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On a Pursuit through the neighborhoods of Millbridge

ByTurnbuckle Jun 30, 2021

This is an old backblast that was never written. Several men showed up to take a run through the neighborhoods of Millbridge. 2 men walked/

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Track is Wack

ByDasher Jun 15, 2021

Warm-up Run Original plan was to run Champion Forest today but we happen to run by the stadium and the gate was wide open so we did an audible

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“Give It All You Got” – Chop Choo

ByFuse Box Jun 8, 2021

14 poor souls brave men came out to Waxhaw Express today to run for an hour.  A couple new pax saw a fat guy was Q'ing and decided to venture ou

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32 minute workout

ByWolverine Jun 1, 2021

Diccs and mosey, stretch, mosey ... Easy workout today, timed intervals.  1 min, 2 min, 3, 4, 3, 2 & 1 minute of 5k pace with equal recov

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CAUTION: Pursuit may cause Dizziness

BySchedule C May 27, 2021

12 Pax decided today was not the day to fartsack. Pursuit was their weapon of choice to attack the day. Wise choice gentlemen... wise choice.

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Old School

ByDasher May 21, 2021

Showed up a little early to do some recon and found a little surprise for the group. Since we had an FNG had to make sure we did the proper di

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Express yourself

ByChastain May 18, 2021

12 pax did some repeats. 1 pax was responsible for writing a backblast but didn't. 200m x2 400m x2 600m x2 800m x2 200m x2 400m

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Swarm before the WTF

BySugar Daddy May 7, 2021

Wolverine on Q....modification of typical Swarm workout because of WTF the next day.

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