Slow and Steady

Slow and Steady

At F3 workouts we often talk about using proper form. In fact, we even have some self-proclaimed form police that show up at various workouts and yell at people when their butts aren’t low enough or their arms didn’t bend enough or other abuses. But do we ever stop to think maybe we’re just going too fast with our reps? Maybe proper form is difficult cause we’re trying to force too many reps. Today was a test to see if lower/slower reps = better form = still a good workout.


Mosey around the side parking lot and circle up for some slow SSHs, slow Imperial Walkers, slow Windmills (or Abe Vigodas if you’re old and know who that is), and calf stretches. Mosey to the edge of the parking lot and grab some curb.

  • Gassers
    • Run to the close curb and back
    • 10 Mike Tysons
    • Run to the far curb and back
    • 10 Bonnie Blairs
    • Run to the close curb and back
    • 10 Curb Jump Burpees

That seemed too short so we did a lap around the lot, back to our original spots and then repeato.

Now we mosey to the middle of the parking lot and each person grab a parking space for

The Thang

  • 10 sloooooow Merkins IC – run a lap
  • 10 low sloooooow Squats IC
  • 10 Big Bois – run a lap
  • 10 sloooooow Calf Raises IC
  • 10 sloooooow Diamond Merkins IC – run a lap
  • 20 sloooooow Mountain Climbers IC

Mosey to the front of the school to the rock pile. There’s a massive spiderweb hovering right over it so we cross the street to the backup rock pile. The rocks here are less impressive but they’ll do. Grab a lifting rock and rifle carry it to the first street light.

  • 10 sloooooow Curls IC
  • 10 sloooooow Presses IC
  • Run to the sign that reads “Pull up to this *oint” I’m not sure what an *oint is and since there weren’t any bars around to do pull ups, we modified and did 10 sloooooow Merkins at the *oint instead
  • Back to the rocks
  • 10 sloooooow Tricep Extensions IC
  • 10 sloooooow Goblet Squats IC
  • Back to the *oint for 10 Big Bois
  • Back to the rocks
  • 20 sloooooow Squat Thrusters IC

Rifle carry the rocks back to the pile and set them free

Now we mosey all the way to the swings. 1 pax does 10 Jump Squats, with proper form, of course while the remaining pax do Swerkins on the swings. Swerkins = feet in the swing, hands on the ground in plank position. Bring your knees to your chest and back to plank. Then do a Merkin.

Jump Squats are the timer. Rotate pax until everyone has done the Jump Squats and too many Swerkins

Mosey to the basketball court. One pax names an exercise and then runs a lap around the track while the other pax do that exercise sloooooowly and in cadence. Repeato until all pax have named an exercise and run. Those exercises were: Freddy Mercuries, LBCs, Plank Jacks, Crab Cakes, and then Recalc threw Bobby Hurleys at us while he ran.

Less than 3 minutes remaining we moseyed back to COT for some sloooooow Curb Squats IC and sloooooow Merkins IC


Overall I was pretty happy with the result. I gave the pax a heads up at the beginning that all exercises would be slow. Of course I got some whining that the moseys didn’t seem very slow but I have kids so I’m used to ignoring complaints. Form looked pretty good too. Chief of the Form Police, Recalculating, was in attendance and I didn’t hear a peep from him about any violations. Apparently I almost managed to take out Recalc when we ran past some extremely bright lights that were aimed upwards. I guess he tripped or almost injured himself and considered going to join the MASH group. Ah well, maybe next time.

Speaking of MASH, Mayhem led that group and the highlight (was it?) was pushing his car around the lot. Mayhem tried to tell everyone that it was part of the workout but I think he was really trying to get everyone to help him push start it. Next time someone has to sit in the driver’s seat and pop the clutch.


This Saturday at Cuthbertson Middle is the Cuthbertson Campus Cross Country Course Cleanup day. 8am. Bring your shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, chainsaws, and leaf blowers. We’re giving back to the campus we use 6 times per week.

Prayers for Mayhem’s mom, Alice, as she deals with Covid

Prayers for Mayhem’s friend Ken who is dealing with alcohol issues

Prayers for Recalc’s mother-in-law who broke several bones, Recalc’s wife who is taking care of her, Recalc who is supporting his wife, and the rest of F3 Waxhaw who have to deal with Recalc


YHC took us out

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