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He stopped for Water!

ByRudy Aug 16, 2021

Warm Up - Mosey to Millbridge Pool via neighborhood.  SSH, Moroccan nightclubs, Jimmy Dugans, runners stretch, merkins, The Thang - We run up

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Slow and Steady

ByChastain Aug 12, 2021

At F3 workouts we often talk about using proper form. In fact, we even have some self-proclaimed form police that show up at various workouts and

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Commitment 7/10/2021

ByCarb Load Jul 11, 2021

Earlier in the week when Elsa was making her way up the east coast, knowing I was on Q at Commitment, I had been planning a Weinke that would kee

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Forgotten BB

ByChatterbox Jun 28, 2021

Realized I had not written BB on my Q at watchtower. DICCS given and we are off. Run to Deal road and back to COT. Do some streches. The

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Mileage at Commitment and Where Did the 6 Go?

ByJ-Woww Jun 26, 2021

I wanted to change up my Q for commitment and come out of my comfort zone, which meant a good deal of mileage for the PAX. Everyone did great an

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Big Papa and little SPUDs

ByDasBoot Jun 24, 2021

Papa is Spanish for potato (except El Papa, who is the Pope) and Papá is father. Spuds are small potatoes. This is the BB for Saturday's F3 Dads

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A Towel-LESS Watchtower..

ByChicken Little Jun 22, 2021

DICCS- All given to include cell phone, cpr and do not sue Warm up  Two laps in front of school Circle up 15- Imperial Walkers 15

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Stairway to Heaven (well not really)

BySurge Jun 15, 2021

Issues getting the flag into the ground...near the dumpster. DiCCS reviewed and Schneider had to bring his phone.  We started our warm-up run

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