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16 strong for Clyent Dinner!  I’ve been to Clyent Dinner several times, but this was my first time on Q.  It’s a 2.0 friendly workout which is awesome!  With it being NFL Draft night, I thought it would be appropriate to bring a football for the group to toss around while making our way around the campus.

Cue the music!

The disclaimer was given, and we were off…

Warm up run to the front of the middle school

Warm up exercises:

  • Side Straddle Hop x 15
  • Imperial Walker x 15
  • Mountain Climber x 15
  • Plank Jack x 15

Mosey to picnic tables behind the school

Dips x 20 then run to wall and back (Repeat 2 x)

Step Ups x 20 then run to wall and back (Repeat 2 x)

Derkins x 20 then run to wall and back (Repeat 2 x)

Mosey to the front of the high school and partner up for some short track racing

Partner 1 works while partner 2 runs 3 hot laps around circle

  • Broad Jumps
  • Bobby Hurley’s
  • Shoulder Taps

Everyone does 2 rounds of each

Mosey to wall at Middle School – same partners

Partner 1 works while partner 2 runs a lap with Bear Crawls on sidewalk under the covered area

  • Donkey Kicks
  • Air Presses
  • Wall Stands

Everyone does 2 rounds of each

Mosey back towards the COT parking lot while doing Overhead Claps

Football time!  2.0s vs the Dads!

Play the game like ultimate frisbee but using a football instead.

Honestly, I didn’t plan for the football game at the end of the workout, but it was a blast competing with the 2.0s!  The 10-minute game ended in a 3-3 tie thanks to a last second, buzzer beating TD by Team 2.0!

I always enjoy leading these workouts, but it makes it that much greater when there are 2.0s involved!  It was a great push by everyone!  These men (and their children) never cease to amaze me!


  • WTF this Saturday. If you haven’t signed up to run, then come out to help and to enjoy some 2nd
  • Black Hawk is the only Saturday AO due to the WTF event

Mountain Biking – Round 2

“Off the Chain” was launched last week on April Fool’s Day.  But it’s no joke!  My hope is to offer something new and different for the PAX.  A 45-minute mountain bike ride on the Carolina Thread Trail followed by some Fellowship.

4 of us were ready to roll at 6:00 pm but our 5th rider (Wolverine) gave us a heads up he may be a minute or 2 late.  He pulled into the parking lot just in time and already had his helmet on!  Ever seen someone driving a car while wearing a bike helmet??

We were off!  The charted path was approx. 1 ½ miles to the suspension bridge and then back track all the way to the soccer fields.  It was like Wolverine was shot out of a cannon!  He left us all in his dust.  We regrouped around the suspension bridge area and he commented that he needed to blow off some steam after his day at work.  If you’ve worked out with Wolverine you know he’s a beast.  He’s no different on a bike!

Halfway into the ride I saw something I’ve never seen happen before.  I was riding behind Banjo and he hit a squirrel!  Squirrels are extremely fast creatures but apparently, they aren’t as fast as Banjo is on a bike!  We were both shocked.  Fortunately, after a couple tumbles, the little guy was able to regroup and scurry back to his nest of nuts for a full recovery.  So, I don’t want any emails about animal cruelty or anything.

A big shout out to Sugar Daddy for his first ride!  He was working hard as he always does.  Also, thank you Bratwurst for pushing me to my limits on my bike.  I was exhausted after trying to keep up with you!

We covered around 7 miles in 45 minutes and then relaxed with a cold beer.

We’ll do it again next week.  Hope to see you there!

60 degrees in mid-December! Let’s go!

This was a bit of a last-minute Q for me and with the threat of rain I pulled out a 2-year-old workout that would keep us mostly undercover.  Yes, Mad Dog and Recalculating… that workout was from 2 years ago!  Can you believe that?  The good news is it didn’t rain.  The bad news is the workout was no cake walk!

60 degrees in mid-December!  Let’s go!

The disclaimer was given, and we were off…

Here’s what went down:

Warm Up Mosey around the school

Warm Up Exercises

SSH x 25

Imperial Walker x 20

Mountain Climber x 20

Plank Jack x 20


Front of school (under covered area) – Donkey Kicks x 20, Merkins x 20, Jump Squats x 20

Run to back of school – on the way (and back) Bear Crawl length of covered sidewalk

Back of school (under covered area) – Dips x 20, Step Ups x 20, Derkins x 20

Mosey to steps at the high school


At top of steps by wall – Mike Tysons x 20, V-Ups x 20, Speed Skaters x 20 (1 is 1)

Run loop down the sidewalk and up the stairs – At bottom of stairs do 1 Burpee

Mosey to the front of the middle school for Air Presses and Jabs on the wall

Back to COT


Great push by everyone this morning!  The Bear Crawls were brutal!  Also, thanks to Zinfandel for making a surprise guest appearance halfway through the workout!   I know I always say this but it’s an honor each time I get to lead this group of great men.


  • Chastain talking Q for Watchtower tomorrow.
  • This Saturday at 8:00 am, cleanup effort in downtown Waxhaw. Bring a blower, rake, etc…  M and 2.0 friendly.

You’re Inviting Me to Homecoming??

When Posse asked me to Homecoming it felt a bit awkward.  A suit, a tux, an evening gown…  Ohhh, you mean the workout site!  I was a first timer to the Weddington Middle School campus so Posse, the awesome site Q he is, met me there a day early to show me around.  It’s a great site and I highly recommend it for anyone who has not experienced it!

We had 9 strong for my campus tour.  The disclaimer was given, and we were off…

Here’s what went down:

Mosey up to Deal Rd and back

Circle up:

Side Straddle Hop x 20

Imperial Walker x 20

Plank Jacks x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Moroccan Night Clubs x 20

Mosey to the side parking lot a grab a bench

Dips x 20

Step Ups x 20

Incline Merkins x 20

Run (faster than a Mosey) to far end of parking lot and back

Dips x 15

Step Ups x 15

Incline Merkins x 15

Run (faster than a Mosey) to far end of parking lot and back

Light pole work

Follow around to entrance of the elementary school

At each light pole alternate Bobby Hurleys x 10 and V-Ups x 10

Grab some wall at elementary school entrance

Air Press x 20

Shoulder Taps x 20

Donkey Kicks x 20

Run a hot lap around the loop

Air Press x 15

Shoulder Taps x 15

Donkey Kicks x 15

Run a hot lap around the loop

Air Press x 10

Shoulder Taps x 10

Donkey Kicks x 10

Run a hot lap around the loop

Mosey to flagpoles and pick out a rock.  7’s between the flag poles.

Derkins on one end and Box Jumps on the other.

Each time you pass your rock do 5 Curls

Mosey to entrance of middle school.

3 laps around the loop.

Sprint the straight-aways and walk the turns while doing overhead claps

Circle up for a Jack Webb

Jabs and Merkins

Mosey back to COT for 4 minutes of random exercises


Shew!  Done!



  • New AO starting at Porter Ridge High School January 2nd. Saturday mornings.  6:30 am.

Back to COT… Psych!

8 strong for The Floater this morning!  That’s a light crowd for this site.  I’m sure the coldest morning we’ve had in a long time contributed to a few fart sacks.

The disclaimer was given, and we were off…

Here’s what went down:

Mosey around the block with Side Straddle Hops at each corner.  Just like that we were back at COT… but the workout was just getting started!

Mosey.   We dodged a car that was going 70 MPH through downtown Waxhaw safely made it through downtown Waxhaw, across the tracks and to the basketball court at the elementary school.

Circle up:

Imperial Walkers x 10

Merkin x 10

Moroccan Night Clubs x 10

Mountain Climbers x 10

Plank Jacks x 10

Partner up!  Partner #1 works while #2 runs two down and back sprints on the court.  Then flap jack.  A total of:

Donkey Kicks – 100

Mike Tysons x 50

Up and Overs (on the large concrete blocks) x 25


Mosey back to COT… again.  But we ain’t done!

Using the picnic tables under the shelter:

Dips, Derkins and Step Ups – set of 20 each, then 15 each, then 10 each

Mosey back to COT just so we remember where it is… then head down to the bottom of the hill for ab work.

After 7 straight minutes of various ab exercises (in cadence) it was a jail break up the hill back to COT.

The trip to COT was for real this time!


I Got Your Back

33 strong (including Ignition and MASH) for Flash this morning!  This was a last-minute Q for me.  Goodfella was scheduled but had to back out due to a leg injury.  No worries Goodfella — I got your back!  Hope you have a speedy recovery!

The disclaimer was given, and we were off…

Here’s what went down:

Mosey down to towards the shed and circle up for warm up exercises:

Side Straddle Hops x 20

Imperial Walkers x 20

Plank Jacks x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20 (uh, make that 10).  Had to cut that short due to traffic.  Safety first!

Mosey to the traffic circles for 7s

Burpees and Big Boys

Mosey to the large lot for 4 Corners

Exercise at each corner:

Bobby Hurley’s


Bomb Jacks


10 of each and repeat lap twice

Mosey to benches for Dips and Step Ups

30 of each, 20 of each and 10 of each

Mosey to the front of the middle school

Air Press x 20

Donkey Kicks x 10

Jabs x 20

Donkey Kicks x 10

Air Press x 15

Donkey Kicks x 10

Jabs x 15

Donkey Kicks x 10

Jail break back to COT



Before we started, Doughboy learned I was on Q in place of Goodfella and admitted that Bread Bowl purposefully fart sacked because he feared a Goodfella Q.  LOL!  We missed you Bread Bowl!  Either way, it was a perfect, crisp morning and the PAX was energized to get the week kicked off!  A shout out to Chicken Little for continuously pushing himself at the front of the pack and then circling back for the 6.  He certainly logged more miles than anyone today and deserved the Chain of Pain at COT!  It was awesome to see 2 FNGs this morning and kudos to the PAX for giving them solid nicknames.  Welcome Smuggler and Dyno-O-Mite!

As always, it’s an honor to workout with such a great group of men.  Thanks to each one of you.


  • Sign up for the blood drive!
  • An F3 Marathon is being planed for November 14th. Get a team together and run it as a relay. Need volunteers too.
  • Reach out to Bottle Cap if you are interested in participating in “Sober October”.

Basketball and Track Practice

23 strong (including MASH) for Watchtower this morning!  I pulled into the parking lot 10 minutes early and the MASHers were already all set up and ready to go!  Kudos to them… maybe they should extend to an hour-long workout?  Newtown Elementary is one of our smaller campuses but I wanted to try to keep everything on site today.  Little did I know the track would be pitch black.  Note to self – never say “no headlamp required”!

The disclaimer was given, and we were off…

Here’s what went down:

Warm up lap around school

Warm up exercises

  • Side Straddle Hop x 20
  • Imperial Walker x 20
  • Moroccan Night Club x 20
  • Mountain Climber x 20
  • Plank Jack x 20

Mosey to the front stretch

  • At each light pole do Merkin x 10 and Heels to Heaven x 10

Mosey to basketball court for 7’s

  • 7’s – 1 Bobby Hurley – run to other end of the court – 6 Burpees
  • 2 Bobby Hurley – run – 5 Burpees… so on and so forth (always equals 7)

Mosey to the Track

  • 2 ½ full laps –
  • Full Sprint on the strait away
  • Walk turns while doing Overhead Claps

Mosey to the other basketball court

  • 7’s – 1 Big Boy Sit Up – Bear Crawl to opposite side – 6 Bomb Jacks
  • 2 Big Boy Sit Up – Bear Crawl – 5 Bomb Jacks… so on and so forth (always equals 7)

Mosey to the wall

  • Grab some wall – Overhead Press x 30
  • Wall Stand Shoulder Taps x 10
  • Back on the wall – Jabs x 30
  • Wall Stand Shoulder Taps x 10

Mosey back towards COT taking the long way around campus

Mary for 2 minutes


Some shout outs!

  • The “MASH Chain” went to Riddler! Nice work young man!
  • The “MASH Package” went to the FNG – Lambeau
  • The “Chain of Pain” went to Schneider! He has been busting his tail lately and it doesn’t go unnoticed!
  • How about Chatter Box! Has anyone else noticed how much progress he has made in a short amount of time?  Keep up the great work!

Welcome FNG – Lambeau!  The poor guy never should have told us he hated the Packers.  Welcome to the group!  Great to have you!


  • Labor Day Convergence – 6:30 am start at Cuthbertson. Choose from a boot camp style workout, a 5K run/race or MASH.  Also, partnering with Rice and Beans.  Bring donations.
  • Iron Pax Challenge is on Saturday.

Bricks & Blocks

The PAX: Popeye, JWow (R), Wax(R), Surge(R), Draper(R), O69(R), Wrigley(R), Golden Plates, Bunyan, Mayhem, Native(FNG), Fuse Box, Turn Buckle, Chain Saw (R,R), Mad Dog, Doughboy, Centerfold, Rockwell

18 strong (including MASH) for Chiseled this morning!  The disclaimer was given, and we were off…

Here’s what went down:

Warm Up:

Mosey – run up to Cuthbertson Rd and back

Mosey to the back of the parking lot for bricks

Select a Parking spot – Every PAX has 1 Coupon and 2 Bricks

Circle Up

SSH x 20

Imperial Walker x 20

Potato Picker x 10

Plank while listening to instructions

The Thang:


Timer – 5 exercises done for 1 minute each with a 20 second rest in between


  • Curls with Coupon
  • Overhead Press with Coupon
  • Flys with Bricks
  • Coupon Jumps
  • Derkins on Coupon

Run around Mount Chiseled while carrying bricks


Timer – 5 exercises done for 1 minute each with a 20 second rest in between


  • Seal Claps with Coupon
  • Squats with Coupon
  • Merkins on Coupon
  • Moroccan Night Club with Bricks
  • Swings with Coupon

Run around Mount Chiseled while carrying bricks


Timer – 5 exercises done for 1 minute each with a 20 second rest in between


  • Overhead Claps with Bricks
  • Toe Taps on Coupon
  • Bench Press with Coupon
  • LBCs with Coupon
  • Burpees

Mosey to return bricks

Mosey back to pick up Coupons and return to COT

Mary – Flutters, Heals to Heaven & American Hammers



  • Sign up for the blood drive today!
  • This Saturday – assist at Christ Closet. Moving bins from one location to another.  Show up around 8:30 am.  M and 2.0 friendly.
  • Convergence on Labor Day – 1-year anniversary. Cuthbertson Middle or Black Hawk.  Coffeteria will follow

The Cherry Picker

Coming back from Charleston being away for two years and finally dipped my feet into Q’ing again thanks to a Rugby punt to the ass by Rockwell.  Always kicking it up a notch!

Warmup time:

Started with 20 x Side Straddle Hops

Then 10 x Imperial Walkers

5 x Slow Count Merkins

5 x normal pace Merkins

5 x slow count Mountain Climbers focusing on stretching.

5 x normal pace mountain climbers.

A little mosey around the parking lot to warm up some more, intertwined with butt kicks, side running lunges, and the start of the dreaded overhead clap.  Little did the PAX know that I was smiling inside knowing what was about to destroy their upper body/shoulder.  #stillhurtat3pm

Focusing on destroying our legs and getting faster we focused on the killer sprint and squat combo that I have learned to love.  Mix in some David Goggins and releasing your mind to overcome and not think about pain, I think we managed The Thang pretty good..    hahah

Da’ Thang:

Broke up into 5 groups of 4-5 PAX to acquire spacing in between and so we don’t touch each others pretty faces.  #COVIDBSTHANG

4 x Rounds of the Following:

1 x Sprint down the entire double wide sidewalk

1 x 50 Air Squats

1 x Merkin position while waiting for 6 to finish.

(Q to motivate and push you hard)

After complete, a slow mosey around the school to the picnic tables.  Little did the PAX now that Cherry’s were there favorite fruit.  #diabolicallaugh  Partnered up and the fun began.

3 x rounds of the following:

1 x Partner Assisted 25 Shoulder Presses

20, 25, 30 x Overhead Clamps

Cherry Pickers until the Q had to stop.

25, 30, 35 x Seal Claps

25 x Dip OYO

So with 6 minutes to spare, I didn’t have the time for the Mighty “Mucho Chesto” but I can save that for another day.

We moseyed down to the start of the “doublewide” sidewalk and jail breaked to COT via a backward run….focus on those hamstrings!!  At this point I wish we had some burpee time, but as always….there is more room for next time.

My hammy’s were on fire at this point and I don’t think there was a dry shirt in the group today.  Can’t hurt me……Mind over Body…….

COT:  Don’t forget Q School slots coming up soon….July 25th.  Site Q school……July 18th.  Good leadership opportunity!!

After COT performance……  F3 Charleston always says the Pledge of Allegiance after their workouts… I brought that into play for all those who were interested in joining in.

Stay hard!!  Heisman Out!

Just a soupy campus tour…

20 strong for Impromptu today along with a few for Swarm!  If your goal was to lose some water weight, then today was the day!  Man, the air was thick!  Goodfella made the comment “at least it isn’t humid” …  he’s a liar!  However, nothing stands in the way of a workout for this crew! The disclaimer was given, and we were off…

Here’s what went down:

Warm Up Lap

Circle Up

SSH x 20

Imperial Walker x 20

Potato Picker x 10

Mountain Climber x 10

Plank Jack x 10

Run down to the end of sidewalk stopping at each light pole for 5 Bobby Hurley’s

Grab some wall

30 Air Press in cadence

15 Donkey Kicks

30 Jabs in cadence

15 Donkey Kicks

Mosey to the traffic circle

Merkin x 10

Run to other traffic circle

Merkin x 10

Repeat x 3

Mosey to the benches – Dips then run on sidewalk to the tables for Step Ups

30 of each, then 20 of each, then 10 of each.

Mosey to Parking lot – Suicide to each line and back all the way to other side of the lot

At each line do 10 LBC’s and 1 Burpee at each return

Mosey to the front of the school to the benches

15 Derkins – half lap – 10 Derkins – half lap

Mosey back to start.



  • Be on the lookout for details for an F3 Waxhaw Spartan Race. This 5K race will include workouts we all normally do and will likely be held on Saturday, June 27th.  More to come…
  • 100 PAX Challenge is continuing to take donations. The goal is $10,000.
  • Prayer request – keep in touch with other F3 Brothers you haven’t seen recently. Some are struggling with depression, career challenges, etc…
  • Food Pantry every Thursday at Union Methodist. Could use toiletries and kid friendly foods.
  • Thank you Chicken Little for being the backup Q today!
  • Big shout out to Show Dawg! He is getting stronger and much faster!  Keep up the good work!