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Waxstravaganza Part Deux

Waxstravaganza Pre-Blast

Saturday, February 12, 2022

leave from 200 McDonald Avenue, Waxhaw NC 28173

7:00 – Ruck launch

7:33 – Bootcamp Launch

11:00 – Waxhaw Taphouse for 2nd F

Commitment 7/10/2021

Earlier in the week when Elsa was making her way up the east coast, knowing I was on Q at Commitment, I had been planning a Weinke that would keep us mostly dry and under cover. Turns out Elsa passed on through and didn’t bring much of anything to Waxhaw and we were able to stay dry. At least from rain….  1 Trailrunner, 3, nope! 2 Mashers and 15, nope! 16 HIMs joined me today for what would turn out to be a full body beating…

Before I get started on the workout
a few interesting things went down today.

We had an FNG – (Jason Ernst). Wife, 2 children, lives in Mineral Springs, Construction estimator. Wife arranged for him to come out to a workout… thusly named Playdate…

We had another FNG – (Marvin Sandoval). Wife and children, lives in Millbridge, sells beauty salon products… EH’d during the workout by Posse and Mad Dog… Suave just sounded right.

I tricked one masher(Brutus) by informing him we wouldn’t be running more than a mile and a half to 2 miles. He joined us for Bootcamp and he logged 3 miles with some extra running on his own. Oops! My bad bro…

Lets get to it now…


Mosey you the playground at MB clubhouse down the gravel rd. Stopping along the way at the traffic circle for 50 x SSH, next to the circle just before bridge for 15 x IW and end up at Playground for a Prickle&Gooish preworkout stretching. To finish out the warmup we ran back to the rock pile by the school.



Pick a rock and rifle carry to school lot for

All about the Benjamin’s. Start with 25 curls, Lunge walk 25 steps, 25 mtn Climbers, lunge walk back 25 steps, do 25 Tricep Ext., Lunge walk 25 steps, 25 Plank Jacks, 25 lunge walk steps back and do 25 Shoulder presses.

Keep rocks and do 25 rows.

Then do two more sets of rock exercises, Curls, Triceps, Shoulders & Rows for sets of 20 and end with 15.

rifle carry rocks back to the pile and mosey to school playground for some partner work. P1 does pull-ups or supines while P2 runs the outer perimeter of the bus lot. 3 rounds each partner.
Next we’re squats and run then LBC and run.

Mosey back to COT and do tree ladder with Dry Docks. Start with 1 and at each tree do one more. Most got up to 12 before time was called.


Everybody worked hard and it was great to have the new guys Butter Man, Playdate and Suave out there starting the journey to not only the physical but the mental wellness we all need.


Q source after Asylum on Monday with Jingles and Shakenbake for a discussion on race.

Mad Dog took us out


F3 Waxhaw 1776 Challenge – Pre-Blast


Where: Cuthbertson HS Driver’s Education Lot

When: Monday, July 5th 6:30 AM

Why: To celebrate our Nation’s birthday we decided it would be a great idea to do a bunch of exercises that will induce feelings of regret, agony and fatigue… You know, a typical F3 Waxhaw workout…

Identical to last year’s agenda, we will kick off at 6:30 and have 2nd F immediately following the festivities along with coffeeteria and snacks.

3rd F – Bring donations for Christ’s Closet and/or Rice N Beans if you have them and we will consolidate and deliver to the shed after 2nd F is over.

Christ’s Closet needs Clothing, toys, small household items and books for this event. No TV’s or large furniture at this time please.

Rice N Beans needs Men’s Belts, Work Boots, Sneakers and Underwear

*Note: Please keep donations for each charity separate

The Challenge (What):

100 Second Plank

100 X Each: Lunges, Calf Raises, Squats, Mtn. Climbers, Side Straddle Hops, American Hammers, Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Freddy Mercuries, Little Baby Crunches, Flutter Kicks, Tricep Extensions, Shoulder Presses, Curls, Rows

100 Yard Bear Crawl

76 X Burpees

1,776 Meter Run (5,826 Ft, 9.26 In)

All exercises will be broken down by 4 sets of each or modify as necessary but the important thing is all reps to be completed within one hour of start.

Challenge will begin promptly at 6:30 and recover will be called at 7:30 sharp.

Bring Coupons if you have them but there will also be coupons available for those who don’t.

SubstiQ to the Rescue

Got the text yesterday a round 5:45 while on the way to coach a 13U softball game. My head wasn’t exactly in the right frame in order to make sound  judgements on anything other than the game plan so I accepted the invitation and rolled on to the game thinking no further about it. (We won 10-2 in case anyone was curious).

So getting home around 10:30 last night I was thinking about what was up for the next day and suddenly realized I had agreed to Q Dromedary in the morning. Holy Schnikies!

So as I’m thinking about what painful displeasure I could dish out I came to realize that I was very sleepy and was in no shape to be thinking of anything worthy of an F3 workout so I chose to sleep off the high from the win and get up early to go to Marvin Ridge and plan pseudo-on-the-fly.  I figured “Hey! I’ve done this enough. How hard can it be to come up with 45 minutes of a$$-kicking workout?”  It turns out that I have a pretty devious side and it was not really an issue.


After a quick DiCCS, we moseyed around the back of the schools on the sidewalk and did 1 X burpee at each light pole along the back sidewalk to get the blood flowing. We stopped at the first parking lot we came to and did some SSH IC X 25 and stepped up the tempo for 25 more. 20 X IW, Plank for a few seconds and stretched a bit in homage to Prickle & Goo that we were all about to be sorry we missed.


Real short Mosey to the first light pole by the port-a-potty and Paula Abduled up to the Globe. 10 Merkins on the up and 10 Speedskaters 2=1 on the back at each light pole on the right.

Moseyed to the courtyard at the MS entrance and partnered up for Step Ups AMRAP while other partner ran around the Globe and back as the timer. We did that 3 times each.

Moseyed to the front of the school to find the alcoves and did some more partner work. (This is where the Deviant in me came shining through). Partner 1 does a “Suspended Donkey Kick” X 1 (Basically it is just holding your feet on the wall in plank position) and hold until Partner 2 runs to other Alcove and does 5 X BBSU and back, Some played hopscotch too (had to be there). Did that 3 times and lots of mumble chatter was heard during that one. You’re welcome!

5 minutes left so needed to make our way back for COT so we split into 2 lines and Indian Ran from or location to COT while taking a minor detour around the Admin parking lot.

45 seconds left when we arrived and we did LBCs and held the last one for ~20 seconds. DONE!


Check calendar for Blood Drive dates and times. Will be at Five Stones.

Mental Health Awareness:

Thank you to Premature for sharing your ongoing battle with Anxiety. He wants everyone to know that it is not something you can deal with on your own. GET HELP! Best to find someone you trust and who knows what you’re going through to help you along and deal with it appropriately. This could be a friend, family member or a medical professional or all of the above. Same could be said for anything you’re dealing with that you do not have the capacity to handle on your own. It is not in your head and something you just snap out of. Deal with it appropriately for your own good and for the good of your family.

YHC took us out C2G BABY!



It’s only 15 Seconds!?

5 Strong men joined YHC this morning for what turned out to be a leg-heavy beating.

Showed up thinking there wouldn’t be anyone joining me as the parking lot was empty at 5:05 but soon after I thought that, Dasher comes rolling in for a 3/4 mile pre-run around the MS. Slowly other PAX showed up and all of a sudden it was 5:15:15…  Oops! Got a little carried away with my DiCCS… and that will be the theme for the rest of the workout as those precious 15 seconds came into play, not once but two more times.

Warmorama: 3/4 mile mosey around front of schools and over to the parking lot by the stadium. Typical stretches, Downward Dog, Glidah, Upward Dog, high plank Jacks X 10, Low plank jacks X 10, Upward Dog and a Calf Stretch.


Short Mosey to the street light at the stadium for :45 sec interval sprints X 5 up toward the entrance of the HS as far as you get in time allowed (first interval ended up being a full minute so there is the second time we were + :15 seconds) and then slow Mosey back to starting point with a 1-ish minute breather before R/R.

Mosey over to HS Cafeteria entrance for partner work,  picking up Premature’s shirt along the way and allowing a little more time for Gerber to take a “load” off at the stadium shed.

partner 1 does Dips on wooden benches (Impromptu PAX were using the cafeteria tables so we used the wooden benches instead) while partner 2 runs 400 meter track around island. R/R until 200 Dips reached.

Next were 150 X Irkins, 100 Step Ups and 100 Staggered Squats (We moved over to the cafeteria tables for the last two now that the Impromptu PAX had carried on elsewhere)

Mosey to Rudy’s Palace for some wall work. (Peoples Chair against the wall while doing 50 X air presses IC and then 50 X jabs IC.

Paula Abdul back up the yellow brick road to COT with 5 X Merkins up and 10 X Speed Skaters back. Had to recover about halfway in due to time and ended up :15 seconds after 6:15. And that completed the final extra :15 seconds.


BC, Gerber and Dasher led most of the way as usual any time they post and providing much wanted (and sometimes annoying) push to the rest of us “normal” guys.

Dunkin in only his second F3 workout (nursing a foot injury by the way) pushing hard and staying with everyone. Kid will be leading the way soon enough.

Premature, my Wildebeest brother, working hard, even with a knee injury that has plagued him for a while now.

Way to go fellas! You inspire me and anyone else you come into contact with. Thank You!

Announcements: See also Impromptu BB for  official announcements…

Prayers and best wishes for Rubbermaid and Hollywood as they embark on a 50 and 25 mile respectively race up and down a mountain this weekend. Good Luck and see you at Ignition on Monday…


WTF… Waxhaw Trail Fest Saturday May 1st at 6:00 a. Sign up! You will regret it… $10 registration and shirt orders forthcoming.

Ricky Bobby took us out in prayer





Rooster Warm-Up

Some idiot (YHC) had the idea to converge at Cuthbertson campus to do a pre-Rooster warm-up just to see where they were at for times on the mile runs. 4 poor souls came out to join me and this is what went down…

Warmed up with a short mosey around the stadium parking lot and did stretching OYO for a few minutes as we strategized how we would simulate the runs since we all had places to be and couldn’t do the full run a mile, wait for 4 others to run their mile in sequence and then run a mile together so we decided to run each mile “together” and then rest a few minutes and run the next and then the next.  We chose the Ignition Mile so Chastain could get his coveted “local legend” in Strava. Three of us ended with 3 miles and two of us ended after 4. You’ll need to check Strava to find out who is who but we all pushed it to the limits and got in some good cardio.

Mumble Chatter:

Brutus and Chastain have a really close relationship that makes some of us uncomfortable. But that’s ok and to each their own…



Go out and have that uncomfortable conversation with whomever it is you need to have that conversation. Get that monkey off your back and don’t let it fester inside.

Bottle Cap took us out


WTF!? – In Due Time…

5 PAX converged at Walnut Creek to scope out the next path to stupidity for the Waxhaw and surrounding regions.  Between now and May 1st you will see more on this subject but until then, you’ll just have to hang on.

Kid Rock, Glidah, Wolverine, Dasher and YHC ran from the tennis courts at Walnut Creek via the Carolina Thread Trail at a scary-fast pace (for me at least) and turned around at the Suspension Bridge on the SC/NC border to return to Walnut Creek. All were present and accounted for at the end.  I feel obligated to point out that most of us completed the entire route while one of us took a short cut (you know who you are…)

Pre-Blast for the event will be coming soon and you will feel both excitement and dread (not necessarily in that order or in equal amounts) when you see what we have planned.


Three for Three!

2 PAX, Big Tuna & Transporter, joined me today for the three-headed monster.



Mosey from COT, around Chipotle and back up to the Turf at Ted’s for IW X 15, Planks/6″ Planks (really slow 10 second Merkins X 5), Up/Down Dog, Runner’s stretch…


Mosey to fountain for 25 X wall jump-ups or Step Ups, lap around block and repeato. We did 25 X Irkins with hands on the wall X 2 sets then staggered squats (other leg on the wall) X 20 each leg X 2 and finished with 20 X  Derkins with feet on the wall X 2 sets.

Big Tuna and I Mary while Transporter goes for a short trip to the port-a-jon aka Hilton Garden Inn-Waverly then mosey to the traffic circle for 7’s.

Using traffic circles as end points start with 1 burpee and go to the other circle for 6 BBSU, 2:5…..6:1.

Sprint (for some. I couldn’t due to a hammy thing I’m dealing with that I don’t want to re-injure) back to last traffic circle and then mosey back to COT. Big Tuna is Fast!


Thanks to Big Tuna and Transporter for coming out today. At 5:27 I was thinking it would be my first no-show day but they came through. Transporter slowly coming back from injury (but you really can’t tell from seeing him work) and Big Tuna showing up to play in a “Big” way made for a great workout.


Q School Tomorrow

Rooster on March 13h

YHC took us out with a prayer

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

8 poor souls including one FNG – Alex Williamson – Elmers (RESPECT), made it out to Blackhawk this morning to get our bodies in shape and push each other way past our comfort zones. Covered ~4 miles and got some arm work in as well. Here is how it went down…


Standards, SSH IC x 50 (increasing speed at 26-50), IW x 15, Moroccan Nightclubs x 15, Plank/6”planks x 3, Up/Down dog and calf, Glidah and Jimmy Dugan stretches.


Mosey to rock pile at 3rd intersection up WC pkwy and grab a lifting rock for Circuits of Curls, Shoulder Presses & Rows. Did 3 sets of each and ran from rock pile to light 1 then 2 then 3 after 15 reps of called exercise. We switched it up to run the other direction and increase by one intersection after each set. Return rocks…

Moseyed back to COT and stopped for some Mary along the way. LBC’s, Low Slow Squats and Lunges were called.

Arrived at COT after completing somewhere near 4 miles for most of the PAX with 3 mins left so we did a cool down stretch by repeating previous stretching routine. Man I love a good cool down stretch…


Everyone pushed it to the max today and Elmers did a great job keeping with the group. Keep posting bro and you will get that lung capacity back. We’ve all been there and it sucks at first but then you embrace it, get used to it and eventually come to enjoy it. I was also impressed with High Hat today. Dude, you’re getting faster and it is showing. I guess all those people touching your balls is really paying off…:)

Shout out to Atlas and Chicken Little for joining me on a mini CSAUP this morning before the workout. We all took off from my house in MB and ran a 5k down to WC Park to post. What a dumb idea that was…  When can we do it again???



Well here is where I finally tie in the title of this BB…

18 years ago today, Fred Rogers of the famed PBS T.V. show, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, passed away. A sad day, for sure as he was a genuinely good person who spread kindness and love everywhere he went. Not just on T.V. but in his life outside the view of the cameras as well. I can’t help but think if he were around today, things might be different in a positive way. Kids who are now technically adults didn’t get the benefits of the lessons he taught us on his show about being kind to one another regardless of your socio-economic or cultural status and I feel like that is lost on the new generation and we, F3, and people like us need to be that light in this world to show kindness and genuine care for our fellow human beings.  Go out today, tomorrow and every other day of your life and spread kindness and love to your fellow humans . It is a choice and only you can make it. Simple.



Q School on March 6th

Rooster on March 13th

CPR class sometime in March

Mad Dog took us out in prayer


Anniversary of the First Performing Monkey

It’s true!  Today is the 270th (1751 – NYC) anniversary of the first performing monkey exhibited in America.  We celebrated by doing the following…


Short Mosey to parking lot at the corner of Church & South Main where we did, SSH X 15, IW X 15, Plank – 6″ Plank R/R, Downward Dog, Upward Dog, Glidah and Hurry Stretches and recover.


AYG up ABI to get that Strava record.  I don’t think anyone will beat :43 by our own Zinfandel

Explained we would be going into some darker, less travelled places and the PAX didn’t bat an eye.  (Nothing scares these guys…) At each intersection crossing Anne Ave. we come to we will be doing a series of exercises while running in one direction to keep us from crossing paths to much. First three intersections 10X Burpees X 3, Next 3 were 15 MT’s X 3 (I could barely get 15 on that last set), then 20 Squats X 3 and finished up with 25 Dry Docks X 3 at the Cemetary end of Bad Idea.

AYG down BI to try and beat that Strava record.  I don’t think anyone got the record but there may have been some personal records broken.

Around the back of S. Providence school to the BBall court and team up for Suicides and step overs. One partner steps over concrete parking barriers while other partner does suicides on the court. We did 2 rounds.

Moseyed (the long way) around the school and up S. Providence St. headed toward COT and stop at the rock formations for a Monkey Humper Ladder to cap off our celebration of the 270th Anniversary of the first performing monkey exhibited in the US.

Finished our mosey to COT and done!


March 6th is Q School. If you haven’t been yet or if you have and are questioning whether you should go then you definitely should go…

March 13th is The Rooster. Sign up on GroupMe

Flanders, Loafer and Bypass will be running a half-Marathon (13.1 miles) in Greenville this weekend. If you see them or if you can, reach out to wish them luck. Get after it, boys!

YHC took us out in prayer