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The Floater – twinkle toes

17 for The Floater here in beautiful downtown Waxhaw!

Disclosures: Don’t sue, modify, cell, cpr, suggestions modify as needed.

Mosey to church parking lot


20 side straddle hops

10 imperial walkers

10 High knees 

20 shoulder taps

10 x J los

Runners stretch

Calf stretch


The thang:

At the starting parking lot do  10 J-los. Run to other church parking lot and do 10 bomb jacks.

Rinse and repeat 3 laps.

Flutters waiting for the six

Mosey to 4 corners parking lot bottom of Kim  jung hill.

10 in and outs,

20 big boys

30 flutters

40 plank jacks

Repeato x 2

Mosey then run up KJH

Up to Main Street . Partner up:

1st partner step ups bring up the knee 10 per leg

2nd partner is jog around building and 10 j- lo’s until partner 2 gets back switch and repeato.

Mosey back towards COT





it was awesome to lead you brothers today!

Commitment – woke up early


warm up: mosey to flag pole 20 SSH, 15 IW, 10 windmills, 5 murkins. Stretch up/down dog, jimmy, calf, and runner stretches.

Paula Abdul trees 🌲 through Nesbit drive up 2 back 1 with an increasing cadence of 4 shoulder taps at the first tree and 1 squat coming back. Increase by 4&1.

mosey to buss lot for 4 corners/ with 2 murkins in the middle between each.

10 burpees, 20 big boys, 30 flutters, 40 plank jacks. Repeato x 3.

.5 mi mosey through neighborhood. Stopping 1/2 way at Millbridge for 20 monkey humpers while waiting for the six.

mosey to club house for some partner workouts. 100 bicycles, 100 jump shots, 100 big boys, 100 j-lo’s partner runs circle ⭕️ parking lot as timer then switch.
head back to COT.

Numberrama and Name-aRama, name FNG, welcome “Ramsey” then announcements: include a 5k coming up on December 4 see Fuzebox for details, 9 more days to collect canned beans deliver to ghosted, Waxhaw cot hole tournament nov 6th get a team together for $50 at WTH proceeds benefit Kensington ES, praises and prayers, take us out Gods strength in each of us is unstoppable and you can do anything through Him.

Watchtower Tuesday 09/07/21

Watchtower Q


11 pax  for a twinkle toes Q at watchtower.

Ricky Bobby, Schneider, inspector gadget, blue screen, Sledge-o-matic, Maddog, big 10, Surge, Re-calculating, Chatterbox.

Mosey to warm up followed by long deep stretching after a labor day holiday weekend.

All together, 20 SSH, 10 IW, 10 windmills, walk it out to a plank, calf stretch, runners stretch, reach for the sky, flapjack, stretch gluts, 10 murkins OMD, flip to your six, 25 LBCs OMU. Lots of groaning and good stretching as we begin our short week!

Let’s mosey, and found a few parking spaces to lunge walk about 40 feet. As a new Q here on campus, I threw out some audibles for a pax to call the play as we take it out back for a run in between light poles. Schneider stepped up and said 10 murkins at ea light, and we run backwards in between. Repeat at each light until stop sign. Finish with 10 murkins. Stay together as we sprint to the next drive way (single file on the main road, it is pitch black but there are safety lights on the Q’s and pax heads!) good job pax.

Now a new set called by maddog for 15 squats ea light heading back… “I’m glad to see they took our advice to pave this extra lane here”, says Maddog, as he runs with his hands out like an airplane as you did when you were a little kid serpentine from right to left. Guess it was like Christmas for him to see that road construction progress. He was so darn happy, I just wanted to catch up to him (which wasn’t that difficult by the way) and run along side so I too could feel the excitement he felt as we ran on smooth pavement back to Weddington middle school.

Look over there, a small parking lot, let’s bear crawl to the other me side.

Short mosey after bear crawl came upon the rock pile and another staff parking lot. Grab a lifting rock, and Partner up to split 100 curls, 100 tricep extensions, and 100 squats thrusters. Partner runs and is the timer to switch. (I may have been a little tired or vague in my delivery of instructions at this point as there were a few other lifting modifications and anytime a pax asked me a question about what to do I just said yes in agony.)

Done, now over to the science class outdoor wall for 3 sets of air punches in cadence to 10 and 10 donkey kicks. 3 x.

Mosey around school and asked inspector gadget to call out an excersize. He says big boy sit-ups. X 12. So we did an increasing web of big boy sit-ups + dips of the same 12 reps, and increased by 1 each set until 15 bog boys and 15 dips.

Let’s mosey and found a place to do incline murkins, start with 10 but it didn’t feel as hard so we added 10.

Mosey to the next flag stand, now we are coming around the side of the school to do 20 step ups each leg. Almost done, we have 6 minutes, we would have tile for two rounds of sprints around the front of the school circle drive, while the partner does flutters and switch so each went twice.

Ended on time at COT. 20 seconds of have a nice day.

Numbered off, and name-a-rama, announcements, praises and prayer requests. Maddog’s father in law Gary pulled through COVID-19 and is seemingly doing well, prayers answered. Bluescreen reminded all of our brothers and sisters left behind in Afghanistan to bring them home safely. Let’s each say an extra prayer for Anna Price as she battles cancer, may the Holy Spirit and God heal her, Falcon’s nephew’s suicide and prayers for their family as the heartbreak and pain and suffering  they are going through with their loss. God we ask that you take all of our heart aches and struggles spoken and Unspoken and just ask that you have mercy on us for our understanding is limited but we seek your presence in all of this.

Let us thank God and humble ourselves to take action and reach out and help someone else today. not be as quick to judge but rather seek to understand.

Thank you my brothers for a great morning workout. Family photo.

Clyent Dinner – Dads are too cool for shade

17 dads and 2.0’s pushed hard as we searched for shade and burned some calories!

Welcome and DCCS –

.25 mi mosey to warm up

20 SSH ic

10 IW ic

potato pickers b/c stretching feels great, then walk it out to a plank for runner stretch, 10 murkins “while your down there” and finish warm up with 20 LBCs in cadence for those abdominals.

let’s mosey .25 mi  find shaded bear crawls under awning

mosie to front of middle school

10 Derkins

20 step ups (10 ea)

30 dips

.10 mi mosie

repeat 3 x

lets mosey .50 mi stopping 1/2 way to do monkey humpers waiting for the six – let’s go to the parking lot for a star pattern consisting of: wait, it’s too hot let’s find some shade. Keep mosie ing 

10 burpees then to center for 5 murkins

20 big boys  then to center for 5 murkins

30 flutters then to center for 5 murkins

40 plan jacks then to center for 5 murkins


Web of 4 american hammers and 1 murkin 8 & 2, 12 & 3, 16 & 4, 20 & 5 and so on to 40 & 10

Mosey back to COT



announcements – blood drive volunteers needed

f3 dads this Saturday – 9:00 @ dogwood park.
then I took us out with thankfulness and prayer for all.

Earth day to Waxhaw

the floater: 18 men showed up at floater

  • DCCS shared
    • Disclaimer:  PAX are here at their own risk
    • Cell:  We had cell phone in our group
    • CPR:  Several PAX were recently certified
  • Safety: shared boundaries of Waxhaw animal hospital to Main Street. 

mosey to warm up

20 SSH ic

10 IW ic

potato pickers b/c stretching feels great, then walk it out to a plank for runner stretch, 10 murkins “while your down there” and finish warm up with 20 LBCs for those abdominals.

let’s mosey to find a nice parking lot with 4 corners to perform a star series with meet in the middle.

10 burpees then to center for 5 murkins

20 big boys  then to center for 5 murkins

30 flutters then to center for 5 murkins

40 plan jacks then to center for 5 murkins

repeat 2 X

run up Kim jung Hill (KJH) and catch breathe, 5 count for the six, then on to a short .25 mi loop with 10 more big boys at each of the next three corners.
mosey to Main Street! Staying together is important.

ah yes, here we are; here is a nice place for a new pattern of:

10 Derkins

20 step ups

& 30 dips then run .25 mi loop

repeat 3 x

good cardio and hearts are pumping this whole time.
about 10 minutes remaining, we found a wall (the exterior wall to Waxhaw’s finest bike shop) as we needed some helmets for this next exercise 😉

Handstand and toes on the wall, we are upside down and will now recite the pledge of allegiance In cadence  – (my best made up on the spot creative exercise yet and hope to see it added in more lexicons to come) I think everyone liked it.

mosey – down KJH for one last sprint back up KJH before meeting at COT for a american hammer web 4:1 with murkins. We got to 36:9 and added one more murkin to hit 10 right on the 45 min  nose.

Cliffs notes:

my first Q at floater was successful no one got hurt and we did it together, made it feel good! Missed several pax  I thought I wouldn’t see here.

Some notables I recall:

Made Ice nine, dry heave or whatever he does so someone said that was a good thing if I could get him to do that.

Shnider – is a beast, he was always in my sights kept pounding.

Chicken little – also always pacing and pushing harder and harder. He makes you better.

Thanks easy button for asking me to Q.

flanders making significant pushes up KJH was impressive.

Bypass: 1st post since new born! Congrats on so many levels there.
Prayers for Shakenbake’s grandmother – found another tumor, prayer requests that this one is benign and no surgery. We ask God to be with Estelle Pauline and family. And for all others we ask that you lift them up to the lord to hear our prayers we have inside our hearts and family that they may feel your presence with them.


WTF is happening, may 1st, start pout 6:30 sharp Blackhawk clubhouse, sign up and come support your fellow PAX. $10




Clean slate -“flock of seagulls” at a Community Yard Sale today only

Clean slate -“flock of seagulls” at a Community Yard Sale.

Welcome and DCCS – never been here before so let’s go exploring

.25 mi mosey to warm up

20 SSH ic

10 IW ic

potato pickers b/c stretching feels great, then walk it out to a plank for runner stretch, 10 murkins “while your down there” and finish warm up with 25 LBCs for those abdominals.

let’s mosey .25 mi to tennis courts for shredding arms

10 Derkins

20 step ups (10 ea)

30 dips

repeat 3 x

lets mosey ..25 mi stopping 1/2 way to do monkey humpers waiting for the six – let’s go to the parking lot for a star pattern consisting of:

10 burpees then to center for 5 squats

20 big boys  then to center for 5 squats

30 flutters then to center for 5 squats

40 plan jacks then to center for 5 squats 

Repeat 2 x

let’s mosey .25 to buss lot for “upside down Spider-Man bus walk” to the left, get back to your feet and do 20 squats, then upside down Spider-Man bud walk back to your right – (you’ll have to ask someone who was there!)

Mosey around back of campus to a 7 man Web of 4 american hammers and 1 plank jacks, 8 & 2, 12 & 3, 16 & 4, 20 & 5 and so on to 52 & 12

.50 mi mosey stopping 1/2 way to monkey hump till 6 is in.

Paula Abdul the crape Myrtles with increasing combo of +1 murkins and +1 LBCs  till 10 and 11.

Mosey back to COT

Then finish together with 15 Twinkle toes in cadence followed by have a nice day with my new brothers.

Kensington 600

commitment started right on time with 17 PAX – Brutus, Chastain, Chainsaw, Frack, Popeye, Weatherman, JWow, Fuse Box, Shop Dawg, Deep Dish, Red Rider, Carb Load, Run Flat, Twinkle Toes, Dough Boy, Two Hand Touch, Hi Hat

We moseyed passed the fields and back to circle up for our warm up:

15 SSH, 10 Murkins, 15 Mountian climbers, 10 Low SS, 15 SSH in cadence. with a calf stretch for what was to come 😉

1st series: now turn around and Lunge-walk the parking lot 40-50 yds, heading back towards the school from the classic  COT warm up place for Commitment Saturdays.

Then an LBC/BURPEE web with Paula Abdul. “We took two Trees forward and one tree back” as we migrated through the drive, “go” starts the grunts to get to the 2nd tree away from us to hit the deck and bust out count down from 10 with LBCs at the second tree and count up 1 each time for the Burpees as you sprint back to the first tree. Then 9:2, 8:3 7:4 so on and so forth. “oh, I thought twinkle toes was going to take it easy on us for his vQ, he such a nice guy…” someone mumbles from the crowd. To which I said, “It’s all down Hill from here” as we started our ascent towards what would be know as “The Hill”  then another PAX chimes in. More banter. Loving it.

2nd Series: Partnering up, P1 runs down and back up the hill, while P2 does Freddie Mercury’s, switch and continue for 200 FM. “Making sure to touch the line at the bottom” I say as we start down and then back up.

Then marys until the six is in. jWow on the front line.  Then mosey to back if school and first playground. Get into grps of 3.

3rd Series: The THANG = The Kensington 600

200 Low Slow Squats

200 LBCs

200 Dips

as a team of three, one is running at all times until complete. Then Mary’s until the six is in.

lets mosey now over around the school yard and head up to front buss lot of Kensington ES. Three stations, three rounds: 15 LS squats, run to tattoo two to give me 10 Murkins, run to station three to give me 5 Pull ups. Rinse and repeat 3 x.

14 minutes to go.

4th series: A murkin/American Hammer Web. 1:4, 2:8, 3:12 and so on until …Can anybody count correctly after 8:32… thanks brothers for taking over with the counting out loud while I catch my breathe. All in cadence. All pax did amazing job.

Then mosey back to parking lot for last 4 minutes of  backwards lunge and squats. We got to 6:24 when It was time. We had pushed it hard and everyone was together the whole way. Announcements and then I took us out with prayer for God to watch over us and our communities as we grow leaders from within.

my first vQ, shots out to Carb Load, Tupperware, and Chastain for their support prior and along the way. Hope I gave the PAX a good commitment workout this morning. Thanks for everything F3.

Announcements – new Q Source starting up on Friday May 1st. 0630 to 0700 at the Cureton McDonald’s

2nd F lunch at Hickory Tavern in Indian Land at noon today. Visit with Doc McStuffins

Christ’s Closet folding night this upcoming Thursday at Union United Methodist

Christ’s Closet giveaway in Pageland on April 2nd. See Shop Dawg for details

Foster care $$$ giveaway – if you know any foster care non profits, is donating $10,000. Contact Red Rider for details or go to the website