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I’m baaaaack

Site Qs mistakenly put a teetotaler in charge of the bar at Last Call this morning and when they realized the severity of their selection, both protested the decision by abstaining from the site for the day.  One was an understandable and unfortunate emergency, the other a shocking absence.



  • Hillbillies 11x IC
  • Moroccan Night Club 11x IC
  • Baryshnikov Squats 11x IC
  • Plank Jacks 11x IC
  • Stretchy-stretch time



Mosey to the main high school driveway

  • Run the drive stopping at each of 7 lights for 5x T-Merkins
  • Run back for 6 lunges at each light
  • Run the original direction for 5x T-merkins

Head to the benches between the tennis courts and find a special place under a bench

  • Supine pull-ups underhand grip (chin-ups) 11x
  • Supine pull-ups overhand grip 11x
  • Stagger with one hand over and one under 11x
  • Flapjack the stagger 11x
  • Get up for 11 dips
  • Straddle bench hops over the bench, bent over holding on 11x
  • Run around one set of courts

Repeat for a total of 4 sets

Mosey to the Cave

In the cave, do 11x of an exercise, then jump the wall and run the short distance to get back around to the start

  • Superman
  • Aquaman
  • W-Superman
  • Australian Snow Angels

Mosey back to COT



YHC was surprised to see Swimmers and Gump at Last Call today, but it turns out there was an alarm issue.  But that’s why Last exists, so one can “have an alarm issue” and still get a workout in.  Everyone should have that problem once a week and maybe you’ll all be leading the PAX the whole workout just like Swimmers and Gump.  It’s great to hear the Deep Dish is recovering well from having the lady doctor in his man region (better than Swimmers, amiright?) and Babyface is somehow not the in-your-face New Yorker from movies.  YHC had planned for Travolta merkins, but there wasn’t enough time — next time they will happen in order to see what kind of moves Babyface brought down from the Bronx.

There were some tough workouts during the week and YHC wanted something a little different, thus the focus on the back muscles.  Hopefully, the crew is feeling a little sore Saturday morning in some less-worked spots.  It’s also a belated 44th birthday Q which led to the set of 4 exercises with 11 reps.



If you’re not aware, there’s a blood drive Saturday at Five Stones Church.  GO!

F3 Dads Camp is open for business.  Sign up now.

The “Ultimate Warrior” in All of Us

Posted in behalf of Mayhem


Ultimate Warrior

Over the weekend, I was flipping channels at a rapid pace, ‘cause that’s what guys do. I stumbled across
A & E documentaries on wrestlers. Behind the scene stories on the Ultimate Warrior, Mankind, Jake
the Snake, etc. and a carton of ice cream later, I decided to tailor Thursday’s workout at Body Shop to
the wrestler in all of us. Thanks to the Pax for the buy in.

Turnbuckle brought his WWF coupon and 80’s wrestling mixed tape. One Star showed up in a “onesie” and cowboy hat. It was really cool, even though I haven’t gotten the image out of my mind or slept in 28 hours, 13 minutes, and 5 seconds.

OK, let’s roll with the Thang. In order to meet mashers and boot campers needs, I blended some WWF
moseys with mash gear (coupon, chair, rock, etc.).

  • 3 WWF Moseys at different times around the parking lot
  • “Rope Runs”-in WWF fashion, ran into wall (aka rope in ring), bounced off, ran to island, and repeated
    10 times
  • “Karate Kids”-in WWF fashion, used side kicks to drop opponent on their ?x#$
  • “Dusty Rhodes”-in WWF fashion, did a little fancy dance and punched with alternating arms
  • “Undertaker”-in WWF fashion, lifted leg as high as we could and gave boot to opponent’s face (or groin for the cheapshot artist in the group)
  • “Hulk”-in WWF world and Rocky 25, press coupon over head. Centerfold thought we were supposed to chunk them “out of the ring.” Always have 1 outlier in the bunch.
  • “Ric Flair”-while saying “woooooooooooo”, replicate slap across chest movement with arm extended across body.
  • “Mulkies”-for true WWF fans, they may remember the Mulky twins. They were famous for losing every match and getting the crap beat out of them. Their opponent would grab one of their feet coming off the rope and toss them over their head. To replicate this move, we did coupon swings.
  • “Headbangers”-image ramming your opponent’s face into the concrete. When Big Ben started to grab La-Z-Boy, I had to stop him and explain it meant taking coupon and completing lawn mower pulls.
  • Escape moves are a must in the wresting move. In order to kick out of a submission hold in 2.999999 seconds (before the 3 count), your abs have to be rock solid. Das Boot led us in outlaws, Stormy Daniels, and side scissor kicks.


I started a new job this week, so I have to cut this backblast short. If you don’t like it, fire me. Like
Kramer, “I don’t even work here.”

-Blood Drive is June 19th at Five Stone Church from9:00-1:30. Sign up or see Turnbuckle or Radar.
-Prayers for Premature as he is going through medical testing process. With you brother.
-Christ’s Closet needs socks, UNUSED underwear guys, and belts. Centerfold or Turnbuckle can take
them to Rice and Beans in Uptown Charlotte.

Love you brothers…in the most manly way possible. Peace out.


Oh, that McGee

McGee was scheduled to lead The Body Shop in April but conveniently went skiing a couple of weeks beforehand and injured himself out of commission for several weeks after that.  Waxhaw was excited to have an F3 OG leading one of the newer workouts in the area, though it became apparent some were not as excited to see him.

“Oh, that McGee.  I should have stayed home.”

Or when he called 10 burpees OYO to start the workout… “Really?!”

And when he began to explain his plan for partner work of 200 / 300 / 400 reps with 5 burpees each partner when exchanging between exercises and the running lap, One Star offered, “You guys grab him and I’ll beat the $#*% out of him!”

Midway through, there was a, “Who invited this [man of questionable lineage]? Don’t let him Q again!”

And after all that, the final partner work was 100 burpees, but with mere squats at the interchange.

10 PAX came and felt the wrath of McGee’s groin injury and left much more tired and hopefully a little stronger for it.  It was a beatdown and the only disappointment was that the Waxhaw Form Police didn’t show to maintain their honor.  The PAX held strong but the Form Police seem to have just talked a big game and didn’t come up north when multiple invitations were made well in advance.

¡Cinco en Mayo!

YHC did a little self-marketing on the socials on Tuesday to promote his 5-year F3-versary Q at Dromedary and it became clear that the 8 PAX who descended on MRHS steer clear of the social channels because they were not deterred by the potential for humpers.


Mosey around the parking lot and then some exercises

  • SSH
  • Hillbilly Rockettes
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Supine pull-ups under the rails
  • Exploding Derkins off the rails



Mosey to the rock pile by the middle school track and find a lifting rock

Circle up in the center of the middle school field

Do the center set…

  • 10 Curls
  • 10 overhead presses
  • 10 tricep extensions

Then run to a designated point on the track for 10 of an exercise, run back to center for the center set, then on to another track exercise.

Track exercises

  • American Hammer
  • Burpees
  • Merkins
  • Alternating side lunges
  • Carolina Dry Dock

With the Six in, the PAX circled up for 10x exercises with the rocks.  Each PAX took a turn calling the work, then in plank, PAX shuffled to another rock.  Exercises included:

  • Curls
  • Hernias
  • Standing Chest press
  • overhead press
  • Squats
  • Other stuff one can come up with to do with a rock

Return rocks and mosey to the middle school cave for some People’s Chair

  • 20x jabs, then jump the wall, run to the flagpole and back
  • 20x air press, jump the wall, run to the flagpole and back
  • 20x donkey kicks, jump the wall, run to the flagpole for Mary

Stretch the calves, mosey back

Finish in the parking lot with…

  • 10x Monkey Humpers and run to the top of the lot
  • 20x Gorilla Humpers and run to COT

Alternating shoulder taps to close



There was a plan to tie 5 into the workout much more frequently, but that fell apart quickly.  YHC wanted to hit some oldies but goodies today and revisit some exercises that we haven’t done as much recently — sharing rocks, supines, jumping the wall.  Dromedary offers a lot.

The mumblechatter was solid this morning, and much better than the form on the Hillbilly Rockettes.  PJ needs to recruit more guys to Prickle and Goo because those legs weren’t going out.  Flo and Tanyatine brought some game to that one, but otherwise it looked like a bad breakdance session sponsored by Sun City Senior Living.  The rock work is good for the arms, but also for the spirit, especially when rotating around and sharing rocks.  Deep Dish is the Site Q out with a hernia surgery today, but the other Site Q Premature must have chosen his rock in support because, as TeaTime noted later, “it’s a one-handed rock.”  Johnny Utah also chose a quality paperweight for his strength work this morning.  Shop Dawg wasn’t getting short-changed and called a 4-part exercise for his 10x — he also was the first to send everyone to the wet ground, then threw out some smack talk against Waxhaw’s most anti-grasser, Moneyball.  One Star paid homage to DD by calling the hernia and may have expedited the next surgery in Waxhaw.  He and Flo were pushing out front all morning long with the strong work.  J-Woww never cheats himself on the rock and with the rotation today, others bore witness.  And Terry Tate‘s solid focused work earned him a voluntold VQ at Last Call this Friday.

Finally, the late stretching was deemed too late, but it was just in time for the humper runs.  Everybody loves the Gorilla Humpers followed by running — jello legs at their finest.  If you haven’t tried that combo yet, invite your neighbor to do some with you and it’ll be all the rage at the summer block parties.



On Dec 31, 2015, Dark Helmet — who was not yet the “Whoa! Dark Helmet!” he is now — texted YHC with an invite to go work out with a group of guys at Graham Middle School in Charlotte.  YHC had a broken foot at the time and was in a walking boot, but decided to get up early on New Year’s and see what this was all about.  It was a good time, but with the foot, regular attendance wasn’t happening right then.

Fast forward to May 25, 2016 and YHC finally decided to check out something called Dromedary at Marvin Ridge High School because it was nearby. It was a blur and in checking the BB archives, it’s the only date in a span of about 8 weeks that’s missing a BB, but YHC does remember a good group of guys with highly unintelligible names — must have been the 0530 talking if guys are introducing themselves as Bananas, Bratwurst, Shop Dawg, Stump Hugger, Good Hands, Doc McStuffins and such — what on earth was this? But it soon became addictive as.

It’s been five years now and Dromedary still feels like the home workout.  It’s great to continue to see familiar faces out and to see new guys coming in and bringing more energy and ideas.  <breaking from YHC> I haven’t recorded any 5-minute miles or qualified for Boston, the arms sure don’t show signs of five years of boot camps, and most EH efforts haven’t been fruitful, but I feel like a better husband and father because of my time with F3 over the past five years.  One of the comments on the Nation site is that it’s not about you, it’s about the guy beside you and that’s 100% spot on.  I’m improved because of the examples of so many guys in the gloom who push themselves, encourage me, say Hi with a big smile at 0527, circle back to pick up a tired Six, check in with a brother to ask how he’s doing, organize a blood drive, collect clothes and more for those who are on hard times, trash talk in the most encouraging way possible, run for miles with an American flag waving on a shovel, join a brother about to go under the knife, openly discuss mental and spiritual challenges, and those who are there to listen.  Thank you for being there in the gloom or in the light of day and making a positive impact in my life and the lives of others, no matter how big or small. </I talk>




¡No más!

Five PAX arrived at Homecoming with no idea that the following Monday was Sugar Ray Leonard’s birthday.  Yes, Sugar Ray Leonard of the famous ¡No más! fight with Roberto Duran where Duran called out for it to stop.  They may not remember already how that tied into the workout, but they left knowing what ¡No más! means.


Mosey through parking lots and onto 12 Mile Creek Rd and back to the Elementary school parking lot, stopping occasionally for some exercises:

  • Goofball
  • Hillbillies
  • Merkins
  • It’s been a few days, so the memory is fuzzy and who cares about the warm-up?
  • Stretching



Grab 2 bricks from the side of the school and line up near the playground for a series of exercises while a PAX ran to the end of the parking lot and back.

  • Curls
  • Tri extensions
  • Bent over rows
  • Flies
  • Letter X
  • Air Shoulder press

Now mosey with the bricks back to the drop-off loop.

At each light pole, do 15 of the exercise below plus 5 merkins on the bricks

  • Curls
  • Tri
  • Letter V
  • Swimmer arms
  • Moroccan Night Club
  • Something
  • Something else

Mosey back with the bricks in a waiter’s carry.

Head to the parking lot for a game of ¡No más!

All PAX perform a called exercise until someone has had enough and they call out ¡No más! (Spanish for “No more” or “That’s enough”.)  Whoever calls it out does 2 burpees and the other PAX keep with that exercise, then the group runs a lap around the parking lot.

  • Merkins
  • SSH
  • Shoulder press with bricks
  • Legs extended crunches
  • Jabs with bricks
  • American Knockout with bricks

Return the bricks and then mosey to the front of the school for a set of negative Superman on the flagpole base.

Mosey to the band tower for calf raises and squats to the top.

Back to COT and finish with a Febreze.



What a great morning to be at Homecoming — fantastic fighting weather.  YHC got into a fight once or twice in about 6th grade and looking back on it now, it probably was on the caliber of Napoleon Dynamite and his brother Kip getting into a scuffle.  Must have been a sight to behold.  YHC doesn’t care about boxing and it was quite the stretch to work this theme in, lovingly borrowed from Chastain last year, but it makes for some vague backstory.

The men brought some good spirit to the fight today and the PAX made it to about the 30s In Cadence for most of the exercises, except the SSH that went into the 50s and fortunately someone called it out of sheer boredom — completely understandable.

Kudos to Southern Tip and Dunkin who held strong and didn’t tap out at all.  Legal Zoom rightfully pointed out the obvious to YHC that it’s not an air press when holding bricks.  Swift and Honeycomb also battled the rising sun during the fight, so they had the extra battle.

Everyone realized that the negative Superman on a brick wall is not a comfortable exercise and may ruin Saturday night plans.  No chose the quick exit from the top of the band tower, so that’s a plus.  Two small bricks can get heavy quickly and YHC is now realizing that he could have offered an inspirational thought at the end about battling small challenges in life alone and how we should remember Mental Health Awareness Month and not suffer alone, but the moment passed.  Anyone reading should consider that thought and don’t be afraid to share your bricks or relieve others of theirs.



  • Blood Drive June 19
  • Convergence May 16 at Asylum for Mental Health Awareness Month
  • Crane Relay in August

Cramming for EOGs and Finals

School is wrapping up for the kids, but 17 PAX still found time to hit The Appetizer Tuesday afternoon.  YHC knows how important good study time can be so the crew set out to take advantage of being on campus on a beautiful day and do some last-minute studying for those EOGs and Finals this week and next.


Mosey, especially to find YHC’s 2.0s who had gone off in search of sidewalk chalk

Circle up for some exercises

  • Goofball 20x IC
  • Squats IC
  • Merkins 15x Civilian
  • Calf stretch
  • Potato pickers 12x IC


Head to the lower playground track for some exam prep


E: Elevens – start with 10 merkins

O: Over the rock wall (kids) / Over yonder around the play area for a lap

G: Gas pumps


FINALS (on the track, stop at each letter that Black Widow chalked out for 10x of each arm/leg)

F: Floyd Mayweather

I: Imperial Walker

N: Newton’s Cradle

A: American Hammer

L: Lunges

S: Superman



Subject prep!

History: The Obama (4 bear crawl steps followed by 4 merkins, to total 44 merkins)

Math: Protractor (go around the PAX for an angle)

Science: Volcano (squatting quick feet until a PAX called “Explosion!” and everyone jumped up)


Mosey to COT

English: ABCs ab work to spell EOG and Finals



There was a lot of pressure on this weinke because YHC’s 2.0s had high expectations.  The Elevens were more demanding than most had expected, with a longer run than normal.  Zinfandel did an excellent job of getting some pushes in for Elsa on the swing as he passed.  The Obama is a beast of an exercise and thanks to High Hat for the mid-term trivia to break it up a bit.  Dwight is smiles from start to finish, even when he looks miserable out there.  Black Widow was disappointed that there wasn’t a merkin contest because she’s ready to throw down against ANYONE.ANYDAY.

The kids (and adults) thought they were getting a break from schoolwork today, but no sirree. “I hope there’s no math out here” — there would be.  “Why do we do this exercise?  When am I going to use this?”  You’ll say that a lot more until you’re out of school, kid.  “English?  Time is done.”  Teachers don’t care about the clock if they’re in a groove.

The 2.0s have been pushing YHC to the evening workouts more lately and it’s great to see more of the younger 2.0s out and enjoying the time.  Kudos to Dunkin for bringing the crew up north — even if we later found out the main motivation from his M may have been so he’d stop by CAVA on the way home. And kudos to Mulligan for coming with C3PO — not direct 2.0s, but fun still the same. Twinkle Toes and Lefty with the father-son smack talk and challenges is high entertainment.  This is a blast and if you haven’t been out to F3 Dads or an evening workout with the kids, make plans now because they’ll soon be a month older and 6 months older and 3 years older.



  • Blood Drive June 19th at Five Stones Church
  • F3 Dads Camp is a go, in August, and Radar is the Q
  • Crane Relay ~Aug 13

Why don’t you just meet me in the middle

Long Haul is obviously a huge fan of the Zedd/Maren Morris/Grey song “The Middle” as he must have built his Body Shop workout around that.  Pairing up, running around the school to meet for hand clap merkins — first time doing those in over a year and everyone agreed it was delightful.  Rock work, suicides, some ab work to continue to work on that middle section.  Another quality beatdown from Long Haul, but the highlight may have been Rudy’s attempt to commandeer yet another UCPS shed when nature called.  We had already run past the port-a-potty on campus, so it seems like he just prefers to heed nature in nature.

If the glove fits…

Seven PAX showed for The Juice’s VQ at The Body Shop. He delivered a playoff worthy beatdown, but the fans are still waiting for his side of story of what really happened. The OJ theme was prevalent throughout with multiple football-related exercises and, fortunately, no concussions. Somehow several guys had OJ stories to share and when The Juice had each PAX call an exercise (look at that sneaky veteran move!), the tales were flying.


It was a good workout and The Juice was found guilty of a solid VQ.

Shirty Marvin Miles

4 PAX showed for the 0600 version of Marvin Miles and with temps a hair over 60° and humidity doing its thing, the big surprise may have been that Polly didn’t drop the added fabric ounces. Grand Canyon follow up, high school track, Waxhaw Trail Fest, Boston tomorrow’s Myrtle, foot pods — the usual fine array of conversation that is more consistent than “flat” miles. On the run home, YHC also unintentionally scared a squirrel into oncoming traffic, resulting in a sad start/end to that furry guy’s day.

Lessons reminded of today:

1 – Run with fast guys in order to improve

2 – Watch out before running into the street

Monday waxing strong

The man from Myrtle, the stud of statues, the purveyor of pop paraffin, Madame Tussaud took the Q at Firestarter on the last Monday in April. There were stairs, suicides, sets and reps. The PAX Hall of Statues is in progress.