Imitation Is A Form Of Flattery – I Think

Imitation Is A Form Of Flattery – I Think

I’ve had a Chiseled workout in my head for awhile.  Something that combined cardio and weights.  Enough weights that you were begging for cardio for a break and then halfway through cardio you were looking forward to getting back to weights.  I had a line of stations laid out with staggered runs.  Then Chastain has his Q where he laid the stations out in a circle instead of a line, and the run was a lap around the stations.  Hmm, that’s actually a much better way of doing it.  I think I’ll steal it and make it better – and by better I mean I took out those god awful hair burners.

Arrived early to lay out gear.  9 stations in total.  (Thanks for the assist Tuck and Roll – who after several times of me saying I’m good, finally wore me down enough that I obliged and allowed him to help.  Why are men so stubborn – and I’m talking about me not allowing someone to help me).

As pax arrived I started getting the jitters of pax to station counting.  The tough thing is about stations is you never know how many pax there will be so you have to be nimble enough to add or remove stations on the fly depending on pax count.  Luckily for me today we had 9 stations and 17 pax so almost the perfect number needed (for those that are not strong in math like me, there was one station that had just 1 pax – me).



Lap around Mount Chiseled and circle up for:

  • Jimmy Dugan
  • Merkins on my up and down
  • Calf Stretch



Partner up as we mosey to the first station.  I give out directions.  Fire Hose is our timer.  1 partner runs hose around half the loop then switches and the other partner finishes the run.  That transition of the fire hose between partners also switches partners at the other stations.  Station work was:

  • Fire Hose Pull (insert joke here).  Timer
  • 27 lb bar curl and 20 lb dumbbell curl
  • 27lb bar curl and 20 lb dumbbell curl (yes duplicate stations and yes back to back to burn out the biceps)
  • 10 lb tricep kick backs and curb dip
  • 35 lb keddle bell extension and curb dip (yes back to back tri’s to burn them out)
  • 50 pound farmer carry with shoulder shrugs and side straddle block hop (This was the “middle” of the stations and opposite of the fire hose so the thought was to add heavier cardio at the “ends”).
  • 25 lb dumbbell snatch presses.  Posse giggled like a school girl so perhaps I should call it clean and press?
  • 2 30 lb dumbbells military press and carolina dry docks
  • 35 lb dumbell lawnmower pull (bent over row)

After I finished the first station I realized I forgot to tell everyone we must run a full lap to the next station.  Lots of confused faces as I ran past guys starting to lift yelling “Run a Lap”.  We got it worked out.

There was about 5 minutes left after we did one round so I asked everyone to bring their gear to the back of my car.  Circled up for Thunderstruck while catching hell from Rockwell for taking his “thing”.  I didn’t realize he started, I thought I did (hands up confused emoji along with who gives a crap emoji – all love Rockwell).   I’m not sure how Rockwell’s version goes, but on mine we do mountain climbers until we hear thunder and then you do a merkin.  Somewhere in the song there is a long instrumental in which we did air presses.   Roughly 33 Merkins, a minute of air presses, and lots of mountain climbers.  Song ended towards the back end of 6:15.



  • I’ve been seeing some newer guys become regulars at Chiseled lately.  Two hand touch (cough cough man touch) is showing up and even volunteered to Q!  Awesome.
    • Tuck and Roll not only coming but coming early and helping before and after getting gear put away.  A huge thank you there!
    • Uncle Si has been several times in the last 4 weeks.  I think High Hat got all the loudness of that family…or maybe the voice sound waves just have a hard time making it through the thick beard.
    • Elmers repping the pack week in and week out at Chiseled.  Game Day Tomorrow!
    • While Falcon wasn’t there today, he’s been coming out a bunch as well.  Love seeing the new guys transition to regulars.
    • Spitz is another one who has found new life a second time in F3.  He’s been at almost every Chiseled workout I can think of lately.
    • Grungy hanging with me on the runs a bunch today and I learned his mind is in the gutter as much as mine…or perhaps I drug him there with me.  Lots of “that’s what she said’s” going on today.  And he is still rocking bathing suits to workouts…perhaps a name change?  The Hoff?
  • Chainsaw is ole’ reliable.  Dude just shows up and works.  He busts butt at every workout I go to and often times out works me as a double respect.
  • Draper is another double respect that shows up week in and week out.
    • His doppelganger Schneider was there which is always fun to get those two together because they look exactly the same with head bands on.  So cute guys!  Keep it up.  Maybe matching outfits next week?
  • I had hoped 0-69 was going to be there today.  I put the 50 lb farmer carry shoulder shrugs in there just for him from his last chiseled Q in which we farmer carried the entire workout.
  • Sledge pushed hard on the hose pull and getting back to fighting shape.
  • Posse was his usual banterish self.  He had way more Bay Watch type names to rename grungy.  CJ Parker?
  • Dough Boy was beast mode as usual.  From a distance, Elmers looked a little bit like Bread Bowl (Red Bull) walking up to COT today.
  • Thanks to Loafer and Ex Lax for the Q invite and working me around so that I didn’t have to Q three times in three days a couple weeks ago.



  • Iron Pax this Saturday at Homecoming.  Commitment staying open for non iron pax guys and I’m leading it.
  • Waxhaw 2(?) year Anniversary convergence on Labor Day.  6:30 start at Cuthbertson middle.
    • Maybe our marketing guy will remove the Western Union (WUC) reference from our twitter bio by then.
  • Prayers for By Pass’s father who unexpectedly went to the hospital recently.
  • Look for an announcement soon about the 1st Annual F3 Waxhaw Cookout.  Save the date – Sunday, October 3rd from 4:00-6:30 at Five Stones Church.

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