Watchtower Tuesday 09/07/21

Watchtower Tuesday 09/07/21

Watchtower Q


11 pax  for a twinkle toes Q at watchtower.

Ricky Bobby, Schneider, inspector gadget, blue screen, Sledge-o-matic, Maddog, big 10, Surge, Re-calculating, Chatterbox.

Mosey to warm up followed by long deep stretching after a labor day holiday weekend.

All together, 20 SSH, 10 IW, 10 windmills, walk it out to a plank, calf stretch, runners stretch, reach for the sky, flapjack, stretch gluts, 10 murkins OMD, flip to your six, 25 LBCs OMU. Lots of groaning and good stretching as we begin our short week!

Let’s mosey, and found a few parking spaces to lunge walk about 40 feet. As a new Q here on campus, I threw out some audibles for a pax to call the play as we take it out back for a run in between light poles. Schneider stepped up and said 10 murkins at ea light, and we run backwards in between. Repeat at each light until stop sign. Finish with 10 murkins. Stay together as we sprint to the next drive way (single file on the main road, it is pitch black but there are safety lights on the Q’s and pax heads!) good job pax.

Now a new set called by maddog for 15 squats ea light heading back… “I’m glad to see they took our advice to pave this extra lane here”, says Maddog, as he runs with his hands out like an airplane as you did when you were a little kid serpentine from right to left. Guess it was like Christmas for him to see that road construction progress. He was so darn happy, I just wanted to catch up to him (which wasn’t that difficult by the way) and run along side so I too could feel the excitement he felt as we ran on smooth pavement back to Weddington middle school.

Look over there, a small parking lot, let’s bear crawl to the other me side.

Short mosey after bear crawl came upon the rock pile and another staff parking lot. Grab a lifting rock, and Partner up to split 100 curls, 100 tricep extensions, and 100 squats thrusters. Partner runs and is the timer to switch. (I may have been a little tired or vague in my delivery of instructions at this point as there were a few other lifting modifications and anytime a pax asked me a question about what to do I just said yes in agony.)

Done, now over to the science class outdoor wall for 3 sets of air punches in cadence to 10 and 10 donkey kicks. 3 x.

Mosey around school and asked inspector gadget to call out an excersize. He says big boy sit-ups. X 12. So we did an increasing web of big boy sit-ups + dips of the same 12 reps, and increased by 1 each set until 15 bog boys and 15 dips.

Let’s mosey and found a place to do incline murkins, start with 10 but it didn’t feel as hard so we added 10.

Mosey to the next flag stand, now we are coming around the side of the school to do 20 step ups each leg. Almost done, we have 6 minutes, we would have tile for two rounds of sprints around the front of the school circle drive, while the partner does flutters and switch so each went twice.

Ended on time at COT. 20 seconds of have a nice day.

Numbered off, and name-a-rama, announcements, praises and prayer requests. Maddog’s father in law Gary pulled through COVID-19 and is seemingly doing well, prayers answered. Bluescreen reminded all of our brothers and sisters left behind in Afghanistan to bring them home safely. Let’s each say an extra prayer for Anna Price as she battles cancer, may the Holy Spirit and God heal her, Falcon’s nephew’s suicide and prayers for their family as the heartbreak and pain and suffering  they are going through with their loss. God we ask that you take all of our heart aches and struggles spoken and Unspoken and just ask that you have mercy on us for our understanding is limited but we seek your presence in all of this.

Let us thank God and humble ourselves to take action and reach out and help someone else today. not be as quick to judge but rather seek to understand.

Thank you my brothers for a great morning workout. Family photo.

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