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Blackhawk 1/9/2021

Mosey to Peking lot for tennis courts for Warmorama. 10 X IW, 10 X Merkins IC, 10 X Moroccan Nightclubs IC, Downward Dog, Calf Stretch.


Mosey to the rock pile on service rd for softball fields and grab a lifting rock.

15 of each called exercise and run to parking lot and back X 3 sets.

curls, chest press, tricep ext. LBC w/rock IC + 10 staggered merkins on rock, Goblet Squats, Shoulder press, back to curls.

Mosey back to COT for 30 seconds of Mary



My Shoulders Hurt!


50 X SSH

25 X IW

Plank X 25 sec

25 X Plank Jack  Maintain plank while listening to Centerfold tell his story of standing in line at Disney talking to a Navy dude who told him about the term of endearment for an Aviation Ordnanceman, “BB Stacker”(hint: most AO’s in the Navy work with bombs), (I did not, however). 

Upward Dog X 10 count

Downward DogX 10 count

Calf stretch X 10 Count each leg

Leg Stretch X 10 count each leg

Jimmy Doogans L, R, C

Windmill X 10

Moroccan Nightclubs X 10


Do each Circuit until all reps completed before moving to next circuit

Reps = 25, 20, 15

Circuit 1


Block Swings

Low Slow Squats w/Block

Circuit 2


Shoulder Press

Lunge w/block 1=1

Circuit 3

Tricep Extensions


Staggered Merkins (these suck after Thrusters but we made it through)


25 X SSH

25 X IW

Plank X 25 sec

25 X Plank Jack

Upward Dog X 10 count

Downward DogX 10 count

Calf stretch X 10 Count each leg

Leg Stretch X 10 count each leg

Jimmy Doogan LCR

Set Block on end and on your 6


I have not posted at Diesel in quite a while. I normally reserve Fridays as a rest day or a makeup day for when I want to wear makeup, I want  to fartsack, I miss one of my normal posts during the week. Today was no different. Really could have used the rest but I am glad I was able to get out and get moving this morning. As far as my “typical” workout these days, this really isn’t mine and there are PAX that post here that I normally don’t get to interact with on a regular basis. Not because I’m a faster/longer runner but bc we individually choose to have different fitness goals for ourselves. Thankfully there are workouts such as Diesel where the 2nd F is incorporated into the 1st F and we can build those brotherly bonds. Got to see Brutus today which is basically the equivalent of seeing a unicorn these days. Also got to see Popeye, Turnbuckle, Centerfold and Sledge-O-Matic who I don’t normally post with on a daily basis. Oh! And Chastain was there too…

Was not expecting a large crowd and by Waxhaw standards, it really was not a large crowd, although we did have as many as the other two three Friday workouts which means a lot of the Waxhaw PAX chose the warm and hopefully dry fartsack rather than a cold and rainy asphalt jungle.

Thanks to the PAX that posted with me this morning. Always a pleasure leading any of you and most of all, will be a privilege to be led when it’s your turn at the wheel.

announcement: See Posse’s Arsenal BB from 1/7/2021. That will cover just about all you will ever need to know about F3 Waxhaw or F3 in general.

YHC took us out with a prayer



Waxhaw World Tour – February 6, 2021

Disclaimer: This is not an official event and is not sanctioned by F3 or FiA. There will be no road closures, medical professionals, safety personnel or public safety officials. Event organizers will not be held liable for any accidents, injuries, illnesses, deaths or medical emergencies experienced during or after Waxtravaganza. Your participation in this event is at your own risk.

When a PreBlast leads off with a disclaimer you know you have something exceptionally #CSAUP on your hands.

What: The F3 10 year anniversary has been postponed indefinitely due to COVID 19. With everyone bumbed about this fact Tuck and YHC have come up with a “little” #CSAUP of our own to unofficially celebrate those 10 years. We will be launching at 7:30 AM (7:00 AM for Ruckers) on Saturday, February 6th. This will be a really loooong bootcamp conceptually and a visit to a small subset of the many AO’s in the Waxhaw region. A lot of running (~11 Miles) broken up into several segments with ~10 minute bootcamps at each AO (and a couple of prospective new AO’s) that are along the route. Tuck and his Garmin App prowess has developed a course that will take us meandering through the heart of Waxhaw, through the mean streets of Millbridge and onto the Carolina Thread Trail. Due to the course length there will be many that would shy away from this idiocy but have no fear because we have a solution for you. There will be several jumping on/off points along the route where you can enter and exit the “fun” at your leisure, however, the fun really starts after the course is completed as that is when the 2nd F happens. When we complete the course there just happens to be a tap room (Waxhaw Taphouse) where you can enjoy a tasty beverage (or 3) of your choice to celebrate the completion of this stupidity (and the end of Dryuary for some). The Waxhaw Taphouse has graciously agreed to open an hour earlier than their normal time to accommodate our event so let’s make it more than worth their while!

Why? For the love of doing stupid & fun things that may or may not grab positive attention for F3 Waxhaw.

Who? Open to members of F3, FiA, family and friends. Please do not advertise/share on social media of any type. (Not very 2.0 friendly so probably should leave the kiddos at home for this one)

When? Saturday, February 6th at 8:30 AM.  This event will go Rain or Shine/Heat or Cold. (Adjustments to the Thread Trail route will be made if it rains for safety)

Where? We will launch and end at THE Floater/Waxhaw United Methodist Church, however, you may enter and exit at any point along the route.

How? With all your heart and “sole” (See what I did there?)

PreBlast: Waxhaw World Tour

Welcome to the long-awaited Waxhaw World Tour 2021 PreBlast. Before we get into it, a little housekeeping…


  • Course Map The course map has the jump in/out points flagged for your convenience.
  • This is NOT a race against other PAX for time. (This is You vs. You).
  • There will be a time-keeper/s for logistics and to keep us on schedule but there will not be any awards for performance.
  • We will pick up the SIX/MARY and stay together for the duration of the event. (No man left behind).
  • The course will be ~11 miles with segments of between 0.8 & 1.9 miles with one exception of a 2.8 mile segment from Commitment back to 701 Main.
  • The course will not be marked so we encourage all participants to study the course thoroughly to be familiar with the route.
  • The course ranges from hilly to flat and will include some trail running(~3.0 miles) with the remainder of the surfaces being streets and sidewalks/paved walking paths.
  • Please note that there will be no road closures or safety personnel. There are sidewalks available throughout most of the course and it is recommended that you use them as long as social distancing and your safety can be maintained. It is also highly recommended that you wear safety gear such as reflective clothing and a blinking light but it will be daylight for the duration of the event so anything but camouflage should be ok.
  • Trail shoes are recommended for the Trail portion but not required. The paved surfaces we will be on for most of the course will wear down the soles of trail shoes so use your discretion.
  • There are two crossings of Waxhaw-Marvin Rd. at Grace Presbyterian Church and the Millbridge entrance/exit.  We will also cross over Hwy 75 at two points. One at 701 Main and the second at the Rail bridge. Try to cross together in large groups. (No playing FROGGER)

Aid Stations:

  • There will NOT be any official Aid Stations however,
  • There will be water and light snacks available at the Commitment AO for fuel but supplies will be limited.
  • At each Participant’s own risk, you may drop off your own fuel and hydration and have it waiting for you at each AO. (See Map for flagged AO’s and below schedule for times)

Schedule of Events:

Location Start Time End Time Duration Distance Activity Comments
Waxhaw UMC/THE Floater 200 McDonald St, Waxhaw, NC 28173 7:00 7:30 :30 0.0 Arrival & Fellowship Park in Gravel Lot across from Church or anywhere downtown you can find a spot along the street.
Waxhaw UMC/Floater 7:30 7:33 :03 0.0 DiCCS Disclaimer, CPR?, Cellphone?, Safety
Waxhaw-Marvin Rd. 7:33 7:45 :12 1.2 Warm-up Mosey
Grace Presbyterian Church/Prickle & Goo(new) 5017 Waxhaw-Marvin Rd, Waxhaw, NC 28173 7:45 7:55 :10 0.0 Stretching and Flexibility Led by Paper Jam
Transition via Pursuit to MB Pool 7:55 8:15 :20 1.9 Mosey
MB Pool 1401 Millbridge Pkwy, Waxhaw, NC 28173 8:15 8:20 :05 0.0 Pick-Up the Six/Mary Park at Millbridge Pool/Clubhouse and join the fun from there
Morning Woods Part I (Out) 8:20 8:35 :15 1.5 Trail Run If it rains less than two days before event, run through MB/WC to Blackhawk
Blackhawk Bootcamp 1026 Crawford Dr, Lancaster, SC 29720 8:35 8:50 :15 0.0 Bootcamp Park at Walnut Creek Pool/Clubhouse and join the fun from there
Morning Woods Part II (In) 8:50 9:07 :17 1.7 Trail Run If it rains less than two days before event, run through WC/MB to Commitment
Commitment/H.C. Nesbit Park 1304 H C Nesbit Park Rd, Waxhaw, NC 28173 9:07 9:25 :18 0.0 Bootcamp/Fuel & Hydrate Park at H. C. Nesbit Park Restroom/Equipment Bldg and join the fun from there
Transition to 701 Main Parking Lot 9:25 9:55 :30 2.8 Long Mosey
701 Main 9:55 10:00 :05 0.0 Pick-Up the Six/Mary
THE Floater/701 Main 701 W South Main St, Waxhaw, NC 28173 10:00 10:15 :15 0.0 Bootcamp Park at 701 Main and join the fun from there(Really?)
Transition to Waxhaw Elem. 10:15 10:25 :10 0.8 Mosey
Waxhaw Elementary/The Lycan(new) AO 1101 Old Providence Rd, Waxhaw, NC 28173 10:25 10:40 :15 0.0 Bootcamp Park at Waxhaw Elementary(You’ve gotta be kidding me?)
Return to Finish @ Floater 200 McDonald St, Waxhaw, NC 28173 10:40 10:50 :10 0.9 Mosey
COT 10:50 11:00 :10 0.0 Countorama/Namorama/Closing/Prayer
2nd F @ Waxhaw Taphouse 110 McDonald St, Waxhaw, NC 28173 11:00 Until… Unlimited 0.0 Fellowship Get a ride home if you’ve had to much…


  • Times are approximate: If you intend to join the fun at one of the AO’s along the course then please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start in the table above. If the group isn’t there when you arrive and after you’ve waited 15 minutes then we have probably moved on to the next segment or JUST WAIT LONGER!!! because we haven’t arrived yet.
  • Bootcamps will be led by one or both of that AO’s QIC or their designee and will be 15 minutes in duration except for Prickle & Goo which will be 10 minutes of warmorama.
  • Ruckers: Launch for Ruckers will be 7:00. Follow the route and Ruckers will likely finish around the same time as the bootcampers.
  • Shovel Flags: Bringem’ if you gottem! We can pass them along to the PAX so each can share the load as we transition to each AO but you are ultimately responsible for your flag.
  • Parking: ***DO NOT PARK IN WAXHAW UMC PARKING LOT*** For downtown participants, please park in the gravel lot accross from Waxhaw UMC or an adjacent space along Church St., McDonald St. or Price St. For those meeting us along the route, please park in designated, marked parking spaces wherever you decide to join. If you park at a neighborhood clubhouse, please park away from buildings so residents don’t complain…
  • Bathrooms: Restrooms are along the route, however, they are sporatic and not always open so bring some TP in a ziploc bag for #2 emergencies or there are plenty of trees around for #1.
  • Registration Fee:  ZERO! ZILCH! NADA! FREE!
  • Fundraiser: We encourage you to make a donation to a cause of your choice but no funds will be collected at this event.
  • Event Shirt: There will NOT be an event shirt. Wear any shirt you like although wearing a F3/F3 Waxhaw logo shirt would be highly encouraged… (Sleeves are optional Recalc unless you have tennis arms Bottle Cap) We will take a family photo to memorialize the event.
  • Food and hydration: There will be limited waters and snacks provided at the Commitment AO but none will be provided after the race. Participants are highly encouraged to bring their own.
  • Post-Event: Items that you are encouraged to bring for after the event include a towel, blanket (body temps drop quickly after a workout in the cold), change of clothes/shoes and a collapsible chair for the Taphouse beer garden as there will be limited seating and face covering will likely be required so bring those too.
  • 2nd F: Even if you are not interested in doing the workout, join at the Taphouse for fellowship.
  • Volunteers: There will be no volunteers for this event.

This is going to be Really CSAUP but REALLY FUN TOO!

We hope you join us for all or at least a portion of the event.





Morning Woods January 6, 2021

We ran the Thread Trail. It was Muddy and we talked about stuff.

Blackhawk 1/2/2021

5 for a 2021/F3 10-year “Celebration” led by Atlas


LSM from COT to Firehouse at 521 for stretching


LSM back to parking lot on left for “Island Hopping Suicides”

Run or other varying modes of movement to first island and do 5 reps of called exercise “Merkins”. R/R to second and third island. R/R for 3 rounds.

LSM to Pond for 4 corners.

Start with Indian Run mosey to first corner and do 21 reps (in honor of the new year) of called exercise and then Indian Run mosey to second corner for 10 reps (in honor of the F3 10 year anniversary) of called exercise then R/R for 3rd and 4th corner.

R/R X 4 rounds with varying exercises.


Body Building Makes You What?

So… Fusebox was kind enough to ask me to Q Chiseled a few Saturdays while he had me cornered at coffeeteria with no other option but to say yes. In my reflection of the conversation, I really don’t remember it being phrased so much as a question but more of a voluntold sort-of thing. In any case, this would turn out to be my first Q of the site. I had been on the schedule before but I believe business travel plans or an injury prevented me from actually following through and had to bow out. I’m glad I was afforded an opportunity to follow through with my previous commitment. Now, for my VQ of Chiseled today I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to complete most of the exercises I had drawn up on the ole weinke. (Gear focused bootcamp with running). I made it a point to make them difficult, (for me at least), and to not do as much running as I typically call for in my weinke’s at other AO’s but just enough to get the hearts pumping. At the end of most sets of coupon exercises I found myself unable to do just one more of anything and we clocked just over 1.5 miles today so I think I managed to hit my goals. I was very skeptical that anyone besides Fusebox would be joining me today as it was forecast to be cold and rainy this morning. It was a little chilly at the start but quickly warmed up once we got moving and the rain held off for “most” of the morning’s weinke except the final 10 mins or so…

Warmorama: Mosey to other end of parking lot and stop for 20 X SSHs, continue mosey to entrance and stop for 20 X IWs, continue mosey to the back lot and grabbed some strategically placed coupons out of my Truck that just happened to be parked right there… then circled up under the tent for some stretching. All of the popular stretches were done and added arm and shoulder for selfish reasons as I knew I would need them momentarily.


All About the Benjamins (the tent version) – 25 curls, 20 lunge walk steps (supposed to be 25 but the tent was only so wide so had to modify to 10 down and 10 back), R/R X 1 then change the coupon exercise to Tricep Extensions, R/R X 1, (I will pause here to tell you to ask Fusebox why he knows he wasn’t meant to be a body builder based on a comment by Arnold Schwarzenegger as I believe this was the timeframe he told us and it is not really something I want to repeat or document. I think I’ve already said to much and will definitely have nightmares for a while just thinking about it) Bent over rows, R/R X 1. All in all, 5 round trips of lung walks for total of 100 steps.

Coupon swings X 25, 10 count recovery, R/R Coupon swings X 25

Return coupons to the truck and mosey to back parking lot for some partner work around Mt. Chiseled

P1 does called exercise to failure or until P2 returns from a mosey around Mt. Chiseled. Stagger Merkin Right Hand on curb/Left hand on Curb on second round (It is about this point where the kiss of death came in the form of “I’m thinking this about the weather and I won’t say it out loud so I won’t jinx it” (or something like that…) (….Meanwhile as the rain started coming down in pellets rather than flurries…) then Staggered Squat L/R then Irkin/Derkin. Mosey the wrong long way back to COT.


Nice to see Rudy out this morning. Haven’t seen him in a while but this is the second time this week. I wasn’t aware of his back injury and hope it heals quick! Chainsaw (Double Respect) out there giving us young bucks a little something to aspire to. Loafer is posting a lot more these days and noticeably faster. Exlax is crushing it with consistency. Keep showing up brother! You’re getting your wind and before long you’ll be running circles around everyone. Fusebox crushing the Express yesterday and showing out today. Not only with work but with the chatter as he provided 100% of the BB reflected materials. But again, you’ll need to ask him about why he is not a body builder.  I’m not repeating it… EVER!!!


Clean up in downtown this Saturday immediately following the workouts at 8:00 am and coffeeteria to follow. Bring blowers, rakes, brooms and wear high-vis gear.

YHC took us out

Happy Hump Day!

Well,  Started the week off with a double Q for Wednesday morning and ended up with just one. Thankfully another PAX from F3 Waxhaw was planning his attendance for the week and noticed the over-extended YHC and made a point to call it out on social media so I could quickly and apologetically rectify the situation. Tragedy was thankfully avoided and everything is as it should be for the day.


Mosey to a spot on the west side of student lot and do 20 X SSH’s, mosey to cafeteria entrance of MS and do 15 X IW’s, Mosey around back of MS and stop in first parking lot for stretching.


Short mosey/walk over to a conveniently erected wall for MT/DK Webb from 1:4 up to 5:20 and pause for a few minutes to do 20 X Knee Slaps (at top) and 20 X BBSU’s (at bottom) while running around the MS Teacher’s lot. Back to MT/DK Webb and do from 6:24 up to 8:32 I was smoked at this point and was about to fall on my face so I ended the misery for myself and anyone else not quite feeling up to the task today.

Next we do Paula Abdul with 20 X Speed Skaters at secong light pole and back for 20 X Monkey Humpers at the 1st light pole and repeat until we reach the circle at the Globe. Second Paula Abdul called for the front drive but this time we did 5 X Mike Tysons and 10 X Dry Docks to the other end of the drive.

Mosey back to West side of student lot (1:00 Minute left) pair up with someone of like speed for a race to COT. By the time that was all figured out we had only 40 seconds left but we all made it in about 35 seconds with time to spare.


Moleskin: I tried and I failed today to make it through the awful and dreaded MT/DK Webb. Was stupid to even try and I felt like a failure to myself and to my fellow PAX with whom I was entrusted to lead for the day’s workout. HOWEVER, Nothing worth doing is ever easy and we all need to continue to build our strength to perform. Some day I will complete that stupid Jack Webb and I hope YOU are there with me.


1- Rice & Beans needs 3 more volunteers for 12/16 service crew. Sign up on sign-up Genius if you can make it.

2- After coffeeteria this Saturday there are three noble options for serving our community; Need assistance at Christ’s Closet to unload and pack donations and we need a crew for trail blazing work at Five Stones and finally, please assist Paper Jam with his move to “the land of the Waxhaws” this Saturday if you can.

3- If you know anyone in need of furniture, there is an abundance of it at Christ’s Closet. Reach out if you know someone in need.

4- Mayhem is leading a ministry group to help rebuild homes in Burgaw, NC that was hit hard by Hurricane two summers ago and is still reeling from the damage. He will be there January 26th – February 2nd so join him any of those dates that week. Any time you can spare between 1 day & 7 days is welcome. No previous construction skills required.

YHC took us out with a prayer

Less is Better

So, a few days ago, Hollywood sent me a DM to Q sometime in January. Turns out they actually needed Q’s for the next 2 weeks (including today) so I happily obliged and in hind sight, “What the heck was I thinking?”

With a quick consult from Sugar Daddy on where he would be heading on his VQ and not to disturb and make it even more challenging for him, I developed a Weinke that avoided (mostly) the Flash PAX.

Stabling these (Freaks) Gazelles in F3 Waxhaw is difficult to do. I came up with a strategy to keep them in the coral but it only worked for a few minutes and then they were gone in a cloud of (rain) dust.

Mosey to Crazy Pajama Dude Island and U turn back to the Yellow Brick Rd. for Paula Abduls using light posts on left of the path, up 2 and do 10 X Merkins, back 1 and do 10 X Plank Jacks.
Circle up at RPP and do some stretching for a few minutes until Flash PAX roll in and then…

Find a lifting/running rock (insert evil laugh here) and mosey to sidewalk near Gym for a few rounds of partner work.
P1 does lifting AMRAP with proper form while P2 runs to top and performs exercise and returns to relieve P1, R/R.
Round 1: Curls/Donkey Kicks X 2 Rounds
Round 2: Rows/Mike Tysons X 2 Rounds
Round 3: Shoulder Press/Mike Tysons X 2 Rounds

Return Rocks and Mosey to HS Entrance the long way cutting between the schools and then around the front drive.
Round 1: Starting at Island, run to gate at Stadium and do Speed Skaters X 10 each leg and return to Island for “I’ll let you know” BBSU X 10
Round 2: Speed Skater/(Something awful I can’t remember)
Round 3: Speed Skaters/Reverse Plank Knee Up

7 minutes left so we start our mosey back to COT around the front drive and then taking a detour into MS entrance and around the lot before we end at COT.

Al Gore for 30 seconds and Time!

Didn’t get the typical 5-6 miles today (4.5 or so). This is ultimately a high-mileage-bootcamp, not runner training so we mixed it up a bit from the “norm”. I hope everyone got what they came for.

Great pull by the Gazelles and great push by the rest of us.

Hurry leading the way on pretty much everything. Dude is fast!
Chatterbox posted to his first Ignition and man did he come to work. Glad to see you break through the barrier that was keeping you away. Keep getting faster!
FNG – Prison Break joined us today, 23 Years old and just graduated from UNCC on ROTC scholarship. Now it’s time to pay the piper and he’s getting in shape for Army OCS. Good luck and thank you for serving this great country of ours. Keep bringing that youthful attitude and thanks for making Ice9 Dry-heave for us today! Thanks also to Transporter for bringing him out with us.

Announcements: See Flash BB
Sugar Daddy took us out

Monday, Monday

Was feeling good this morning around 5:16 when YHC arrived to COT before Flash. The Ignition crowd led by Gerber heading down the Yellow Brick Road as they started their journey to (by all accounts) Hell. Ran into Goodfella who was there a bit early to do a pre-run. The rest of the 14 Pax slowly trickled in and all of a sudden it was time for…


Moseyed down the YBR to Breadbowl’s Bidet for some stretching and a few Merkins and Plank Jacks mixed in to get those shoulders and cores engaged all the while keeping our heads on a swivel for possible traffic coming through. Thankfully no cars interrupted the euphoria.


Mosey to Stadium parking lot for “Elecides”
Run to first parking lane, do 1 of called exercise and back to start Repeato until reaching the final parking lane for 5 of called exercise.

2-Big Boy Sit-ups
3-Speed Skaters 2 = 1

Mosey to back of MS to try and pick up Breadbowl on the way who had to make an early morning pit stop at Rudy’s Shed. Seems he must have had a hanger-oner as he was not yet finished when we strolled by.

Arrived at picnic tables and did called exercise X 20 and ran to Breezeway at bus pickup for Called exercise and return to Tables for the next round.

1-Derkins, Bear Crawl
2-Stepups, Lunge Walk
3-Irkins, Bunny Hop

Mosey around front of MS to COT and circle up for cool down and stretching for last 3 mins as the Ignition PAX roll in.


Great push by everyone and a perfect way to start off the week of high calories and good fellowship with our families.


Check your schedules and try to sign up for a Thursday to go serve meals at the homeless shelter.
M and 10+ 2.0 friendly.

Turkey Trot in Briar Crest- See Chicken Little to sign up. Spots still open.

Try to post at a Thanksgiving morning event and make an impact on a cause you care about and bring your families.

YHC took us out with a prayer

Listen to the Children’s Laughter

The evening was perfect. The table was set. Candles lighted to bring in the sunset from the Westward sky.

The change of venue to the table on the terrace was a nice touch by the Matre’ D.

13 men with children in tow arrived for the 5:30 at the best eatery in town. The specials tonight were Spaghetti legs and Perfectly charred wings and thighs.

Mosey from HS lot to the traffic circle via the sidewalk for stretching and planks. We were joined by C3PO, Johnny5 and T1000 as they were fashionably late.


Mosey to the awning at the HS gym for Triple Nickel- Run up stairs to wall at gym entrance for 5 Mike Tysons then run down sidewalk to tip of the spear for 5 Big Boys or 5 V-ups(your choice) R/R for 4 more rounds. Planks for the 6.
Mosey to sidewalk near Poop Palace and grab a lifting rock.

Here comes Chatterbox and Ruckin to join the party of 16 to make it 18. (Seems they stayed at the bar a little longer to finish their cocktails). Spread out on curb and do 25 curls. Lunge walk to other side of drive and do 25 squats and Lunge walk back to your rock for 25 Overhead presses. Lunge walk to other side of drive for 25 Carolina dry docks and lunge walk back to your rock.

Return the rocks and mosey to Wood benches at Middle School for 25 dips and run to MS entrance and do 20 step ups on picnic table benches. R/R doing 15 & 10. Then do all again for a second round. Al Gore for the 6.

Return to COT for cool down stretching and ending with 1:00 of have a nice day.

Was nice to end the way we did. The peaceful sound of children laughing and the faint sound of life moving around us for a solid minute where we could put everything we’re carrying down and just lie there and listen. Reflecting on my expectations of the minute-long have a nice day was that it would be quiet without anything to distract from the serenity, however, I found it much more peaceful to hear those kids laughing and really made the brief moment that much better. ”And now deep thoughts… by Jack Handy”


Waxhaw AOs shutting down for Thanksgiving to encourage support for Turkey Trot-like activities that are important to each of us. Several from which to choose.

6 year anniversary at Commitment on Saturday.

Blue Screen took us out with a prayer.