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Wearing our C/Sea shoes to keep warm?

Knowing the rain would deter most Pax from showing up, YHC was really contemplating staying in the nice warm DRY bed, and telling himself, “Why would Gerber last minute aske ME to Q knowing it was gonna be 40 and 100% chance of rain?” well, this dumbass didn’t look at the weather before committing.

So, I roll my butt out of bed and head what seems like 2.5 hours to Cowbell from Marvin thinking maybe I can warm up with a pre-run.  Show up and Gerber is waiting in the lot, we both look at each other and scour for dry land.. just as we decide to run for office at the Town Hall, Rain man shows up just in time to make this a party.

Rain lightened up just enough for a quick mosey, but wouldn’t be that way all day. Luckily the Puddle and drainage were still in full effect and we were able to get our feet wet immediately.


Potato picker/Arm stretch/LBAC/Motivators/calf/Up/Down dog.

Thang: We had to modify a bit due to rain being quite forceful at times, but pretty much 2 exercises with 2 reps of 20 then a run.

  • Squats
  • 1 arm swings
  • High Pull Deadlift
  • Hernia
  • 1 Arm rows
  • Lunges
  • 21’S (curls)
  • Lateral Raise
  • Tricepts
  • Sit up press
  • Chest Press

Finish up with some LBC’s to kill some time.


I don’t think we expected to, but we somehow got over 2.5 miles in. Luckily we all wore As gerber called “our C shoes” knowing they’d be toast for a few days as we tried to cross the puddles. We had a good time chatting it up and listening to some tunes in the process. Thanks to Gerber and Rain Main for showing up.


  • Sock Drive for Twinkle toes
  • Beer run in SOB (12/17?)
  • Christmas eve workout in Rea Farms as Taco Stand delivers the goods with Tacos and BullShots maaybe!?!?

No Q-Jack, just some BOMBS Jack!

11 pax made their way out to Bushwood today to freeze their butts off with One Star volunteering last night to be at the Helm. So you know he was likely making it up on the fly! But we love it and definitely joke about it!

Slightly longer mosey to get everyone warm


Mosey with side step the parking lines

  • Peter Parker
  • Up/Down dog with Calf stretch
  • Wide leg Merkin
  • Low Slow Squat -Narrow/regular/wide


BOMBS from down range. 5 stations 1 reps, after each station runt to middle and do one burpee.

  • Burpees 18
  • Over head press 18 IC (or x3 if you will)
  • Merkin x 18
  • Big Boi x18
  • Squats x 18

Head to rock pile, Partner up as we go to the short track. AMRAP while partner ran to wall and did 10 donkeys. flip flop. Curls/Overhead press/Tri/Bent rows

Head to the Front wall with Partner. Wall exercise while other partner bear crawls to curb then lunge walks back. Presses/Jabs/Donkey Kicks.

Finish with Story time with Ross…I mean One Star. Wall sit while each pax alternates Balls to the Wall and explains how they got their F3 name!  We just about finished right before YHC got his chance.. Sorry fellas, yuo’ll have to wait till next week to find out How I got the name Tanyatine!



most of us were freezing, but were glad the wind had decided to take a nap today, otherwise it may have been trouble. Its time to bring out the insulated gloves, just in time to put them away as a heatwave will be coming through. YHC overheard Twinkle toes lookign to see if he can reach @ 140 post this year, so I have to write the BB for him to get credit. I know you have missed a couple posts counts from some that have not written a BB at Bushwood…Is there a Back Blast School??!!

Welcome Rainman to your first Bushwood post… Sorry we didn’t have tunes for you.. Definitely sorry, yup, definitely sorry…Maybe next time next time. big ben

We had some discussion as Bushwoods own The Juice had some sad news last week that his father had passed from ALS, so keep his family in your prayers as I am sure it is difficult time much less around the holidays.

As we end Movember for Mens health, Johnny Utah reminded us yesterday at Firestarter to keep his friend Rick  in our prayers as battles Colon cancer.  My family has been affected with this and it really is awful to go through or see a loved one or friend go through. I continually remind everyone and highly recommend getting checked out. YHC will be getting my 3rd scope tomorrow in the last 7 years as a preventive measure. This year is a little different as I  know I am at the age where my Brother was diagnosed.  So quick prayer for that if you will that all is clean, and that I can get through the prep!! While I know it sucks, trust me, the alternative is worse.


  • Zins gift exchange
  • Impact 5k
  • Sock Donations to Twinkle toes for needy

PS,  I was able to get into my car a few minutes after the PAX left as lately my keys have not been happy with the cold weather and decide to not want to work until they get nice and toasty.. so quick tip if you FOB decides to crap out, warm it up a little or open it up and just warm the battery.. That Tanya’s tip of the season!

100 Pyramids of Pain

The nightly pre-blast showed concerns as many of the pax were grunting about the weather being cold, slight aches and pains or whatever was up their craw! But alas, we had 6 pax show up, one came in hot Off-Roading! not sure if that was on purpose or because he may have missed the initial turn.. Either way, the other 5 of us were wincing and bracing for impact!

Oh yeah, We had a Kotter!!! Welcome back Long Haul! Been a while, keep showing up buddy!

while we waited for said HIM to get near, quick DICCS and then mosey.


figured to get a slightly longer mosey in to warm up the bodies then settle in for quick: SSH/IP/shoulder stretch/Little arm circles/Pickers/Calf/Runner stretch/up dog/down dog


head to the rock pile for your favorite coupon, bring to back nine for future use. This was a pretty simple set to go by, pyramid of exercises with all PAX in a circle. each pax in order does one rep to the next pax until we finish. Simple concept with a lot of counting. Between each exercise, run a lap or two around the fairway.

  • Burpees x100
  • Merkins x200
  • LBC x300
  • Curls x300
  • Squat Thruster x200
  • Merkins x200
  • Burpees x100

We learned that while there seems to be a break between reps, you end up feelin an incredible burn, especially planking while waiting on Merkins. Poor Twinkle toes picked a bad day to have a sore shoulder, but he was able to modify.

Surprisingly didnt need to audible or add as this brought us right to time. We dropped of the rock, headed to COT and did a few Fiji Fast feet for the last 20 seconds.


While the Pax heard the initial workout, there was a ton of grunting. By the end, all seemed pleased with the results. We may see this again sometime.  As with many Bushwood workouts, we were able to chill out with some tunes in the background Via XM Lithium.


  • OneStar had a birthday yesterday- Happy birthday fella!
  • Noonans Birthday is tomorrow, so he was voluntold to Birthday Q Dromedary! (we may see the Pyramid of pain V2 tomorrow)
  • Dredd is on Q at Cutty Friday, so Last Call will be closed to converge.


Just a quick word from YHC being Downrange the last two weeks: work schedules can make things hectic and routines can easily get thwarted. I was able to contact the three locations I was heading to in advance and see what the schedules were. The guys in Bentonville were awesome! they did not have a Wednesday workout, but Stoner and Nomad decided to have a Black Ops since I was in town. They got 11 Pax out in the cold rain for a killer workout. Also was initiated into some high octane 2ndF brew..

The following week was in St. louis and KC. I contacted Cold Call, little did I know the Citadel in Saint Charles (STL Mo) was having their 1 Year Anny of an AO. This brought out a huge 33 PAX led By Curd With tons of coupon work. I was pretty beat afterwards, and these guys had the 2nd F coffeteria ready to roll following!

I ended up back with these guys on Thursday Morning again for Veterans day with another big turnout of 22 PAX for the Whitten 22 workout in the rain by Majorette with Coupon. Again followed by 2ndF coffeteria.

Sandwiched between those was a trip to KC’s Overland Park “The Woods” for a little more intimate 7 Pax. D-minus a young college kid led the Q (again with a  coupon) where we circled for different exercises and had a decent amount of running. They had a RRR that was killing it with the regular Crew-Way to go Sparty! I ended up heading to their convergence 2ndF at the Panera where I met a handful more.

The point here for me was that while work travel can suck, especially on your own, its great to know the F3 community is strong and of all things inviting. It was amazing to see how I was treated in all three communities and how everyone was excited to hear tales from other regions. Its what makes this what it is. I would encourage all of you to check this out, whether on vacation or work travel. Its well worth it.

Thanks to the crews at Northwest Arkansas, Saint Charles, and Overland Park for having me.



We all hate a Sub-Sti-Q

Late last night YHC gets a text saying the Q may be a no show due to feeling under the weather. figure with a note like that it would likely be that they’d be out. With that expectation and knowing IPC is being done on Wednesday, I figured to get more mileage.

PAx started showing up, but didn’t see Big Ben…Mumblechatter arose with arm stretching expecting a Big Ben type boot camp with low mileage. Well, when they saw YHC geared up with phone armband, headlamp and speaker.. OH Sh!rt! here we go..


Head toward MC, take a break at the half wall for some dips and step ups, continue to Turkey Trot and circle up for full warm up: SSH/MNC/IW/Calf/Runner stretch/up& down dog


On Turkey Trot culdesac: start with 20 LBC run to end of culdesac doing 3 burpees halfway. Opposite end do 10 Shredder Merkins, back to beginning side with 3 more burpees half way. Repeat 2x.

Head to Running Horse and with 10 Squats at the first two speed humps, then 10 Bombjacks at the next two. At running horse wait fo rthe six in Al Gore with Jabs. Head to circle at Running horse and Autumn Blossom. Circle up and each PAX calls out an Ab workout until we go fully around. Head back down Autumn Blossom stopping at Poppy hill for a quick Jaunt around. Head to Arborvitae ln and Lunge walk around.

continue to the clubhouse with waht was supposed to be an Indian run, albeit the ugliest i have ever seen. Finish up at the wall with 50 Jabs IC/10 Tysons/50 Presses IC/10 tysons.

Back to COT and done.

Moleskin: we definitely got some mileage in and Will say that many PAx cursed Big Ben for his no show.


Prayer Request for Waterboys friend and family (the Murdochs) as they lost one of their teen twin daughters to Bone cancer.  Family and friends are having a rough go.

Prayer request for One Stars mother who will be having surgery tomorrow. May that go smooth for her and their family.

Thanks for My brother surgery going well yesterday.

IPC tomorrow at Cowbell 5:15 Wesley Chapel Petsmart



Crossing Borders

Luckily YHC was finally added to the SOB Slack page in time to get a DM fro Teddy and Wingman following up on a request weeks prior to Q at the often visited, but never led site in SOB land. The Waxhaw-Marvin Crew are frequent visitor to the point we are regulars, so we often need to pay our dues..

The first Monday after the NFL season was bound to be a little short, if not short, beat up from the weekends festivities.

Had a total of 8 Pax with about as many of the regular runners for the early smokescreen jaunt. does tDat run have a name? If not, I think I just named it.


quick mosey out to NW lot for SSH/IW/MNC/PP. another mosey to the bank for some of the easiest assisted peoples chair Jabs, Calf Stretch, Runner stretch, Up/Down Dog.


Head toward the Anails bar…. 5 burpees x2 en route. then lungwalk halfway to the Rockpile, 5 more burpees, then slow mosey to rocks.

pick a partner for a lap with workout

  • Lateral raise
  • Curl
  • Squat Thruster

Wave goodbye to Sweetwater who had to go take kids to school

  • Tricep
  • All LBC in cadence
  • Hernia
  • Chestpress
  • Shoulder Press
  • Rows
  • Triple Lindy
  • All LBC in Cadence

Head back to COT with 5 more burpees, and stop at the assisted peoples cahir (now called the Peoples Court since its not really court or the real peoples chair)

Finish some Flutters at COT.


this was my first Q at Firestarter with more to come as i start keeping an eye open as to areas and places to work with. Good small group today with a focus on more upperbody work. lots of Chatter about the upcoming week 2 IPC and how much it will suck.


  • SOB IPC at Morrison Y on Friday
  • Waxhaw IPC on Wednesday at Cowbell


Still a little sore, but it was the best 20 minute workout I’ve ever done!

Well, YHC should have thought ahead when volunteering to Q the day after an IPC, but alas, we must persevere and push through. As YHC started to lay down last night, the soreness of 250 Merkins the morning were starting to settle in as the legs started to tighten up. The body shop is smaller AO, but one i wish I were abel to get to more often. After going for a ridiculous two weeks in a row, Das Boot said, W”hen you gonna Q here now that your a regular!?” I obliged since it was between skating sessions.

The smaller crews can be more enjoyable at times as you can chat and hear some more mumblechatter amonst the 90 alternative and Grunge tunes. We had 5 Pax to start, then the “6” Posse showed up @ 20 mins late.


  • Slightly longer mosey as YHC needed to loosen up a little bit.
  • SSH 20IC
  • MNC 20IC
  • Shoulder stretch
  • Potato Picker 20IC to stretch tight hammy’s
  •  Runner/Calf/UP/Down Dog



Head to the wall, pair up run a lap while working the wall. All do 2 of each exercise and laps around the front lot per.

  • Jabs x2
  • Donkey Kicks x2

This is about where a car rolled in and Das said, “hey, thats Posse!” Posse walks up ready to go and evens us out at 6 PAX which was helpful.

  • Air Presses x2
  • Tysons x2


To the rock pile:

Grab your coupon and rifle carry 100 yards to light post near “Smugglers Notch/Cove”. Civilian count in unison 2 exercises then run laps.

  • Shoulder Raise x30/ 20 Hernias
  • LAp
  • 30 Curl/ 30 Rows
  • Lap
  • 30 LBC / 30 Squat Thrusters
  • LAp

Rifle carry 100 yards back to rock pile, head to COT.



I really hope more folks head out to the Body Shop, I know there are tons of PAX that have not been to the furthest MArvin/Waxhaw region, but it is one you should. we often get a good cross from SOB.  there are a ton of options at this AO from playgrounds, tracks, hills….And a Restroom!!!!

As usual, good times leading. we thought we would just have 5 of us, but with Posse coming in…….Not so Hot!?! we had a good even group. Good on him, he could have easily said “Screw It” and pulled the covers back over for a few more winks. But he got his butt out and made the effort. Even it was for his self titled “best 20 minute Workout!”


  • IPC talks and getting more Marvin guys involved
  • Blood drive in Oct for SOB

Honoring The Fallen

Ten Pax joined yours truly for the pre-dawn tee time at the area’s premier concrete golf club this morning. One police officer also joined us at the end at CoT – likely as a result of a concerned citizen calling in a report of eleven grown men cavorting around in a school parking lot while listening to Miley Cyrus. Thanks for the tunes, One Star.

DiCCS reviewed.


We mosey for a short loop in front of the school to circle up in the big parking lot. Quick warmup of SSH, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Potato Pickers, & Calf Stretches, and some Merkins. No easing into today’s workout – after the warmup, we go directly to the rock pile to grab our own Goldilocks rock (not too big, not too small). We head back to the big parking lot.


What our U.S. military accomplished over the last couple of weeks in orchestrating the safe exit of 120,000+ people from Afghanistan is nothing short of incredible. However, 13 U.S. service members did not make the return home alive as they lost their lives in last week’s cowardly terrorist attack. These brave men and women risked their lives for not only their fellow U.S. citizens seeking to exit Afghanistan, but also for tens of thousands of Afghan nationals that were fleeing the Taliban regime. THANG 1 for today’s workout was designed to honor these fallen U.S. soldiers.

The individual rocks we plucked from the rock pile for THANG 1 were a representation of our unwavering appreciation and respect for those 13 U.S. service members that lost their lives outside of the Kabul airport last week. Just like our appreciation and respect for our service members should never leave each of our spirits, our rocks today never left our sides. The workout consisted of thirteen rounds of performing an exercise at one end of the parking lot, then running to the other end of the parking lot and back while carrying our rock. The exercises performed for each round follow:

  • 30 overhead shoulder press
  • 30 curls
  • 30 overhead tri extensions
  • 30 bent over rows
  • 30 squats
  • 30 LBCs (rock optional)
  • 30 Merkins
  • 30 lying chest presses
  • 30 V ups (rock optional)
  • 30 Carolina dry docks
  • 30 kettle bell swings
  • 30 big boys (rock optional)
  • 30 Mike Tysons


Rocks were returned to the rock pile. We partnered up on one end of the big parking lot. We had 10 minutes remaining until we needed to get back to CoT. For those 10 minutes, we did a partner circuit that consisted of running a lap (with one burpee half way around the lap) while the other partner did Mary exercises until their partners return to the starting point. The Mary exercised performed for each lap consisted of the following:

  • LBCs
  • Freddie Mercuries
  • Heels to Heaven
  • American Hammers
  • LBCS
  • Continuous Plank
  • Heels to Heaven

We headed by the CoT right on time for the closing bell.


Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama completed. Announcements then One Star took us out. A Marvin Sherriff was in the small parking lot right beside CoT  facing the Flag. We chatted with him and thanked him for his service. He joined us for our family photo, then promptly pulled over a speeding car before any of us drove away from the parking lot (true story).

This was a great total body workout that everyone absolutely crushed. I know for yours truly that, while THANG 1 with the rock was brutal, the fact that the workout was to honor our fallen service members made me forget about the temporary pain of the moment and filled my heart with gratitude and appreciation for these men and women that selflessly put their lives on the line for our country.

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.” – General George S. Patton


  • Tickler VQ at Last Call this Friday at 5:32 AM. Be there!
  • IPC- Wednesday at Cuthbertson, Friday (SOB) The Brave,  Saturday At Homecoming.
  • If you are interested in the IPC Relay get in touch with Tanyatine, Zin, Chastain, Gerber, or anyone of those fools! That is typically at Cuthbertson Friday before Swarm/Impromtu

2 minute Drill, or 2 minutes to slacking!

Well its been nearly three weeks since YHC was able to post at bushwood due to some traveling, but was great to be back with some of the Bushwood OG’s.  we had a good 10 HIM’s ready to roll.


slightly longer mosey than typical to get a good warmup for what was to come, all stretches were on purpose:

  • SSH
  • Potato Pickers
  • Up/Down Dog
  • Calf Stretch
  • IW
  • Runners Stretch
  • Quad stretch


Head to short track under cover as there was some rain expected, the rain just turned out to be the the Short track Sprinklers. Pair up, One run the other works.

  • Dips x2
  • Derkins x2
  • Step-ups x2

The Beef:

Grab a rock on the way to the parking lot, Count off into 1&2.  Split side over the parking lot line with the 1’s facing the 2’s.

This was a team event: 2 minutes to hold a pose.

  • Pose 1: 2 minute Squat position arms straight out. Keep in position, if you break form, do 10 merkins then get back to Squat form.
  • Run a Lap
  • Pose 2: 2 minute Plank, Keep in position, if you break form, do 10 Big Boi’s then get back to plank.
  • Run a Lap
  • Pose 3: 2 minute curl Hold at 90 degrees with coupon. When YHC called, we did 10 curls.
  • Run a Lap
  • Repeat with 3 minute plank.

Time, bring coupon back and head to COT.


You would think this sounds fairly simple, but trust me, the burn is inevitable. competition was to see which group had the least Merkns and Big Boi’s, but it seemed as though it was pretty even. YHC had to be the form police a few times and either call out that pickle pounders were not allowed or standing above/below 90 was off.

Not sure what was worse, having to wait the 2 minutes, or endure One-Stars rendition of “the Wheels on the Bus” to pass the time quicker.

All in all this was a little something different I picked up from our Brothers in Naperville and figured to give a try.

About that: it was nice to be on the road for a few weeks and be able to post with some other crews. There are some great guys out there that are willing to help out and hook you up with a workout or a coffeteria. All in all, I would encourage anyone to venture out.


Happy belated Birthday to Big Ben


Bushwood Site Qs Tanyatine and Fiji have taken their talents elsewhere for the last 7 weeks which has given me the opportunity to Q twice in that time.  I was much better prepared this time with more than a few hours to get my act together.  Create a playlist…check.  fun workout planned…check.  All that was left to do is make it out of bed and scoop a few other Firethorne boys in the clown car.  Check.  Let’s go!

Disclaimer given

Split up with the MASH Unit and the rest of us.  The grunts and groans of the MASH unit could be heard through the entire golf course.  The guys killed it.  Awesome work.


Mosey around the street over to the driving range for a bit of a warmup.

  1. 18 side straddle hops
  2. 18 Moroccan night clubs
  3. 18 merkins…changed to 36 due to One Star harassing Q about counting/cadence
  4. We may have done some burpees in here…cannot recall. May have blacked out early.

Front 9

Mosey around parking lot to head to the first tee.  Break into twosomes.  One runs, the other works hard until runner comes back.  Oh…and half way through the run we decided on 5 mandatory burpees each time around.

  1. LBCs
  2. Diamond Merkins
  3. Curb Dips
  4. Wall Sits with punches

Repeato one time.

I knew everyone needed a second to catch their breath for what was coming.  El Torro was given the honor of a 10 count before we mosey over to start the back 9.

Back 9

After abruptly ending El Torro’s 10 count at 6 we mosey over to the 10th tee.  The same twosomes are kept.  Flo gave us a little reprieve with some ab work before we get going.  Things got tougher here.

  • Wheelbarrow down the parking lot and both do 20 big boy sit-ups.*
  • Other person wheelbarrow up the parking lot and both do 15 big boys.**
  • Do this three more times and decrease big boys by 5.

* disclaimer 1 – the original distance picked was ridiculously long.  Audible on the fly

** disclaimer 2 – doing big boys after being the tire end of a wheelbarrow is brutal.  Another audible on the fly.  Decrease the count.

With a few minutes left we mosey back to COT for some last-minute ab work.

  • 60 second plank
  • 18 count pickle pounders (or some derivation) courtesy of One Star
  • 60 second heels to heaven lead by Big Ben




Prayer Requests

  • Mayhem’s Mother Alice is struggling with COVID. Also, Mayhem has a buddy that is struggling with alcoholism.   Let’s keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
  • THE Chastain has asked for requests and thoughts for their foster child

Other Announcements

  • Bottle Q (Cap) is on Q this Friday and Last Call – 6:02
  • Deadline for Dad’s Camp is Wednesday. Dad’s Camp is at Camp Thunderbird
  • Free to Bleed shirt given to Radar. Radar has arranged multiple blood drives and is the Q for the Dad’s camp.  Radar also just finished Go Ruck – 16 hour overnight ruck.  Radar is the man.  Nice work on all fronts.



I wanted to take the prayer out in a bit of a different way today.  We read a poem that probably speaks to many of us that do F3.  Those of us that understand the importance of giving the day everything that you have.  Here it is:

This is the beginning of a new day.
I can waste it or use it for good.
What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it.
When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever,
leaving in its place something I have traded for it.
I want it to be a gain, not a loss;
good, not evil;
success, not failure —
in order that I shall not regret the price I paid for it today


Site Q note– Thanks for Stepping up Juice and for the great words. In addition, thanks for all the support from the HUGE crowd that showed up to Bushwood in our  Site Q absnece- this is what this group is about, stepping up and in when there is a need! Love seeing this site getting large numbers, especially from those that we do not see too often.. Keep it up PAX

Coin Flip Q presented by Bushwood

Bushwood has been a Site Q vacation for a little while, so we are back at it finally but playing catch up on the Q’n realm. One Star and YHC flipped a coin and he lost..


Mashers headed to the appropriate positions while the rest of the PAX Mosey –> SSH/ImpW/hammy stretch/wide leg merkin/calf stretch/Up/Down dog/Runner stretch


Headed to half wall for some Step-ups/Dips/Derkin 2x each. Cross over Marvin School road to the newly maintaned back nine cul-de-sac. Pair up, ab work while other HIM ran. Big Bois, Freddy Mercury’s, LBC. SInce the grounds were so nice, we decided to stay in the Cul-De-Sac for a little Duck-Duck-Goose!

Circle up, each pax called an exercise for the group to do while the caller ran two laps around the group. VArious exersizes were called… Of course, J-Wow has to be J-Wow and call Diamond Merkins on his turn…. Knowing fair well he didn’t have to do them as he took his sweet a$$ time running the circle with a grin! We Jersey folk call that a dirt-bag move!!! Ha!

finish up heading back to the front nine for some wall work. with same partner, one bear crawls to the other side of lot and runs back while the other does some wall work-Jabs/Air Presses/Tysons/Donkeys. Still a little time left, so One Star pulled a rather cool audible of a Show and Tell. All sit at the wall, and each person tells a quick story of how they got their F3 name. When each finished all had to do 5 Donkey Kicks.

Head back to COT for  the Fiji Fast feet.


trying to get things back in order on the Bushwood site as its been a long summer with a lot of vacations. but think we are back at it.

The Show and tell Audible was really cool. Was based off the 6th man from this past year that has been fizzled out, but was a great way to know how each PAX was named. Kudos on that call.

See image on Groupme as YHC had a nice F# Sweat stain


Need Q’s for Bushwood/Body Shop/Last CAll

Turnbuckle needs some trucks for furniture moving with Christ Closet