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Expectation ….

Today the intension was to keep the group together as I was expecting FNG’s. I had texted a group of friends about F3 and was expecting at least 1 FNG. Disappointed. 

Looked at the watch and it was time to roll. DICCS given quickly and let’s roll.

Mossey to Highschool entrance. Jump squats till 6 is in. 

20 X SSH

15 X Morraccan nigh club

15 X Imperial squats


20 Dips then run to the 1st alcove for 20 donkey kicks then run to next alcove for 20 Mike Tyson, repeat and rinse 3 times. Few abb workouts (LBC, box cutter and big bois.). Run to the high school dinning area. 20 Step ups ( 1 is 1) then run to the round about for 5 burpees. Repeat and rinse 3 times. Run to transporter’s shed. 30 air presses and 30 jabs. Run back to COT stopping at each light post for 5 merkins. Zin said I was nice for just asking for 5 merkins. Chicken was waiting for the merkins. Should have called for 10 merkins at the lights. Had little more than a min left. LBC’s, heals to heaven and big bois. Have a nice day.

Amazing group of men this morning. Everyone pushed hard fought the thick air. 


5k for mental health awareness. Check groupie of contact Chicken for details. 

IPC around the corner.

Which year is this

It’s been 1 year since I joined F3. Most amazing thing that happened to me last year. Red Cross is always behind me for my blood. So decided to donate last summer. I see everyone wearing their F3 shirts and I was curious what F3 was about. Posse somehow sensed this curiosity in me and asked me if I knew about F3 and told me all about it. WOW life changing. It’s been a year already. I asked Posse if I can Q at the site where he is the site Q. Glad for the opportunity.

DICCS given, let’s rage.

Mosse / Run to south providence school parking. 

SSH / Low slow squats / Moroccan nigh clubs and stretches.

The Thang:

Walk the the basket ball court. One end 20 mike Tysons and 20 modified burpees (Without the jump up) on the other end. Repeat and rinse 3 times. Run the the school entrance on Arbor Dr. Run to the library and do 5 burpees and run back to do 10 jump squats. Repeat 3 times. Run to Sharon Dr stop sign. LBC’s as we wait for the 6. Run back to bus parking lot. Partner up. Partner does 50 dips and  50 reverse dips and the other partner runs across the parking lot. Back to COT for some Mary.


I remember my 1st workout at Asylum. But the 2nd day at watchtower was painful(soreness from Asylum). There were pax circling back for me and I remember Wrigley and Fuse box hanging out with me throughout the workout. I knew I’ll not be left alone. So kept coming back. The encouragement I had received from all the PAX helped me thrive as days went by. I am filled with gratitude.

YHC took us out.

BB for the books

Bottlecap asked if I could write the BB. I said sure not knowing what he was up to with his Q that morning. So this will be a summary as we did lot of stuff that day.

DICCS given. Run towards the round about near high school stadium. Stop in between to do some quick reps of whatever which did made thighs burn. He had found out that the gate to the football field was open. So we did run up and down the steps. Then run around the field alternating between mossey and sprints. Then we did lots of other stuffs (to many to remember). DONE.


Prayers for Rubbermaid and his family. Prayers for Bottle cap and his family who are now in Honduras on a mission trip.

Feeling Sick

Showed up in commitment 2 weeks ago and j-wow got me to Q commitment. I was excited and was ready. Was there early and drove around the route I had planned. Was pumped.

DICCS given, let’s mossey.

Mossey to millbridge skin pool. Warm up with ssh / imperial squats / Merkins / Moroccan night clubs and stretch.

Return to Kensington Elementary school. Every other driveway switch between 15 jump squats and 20 speed skaters. By the end thighs were stiff. Mossey to school parking lot. 20 Big boi’s, 40 LBC’s and 20 Heals to heaven. 

20 mike Tyson and run around the parking lot. Fuse led us on the longest route. Repeat it again. This time took the shorter route.

10 Burpees in a minute. Repeat 3 times. By this time I felt totally gassed out. Felt weird. Decided to step down as the Q of the morning. Thanks to all the pax for stepping in. Did some exercise with rock and ran to the entrance to the park. 


Lycan launching again with new start time. 5:45 am. Maddog leads the workout.

Remembering my Father

t’s been 1 year since my Father passed away and yesterday the thought of honoring him by Qing a workout flashed my thought. Reached out to Ricky Bobby and Schneider. Thank you both for the opportunity.

My Father was 76 when he passed away on the 6th of July last year. So the rep number was 76.

Disclaimer given. Let’s mossey. Run up to deal road and return back middle school drop off.

20 SSH

20 Imperial walkers

20 Low slow squats

16 Moroccan nigh clubs flooded by Stretching.

The Thang:

Grab a lifting rock and riffle carry to elementary school drop off point. Do one of the following exercise and run a lap around the student drop off loop.

20 Curls

20 over head presses.

20 Bent over lifts.

16 Biceps lift.

Everyone is now warmed up for the burpies.

10 Burpies a minute. Repeat 7 times and then Finish with 6 burpies.

Run back to middle school entrance. Do one of the following exercise and run a lap around the student drop off loop

20 Big bois

20 LBC

20 Merkins

16 Flutters.

40 air presses and 36 jabs.

Form 2 teams and Indian run to Deal road. Mary with 40 American hammers, 20 LBC and 16 heals to heave. Indian run back to middle school entrance. Mary and it’s time.


Fantastic group of PAX this morning. Everyone rallied around me and pushed themselves. Amazing support.

Welcome FNG Jaison (Beaker)

It’s been a tough year with loss of my Father. Joined F3 at the end of July last year. F3 has provided so much support through out last year. It would have been tough without F3. Seeing you all every morning brings a fresh start. Not able to express my thoughts fully here. Thank you everyone.

YHC took us out.

Back from break Q

It’s hard after a break and then having to Q gets more tough. But lets do this.

Disclaimers given.

Mosse to Animal hospital. Thanks Dasher for taking care of the circle time. SSH / Merkins / Imperial squats / Moroccan nightclub and some stretches to warm up.

The thang:

Floater always if good for the hills that it offers. So decided to include one on the run between the 1st set of exercises. Heard Schneider didn’t like it. 20 merkins at Animal hospital run up the hill and do 20 bigbois. rinse and repeat 3 times. Mosse to providence road north. Start with 12 mike Tyson then run 2 light poles 12 bobby hurlies come back 1 light pole  and 12 mike Tysons and keep progressing. All PAX loved it and called for an audible. Audible did come as time was running out and I had burpies on my winkie. Mosse to near bike store. Start with 50 dips run to COT and do 10 burpies. Run back to do 40 step ups. I was tired and took the lowest spot for step ups. Site Q did notice and called out. Run to cot and do 8 burpies and run back for 30 dips and then 6 burpies and so on. Got an ear full from bottle cap. The break from f3 did get to me and I had to modify. Glad it was time.


It was good fun at the camp. everyone enjoyed it and pushed hard.


Prayers for Nichole (Rice and beans) as she is getting treated for a spine issue.


Forgotten BB

Realized I had not written BB on my Q at watchtower.

DICCS given and we are off.

Run to Deal road and back to COT. Do some streches.

The Thang:

Run to the right side of the school and use the light posts to do some Paula Abdul workout. Merkins and Jump squats in the mix. Run to elementary school drop-off zone. There are numbers on the wall 1 to 8. Do as many as burpees and run around the drop off loop. Run to Middle school drop off loop. Partner up. Partner does Big bois and donkey kicks (I think). Finish with a run to Deal road and back to COT. Awesome morning and Chicken stole the show with his bath suit. Thanks chicken, I think I was let off the hook for BB because of your show.


It’s always a privilege to lead and the support is always overwhelming.


It’s not cold anymore and it’s time to get all back to the workouts.

F3-Dads every Saturday 9:00 am at dogwood park.

Remembering the past

Fine group of men gathered this morning on a fine spring morning. I was excited and was ready to go. Confirmed with Ricky Bobby if I was the Q and he said yes. Let’s GO.

DICCS given.

Mosey to the Bus lot.

20 x SSH

20 x Imperial Squats

10 x Moroccan night club



Now everyone is geared up and ready for the main event.

Start with 12 Merkins then run to next light pole and do 12 BigBoi sit-ups. Come back to the start and do 12 Merkins, run to 2nd light pole and repeat.

Mosey to back of the school. Grab and wall and 50 air pushups. 10 Mike Tysons then run around the track stopping at far end to do 10 jump squats. Hop to the stairs from the near end of the track. Repeat 3 times. Still had 10 mins left. Next is an added bonus for being fast this morning.

Mosey to parking lot. Start with 10 burpees and reduce by 2. In between run to other the end of parking lot and back, Repeat 5 times. It’s time to go back to COT. End with 10 box cutters.


Awesome group of men this morning. Everyone pushed hard. The support was awesome. Thanks for appreciation Glidah. F3 has been the best thing that happened to me last year. Not only the workout, but also the fellowship. Open Door and Sanctuary has played a great part in my life. Thank you Posse for EHing me during the blood drive last July.  There is a blood drive around the corner (June 19th). Sign up. You might find another FNG there.

Welcome FNG Tim (Mute)


  1. Chiseled to start sharing gear from tomorrow. Mini CUSUP planned.
  2. Blood drive July 19th.

Take me back to when I was 20

Planned to do quick reps this morning. Plan was to do 20 reps of exercises. It was a pleasant morning and PAX were in early. So, let’s go.

DICCS given.

Mosse to Animal Hospital. 20 SSH, 20 Squat imperial walkers, Moroccan night club and Streches.

The Thang:

Mosse to Providence Rd N. Start with 20 Merkins, run 2 light poles, do 20 Jump squats, come back 1 light pole, do 20 Merkins. Continue till end of the road. This was tough. Heard ice9 wake up neighbors. Lots of form policing and lots of mumbles.

Mosse to Noma hair’s studio. Start with 20 Dips run to COT and do 20 Big Boi situps then run the center price st and do 20 Jump lunges, run back to COT and do 20 Big Boi situps and run to do the dips. 2 reps of this loop and it was time.

It was a pleasant morning and everyone pushed hard. Always thankful for the support. Thanks Ice9 for telling us about you F3 connection.

Big shoutout to Mashers.


  1. Help needed on 22nd to load truck for Christ closet give away. Look at group me for the time.
  2. WTH training this Saturday 6:00 am. Launch at Nesbit.
  3. Waxhaw cleanup this Saturday followed by cafeteria.

Commit to Q

When Glidah asked me to Q ignition I was excited about it. I Plan and then re-plan, and then erase everything. Had just 1 mile loop in plan all others had been erased. As always I have good number of PAX on my Q.

Mosse to cuthbertson road and see a cop vehicle guarding the entrance. Planned to circle up for some exercise, but PAX warned of the danger of cars coming in. Scrap the circle time and mosse back to school. Do few exercise and let the runners take off and come back for the six. Stop at the high school entrance stop sign. Few more exercise and then run a mile into the neighborhood. Now am exhausted as I had not posted for few weeks before that. This is the 1 mile loop that was not erased from the original plan. Had the Pax run the loop with mike-tysons at the start, Jump squats a the other end and speed skaters at the 3rd end of the loop.
Back to middle school entrance stopping for few exercise in between. Do some Big bois, donkey kicks. Partner up. Partner 1 runs around the middle school parking lot, other partner does dips and airpresses and alternate. Mosse to cafeteria. Step ups and run to shed, come back, incline merkins and run back to the shed. Lots of miles. Back to COT from shed with 5 burpies at lamp posts. End with American hammers.

I had missed F3 for few weeks and it’s been tough. Glad I was able to be back and Q again. PAX did rallied around me as I was struggling and are great encouragement.