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Oh, The Wheel(barrow) In The Lot Keeps On Turning

18 Pax (including one FNG) made the tee time at Union County’s finest golf destination this morning. After YHC’s Q at Dromedary last week that involved a bit more running than anticipated, the greenskeeper set today’s course up for upper body punishment today.

DiCCS reviewed.


MASHers head to their chosen spot of pre-dawn fun, the rest of the gang moseys for a short loop in front of the school to circle up in the big parking lot. Warmup consisted of SSH, Moroccan Night Clubs, Imperial Walkers, Potato Pickers, & Calf Stretches, Childs Pose Yoga Stretech (to loosen the shoulders for what ensues), and some Merkins. We take a short mosey back to the small parking lot to behind the school for a lap around the track then directly back to where we started the mosey at the Warmup circle. Unfortunately the Warmup is over though and we dive directly into the upper-body shredding.


Everyone grabs a partner. Time for some human wheelbarrows over a ~20 meter stretch with exercises for each partner at the end of each wheelbarrow stretch. We do four down and backs (aka laps) with the person on the team acting as the “wheel” switching each segment. The exercises for each lap were:

  • Lap 1: Wheel for the segment performs 18 Merkins / Carrier LBCs until partner completed Merkins. Carrier becomes the wheel and return to starting point. Same exercises performed. Lap complete.
  • Lap 2: Wheel for the segment performs 18 Mike Tysons /Carrier LBCs.
  • Lap 3: Wheel for the segment performs 18 Carolina Dry Docks / Carrier LBCs.
  • Lap 4: Wheel for the segment performs 18 Merkins / Carrier LBCs.

Mary at the end until the six finishes. Standing ten count. We’ve made the turn and we’re off to the back nine.

Thang 2

Same partners as Thang 1 are kept and each team grabs a lifting rock. While one partner is performing as many reps of the set exercise with the rock for that round, the other partner runs a lap around the big parking lot, completing three burpees at the half way point, then then returns to their partner to relieve them of the rock. Six rounds in total with each partner performing the run + burpees and the exercise with rock in each round. Exercises for the laps follow:

  • Curls
  • Tri Extensions
  • Overhead Presses
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Squats
  • American Hammers

Rocks returned and mosey back to CoT. Four minutes are left on the clock for some Mary (Heels to Heaven, Freddie Mercuries, Shoulder Taps, & Fiji Fast feet w/Merkins). 6:15 couldn’t arrive soon enough. Workout complete – everyone crushed this one!


Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama completed – time for our FNG to take center stage. He’s so excited, he runs to the middle of CoT. Our FNG was Matt Rose, a work colleague of YHC. Matt tells us a bit about himself – originally from the Charlotte area, college baseball player (catcher), regular at Cross Fit, in the insurance business, etc. The initial name thrown out by the group was Jamie – the super friendly guy that accompanies Flo from the Progressive commercials. This name was an immediate hit but was troublesome to adopt as it is an F3 hospital name. The group stays on the same general path though and decides to name him The Catcher since he was the Bullpen catcher for the Charlotte Knights at one point. Welcome to F3, The Catcher!


  • Blood Drive on June 19th 9:00-1:00 at Five Stones Church.
  • Last Call is at 6:02AM Fridays at Marvin High School.

18 Holes around the Horn

Quick write up…

Mosey to warmup with SSH/IW/MC 18 IC


there were 9 stations strategically placed around the Front nine lot. Each station had 3 exercises labeled. Partner up with a Pax, grab a batton Golf Ball from the bucket. One Pax ran a lap while hte other performed the initial frst exercise on the sheet. Need to Pass the batton Ball other pax to run their respective lap. When you both finish the first exercise, you both run tot the next station Hole. For each hole you complete you get a par. If you somehow drop the Batton, you get an extra stroke added.

After completing the first 9 holes, go to the second exercise on the list and repeat through the back 9. nearly everyone seemed to finish at least 18 holes with a few heading to the bar for the 19th..

Finish up with the Bushwood Staple Fijian Fast Feet!


While it didn’t seem like much, YHC remembers that we hit above 3 miles on what was like Short-Track racing.

The site continues to gain attention in Marvin with new and old faces showing up weekly. If you haven’t made it out, take the extra time to do so..


There will be Blo—Vomit!

Nineteen Pax (including one FNG) joined YHC for a good old fashioned sweat fest at Dromedary. No time for small talk as we had a couple of Pax screaming in right at the 5:30 bell. DiCCS reviewed.


MASHers head to their chosen spot of pre-dawn fun, the rest of the gang moseys for a long loop around the front parking lot. On our route, YHC takes them directly up a gentle incline of approximately 150 meters for some foreshadowing of what is to come later. We circle up to begin to loosen up.



consisted of SSH, Moroccan Night Clubs, Imperial Walkers, Potato Pickers, & Calf Stretches. Warmup completed, we’re off for a short mosey to begin the opening round of punishment.


We stop on the long stretch of driveway/road on the west side of the school campus for a few laps around the roundabout. Each lap consists of a run out around the roundabout and back to our starting point, doing an increasing amount of the set exercise for that lap at every light pole (we pass 8 light poles in total for each lap on this journey). At the first light pole the group does one rep of the set exercise for that lap, two and the next light pole, three at the next, etc. The first lap: Merkins. Second lap: Big Boy Sit Ups. Third Lap: Speed Skaters. Mary at the end of each lap until the six gets in. Standing 10 count to recover (some) of our breath, then we form two lines for an Indian Run.

Thang 2

We Indian Run from the starting point of Thang 1 all the way around the back of the school and then around the track to the rock pile. The run was a bit longer than YHC anticipated, but only one person threw up (not to name names, but you could say The Juice was loose).

Thang 3

After our Indian run, everyone partnered up and grabbed a lifting rock for their team. We walked the rocks to the bottom of the parking lot, directly at the base of a pretty nice 150 meter incline to the top of the parking lot. YHC points to a yellow speed bump at the top of that incline. While one partner is performing as many reps of the set exercise with the rock for that round, the other partner runs to aforementioned speed bump and performs two burpees, then returns to their partner to relive them of the rock. Five rounds in total with each partner performing the run + burpees and the exercise with rock in each round. The exercises with the rocks included Curls, Overhead Presses, Bent Over Rows, Squats, and American Hammers. Aggressive rock selections were made (including by YHC) which made this 15 minute segment pretty brutal. We returned the rocks and moseyed back to CoT for a few minutes of Mary to close out our workout.


Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama completed – time for our FNG to take center stage. Our FNG was Jerry. He moved to Waxhaw three years ago from Long Island (Montauk to be exact). He travels a lot for work helping companies with retirement plans. Thanks for the info, Jerry – now it’s time to bequeath you with your F3 name. The group initially started down the path of a name tied to his line of work, but then someone made the connection that Billy Joel was also from Long Island. Uptown Girl was tossed into the ring for consideration by the group – and quickly adopted. Welcome Uptown Girl! Even though you’re now living in the burbs, we know you’ve still been living in an uptown world.


  • Blood Drive on June 19th 9:00-1:00 at Five Stones Church.
  • With school out for the summer, Last Call’s new start time is 6:02AM. Fridays at Marvin High School. End your week with a little extra sleep but still get a great workout.

Sweatin to the 90’s Grunge

Yesterday YHC took the lloonngg trek from the Bushwood/Marvin country club to Flash/Cuthbertson to say hey to some old friends and maybe pull off a little marketing for the ever-growing Marvin Location. I looked at my 5:10am Alarm setting (says Bushwood/Dromedary) turned it off and swiped Green on the 5am Cutty alarm that had been neglected for quite some time, then took the 15minute trek to Flash with Inspector Gadget’s 2nd Q. Was great to see some old familiar faces. From time to time we have get up and check out some old stomping grounds. It was like the Flash/Ignition crew had seen a ghost as I walked up. Truth be told, the Bushwood crew is closer to SOB and will often times cross county lines and hit up Firestarter on Mondays. I thought to myself it would be a nice change to head down New Town Rd and double dip by taking the opportunity to re-invite the PAX to the far West Side site to meet the many new faces of F3 in the Marvin area. Heard Gerber yell out he was Hard commit, so I knew we reached someone.

On to the Workout; 17 PAX showed up in the sticky weather for a beauty of a morning that had a huge Orange supermoon and a good ole Tanyatine Q.  I am commonly known for a pretty regimented Q that mixes a little bit of everything from stretching, Ployo’s, Running, and Rock work. This would be no different, except with a bit more mileage into the mix

Warmup: Mosey to regular Lot

  • SSH
  • IW
  • Calf Stretch
  • Up/Down Dog
  • Plank Jack
  • Mountain Climbers


After the Warmup, it was clear we would be in a sticky situation with the 70+ degree weather and abnormally high humidity. we took a rather long jaunt to the rarely used north side of the course through the woods to MC and Arborvitae ln. At the corner of Arborvitae and Autumn blossom, alternate 10 merkins and 10 Speedskaters (2:1) at the four houses to the circle on Running horse. Mary for the 6

On Running horse, 15 Drydocks at the first circle, 15 Jump Squats at the other with 3 burpees in the middle both ways. Repeato 3x until the sweat starts dripping. This was a bit longer of a run than I think we all expected! Mary for 6 with some Big boys with Gerber and Flo in the lead.

Take the long trek back to the favorite rock pile. Crank up the tunes to Lithium on Sirius with some Social Distortion, Nirvana, Veruca Salt, and STP. Each PAX line up in a parking space ready for Suicides. Start with 10 of the exercise called out, go to short/mid/far line doing 10 reps at the beginning for 30 total reps.

  • Curls
  • Tris
  • Shoulder raises
  • Hernias
  • Chest Press
  • Bent rows

Rifle carry rock to rock pile, head back to COT where Smuggler and Long Haul decided to have their weekly sprint to the Finish; Great job fellas!

End with the Favorite-Finish-Fiji-Fast-Feet Merkins for the last 45 seconds. Say that Five-Times-Fast!


We definitely got more mileage than this guy expected! Somewhere between 3.3-3.5 miles for some! great job by all the PAX sweating it out (YHC was dripping through the wife-beater and T).

Some general observations: Great to see Kinish back out here hopefully making it more of a habit again, Awesome to see Both Gerber and Rockwell head on over to Bushwood today and take me up on my Cross-over challange, Zidane hit up his second workout and will hopefully start to be a regular-Go to bed earlier buddy!! And finally, huge props to Deep dish for killing it before going under the knife tomorrow.

As previously stated above, look at the schedules on the F3 SouthCharlotte site, there are now over 18 locations to choose from just in Waxhaw with exercises at different times to suit your needs. Go out and check out some new sites, or visit some old ones, cross over the boundaries, see what SOB may be doing. I guarantee you will meet some new faces and the familiar ones will be happy to see yours.


  • Blood drive 6/19
  • Need Qs for Last Call and Bushwood—Step up fellas
  • Waxhaw Convergence on Monday Memorial Day 5/31- Waxhaw Elementary MURPH or Popeye Bootcamp. Check GroupMe for times
  • Prayer request for Deep Dish getting hernia surgery! ballsy move with me on Q, luckily you modified when I called Hernias!!

Enjoy the week fellas! see you somewhere new tomorrow!

Slight Detour!

Friday afternoons have been a good break to the week letting YHC sleep in some after a long night on the Ice. Gives a little time to re-hydrate and rest some of the sore muscles.

Heading out to Dogwood park is usually a good 15 minute ride for me, but apparently there was an accident on the way there that had many of us Detour a bit, so we decided to wait an extra 5 minutes in case any Pax came in late.

Quick DICCS and we’re off!


mosey around a litte, climb steps to the flagpole area for some SSH/IW/Arm Stretch/calf Stretch/Pickers


Part 1: Run the wooded trail to escape the hot sun for a bit to the rock pile. Grab a coupon and civilian count 3 exercises 30 Curl/ 50Chest Press/ 30 tris. Head through the second part of the Snake trail, which is much longer than it seems. Back to smaller rock pile for some Shoulder Presses/Hernias/and Row Squat Thrusters.

Part Two: was going to run the snake trail again, but forgot this is a 1/2 hr workout, so just audibled and mosey’d to the picnic tables for two rounds of Dips/Derkins/Step ups.

Part three: Head to the third running trail where there is a hidden brick pile that Driveby and I found last week! 20 front and lateral shoulder raises in a 6 count, then Brick Plank Rows. These start off easy, but get pretty tough after 20 from what Rubbermaid thought.

FInish up to COT


Pretty small group but some regular chatter. Mostly thinking what this was gonna be like when there is no refreshing breeze and its 95 degrees out! Was pretty balmy out as it was today!

As I mentioned earlier, these Friday Noon workouts are nice end to the week if you have the chance to do it. The park has some nice quick trails and some decent terrain. Would be a good place to check out if you have the time.

Pray for those that were involved in the accident!


Channeling Your Inner Peter McNeelly

Nineteen Pax made the 5:30 AM tee time this morning at Bushwood. After a little over two months into my journey of becoming addicted to F3, it was time for my first Q. I spent about an hour last night strenuously deliberating about the workout for my first Q trying to channel my inner Goldilocks (looking for that “just right” workout for the crew). I knew I had dialed in at least a decent VQ when nineteen Peter McNeelys emerged during our opening Thang – expressing their fear of little old Mike Tyson. Nobody got knocked out by Mike Tyson(s) in this match though so no harm done.


While the Mashers got going on their workout, the rest of the Pax started with a shorter Mosey around the front of the site to the large parking lot for some warmup consisting of SSH, Imperial Walkers, Potato Pickers, Merkins, and Calf Stretches.


From there we Moseyed to Turkey Hunt Ct. for two laps of alternating exercises. The first lap we did exercises at every other mailbox, alternating between 10 Merkins and 10 Speedskaters. Your VQ misjudged the number of mailboxes so the first lap was far too easy. While Long Haul led some Mary while the Six came in, yours truly modified the slated plan for lap two to make it at least a little bit harder. For lap two down Turkey Hunt Ct. we did exercises at every mailbox, alternating between Mike Tysons and Big Boys. Immediately upon calling out the name of Mike Tyson, the Peter McNeellys emerged with complaints. Your VQ smiled with delight. Everyone crushed lap two so at the end Peter took down Iron Mike in this rematch. After that second lap we caught our breath then Moseyed back to campus back into the big parking lot. The Pax partnered up and grabbed one lifting rock per group of two. We then did a 15 minute AMRAP – one partner ran a lap around the big parking lot while the other did as many reps as possible of the set exercise for that lap until his partner returned and fetched the team’s baton (aka rock). The exercises with the rock were Curls, Overhead Tri Extensions, Lying Chest Presses, Squats, and American Hammers. We had a couple of minutes left after everyone had gotten through all of the exercises so we did another round of curls then dumped the rocks back in the pile. We Moseyed back to the CoT for three minutes of Mary before 6:15 arrived which consisted of Shoulder Taps and LBCs.

After Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama, our FNG shuffled his pink shoes to center stage to tell us a bit about himself. Our FNG was Ty Allison, a friend and neighbor of TanyaTine and Noonan In Canterfield. Not only did he crush his first F3 workout, in a prior life he crushed the spirits of ACC soccer opponents by leading the conference in yellow cards for four straight years. He was aptly given the name of Zidane – as in Zinedine Zidane – the former French World Cup star that knocked a grown man down on the pitch via a headbutt directly to the chest. Welcome Zidane!


  • Blood Dive 6/19
  • Appetizer at Rea View Elementary this afternoon where Das-Boot may or may not be on Q?
  • Looking for Q’s at Last Call and Bushwood

Cinco De Mayo, Cincuenta Y Cinco!

Hey, its just a headline, leave me alone!

Started off with an alarm this morning that woke me from a deep sleep. The M thought it was Thursday and was asking where YHC was going saying, “where you going, you have Hockey tonight?” i replied, nope, its wednesday.. Guess its already been that type of week. As I waddled out of the room to get ready, every bone was cracking and muscles sore from the days prior.. Man, I just want to go back to bed, but the pax were counting on me. so I muster up the strength an head out to MRHS half awake and yawning.Finally nice weather, so the Tank came out… No sun just yet, but OneStar noticed the Guns were out in preperation.. DICCS applied, Lets mosey.

Warmup: 1st mosey to the HS lot with some Good ole Pickle and Goo stretching.. Calf stretch/Run stretch/glute stretch, cross armed stretch and behind back arm stretch..

2nd mosey to other side of lot for regular warmup. 15IC IW, SSH, Potato Pickers.

THANG: Remembering this was Cico De Mayo last night, had to switch up the counts and exercises to accommodate…. So, mosey over to small track and pick a partner and Rock. Each pax does 55 of each of the 5 exercise while the other partner runs with 5 burpees at the far corner:

  • Curls
  • Overhead press
  • Chest Press
  • Tri ext
  • 55 total row->thruster

this got some groans as many of us picked a bit larger of a rock than expected.

Mary with some Hernias for the 6.

Head to the MS cafeteria for some Circuit work: Bear Crawl up the path first.

At the Cafeteria 55 of each exercise split up in segments

  • Dips
  • Step ups
  • Merkins- Incline/Decline split count
  • Wall Press x2
  • Jabs x2

Back to COT as we slow for the 6, 1 burpee at each of the 10 tree/shrub, at COT Heels to heaven IC for the 6.



Lots of Pax were a bit sore since there had been some layovers the last few weeks whether on IR or traveling for work. this is the second day posting with 18 other pax. its a good number to have as there can be decent conversation.. most involving trips to the Wells Fargo this week…Enjoy it if you go, I got caught in the rainstorms Monday..

As usual, fun times with leading the group and Q’n a different AO than I normally do. Luckily everyone kept their sleeves today. weather is beautiful, so enjoy the day!!


Welcome FNG Mark Collins (RR) “The Grouch” hes from Rochester and name is taken from the Garbage plate and garbage being Oscar the Grouch.. Brought in by Bouncehouse and Pocahontas


Murph on Mem day

Blood drive 6/19

Need Q’s for Last call and Body shop

possibly looking at a new location for Last call to be a later start(maybe Publix on Newtown)

Led the group with prayer askign to look over those that are battling various ailmentsthat they are keeping inside and not ready to share with others at the moment which prompted Premature to say a few words following up from Zinfandels BB from yesterday about Anxiety and willing to help others when they do express their inner thoughts or emotions and notice if someone may reaching out without reaching out.


Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day and never take it for granted.



In keeping with the Bushwood golf club theme and the location being MES, this morning’s workout incorporated elements of both.  All exercises were either 9 or 18 reps (golf) and the primary focus was learning how to spell (elementary school).

Warm Up:

  • 18 Side Straddle Hops
  • 9 Abe Vigodas
  • 9 Imperial Walkers
  • 9 Merkins

The Thang

Mosey from COT over to main school parking lot where the Bushwood Alphabet board and the Caddyshack character names were waiting for us. Each letter of the Bushwood Alphabet had a corresponding exercise and we endeavored to spell as many Character’s names as possible by doing the exercise next to each letter.

Que music on the speaker that was waiting there for us as well, which began with theme from Caddyshack, then Lunatic Fringe, Fat Bottomed Girls, and so on..

In order to get the PAX in the right frame of mind, we began by spelling out BUSHWOOD, which involved 18 reps of the following exercises:

B: Merkins

U: Side Straddle Hops

S: Mountain Climbers

H: Speed Skaters

W: Monkey Humpers

O: Squats

O: Squats

D: Lunges

We then ran through the school playground and around the track.  The sprinklers were on, so it was a nice Waterboy touch, if I do say so myself…  After the run around we all grabbed a rock and proceeded back to the workout area.

We then spelled out the name of the golf Zen master who was blessed by the Dali Lama, Ty Webb, and everyone’s favorite grounds keeper, Carl Spackler.

Took a pause from the exercises and my cadence calls and ran a set of Stingers, which is what I grew up knowing as suicides (high school mascot was a scorpion).

Back to names, spelling out the pain in the ass, puke through the sunroof, Spaulding and finishing up with the object of every young boy’s desire, Lacey Underall.

Mosey back to COT with the boards and speaker in hand, music playing loud for all to have a strong finish.

Back at COT, kept with the team effort approach.  One Star led a set of 18 J Lo’s with pickle pounders, Orchid called out 18 Moroccan Night Clubs, and we wrapped up with Flo leading 18 final Merkins.

One Star, Tanyatine, Orchid, and I went for coffee afterward.  Encourage others to join in the future, as that’s a nice 20 min of generally good conversation.

I enjoyed my first Q, hoping it wasn’t too out there…


Where did all these guys come from!?

This was the first time I have q’d the hour long Saturday workout, and I apologize for the long awaited write up here, but this is seriously the first hour I may have been home this weekend… Yes, Sunday at 9pm!!! from a 6:30 saturday Commitment that was nearly forgot about and ghosted since the alarm had been set for PM! I roll up and there are a ton of cars……But no Pax, WTF is going on? the only other pax was Popeye! well, apparently there may have been a WTF tune up or something going on that the rest of us may have been unaware of. All in total, we had 2 Ruckers, 9 for commitment, and 8 doing WhaterverTF they were doing +1.5?!


DiCC’s called out… Quick mosey around and back to COT…. Wow, that was a great workout! Just kidding, we circled for Centerfold who came in on two wheels.

  • Moroccan Night Club 20IC
  • Calf Stretch/Up/Down dog
  • SSH 20IC
  • IW 20IC
  • Potato Pickers 20IC


Head to the Rock pile near the School, do 2-3 exercises then a long loop around the school lot

  • Blockees x9
  • Hammers 18 2=1
  • Lung Twist 20 1=1
  • Curls 35
  • Hernias 20
  • Squat Thrust 20
  • Tris 30
  • Chest press 35
  • Row 20

Finish up then head to the Club house playground stopping at every other driveway on the left alternating 5 Merkins and 5 Speed Skaters 2=1.

At the Clubhouse playground pair up 200 each of Dips/LBC/pullups/Step ups one runs, the other plays.

Finish up, head to the trail shortcut heading back to COT…..Wait, whats that? Who’s that? Where’d they come from? Where they going? the WTF’s just flew by us…. We stopped at the circle where each pax called out an Ab workout (too many to remember) then more Pax showed up Rucking!

Back to COT where we now have a Doubled group!



My musical choice was going real well until Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name of” came on… but either way, it can be a treat to have some tunes on occasion to help get things going. I did get made fun of AGAIN by Goodfella.. Not for my Utility clip, but the Warmups being written on QB wrist holder… To be honest, I may have been able to wing it, but like to be somewhat prepared in case i engage in a little too heavy of a night prior.

As stated before, I hadn’t led the hour long workout in the past, so I was a bit worried at first, but the guys were all good with what I had in Store.

As always, its great to get out an lead the group, especially when the weather is so fantastic, cant wait to get at it again in May.


Welcome FNG Michael Wilfong -Peekaboo Originally from Union cty in Indian trail. 2 kids, one on the way. Works in Real Estate in Waxhaw, loves the outdoors, went to App state and Deadwood brought him out but Ghosted him! Peekaboo as he has the kids all under 6.. Initially asked if the name is Permanent?!?!  Hes asking ME???? If it werent permanent, id have been changed long ago brother!

WTF May 1st 6:30 Blackhawk.. 13 miles per on a 3 Man team with Saturday Convergence. Kid Rock cooking up some good eats..

Need Q’s for Commitment

Blood Drive Sat June 19th

Ghosted Took us out… Man, some of you guys are just so good it seems scripted.. Way to take us out!

Better late then never, Now I can sleep… Sorry, not even gonna edit.. Sorry for grammatical errors.

Good Night!



1 year down…

Well its been a year since Noonan mentioned that I should get out to workout with the guys at Bushwood. About that time, F# was on a slight Hiatus, but a small group were out pretty much daily working out at MES. Noonan, Big Ben, One Star, Fiji, Spaulding and an occasional straggler along with myself. I’d say it it may have been the longest FNG run as it took a good 3 weeks to get aptly named Tanyatine. For those that had not known, I still follow and indulge in my first true love of Hockey and since I started during the early days of Quarantine, One Star played Mash-up with Tonya Harding and Quarantine.. Genius!!! Well at least he still thinks so to this day! However, it has stuck, and I think every new AO I head to, it is listed as a different name and I get dumbfounded looks regularly.

Prior to F3 and and Quarantine for that matter, I would travel and hit up so many YMCA’s that I have lost track. when that dried up, I started working out on my deck and running in early march 2020… Which looking back was pretty much a single person F3 workout, so the transition was smoother. Using a lot of those exercises within my own Q’s which are usually similar to the below.

Bushwood has been having increasing number lately and we had a perfect 18 today.

Warmup: slightly longer mosey to the front lot, Moroccan Night Clubs, SSH, IPW, Potato pickers 18IC. Calf Stretch, Up/Down dog.

Thang: Head out to the Half wall, but, uh….. Few too many Pax for the half wall, so Audible and head to Turkey Trot.

At each driveway on the left, Alternate 10 LBC’s and 10 Speed Skaters 1=2 2=1. Yes i called out 1=2 at one point.. oh well, there was the laughter to humble ones self. On the way back 10 LBC’s and 10 Romanian Dead lifts at the driveways. Smuggler led the Shoulder taps for the 6.

While we had to Audible the half wall, Fiji and Long Haul reminded me there were the picnicking tables on the back nine. So lets audible back. While going, 10 merkins at each mailbox before the cut through.  As we got to the tables/Tent, a few of us from last week had some flashbacks from last week when in the pouring rain it was the only dry spot….Until the sprinklers came on. So once again, Sprinkers on so we moved some tables and started on.

  • 18 derkins
  • 9 box jump (or step ups if the tables were slippery) Safety first!!
  • 27 Dips
  • Repeato.

Head to YHC favorite spot, the rock pile. Grab a lifting rock and rifle carry to the parking lot. Each Pax take a Spot, 9 holes of No Fun Zone!!! 9 exercises with run to end and back.

  • 9 Blockees
  • 18 american hammers 1=2 2=1
  • Lunge Twist 18 1=1
  • 36 curls
  • 18 Hernias
  • 18 Squat Thrusters
  • 27 Tris
  • 36 Chest press
  • 18 LAteral Front raises.

Rifle Carry rock back to pile, 3 mins to COT and finish with Fast feet for 30 seconds.


As I spoke to my wife last night that this was one year since I had finally decided to try F3 (I had been asked 3 years before in Race City)  I think she is just as happy as I was since we had just moved down here and she knows i need an outlet and just as important the fellowship. I am glad I have gotten involved and have been able to meet so many great people and their families over the last year. It gives me something to look forward to in the morning, and now I am looking forward to work travel a bit more as I know many of my destinations are also F3 areas.

Welcome New FNG Jazz Flute (Rob Pettman-think thats what I heard) since he is from San Diego, but born across the pond… works in Financial services, wife and two notches,  competitive wake boarder and Rugby player. other names considered: Cauliflower, San Diago, Classy, pebbles.


Bottle cap wants you —> at cowbell. Where is that location One Star?  Thats the same as Asylum right!?!?!

1 Q challenge- 1 person to Q every workout 100 Pax need to get involved looking at a lot of Newbies..reach out to Site Q’s

-Try new sites

-Get involved

-Smuggler at Dromedary tomorrow

-Big Ben at Bushwood next Tuesday for Spring Break Q

  • Big Ben- After going to the Dr, he is looking to lose weight and needs help with Motivation. Looking to get guys in a weighloss challenge. Possibly put money into a kitty and donate to an F3 charity. More to come on this