Commitment 7/10/2021

Commitment 7/10/2021

Earlier in the week when Elsa was making her way up the east coast, knowing I was on Q at Commitment, I had been planning a Weinke that would keep us mostly dry and under cover. Turns out Elsa passed on through and didn’t bring much of anything to Waxhaw and we were able to stay dry. At least from rain….  1 Trailrunner, 3, nope! 2 Mashers and 15, nope! 16 HIMs joined me today for what would turn out to be a full body beating…

Before I get started on the workout
a few interesting things went down today.

We had an FNG – (Jason Ernst). Wife, 2 children, lives in Mineral Springs, Construction estimator. Wife arranged for him to come out to a workout… thusly named Playdate…

We had another FNG – (Marvin Sandoval). Wife and children, lives in Millbridge, sells beauty salon products… EH’d during the workout by Posse and Mad Dog… Suave just sounded right.

I tricked one masher(Brutus) by informing him we wouldn’t be running more than a mile and a half to 2 miles. He joined us for Bootcamp and he logged 3 miles with some extra running on his own. Oops! My bad bro…

Lets get to it now…


Mosey you the playground at MB clubhouse down the gravel rd. Stopping along the way at the traffic circle for 50 x SSH, next to the circle just before bridge for 15 x IW and end up at Playground for a Prickle&Gooish preworkout stretching. To finish out the warmup we ran back to the rock pile by the school.



Pick a rock and rifle carry to school lot for

All about the Benjamin’s. Start with 25 curls, Lunge walk 25 steps, 25 mtn Climbers, lunge walk back 25 steps, do 25 Tricep Ext., Lunge walk 25 steps, 25 Plank Jacks, 25 lunge walk steps back and do 25 Shoulder presses.

Keep rocks and do 25 rows.

Then do two more sets of rock exercises, Curls, Triceps, Shoulders & Rows for sets of 20 and end with 15.

rifle carry rocks back to the pile and mosey to school playground for some partner work. P1 does pull-ups or supines while P2 runs the outer perimeter of the bus lot. 3 rounds each partner.
Next we’re squats and run then LBC and run.

Mosey back to COT and do tree ladder with Dry Docks. Start with 1 and at each tree do one more. Most got up to 12 before time was called.


Everybody worked hard and it was great to have the new guys Butter Man, Playdate and Suave out there starting the journey to not only the physical but the mental wellness we all need.


Q source after Asylum on Monday with Jingles and Shakenbake for a discussion on race.

Mad Dog took us out


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