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Lots of reps

Warm Up – Mosey .7 mile (around circle, up to Kensington Dr., back to COT, to back of school).  Jimmy Dugans, calf stretch, upward dog, downward dog, runners stretch, Moroccan nightclubs.

The Thang – Groups of 3.  P1 and P2 stand at opposite ends of playground, each doing reps of called exercise.  P3 runs from P1 to P2, takes over reps from P2, P2 runs to P1, etc.  As a team do:  300 Merkins, 500  300 Squats.

Next Round, same groups, different exercises and RUN BACKWARDS,  300 Supines or pullups, 300 big boy situps.

Mosey to Rock Pile.  Pair up.  P1 runs back up to chain link by playground entrance, P2 does exercise.  300 curls and 100 overhead presses as a team.

Mosey to soccer field.  Suicides – first light, second bench, third bench, far goal line and back.


Prayers for Premature on upcoming prostrate cancer screening.  Thanks to Premature for opening up about your story.  5/17 convergence at Asylum for Mental Health Month – Guest Speaker after beatdown.  Saturday 5/15 Christ Closet giveaway and folding party, 9am, bring the whole family, friends, lots of good work to be done, we need your help.

YHC took us out.

Swapping Q’s

Warm Up – Mosey to Brookemead neighborhood, left onto rd leading to cul de sac, circle back for 6, circle up in cul de sac for stretching – Jimmy Dugans, Can Opener, Calf Stretch, Downward Dog, Upward Dog.

The Thang – Mosey back to Brookemead drive and stop at intersection of Abbeywood.  Ever other driveway on the right, alternate between 10 speed skaters and 10 bobby hurleys, down to intersection of Brookemead.  Circle for 6.  25 LBC’s in cadence.  Continue the mosey on perimeter of neighborhood, every other driveway on the right, this time 10 SSH and 10 Squats, including the culdesac street on the right.  Continue to where we started at the intersection.  25 Flutters in cadence.  Mosey to entrance of neighborhood and on 6 on the sidewalk.  25 heels to heaven.  Mosey to back of school, grab some wall.  40 donkey kicks   Audible as ground was to slick.  10 Mike Tysons, run the track.  10 Mike Tysons + 10 Merkins, run the track.  10 Mike Tysons + 10 Merkins + 10 Carolina Dry Docks, Run the track.  Mosey back to COT.

Moleskin – Doughboy was to Q today, but personal stuff came up, so he and I swapped today’s Q for my scheduled Q at Blackhawk on Saturday.   Welcome FNG Freon and FNG Dishwasher.  You can still sign up for WTF (Waxhaw Trail Festival), 5/1 at Blackhawk.  1 Q April still in effect, if you haven’t Q’d, raise your hand in Group Me.  We don’t want to do 100 burpees in the event someone Q’s twice in the month.  YHC took us out.

Lift, Run, Repeat

-Imperial walkers in cadence.
-Plank to jack knife to hand reach.
Flap jack.
-6” plank.
•Rifle carry CMU’s to Mt. Chiseled.
•25 curls with CMU + lap around Mt Chiseled X 4.
•25 squat press with CMU + lap around Mt Chiseled X 4.
•25  merkins + lap around Mt chiseled X 4.
•25 chest presses with CMU + lap around Mt chiseled X 4.
***Bonus Round***
50 Burpees back to rifle carry CMU’s to vehicles.

The Great Tri County Bake Off and Pie Eat

Warm Up

Told the pax opening Mosey would be to Millbridge Pool parking lot, I started out towards traffic circle, most thought I’d take the shortcut route, nah, not today, back up Nesbit drive to the long way to the MB parking lot.  Stretches – Dugans, Calf, Can Opener, downward dog, upward dog, Moroccan nightclubs.  Mosey back to entrance of elementary school.

The Thang

Partner up, opposite ability.  P1 runs around and up parking lot to chain link fence while P2 does exercise.  Stop when your team has completed the assigned number of reps.  If finished early, help other teams with their reps.  70 Burpees, 200 Dry Docks, 200 Bobby Hurleys.

Mosey to soccer field.  Same partners, run the perimeter of the soccer field, partners running in opposite direction, each time they meet, 10 merkins.  Run around the field 3 times, for a total of 6 sets of merkins.

Line up along backline of soccer field.  Run backwards the entire length of the field, run forwards back to start.  Repeat 3X’s.

Mosey to traffic circle.  Same Partners, P1 runs to first lightpole on right, P2 does exercise, swap until all reps are completed.  100 big boys.

AYG back to COT.

Ye Ole’ Moleskin

One Pax, who shall remain nameless, overindulged in some adult beverages the night before.  Opening mosey of .6 miles did not agree with him and said Pax tossed his cookies the entire time we were stretching in Millbridge parking lot.  It was a loud, substantial, somewhat violent expulsion of gastric fluid, impressive, ‘Davey Hogan-esc’.  Way to push through the remainder of the workout.  Said Pax said he thought when he saw I was Q, not much running would be involved.  It wasn’t that much, 4 miles.

Prayers to Deepdish’s colleague who lost his 30 year old son in a tragic accident.

YHC took us out.

Irish Beatdown

Warm Up

1/2 mile Mosey up to Cuthbertson Rd and back to start.  Stretching – Jimmy Dugans, calf stretch, can openers, downward dog.

The Thang

Rifle carry block to end of parking lot.  Partner up with someone of opposite ability.  P1 Runs, P2 does exercise. When P1 returns, P2 runs and P1 does exercise until the pair complete the assigned number of reps.

1.)500 400 cinderblock curls total per team.  Other partner runs the entire length of parking lot and back, the other does the curls.  No Mary, run until 6 is finished.

2.) Next exercise 300 LBC’s, this time run half the length of parking lot and back.

3.) 100 Blockees. continue the run with half the length of parking lot and back. Recover called with 2 minutes left.  Rifle carry block back to COT.

45 second plank.  Time.

Ye Old Moleskin

Had to audible to 400 curls, 500 was a bit excessive.  Recalculating was calling me on calling an IPC type number of reps after I infamously tweeted trash on IPC channel back in September about the 10,000 merkins that was featured in IPC week 2.  Crowd favorite was the 100 blockees.  I introduced the last move in a sneaky way, saying we would continue with the half  parking lot mosey and only 100 reps……of BLOCKEES. I knew with about 10 minutes left no team would likely complete all 100, however the emphasis was to give all you got until time is called.  Sledgeomatic and I got in 68 before time was called, some others more, some less.  Most got in around 2.5 miles.

Sign Up for Bypass meal train.

Representing my alma mater I wore my Green Notre Dame shirt, played Irish music in memory of my Mom (maiden name Donovan), and I lead us out in this prayer:

May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face;

the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,

may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Flash in the pan

Warm Up  Mosey to High School entrance.  Stretching, Moroccan night clubs, Imperial Walkers, Mt. Climbers.

The Thang  Grab a bench.  20 Step Up’s, 20 Derkins, Repeat.

Mosey to entrance of HS parking lot.  Run perimeter to stadium, 1 Burpee at every light.  Continue to bus lot, 10 speed skaters at every light.  Continue to HS Gym entrance.  Grab wall and a partner.  P1 runs down to the road, does burpee at steps and back to wall.  P2 does exercise.  As a team, complete the following:  150 Donkey Kicks, 100 Shoulder Taps, 50 Mike Tysons.

Mosey to YHC’s shed.  Run down the path, every other light, stop and bear crawl 40 paces.  Continue all the way down the path to parking lot.  Turn around and run back down path to YHC’s shed.  At every other light post, 10 low slow squats.  Turn around and run back down path to parking lot/COT.  At every other light, 5 merkins.

Moleskin  Great push by all.  YHC took us out.  Prayers for Metro pax who succumbed to Covid.  CSAUP  on 2/6 – downtown Waxhaw.


17 Pax showed up to start the day off right.   Since today was the day the 46th President of the Republic was inaugurated, today’s workout would revolve around the number 46.

Warm Up – Run up to Cuthbertson, down to side of Mt. Chiseled.  Jimmy Dugans, Calf Stretch, Can Opener.  Mosey down to end of parking lot back to COT.  Moroccan Night Clubs.  46 SSH in Cadence.

The Thang – Grab brick, rifle carry to Mt. Chiseled.  Grab a partner.  Some exercises were done with a partner to achieve a total of 46 reps while the other ran around Mt Chiseled, while others were done on your own for 46 reps.  Here’s what I think we did.

46 curls – oyo

46 Blockeyes – Partner

46 block swings – Partner

46 block merkins – partner

46 block squats- partner

23 lbc’s in cadence oyo, run around mt. chiseled, 23 lbc’s in cadence

46 military presses – partner

46 toe taps – partner

46 second plank

Rifle carry block back to COT.  46 second plank, mary, finished

Announcements – Blood Drive on 1/30, 5 stones church.  2/6 – CSAUP – 7:30am downtown Waxhaw, F2 following at Taphouse.  Prayers for family members impacted and fighting Covid19.

911, What is Your Emergency?

Last night I posted on GroupMe something silly about getting in 5 miles. (Don’t drink and write your weinke and definitely don’t publicize it the night before).  I came in HOT, good thing for back up alarm at 5:50am, otherwise I would have fartsacked, I was in the mist of a dream about missing my alarm and missing my Q, funny how that works.

Warm Up  Run down to and around traffic circle back to COT.  Circle Up – Imperial Walkers, Jimmy Dugans, Merkins.  Mosey to school entrance.  Calf Stretch, Can Opener, Moroccan Night Clubs.  Mosey down street to Millbridge Parkway, stop at street light.  Downward Dog.  Mosey to Millbridge bridge, Mountain Climbers.  Mosey to Millbridge Club House.

The Thang  I explained to the Pax we would be running uphill on Millbridge Parkway, stopping at every intersection.  At each intersection we would do the following: 1 Burpee / 9 Mike Tyson’s / 21 Bobby Hurley’s.  We would stop when someone spills Merlot or we run out of road.  Most important thing for the day is NO MARY, EVERYONE circles back for the Six.  If you circle back to the six and run to the next intersection and the 6 is still not in, CIRCLE BACK.  We would all be starting the exercises together as a group.  Gazelle’s would get more mileage in that way and it gave more motivation to the 6 to push harder.  Lots of intersections, we got up to Hudson Mill Dr.

Time to head back, this time at every intersection: 1 Burpee / 9 SSH’s/ 21 Squats.

Just as we head back down, my cell phone somehow dials 911 (how does that happen when it’s in a cell holder strapped to my arm?).  Alarm Sound Blaring and a Voice saying “911, What is Your Emergency”.  I stop, take off my gloves, get my phone out and tell the operator I’m fine, somehow my phone accidentally dialed 911 while I was out running.  I was very out of breath.  Cue the large barking dog, Cue a woman screaming the words “Get Back Here”!  Operator then asks for my address.  I state I’m running in Millbridge, reiterate it was an accident and I’m fine, false alarm and I hang up.  911 Calls Back, same screaming woman in the background, same barking dog, same fat out of breath (yhc) guy states he’s fine, it was a mistake, I hang up and carry on.

I call an audible and in lieu of 21 squats we do 21 merkins on my count.  We run down to entrance of trail, just before Millbridge clubhouse.  After the 6 is in, with about 10 minutes left, someone asks are we Moseying back to COT?  I said, yes we are.  However, I know how much you all love this Hill and we therefore Mosey back up the hill to the first intersection, run through the 1/9/21 reps and head back to the trail head.  Circle back for 6, now it was time to head back to COT.  Stop at Bridge.  Derkins on the bridge, on my down, we got to around 15 when my feet lost their grip and I fall on my face.

Less than a minute left, OYG to COT.

If you are wondering, Pax mileage ranged from 3 miles to 4 miles, depending upon how much you circled back for the six. Too much time stopping for exercises impeded distance, though running uphill for a good portion was a treat.


Moving Service Opp, Blood drive on the 30th, Rice and Beans.  YHC took us out.


Asylum Backblast

Mosey .5 Mile down 84, left onto Waxhaw Indian Trail Road, left into shopping plaza and circle up next to Rack Room Shoes.  Mary on the 6. Moroccan Nightclubs, Jimmy Dugans, Calf stretch, runners stretch, 15 merkins.

The Thang

Mosey over to Petsmart parking lot.  Grab Wall – 40 Donkey Kicks, run to opposite end of parking lot, 10 Mike Tysons, run back to Petsmart, 20 Donkey Kicks, 5 Mike Tysons, run back to Petsmart.

Split into 2 Groups for Bermuda Triangle.  Each group bear crawls the perimeter of a triangle in the parking lot, stopping at each point in the triangle for exercises.  Round 1: 5 Bobby Hurley’s at each point, Round 2: 10 BH’s, Round 3 – 15 BH’s.

Next, run perimeter of parking lot, stopping at each of the 6 light posts for 5 reps of an exercise.   4 rounds total, Merkins, Big Boys, Merkins, Big Boys.

Next and last, run length of parking lot all you got, return with a mosey at 50%, rinse and repeat until time.

Announcements – January 30th Sign up for the Blood Drive at 5 Stones Church.  Sign up for Rice and Beans service opportunity in uptown.

Turkey Hangover Potion

19 souls gathered to work off the over indulgence from yesterday’s Thanksgiving Feast.  If you happen to re-enact Henry VIII at these settings like I do, today was going to suck even worse.  Here’s what we did:

WarmUp – 1/2 Mile opening Mosey past High School to parking lot by the football stadium.  20 SSH, Jimmy Dugan’s, Calf Stretch, Runners stretch, downward dog, upward dog.

The Thang  Mosey to the High School Gym entrance.  Grab some wall.  40 Donkey Kicks / 10 Mike Tyson’s.  Run down to the road, up the stairs, grab that same piece of wall.  36 Donkey Kicks/9 Mike Tysons, rinse and repeat down to the completion of 24 Donkey Kicks/6 Mike Tysons.

Mosey to YHC’s Poop Palace.  Starting at the palace run up the path to the first lamp post on the right.  5 Big Boy’s.  Run back to palace, 5 Merkins.  Run to second lamp post, 5 Big Boys, run back to the palace for 5 Merkins.  Run to the 3rd lamp post, etc., etc.  After the 6/7/8th post for most, we gathered the pax and ran up the path to the Middle School.  Grab some Wall.  Continuation of web.  20 Donkey Kicks, 5 Mike Tysons.  16 Donkey Kicks, 4 Mike Tysons.  One Minute Left – hot mosey back to COT.


Not a lot of chatter today, lots of barbs thrown at me for starting with the Donkey Kicks and MT’s.  Not a whole lot of chatter while running the path by the palace.  A decent amount of mileage today, I registered just shy of 3 miles, others in the group registered 3.5 miles.

Welcome FNG – Mackinaw – From the UP and works on bridges.

Welcome FNG – Sea Sick – At the end of the workout he was splashing some Merlot and is about to join the Coast Guard, thought it was a fitting name.  Brought out by Wedding Singer!  Wait, what, I thought this cat now resides in the Rocky Mountains.  He and his tribe came back east for the holiday, great to see you again brother!

Chicken Little – estimates $1,600 raised by the Turkey Trot 5K he lead – money will go to support a cancer survivor and cancer research, great job leading CL!

Tomorrow – Homecoming 1 Year Anniversary – Chatterbox on Q.  If this guy’s transformation from the 6 to the front of the pax doesn’t inspire you, you are likely a schmuck.  He’s gonna bring it tomorrow.

YHC took us out.