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Camels Love a Brisk Valentine’s Day

ByBratwurst Feb 15, 2018

We had a nice crowd of 18 show up at Dromedary on a brisk Valentine's day morning.  Keeping with the spirit of the day, 14 was the go to number

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ByMoneyBall Jan 25, 2018

The Setup: A charter member of the #ballpit (in fact, the proprietor of the #BALLS meme that started it all) had a long awaited BIG day today. Af

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The murk, murth and muck of merkins

ByDasBoot Jan 25, 2018

A challenge was issued: "It is easier for a dromedary camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a PAX to meet the Merkin Challenge in a


1,000 Reasons

ByMoneyBall Jan 15, 2018

From shorts and short sleeves on Friday to frozen tundra on Monday, this winter has been a wild ride. 14 men braved the cold and set off on an "a

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40 Minutes of Hell

ByRecalculating Jan 12, 2018

15 Men resisted the temptation for fried chicken at Waverly to endure "40 Minutes of Hell" on the mean courts of Cuthbertson Middle at Impromptu

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Impromptu 2 year anniversary

ByDoc McStuffins Dec 15, 2017

12 men posted on this cold December morning for the 2 year anniversary of #F3Impromptu. This workout originated in my garage while I lived in La

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SubstiQ at Impromptu

ByFoundation Dec 1, 2017

21 PAX made there way out to Impromptu for a late SubstiQ workout as Transporter was either: a) Locked in outhouse by buses b) Locked out o

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