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Remembering the past

Fine group of men gathered this morning on a fine spring morning. I was excited and was ready to go. Confirmed with Ricky Bobby if I was the Q and he said yes. Let’s GO.

DICCS given.

Mosey to the Bus lot.

20 x SSH

20 x Imperial Squats

10 x Moroccan night club



Now everyone is geared up and ready for the main event.

Start with 12 Merkins then run to next light pole and do 12 BigBoi sit-ups. Come back to the start and do 12 Merkins, run to 2nd light pole and repeat.

Mosey to back of the school. Grab and wall and 50 air pushups. 10 Mike Tysons then run around the track stopping at far end to do 10 jump squats. Hop to the stairs from the near end of the track. Repeat 3 times. Still had 10 mins left. Next is an added bonus for being fast this morning.

Mosey to parking lot. Start with 10 burpees and reduce by 2. In between run to other the end of parking lot and back, Repeat 5 times. It’s time to go back to COT. End with 10 box cutters.


Awesome group of men this morning. Everyone pushed hard. The support was awesome. Thanks for appreciation Glidah. F3 has been the best thing that happened to me last year. Not only the workout, but also the fellowship. Open Door and Sanctuary has played a great part in my life. Thank you Posse for EHing me during the blood drive last July.  There is a blood drive around the corner (June 19th). Sign up. You might find another FNG there.

Welcome FNG Tim (Mute)


  1. Chiseled to start sharing gear from tomorrow. Mini CUSUP planned.
  2. Blood drive July 19th.

Take me back to when I was 20

Planned to do quick reps this morning. Plan was to do 20 reps of exercises. It was a pleasant morning and PAX were in early. So, let’s go.

DICCS given.

Mosse to Animal Hospital. 20 SSH, 20 Squat imperial walkers, Moroccan night club and Streches.

The Thang:

Mosse to Providence Rd N. Start with 20 Merkins, run 2 light poles, do 20 Jump squats, come back 1 light pole, do 20 Merkins. Continue till end of the road. This was tough. Heard ice9 wake up neighbors. Lots of form policing and lots of mumbles.

Mosse to Noma hair’s studio. Start with 20 Dips run to COT and do 20 Big Boi situps then run the center price st and do 20 Jump lunges, run back to COT and do 20 Big Boi situps and run to do the dips. 2 reps of this loop and it was time.

It was a pleasant morning and everyone pushed hard. Always thankful for the support. Thanks Ice9 for telling us about you F3 connection.

Big shoutout to Mashers.


  1. Help needed on 22nd to load truck for Christ closet give away. Look at group me for the time.
  2. WTH training this Saturday 6:00 am. Launch at Nesbit.
  3. Waxhaw cleanup this Saturday followed by cafeteria.

Commit to Q

When Glidah asked me to Q ignition I was excited about it. I Plan and then re-plan, and then erase everything. Had just 1 mile loop in plan all others had been erased. As always I have good number of PAX on my Q.

Mosse to cuthbertson road and see a cop vehicle guarding the entrance. Planned to circle up for some exercise, but PAX warned of the danger of cars coming in. Scrap the circle time and mosse back to school. Do few exercise and let the runners take off and come back for the six. Stop at the high school entrance stop sign. Few more exercise and then run a mile into the neighborhood. Now am exhausted as I had not posted for few weeks before that. This is the 1 mile loop that was not erased from the original plan. Had the Pax run the loop with mike-tysons at the start, Jump squats a the other end and speed skaters at the 3rd end of the loop.
Back to middle school entrance stopping for few exercise in between. Do some Big bois, donkey kicks. Partner up. Partner 1 runs around the middle school parking lot, other partner does dips and airpresses and alternate. Mosse to cafeteria. Step ups and run to shed, come back, incline merkins and run back to the shed. Lots of miles. Back to COT from shed with 5 burpies at lamp posts. End with American hammers.

I had missed F3 for few weeks and it’s been tough. Glad I was able to be back and Q again. PAX did rallied around me as I was struggling and are great encouragement.

Exploring uncharted territory (DO NOT ENTER)

Why not come back from injury to Q. Took away some sleep the previous night, but being on Q made me commit.

DICCS given.

Mosse to Animal hospital parking lot for some warmups (SSH, Imperial walkers and Moroccan nigh club).

The thang: Mose to start of N.Providence St. Run around the uncharted territory.

10 Jump squats / 10 bobby hurries and 10 squats at each of the triangular loop. Repeat 3 times. Fuse tried to push me to run faster, but today was not the day.   Back to COT for some exercise for the core (Big Bois and Merkins). Had couple of mins left, so decided to run a short loop with dips in between. End with some stretching.


I missed F3 so much and was glad to be back. Learnt importance of stretching after the workouts, let’s not forget to stretch.  It is good to Q, it helps to commit and push harder. 

Glad to have (FNG) Josh Tutwiler (Blood clot) join us today.

Always glad to be out with fellow PAX who support and push each other. 


  1. Blood drive on the 30th this month. Share it on Facebook

Five Stones Church

1117 Cuthbertson Rd

Saturday, January 30 09:00 AM – 01:30 PM 

  1. Help need at Christ closet today at 5:30 pm to load a truck with with things to take to Wilmington.

Need GPS

10 Pax lost their way this morning in the chill. It was so cold that Recalc had half sleeves on.

DICCS given.

Warm up:

  1. Mose around the neighborhood back to COT.
    1. SSH
    2. Imperial walkers
    3. Moroccan nigh club
    4. Low slow squats
    5. Plank for 30 seconds (thanks shop for slow counting us down).
    6. Merkins

The Thang:

Run around in the neighborhood with exercise at every intersection. Planned a circular route but lost my way and had to re-trace our way. Thanks Recalc for leading us back to the right track.

20 speed skaters on the way up and 20 bobby hurlies on the way back. Carbload was blazing ahead this morning.

Run to the roundabout near the pond.

20 Merkins and run around the pond.

20 Big bois and run around the pond.

20 jump squats and run around the pond.

20 back lunges and run around the bigger pond.

Run to the shed. Do the 10’s. Count down donkey kicks and count up Mike Tysons (Shop did the counting again). Saw the bench and decided to do 20 dips. Mose to parking lot.

Pick a parking spot line:  1 Burpee and 10 Side to Side shuffles x 5 (This is from Fiji’s book). It was time.


Greatful for all the PAX who surround me each morning and help me and each other get better. Loved leading the workout today.

Great to have FNG Tinker EH’d by Schnitzel.

Periscope was the 6th man. He started in Arsenal and now is the siteQ there.


Waxhaw downtown clean up this morning and it’s clean now.

Rain doesn’t stop us

The rain was not much this morning, but was enough to make me throw away my cheat sheet for todays 1hr workout. All the roads to the high school parking lot was blocked /closed, so had to just use the middle school area, but it had enough routes for a 4 mile workout. 

Arrived early and there was Posse who was quick to give me few tips for the changed plan. Few more Pax joined us.

DICCS given.

Warm ups:

Mose and stick to the oneway (Yes Fusebox we are going up the hill) to Deals road and back to the shelter near the entrance. SSH, Imperial walkers, Moroccan night club, calf stretch and few Merkins.

The Thang:

Partner up to do 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBC’s. Partners take turn to run a lap around the student drop off loop. Then add some air presser’s. Mose to the next student drop off loop. Look at the numbers on the pillars and do as many bur-pies (Not my FAV too Blue screen). Start from 8 and go down till 1 (Total 36). Run a lap in between.  What next … Run between the flag poles. 20 dips at one end and 10 incline merkins at the other … what next … 20 jump lunges and run a lap (Yes 2 is 1). Repeat 2 times. Next grab some rocks. Curls, overhead press, swings (I think). 1 more trip up the hill to deals road and back. Relax squat with back agains the wall. Chastian reminds me of the time. Mose (Sprint with Hurry) back to COT. Total 4.2 miles on my apple watch. Wow that was good.


The encouragement and the push by each one of you took me thus far. Felt nervous and exited. Posse sent me this quote “If it excites you and scares the crap out of you at the same time, it probably means you should do it.

I love the “No man left behind policy”. Yes, that made me keep posting. There was always someone pushing and motivating me. Remember Wrigley making me run 2 driveways and walk 1 drive way at watchtower when I started posting and everyone who circled back to pick up the 6th.   

Hurry was the 6th man. He started out in metro and has recently been posting with us after he moved here. He’s excited to be here. 

No announcements.

NO Chattering


When I went to donate blood on 23rd of July did not know what I was getting into. Thanks to Posse for signing me up with F3Waxhaw. I always needed the motivation to workout and that was exactly what I got when I showed up the following Monday. The hardest was the 2nd day when Easybutton was on the Q Walked half the way (This is what Transporter had referred to). But kept at it and then Swimmers put me on Q. Again, I did not know what I was getting into when I said ok. Had few chances and thoughts to back-out but stuck to the task. The thought of being the Q woke me up few times that night. But I knew I’ll have the support.

DICCS given Mosey around the shopping center for about a quarter mile. 15SSH, 15 Imperial walkers, Calf stretch, 20 Merkins, Plank jack then Mosey to Target parking lot, stopping at lights for speed skaters.

The Thang:

Mosey around the parking lot 5 times stopping at each corner for 10 burpes in the 1st, 10 Bigboys in the 2nd, 10 Shoulder tap merkins on the 3rd and 10 jump squats on 4th. Mosey to Petsmart parking lot. 10 Donkey kicks at one end and 10 Hurlies at the other. Repeated for couple of times and it was almost time (Did not know know where it went). Mosey back to COT.

Moleskin: 16 Pax showed up in support, saw many new faces in Asylum. Was just overwhelmed by the support. Fuse box proof read the cheat sheet, Mad Dog was there to check the reflective gears, Transport was there to make sure I was running and not walking. 

Prayers and Announcements:

Prayers for Sugar daddy and Shop Dawg.

Blood drive on Oct 17

FNG: Flanders