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IPC Continued – 1000 Reps Wednesday

The Warmup – No Mosey (just stretching)

  1. 20 seconds calf stretch
  2. 20 seconds triceps stretch
  3. 20 seconds mountain climbers
  4. 20 second Hurray stretch per leg

The Thang

The Thang was simple, complete as many reps as possible intervals of 20

  1. Merkin
  2. Heels to heaven
  3. LSS
  4. Shoulder Taps (2 is 1)
  5. Big Boy

Run about 30 yards

Round 1 100 reps

  1. Bobby Hurley
  2. Dry Docks
  3. Peter Parker
  4. Flutters (2 is 1)
  5. Reverse lunge (2 is 1)

Run 30 yards

Round 2 100 Reps

Repeato – PAX completed each round 5 times and at 6:15 completed 1000 reps!

PAX really pushed hard today!!


Oct 16 Christ Closet giveaway in Pineville

Prayer Request

Transporter wife Heather with COVID

Premature Mother Sherry verge of going blind and will have special shots

Johnny Utah friend Rick George dealing with colin cancer

Shortest BB – Run

The Warmup

  • Ghosted, Premature and Bypass ran to Kensington Rd and took a right heading to Nesbit Park and continued to COT for some stretching
  • Hollywood and Dasher ran trails

The Thang

  • Run until 6:15 (told ya shortest BB)


  • Waxhaw IPC will start 9/1 at Cutty (official start of week Zero is 8/30) – signup by going to
  • Waxhaw 2nd Anniversary Sept 6 – All AO’s converge to Cutty (5k, Mash, and (2) Bootcamps)
  • Waxhaw Sept 11 – Looking to use Cutty Stadium and Stairs will be the theme

Pain at Diesel

The Warmup

Starting the morning with a little pre-run at 5 am with Chastain and Tuck and Roll for 15 minutes and then proceeded to setup the course

  • 15 SSH
  • 2 minutes of various stretches

The Thang

(12) exercises were setup in a row, and each were identified with an exercise as shown below. Each PAX picked a station, and the number of reps was determined by (1) PAX rifle carrying their coupon approximately 50 yards. Once complete, PAX rotated to next station.

PAX completed 3.5 rounds which is approx. 800 reps total…

Exercises was performed with a coupon:

  • Curls
  • Overhead press
  • V- Ups
  • Step Ups
  • Merkins
  • Triceps
  • Heels to Heaven
  • Dry Docks
  • Dips
  • Squats
  • Flutters
  • Thrusters

Everyone did a great job and very sweaty at a no run workout!!


Asylum 8/9 Area 51 guests will come – Q Source : Discussion Should or Should Nit Vaccinate?

Christ Closet need help 8/7 until 1 PM and 8/14 need help getting truck load in Pineville

Posse presented Turnbuckle with Freed to Bleed Sweatshirt…awesome job TB

Prayer Request : Chicken Little colleague was killed at work and prayers to his family and Premature son who is struggling with alcoholism

Blackhawk – Increment of 7’s

The Warmup

The Warmup started with a little Mosey to start dynamic stretching

  • Ran 400M and completed 15 SSH (to the dog poop stand)
  • Ran back to start 15 IW
  • Ran 400M opposite direction Leg Stretches (end of parking lot)
  • Ran back to start more leg stretches

The Thang

PAX started with completing (3) exercises at the start in reps of 7.

  • Merkins, Heels to Heaven, Squats – ran to poop stand and completed (14) of each exercise

PAX ran back to beginning to complete (3) new exercises, reps of 7

  • Shoulder tap, Big Boy, Bobby Hurley and ran 400M to complete another set of 14

PAX ran back to beginning to complete (3) new exercises, reps of 7

  • Dips on curb, Peter Parker, Muroccan NC and ran to poop stand and another set of 14

PAX ran back to beginning to complete another (3) exercises, reps of 7

  • V-Ups, Dry Docks, Burpees and ran 400M to complete another set of 14

Amazingly we still had time, so we decided to start over but this time with reps of 21 and 28. PAX made it through Bobby Hurley and headed back to COT with one minute left. Just finish by holding in Plank until time ran out.

It is crazy to think you can still get in 4 miles by running up and down a sidewalk.

I do have to give a shout out to Dasher since he is beast. He ran 3 miles prior to starting and then completed Blackhawk.

As soon as we finish, we see Smithers and Rubbermaid join us after they ran 9 miles!




Asylum Burpee Marathon

The Warmup

Well this morning was soupy and honestly glad to be back in the Gloom after being off two weeks. I told the PAX the Wienke is just using four exercises with minimal running. Started the DiCCS and PAX was off running at 5:15 around the Asylum parking lot. Once complete, started dynamic stretching.

  • 15 SSH
  • 10 IW
  • 5 Merkins
  • 10 Slow Low Squats
  • 10 In and Outs

The Thang

The Thang was simple, complete one exercise at each corner of the parking lot. Cannot get any easier.

• 5 Slow Low Squats
• 5 Merkins
• 5 In and Outs
• 5 Burpees

Repeato except 10 reps per exercise, repeato to 15, repeato 20. I told the PAX the good news is not another round since we reached the top of the ladder. Bad news, we need to climb down the ladder. Many PAX were not happy doing back to back 20 reps of Burpees. At the end, 400 reps with 100 of them being Burpees, brutal.

I want to give a special shout out to TB. He ran the entire time and stayed with the PAX. Great job!


Blood Drive June 19 (9am – 1pm)

June 26 – Christ Closet

Camp Thunderbird signup starts June 15

Heads or Tails

The Warmup

Starting the morning thinking how stupid can I be to Q Ignition after WTF! What is worse I agreed to this after WTF was completed! Anyway we were off with a mosey to driver education parking lot for some dynamic stretching.

  • 15 SSH
  • 15 Imperial walkers
  • Glidah stretch 10 seconds per leg
  • Hurry stretch 10 seconds per leg
  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 seconds upward dog
  • Started the THANG

The Thang

PAX ran to the the entrance of Champion Forrest to complete some Paul Abdul. I asked the PAX, heads or tails and Baio said heads.

Paula Abdul consisted of 10 dry docks at second street and back one light for 10 more. This continued until we reached the stop sign.

We turned around heading back to the school to complete another round of Paula Abdul except this time was tails, big boy situps.

PAX arrived back to Cuthbertson and ran to the center island to complete 5 sprints. Run to first sign on the football field fence and wait for the 6. Repeated four more times and then proceeded to the roundabout. PAX broke into teams to complete more sprints. P1 person ran around the parking while P2 completed heel to heaven until P1 returned, then switch. Each team completed 2 rounds.

Mosey to Rudy’s shed to finish off with more Paula Adbul expect this time 10 dry docks at second light and 10 big boy on the return trip. Audible was called to reduce reps to 3 and with 1 minute left, ran to COT.

Confirmed, I was stupid and thanks everyone for waiting on me since I was the 6 the entire time…lol


The Murph memorial day

6th man – Judge Smails


Playing Blackjack with Paula Abdul

The Warmup

  • Started with Mosey to grab a beer at Dream Chasers but instead did some dynamic exercises starting with 21 SSH IC
  • 21 IW
  • 21 seconds Glidah stretch (10 seconds left and 11 right)

Theme was 21 and we created a game called Blackjack with Paula Abdul

The Thang

The Wienke incorporated using Premature’ s playing cards of pain. We decided to play Blackjack using Paula Abdul rules. Premature asked a PAX to call out an exercise prior to reaching second light pole and flipped two cards to determine the number of reps. PAX ran back to first pole and another PAX called out another exercise. It was shocking to believe running up two lights poles and back one on a .7 mile stretch road, equaled 26 exercises. PAX was happy when we reached the of the road until I told them to turnaround repeat Paula Abdul going back. During the stretch back a PAX called out diamond merkins and two Jokers were flipped. That sucked since each Joker was 15 reps. The PAX groaned and competed 30 diamond merkins after finishing a few rounds of burpees which was approx. 100.


Chastain great safety moment – if someone yells calls car up or back, each PAX needs to yell this in case people in the front or back cannot hear

6th Man – Loafer

WTF – May 1st

Prayers request – Premature waiting to hospital to setup biopsy for potential prostate cancer. I want to thank everyone for kneeling around me praying to our lord. That was a great feeling which I shared with my wife, Kelli

20 PAX on the Waxhaw Express!!!



  1. Mosey 1 mile to roundabout next to football field
  2. 10 SSH IC
  3. 10 second Glidah stretch per leg
  4. 10 second Hurray stretch per leg

The Thang

Simple – Run

  • All PAX run to drivers ed area and back to roundabout
  • PAX break up into 2-man teams to complete 1/4 mile intervals – partner 1 runs loop while partner 2 waits – each person completes two rounds
  • All PAX repeat another run to drivers ed area and back to roundabout
  • Repeat intervals again, this time 3 rounds
  • All PAX repeat another run to drivers ed area and back to roundabout
  • Repeat intervals again, two rounds
  • Run back to COT but right before, run 2 rounds around the front of the middle school
  • DONE!

I just want say thanks for the PAX coming to my VQ WXW Express! I saw new faces like Deep Dish and FNG Valdez plus the Pursuit and LRC crews. Also special shout out to Rudy, Popeye, Fusebox, and Chatterbox for kicking butt!!!

As always thanks for the push from the OG’s of WXW Express aka Gazelles: Gerber, Wolverine, Glidah, Easy Button, and Dasher!!

Cannot forget about my brothers the Wildabeest!! Chicken and Sugar


WTF May 1st – signup on Group M

6th man – Foundation

Welcome Ryan Silva FNG – aka Valdez

Graduate High School TBD???

The Warmup

  1. 12 SSH IC
  2. 12 IW IC
  3. 12 second Glidah stretch per leg
  4. 12 second Hurray stretch per leg

PAX recognized the reps of 12 theme and asked if Weinke had something to do with school. I told them yes and asked if they were up for the challenge to graduate before time expired? Response: No Problem!

The Thang

The Thang was simple:

First Grade = 1 rep per exercise

  1. Merkin
  2. Squats
  3. Bib Boy Sit-ups
  4. Dips on curb
  5. Tysons
  6. Bobby Hurley
  7. Heels to Heaven
  8. Shoulder Taps IC
  9. Broad jump into a burpee
  10. Pickle Pounder
  11. Moroccan Nightclubs
  12. Goofball

Finish by running the parking lot twice

Second Grade = 2 reps of the same exercises above finishing with running the parking lot and started in Third grade doing 3 reps Repeato 12 more rounds.

The question: Did the PAX graduate before time expired? Simple answer: Nope and dropped out middle of 11th grade.

PAX really pushed hard today and amazing we actually got in the three miles running in a parking lot

After the workout, I went to Coffeteria and saw the PAX from Commitment. Popeye asked about the Weinke I put together and I explained the 12 exercises per grade until PAX completed 12th grade. He said  “That’s the Billy Madison!” I had not idea of a Billy Madison and asked what is that? He said look it up. Well, I looked it up and found Going to School with Billy Madison out of Greensboro. Read for your enjoyment.


WTF May 1st – signup on Group ME

Playing Blackjack

The Warmup

  1. Started at one side of the parking lot and ran to other side to complete 21 SSH IC
  2. Ran back to COT area for 21 IW
  3. Ran across parking lot again for 21 seconds per leg Glidah stretch
  4. Ran back to COT area to complete 21 seconds per leg Hurry stretch

It only makes sense since we did everything in 21 we play Blackjack.

The Thang

The Wienke incorporated using Premature’ s playing cards of pain. We decided to play Blackjack by continuing to run back and forth across the parking lot with one PAX calling out an exercise. During each run, two cards were drawn which determined the number of reps to be performed at each end of the parking lot. PAX ran again while another PAX called out another exercise. Repeato 26 more times.

PAX logged 3 miles just running back and forth the parking lot. Great job everyone!

It was clear by all the moans and groans at 6:45 everyone wanted to continue playing, NOT!


Q school March 6 at 6:30am Cuthbertson Middle School – signup on GroupME

6th Man – Premature

Rooster March 13

Prayers request – Premature’s brother Jason and his son Michael dealing with alcoholism