love Rockwell).   I’m not sure how Rockwell’s version goes, but on mine we do mountain climbers until we hear thunder and then you do a merkin.  Somewhere in the song there is a long instrumental in which we did air presses.   Roughly 33 Merkins, a minute of air presses, and lots of mountain climbers.  Song ended towards the back end of 6:15.



  • I’ve been seeing some newer guys become regulars at Chiseled lately.  Two hand touch (cough cough man touch) is showing up and even volunteered to Q!  Awesome.
    • Tuck and Roll not only coming but coming early and helping before and after getting gear put away.  A huge thank you there!
    • Uncle Si has been several times in the last 4 weeks.  I think High Hat got all the loudness of that family…or maybe the voice sound waves just have a hard time making it through the thick beard.
    • Elmers repping the pack week in and week out at Chiseled.  Game Day Tomorrow!
    • While Falcon wasn’t there today, he’s been coming out a bunch as well.  Love seeing the new guys transition to regulars.
    • Spitz is another one who has found new life a second time in F3.  He’s been at almost every Chiseled workout I can think of lately.
    • Grungy hanging with me on the runs a bunch today and I learned his mind is in the gutter as much as mine…or perhaps I drug him there with me.  Lots of “that’s what she said’s” going on today.  And he is still rocking bathing suits to workouts…perhaps a name change?  The Hoff?
  • Chainsaw is ole’ reliable.  Dude just shows up and works.  He busts butt at every workout I go to and often times out works me as a double respect.
  • Draper is another double respect that shows up week in and week out.
    • His doppelganger Schneider was there which is always fun to get those two together because they look exactly the same with head bands on.  So cute guys!  Keep it up.  Maybe matching outfits next week?
  • I had hoped 0-69 was going to be there today.  I put the 50 lb farmer carry shoulder shrugs in there just for him from his last chiseled Q in which we farmer carried the entire workout.
  • Sledge pushed hard on the hose pull and getting back to fighting shape.
  • Posse was his usual banterish self.  He had way more Bay Watch type names to rename grungy.  CJ Parker?
  • Dough Boy was beast mode as usual.  From a distance, Elmers looked a little bit like Bread Bowl (Red Bull) walking up to COT today.
  • Thanks to Loafer and Ex Lax for the Q invite and working me around so that I didn’t have to Q three times in three days a couple weeks ago.



  • Iron Pax this Saturday at Homecoming.  Commitment staying open for non iron pax guys and I’m leading it.
  • Waxhaw 2(?) year Anniversary convergence on Labor Day.  6:30 start at Cuthbertson middle.
    • Maybe our marketing guy will remove the Western Union (WUC) reference from our twitter bio by then.
  • Prayers for By Pass’s father who unexpectedly went to the hospital recently.
  • Look for an announcement soon about the 1st Annual F3 Waxhaw Cookout.  Save the date – Sunday, October 3rd from 4:00-6:30 at Five Stones Church.

Basketball @ Clyent Dinner

Lets play some BBall.  I’ve heard several pax talk about wanting to get up some pick up games.  One went so far as to asking why we didn’t have a basketball AO.  So while struggling to figure out what to do, and with help from a Mona Lisa VQ, I decided to do a trial run on a Waxhaw Basketball F3 AO.

5:30 and the crowd is light.  I know two pax are on the way…should I wait..Nah.  We roll out.



Indian Run with the basketball to the picnic tables behind the middle school cafeteria.  Neither Drive By or Xerox quite ever put this together (Carry basketball to the front, drop it, and person in the back sprints to grab it and carry to the front).  Between the middle guy grabbing the ball Chicago Bulls What GIF by NBA

and guys running the wrong way

episode 12 flight GIF

I decided to call a Deadwood Audible and just run there.  As we rounded the corner I see By Pass and his 2.0 hop out of the car and start sprinting our way yell slow motion GIF So I decided to quickly find what little shade I could Meme Burn GIFand wait for them to join us.


Jimmy Duggans

Wall Calf Stretch


And run to picnic tables.



5 Burpees

10 Derkins

15 Step Ups

20 Dips

Repeat 3 times.   Order of finish would determine teams.


First teams ended up being Drive By, Xerox, and Check Four vs By Pass and I.  We ran full court the first game which proved to be too much for Drive By’s calf.  Xerox shoulder also forced him to both shoot and rebound one handed – which was pretty funny to watch.   With two former High School Bench warmers vs bad calf, bad shoulder, and a 9 year old, it was a quick game.

We Ballin March Madness GIF by Saturday Night Live

Quick (2 minute) break in the shade while we redrew teams.  Xerox was the unlucky man to join me.  Second game was decided to be half court which allowed us to add in the 3 point line.  When down by 4 with 3 minutes to go, the competitive juices started flowing in me and I may have sent a 9 year olds lay up 4 rows deep.

Lebron James Basketball GIF

A 3 pointer and a quick 2 by Xerox had us back in striking distance.  Not to be out done, By Pass drained a three

Basketball Wnba GIF by Indiana Fever

and his 2.0 Check Mate got revenge on me scoring the last basket as the clock hit 0:00.

5 Minutes left so we started heading back to COT stopping to allow pax to call exercises along the way.  Drive by called 15 LBC’s, as soon as my back hit the ground I said “NOPE!  Recover!”

Austin Powers Lava GIF

And we were up moseying again.  Found a bench for dips.  Stopped again for Bobby Hurley’s.  And found a good shade tree to finally let Drive By enjoy those LBC’s without getting 1st degree burns on our back.  COT just in time.



  • Crowd was lighting than I had hoped, but then again it was 95 degrees with no cloud cover so I don’t blame them.
  • I’m hoping if the interest is still there by some, that you use this Q as a springboard to launch a site.  Whether its seasonal, later (7:30 or 8:00 start time?), incorporates some 2nd F beers and Gatorades….what ever.  Hopefully this gives you the leverage, excitement, or motivation to start the site.  I’m here to help in any way I can (other than site Q the site).
  • Drive By was missing one contact lens today (or at least that’s what we will say) as his depth perception was a bit off.
  • For a respect with one arm, Xerox put up some good numbers today.  Great job moving on offense while my lazy @$$ waited for you to get open instead of making something out of nothing.
  • Check Four working hard for his points.  We all looked the other way on a couple double dribbles.  Pretty sure I made his list with the last block.
  • By Pass cherry picking big time in the opening game.  Then decided to break out the top of the key jump shot for several points.  Not to be out done, dropped a 3 pointer as well.
  • I had a couple Derrick Whittenburg passes today and a reverse layup in which I got caught too far under the goal…but I left without an injury which is more than I can say for the last time I tried to relive my glory days on the court.
  • Thanks for everyone coming out and supporting on less than ideal weather conditions.


Grinding Bricks

10 guys came out in the swamp to sweat.  I teased that we would find some open gates.  I arrived early to confirm said gates were open (and they were).  DiCCS.  Lets Go.


Lap around the front on the school.  Grab a straggler along the way.  Circle up for:

  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • Downward Dog
  • 15 Peter Parkers
  • Calf Stretch
  • Jimmy Duggan with some lefts, rights, and leans



Mosey halfway up the entrance hill and team up into groups of three for a Grinder on the hill.   Dealers choice at the top of the hill between squats and LBC’s.  Runner in between.  Inch Worm Merkins starting at the bottom of the hill and going up the hill with the caveat that the further you went up the hill, the less you then had to run.  Three rounds.   Recover at the top of the hill.

Mosey down Deal road towards the gravel athletic fields back entrance.  Stop at the gate for 20 fence squat jumps.  Some confusion as to if I said 20 or 25.  I must have been in a good mood as I kept the count at 20 after being asked twice if it was 25.

Mosey to the brick pile and partner up.  Called out three teams to grab the bigger bricks.  Partners shared 100 each of front raise, side raise, reverse fly, and overhead press while the other partner ran to the lower gate and back.   Due to time I audibled the side raises and reverse fly’s to 75.  We didn’t have time to get to the over head presses.

Mosey back towards COT with collection exercises along the way including squats and LBC’s.

Arrive to COT with 45 seconds to spare – gas pumpers until time (Mad dog took the gas pumper a little too literally).



  • Chastain and I break down the workout for the Q School into quarters to help new Q’s plan their Wienke.  There is time for a warm up plus three groupings of exercises.  Some how today I didn’t have time for a short warm up and just two groupings.   Not sure where our time ran off to…I’m guessing the grinder on the hill took longer than expected and the run to the brick pile was longer…but still….it felt like a quick workout to me.  I glanced at the watch while doing bricks to see 6:05 and had a quick oh shit moment.  The watch watchers were quick to remind me we only had 7 minutes to get back to COT (how slow do yall think you run?).  We of course kept doing brick work another 2 minutes then worked out way back and still arrived 45 seconds early.
  • Rudy doing Rudy things while checking with the Q on future location to slip out for a bear in the woods moment.
  • Everyone busting hard today.  Almost went with the title no rest for the weary.  We were all drenched at COT.  Probably more to do with the humidity than the workout.  Bricks for Dicks was also in contention for a name.
  • Ex-Lax and Damascus deep in hunting discussions throughout the workout.  A new power couple in the making?  Perhaps they find a third wheel to make a run at the LRC threesome title? (Am I desperate to create Effee material when there is nothing there….Yes I am.  Just ask Mad Dog about his whale tail moment at Floater 3 years ago).
  • Thanks for the opportunity to lead Ricky Bobbie (Boobie?) and Schneider (Schnyder, Schnieder, ShaynIdar?).  I haven’t Q’ed watchtower in a while and must admit, I love the Weddington campus much more than new town.  Lots more options over there.  Maybe a permanent stay???



  • Cross Country Trail clean up this Saturday at Cuthbertson Middle starting at 8:00 am.  Bring rakes, shovels, wheel barrows, loppers, blowers, ect.
  • Christ Closet pick up on Saturday in Pineville at Noon.  Unloading an entire house so need some man power to load trailers at the house and then unload at Christ Closet.
  • Q Bites covering the question “Is F3 truly open to all men?” on Monday.  Recent examples from F3 Princeton and the twitter backlashed they received for a Pride Q.  (Hint: Slaughter and Dark Helmet stepped in and reaffirmed that F3 is open to ALL men).  But while we are open to all men, are we welcoming to all men?  Are we being proactive in inviting ALL men to help diversify our group.

Neighborhood Watch – Champion Forest A 2nd Time

5 Pax, 2 2.0’s, and 2 dogs for just shy of 3 miles on the Champion Forest trails.  Bunnies were chased, dogs were walked, bikes were ridden, and conversations were had.

Double Sided Hill

Light crowd today at Asylum.  We started with 4, dropped one 10 steps into the run, and then picked another one up half way into the warm up.



Mosey to Payless Shoes Parking Lot.  I was quickly corrected by Turnbuckle that it was a Rack Room (I guess he was going to attempt to take Posse’s place as the gnat in my ear on this mornings workout).   Circle back for the 6 and get out of the way of Mad Dog coming in on two wheels.  Had planned for a light Warm up but decided to extend it to give Mad Dog time to catch up.

  • Jimmy Duggan with lefts, rights, and leans mixed in.
  • Calf Stretch
  • Merkins on my up and down (so we could hold at the bottom)

Mad Dog arrives and off we go towards the neighborhood (the back way).



Asylum has a couple hill options in the Wesley Oaks Neighborhood.  Most hills we do are just an up, but I knew of one particular hill that would allow for an up and down and an up again.  One hill allowed for an incline with a longer climb while the other hill was shorter but a steeper incline.  Start in the cul de sac and do 10 In/Outs.  At the peak of the longer hill do 10 Carolina Dry Docks.  At bottom of next hill do 10 In/Outs.  So basically at the bottoms do In/Outs and at the peak do Dry Docks.   Clear as Mud?  Do that 5 times.

Recovered at the bottom of the steeper Hill to finish with the 6 then all you got to the top.

Mosey towards the back entrance to Target for more hill work.  10 Baryshnikov’s at the bottom and 10 more at the top of the hill.  A backwards run halfway up the hill with an all you got the rest of the way.  Jog back down the hill.  Repeat 3 times.

Target parking lot for 4 quarters (the overly used by me Jog, run, sprint, walk/recover thing).  We didn’t have time for overtime today.  Thanks to By Pass for keeping me honest and calling exercises while we waited on the 6.

Short Mosey to pick up the 6 then did 10 more Merkins on both my down and up.

Mosey to COT and had less than a minute.  Merkins until time.  I think most got 15 merkins in.



  • Small crowd and not much mumble chatter so instead of recapping I will leave you with some of the Q Bites discussion.  Shop Led us on a discussion on Everyday Leadership.  Here is the video if your interest.  Its short (like 6 minutes)
  • Lots of good discussion around not only the small leadership opportunities we can do daily, but also a discussion around circling back to those people in your lives that have been impactful.  Tell them the impact they have had on you and thank them for their effort.  Often times we don’t know the impact we have on people.  When you are at Christ Closet helping load a bed into a truck, it may be a little girls first bed.   When you are coaching a kid, you may be planting a seed that takes hold in that child’s life for years.  When you check in with a pax, you may be a light to a person that is going through some dark times.  Every day leadership.  Its small things that can reap big results…maybe results you never even know about.



  • Christ Closet is doing a furniture give away this weekend.  They need help bring furniture out of the house and loading it into peoples cars.  Right after the workout on Saturday.
    • There will be another Christ Closet opportunity the next weekend with a big furniture pick up in Pineville.

I Hate Birthday Q’s

I hate when guys sign up to Q on their birthday and then subject the whole group to their birthday burpees.  I don’t want to do burpees just because its your birthday.  That’s stupid.  Anyways, now that that’s off my chest.

Extra long DiCCS for our FNG – Gabriel Blunt from Briarcrest.



10 Burpees

Mosey to parking lot past Rudy’s Poop Palace.  Jimmy Duggan waiting on the 6 then 10 more Burpees.

Mosey to the traffic circle.  Calf stretch waiting on the 6 then a downward dog.  10 more burpees.



Mosey to football parking lot for a Star Fish.  (Yeah, thats right.  Dispite Zin’s best effort to be more like his whetstone Hooch and make all things sexual, this is known as a Star Fish).

5 jump squats in the middle.  Outside exercises were:

  • 15 Turkish Get Ups
  • 15 No Surrenders
  • 15 Baryshnikov’s Right Leg
  • 15 Baryshnikov’s Left Leg


Gather the 6 in and then repeat with 10 reps on the outside and 10 jump squats in the middle.  Legs are nice and loose now.  Mosey towards the middle of the two traffic circles getting into groups of 3 as you run.

Grinder: Exercises on the ends with a runner in between.  On one end partners split 150 Ranger Merkins and 150 Wide Arm Merkins.  On the other end partners split 200 LBC’s and 200 Gas Pumpers.

Mosey to back to Rudy’s Poop Palace.

1 Burpee per light back to COT.  There were 8 lights.  (Mad Dog pushed hard just so he could arrive before me and call have a nice day for the final 30 seconds.  Veteran move).



  • Thanks to the 20 guys that joined.  I had promised no Frisbee games but little did I know that the tripod LRC crew had planned an ultimate Frisbee Q for Swarm.  I heard the frisbee hit the ground a lot and based on the mumble chatter in the playhouse, it appears everyone soaked their hands in butter over night.
  • O-69 with a powerful testimony during COT about the impact F3 has had and how some people bet against him saying he wouldn’t stick with F3.  Since apparently he has strong determination to prove people wrong…..Hey O, I bet you can’t buy me a handle of Crown once a month for a year.
  • I haven’t seen a post about yesterday’s Floater 6 man speech.  It was very powerful and I appreciate you guys sharing what’s on you mind and in your heart here recently during COT.  Keep them coming.  Your words are impacting other men.
  • Welcome FNG Swisher Sweets.  His hospital name was Gabriel Blunt so the name pretty much wrote itself.  He lives in Briarcrest and was brought out by a Lawsonite.  Pretty sure Recalc will be chirping all day about that one.
  • Great to see some old faces making it back out consistently to workouts.
  • Surge has his street crew in top shape with Falcon and Golden Plates hitting it hard lately.
  • I was partnered up with Dough Boy as the lone foursome group for the Grinder so I was able to make easy work out of the push ups leaning on Dough Boy to dominate the counts (another veteran move by my part – never pick the sniffing cat pee award winner when trying to knock out 300 Merkins).
  • Either not much mummble chatter or my heart pumping in my head was too loud today to hear anyone.  I do know it was quite moist out there and highly recommend using that word around your wife today.  I also find wives love the word penetrate.  Put them together for a real way to annoy them.



  • See Surge if you want to sign up for CPR class.  Its about an hour and a half.  August 9 or 10th at Five Stones Church.
  • Pray for Chicken’s buddy Greg dealing with a cancer scare.


Neighborhood Watch

We walked for an hour.  Though not as far as usual.  We blame NC, Brexit’s dog, who decided to mark her spot every third mail box.  Brexit was beast mode pushing three kids in a stroller with a ruck pack on.  Posse got tears thinking of the good ole days (kids in strollers).  I made walking a dog with a pink leash look good (no surprises there).  Radar was ever free of the early morning cow lick.  Lots of second F.  I kept my inappropriate jokes to a minimum around the kids, even as brexit kept unknowingly lobbing softball after softball at me (who describes their trails as thin and lacking, seriously).   Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

The Great Bambino’s VQ

I’m approaching 4 years in F3 and my daughter had been wanting to join me at F3 workouts for awhile.  I gave her a shot at a Clyent Dinner led by Zinfandel about a year and a half ago.  She hung for the first 10 minutes then quickly fell off.  Luckily we had the M close by just in case and she swooped in for the rescue.  Fast forward to this late winter/early spring my daughter started seeing more and more kids in the family photo at the Appetizer and wanted to give it another try (See, FOMO works!).  So we started going…and she loved it.  Maybe it was because Rae View is a smaller campus….or maybe because at the time there were tons of 2.0’s….whatever it was…she was hooked.   After I lead at workout there, she told me on the way home she wanted to lead the warm up portion next time I led one.  I made a deal with her that she plan out an entire Q, and if she got stuck, scared, or was just done…she could throw it over to me.  Well…then Softball season hit and derailed our plans for about 5 months….but alas, with softball season over and C3P0 calling for a Q, we jumped at the opportunity.  My daughter quickly went into planning mode…I reviewed the winkie and only gave her two pieces of criticism ….its not long enough, and there’s too many burpees. She adjusted…and here we go.


DiCCS give by me (we forgot to review that part. D’oh!).



Mosey to the grass.

  • 10 Burpees (Really?!!!)
  • 10 Merkins
  • 15 Side Straddle Hops
  • 15 Rocking Night Clubs (Just for you Ghosted)
  • Jimmy Duggans


Mosey back to the front of the school for three rounds of:

  • 10 Merkins
  • 20 Donkey Kicks
  • 40 Wall Sit Air Presses.

Now that we are all completely exhausted (and drenched) we moseyed to the basketball courts where two balls were waiting for us.  Split up into teams: kids vs Dads.  Dads take a hot lap while kids try and score as many points as they can with a standard basketball.  Flip flop once dads return with dads trying to score except they are using a 20 pound medicine ball.  Loser does the point difference in burpees.  Results were:

Kids did 5 burpees

Kids did 1 Burpess

Dads did 4 burpees (I might have sandbagged us to allow the kids a win)


Short Mosey to swings.  Dads do swing supines while kids do 50 LBCS.  Switch until everyone has gone 3 rounds each.

Back to the basketball courts for suicides for the dads while kids try and score (with dads blocking shots and stealing balls as we pass).

Mosey to Rock Pile for Simon Says with Rocks.  Burpee penalty if you do something Simon doesn’t say.  There were Curls, Presses, Squats, and Tricep extensions mixed in.

Short mosey back to COT where the kids took turns leading us in excercises.  Big Boys, Heels to Heaven, Freddy Mercury’s, Calf Stretch (thank you Mona Lisa), SSH’s, LBC, Lunges, and Big Boys again.  6:15…We’re Done!



  • A great VQ by any standards, but the fact that it was a VQ by an 8 year old makes it down right impressive.  She was loud with her counting, confident in the exercises she called, and called proper F3 counting techniques (Next exercise is Merkins, on my down, get into starting position, and begin).   I was actually quite impressed with her counting as we didn’t work on that too much.  Great job Great Bambino!
  • Welcome out Taco Tuesday!  Natalie is War Eagles youngest (I think) daughter.  She said her favorite foot was Taco’s…and it was Tuesday…so there it is: Taco Tuesday.  Great job on your first time out.
  • High Hat was there and yelling at kids as usual (that’s only half way a joke), but he expects the best out of the kids and pushes them to work harder.
  • Rock and Bambino apparently were the basketball stars today.  Great job Rock.
  • Mona Lisa came out to support her friend and drug her sister Little Biker Girl along.
  • Somehow Mulligan keeps dragging his dad out, even after giving him a name so bad that we allowed him a name change.  Poor Redacted.  Great job today guys.
  • Posse whipped in on two wheels for the last 7 minutes.  Hops out of his car in work clothes to help us finish out the circle of pain.  Anyone who jumps out in work clothes ready to workout gets credit in my book.  Thanks for coming out to support my daughter!