Which year is this

Which year is this

It’s been 1 year since I joined F3. Most amazing thing that happened to me last year. Red Cross is always behind me for my blood. So decided to donate last summer. I see everyone wearing their F3 shirts and I was curious what F3 was about. Posse somehow sensed this curiosity in me and asked me if I knew about F3 and told me all about it. WOW life changing. It’s been a year already. I asked Posse if I can Q at the site where he is the site Q. Glad for the opportunity.

DICCS given, let’s rage.

Mosse / Run to south providence school parking. 

SSH / Low slow squats / Moroccan nigh clubs and stretches.

The Thang:

Walk the the basket ball court. One end 20 mike Tysons and 20 modified burpees (Without the jump up) on the other end. Repeat and rinse 3 times. Run the the school entrance on Arbor Dr. Run to the library and do 5 burpees and run back to do 10 jump squats. Repeat 3 times. Run to Sharon Dr stop sign. LBC’s as we wait for the 6. Run back to bus parking lot. Partner up. Partner does 50 dips and  50 reverse dips and the other partner runs across the parking lot. Back to COT for some Mary.


I remember my 1st workout at Asylum. But the 2nd day at watchtower was painful(soreness from Asylum). There were pax circling back for me and I remember Wrigley and Fuse box hanging out with me throughout the workout. I knew I’ll not be left alone. So kept coming back. The encouragement I had received from all the PAX helped me thrive as days went by. I am filled with gratitude.

YHC took us out.

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