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Sweaty Bells

Tad bit humid out there but 7 didn’t care and came prepared to swear to work hard in the thick air



Circle up-100 swings, 2 and 1 handed; mixed in some running with small sprints, 20ish presses, 40ish merkins, 20ish thrusters. All either in cadence or on my up.  I forget.


In Petsmart parking lot, rifle carry bell to first line, 10 renegade rows, 10 merkins.   Run back to start, on way back pick up bell and rifle carry to next line.  20 push press on back, 10 merkins.  Run back to start grab bell and carry to next line.  30 presses, 15 each arm. 10 merkins. Run back to start pick up bell and to 4th line.  40 swings, 10 merkins.  Back to start, grab bell and head back same way we came, 30, 20, 10.  Lunges with bells instead of carry.

15 minutes left-Back to circle-In sets of 20, did at least 100 more swings, 40 curls, more plank rows, upright rows, merkins, thrusters, goblet squats.  Basically anything I could think of.  Mixed in some express type running, throwing in sprints. Did this until time was up.


Tried to have the tunes working today but either it was not loud enough or I was too busy trying to breathe and count that I couldn’t hear as well as I wanted.  Cause that playlist was fire. Obviously classic rock and for the future all other types of music (non-rock) should be banned from a kettlebell workout.

Workout doesn’t look that hard after typing it out and maybe it was the humidity or the counting, but I think everyone got their money’s worth.  Heart rate up/mileage pretty low.  As has been stated before, Cowbell is a challenging and unique change of pace from most of the other Waxhaw workouts.   Guys crushed it.  If anything, YHC was slowing them down with the exercise call outs.   Hard to hide when you’re standing in a circle staring at each other for 50% of the workout.

Plus, with Hurry, Tool Time and Gerber joining past residents Fuse Box, Nails and myself,  Briarcrest comprised 75% of the workout group today.  Must be the detour.  Poor Glidah and Blue Screen tried to join in on the lot size comparison discussion, but were shunned.  I think I also realized that Gerber’s phone has a special Cowbell sunrise filter that makes everyone look like they have a six pack in the picture.  And I’ve seen pictures from Flash/Ignition and Impromptu/Swarm so I know it’s not a filter he uses regularly.

Until next time…


Monday Convengence -1776 6:30am

Dad’s Camp-sign ups still needed

Chiseled -Midweek Beatdown 6/30/21


Warm up –

We had a rather FAST warm up today !

Ran to the top of the parking lot. On the way back we stop at Mt Chiseled for the following.

20- Side straddle hops

Stretch those hamstrings

Runners stretch

Calve stretch

The Thang 

We partnered up at Mt Chiseled for a little partner work . We split the following .

100 Merkins- While the partner is running over the mountain … for 3 Burpees ..

75 Squats -While the partner is running over the mountain..for 3 Burpees ..

That took us a few minutes .. then we had an active recovery (lunges) to the middle of the parking lot .

We lined up for a jailbreak back to the blocks… When we go to the blocks we then riffle carried back to end of the parking lot … Everyone spread out … I revealed the work out of the day !

20 curls – run to the middle island … repeato  …..10x…5x… the run was to the second island ..

20- merkins – hand release … run….

20- Tri extensions – run

20-Bench press -run

20-Squats -run

20-Military press – run

Lastly — 20 Burpees Run


Great job to the entire PAX today .. Dilly Dilly was leading the way with Carbload and Chastain.

Welcome the FNG — SpiderMonkey !!

We got through 3 rounds … then we finished with a little pistol LBCs  and Have a nice day !!


Rice and Beans need donations of mens socks underwear and work shoes

Christ Closet needs house hold items… no TVs .. Please

Convergence on Monday for the 4th of July .

On a Pursuit through the neighborhoods of Millbridge

This is an old backblast that was never written.

Several men showed up to take a run through the neighborhoods of Millbridge.

2 men walked/rucked.

**If you were at the workout and want credit, please let me know so I can add your name** – Turnbuckle

Starting our day with Morning Wood

I was asked by Rubbermaid to write this backblast.

We had 4 pax show up for Morning Wood.

2 – Completed a full run through the Threadtrail

2 – Took a walk/hike through the Threadtrail

Trails were soft due to rain the night before. Lots of frogs and turtles were on the trail as well.

Tour of Marvin Schools at Dromedary

Good strong PAX came out today to drop some sweat in some good humidity.


  • Mosey from the parking lot to the Main Parking lot.
  • 20 Side Straddle Hops
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Plank Jacks
  • Upward Dog / Downward Dog
  • Runners Stretch

The Thang

  • Mosey to main street stopping at first light (circle back to 6 for all activities for additional mileage)
  • Repeat 3 times
    • 20 squats first light
    • Mosey to second light
    • 20 big boyz
    • Mosey to circle
    • 20 Mike Tysons
  • Mosey to high school entrance
    • 50 flutters, 2 is 1
    • 50 calf raises on the curb
  • Mosey to first parking lot by the middle school
    • Start a webb merkins / lbc’s (stop after 5 / 20)
  • Mosey to last parking lot by the middle school
    • Continue web merkins / lbc’s (start at 6 / 24, continuing until 10 / 40)
  • Mosey to front of the middle school at the picnic tables
    • 20 step ups on seat, 1 is 1
    • 20 dips
    • 10 derkins
    • 50 air presses (against the wall)
    • 50 jabs (1 is 1)
  • Mosey to main parking lot
    • Jail break to first island
    • Return back for the 6 and repeat the jail break
  • Mosey back to COT

The Moleskin

A good deal of chatter in the beginning, but then the humidity took over and I am not sure folks had the breath to push back.
The rest of the chatter was from the birds looming in the background

Have a great day


Convergence Monday 7/5 at Cuthbertson, 6:30 start.  Carb Load has provided all the details in the group me channels.


With 1 minute to spare YHC rolled in and gave a short dumb disclaimer and we were off.
Learn we have two FNGs.

Mosey to Basil Thai for warm-up:
20 Side Stradle Hops (SSH) in cadence (IC)
20 Imperial Walkers IC
10 Windmill IC
Plank, Down Dog, left right leg stretch.

Mosey to fountains and partner up.
Two rounds:
P1 – Lap around two buildings
P2 – Dips

One round:
P1 – Step up, with leg lift
p2 – Lap

Mosey carefully across the street the hotel
Grab a lifting rock
15 Curls + Run Up/Down the Hill
15 Presses + Run Up/Down the Hill
15 Tricep Extensions + Run Up/Down the Hill
15 Squats + Run Up/Down the Hill
15 Bent-Over Rows + Run Up/Down the Hill

Mosey to the Brown Bag
20 Slow LBC, squeeze it tight.
1 Donky Kicks, Run up the stairs 6 Jump Squats, Run out and Down
2 Donkey Kicks, Run up the stairs 6 Jump Squats, Run out and Down


20 Flutter IC
20 Dolly IC

Mosey back to launch
1m late. Im sorry. Again.

Moliest of Skines
Rolled in hot. Speaking of hot… Taco Tuesday in the Wingy house was filled with one too many Jalapenos. Case of the firebutt almost had me phoning in a friend.
Two FNGs.
Jerry World brought out Yard Tool. Regional Manager of Toys-R-Us -> Now owns a Construction Company -> Olafs mind is wandering… = YardTool
Odd Job (FNG from Monday at Firestarter) brought out Mountie (Super Trooper)
Originally from Canada -> Mountie. As Q, with now Site-Qs present, YHC reserves the right to rename.
Originally from Canada -> Annexing part of Canada in Super Troopers 2 = Super Trooper.

2.0 Friendly Workout with Kickball on Monday July 5th 8:00 AM. Park across from the Gibson Near the small park.

Olafs birthday is August 13th
Crane Relay is also August 13th – Signup

We’re Doing Blimps?

10 participated in my terrible idea inspired by a recent @wildturkey Brave Q: stay together, do exercises together.

Disclaimer, meet some new faces (schooner, gimbles)

Head to the bball court

Take the shortcut thru the woods.

Run to first cul-de-sac on the left
Blimps – rep count 5

Run out and left to next cul-de-sac
Blimps – rep count 10

Run out and left to next cul-de-sac
Blimps – rep count 15

Run out and left to next cul-de-sac
Blimps – rep count 20

Stops along the way to let the six catch up.
Run all the way back home.
I owe 3 minutes to each of you.

Progressive workout. Rep count got higher as each cul-de-sac was slightly further than the previous.
All exercises were led by me, In cadence, together. Thanks turkey for the inspiration. If you Q you, you do it!

Sweaty, counting be came an issue and I also confused imperial walkers with plank jacks on first set but we powered thru.

Thanks to the crew today.
Thanks to Brexit for leading the Pax at Firestarter and in reciprocity having me out to The Bottom Line.

National Lampoons Itchy and Scratchy show

When Q Big Ben mentioned lat night that he would be lathered up in Calamine lotion on a separate text, he wasn’t kidding. He rolled up….Rather early for his liking, saying he nearly fartsacked and he showed us the literal meaning of lathering up with calamine. YHC told him could have just said he was out, but he powered through.

We had 9 total pax with the 2 mashers included.


Mosey- SSH/IW/Merkin/calf, maybe a couple others.


True to his name, we circled the wagons doing an exercise at two corners. Starting with 20 each–>15 each–> 10 each per lap

  • Lap 1 Merkins/LBC
  • Lap 2 Dry Dock/Heel to heaven
  • LAp 3 Tysons/American Hammer-(this got some grunts for sure)

Head to the rock pile to grab a coupon and do a similar 20/15/10 while running to the other side of the lot and back in between (leave rock in place).

  • Curls
  • shoulder press
  •  Triceps

Place coupon back at pile, then head to the short track and grab a partner. With the time left while one partner runs, the other does an exercise…

  • Lap 1 Dips
  • Lap 2 Derkins
  • Lap 3….Oh crap, running out of time. Back to COT

about 2 mins left at COT with the mashers: LBC’s IC and then the Fiji-fastfeet-finale for a minute with each pax calling down.


Man it was sticky out again today. Poor Big Ben had Calamine dripping down his limbs. Most of the PAX kepth there distance from him like it was full Covid again! I imagine he is scratching badly today. (EDIT—-Hes at Dr getting a shot for the Poison ivy) get better big guy.


Crane relay

July 5th Convergence?


2021 2nd Half Kettlebell Program

After a long run, we’re retiring the Geoff Neupert doubles program we’ve been using since January. Based on pax feedback, we’re going to stick with the same workout structure with a more defined portion and some suggestions for the remainder, but the actual exercises open to the Q’s discretion.

The defined portion will be taken from last year’s SFG Level I training program. This consists of alternating days of (i) cleans/squats/deadlifts and (ii) presses/swings/snatches followed by some sort of carry (farmer, waiter, suitcase, etc.). While the spreadsheet (you knew there’d be a spreadsheet) might call for double front squats, the Q has discretion to do other types of the same exercise (i.e., goblet squats, single racked squats, etc.). The goal is to work the same muscle groups, not to do the exact same exercises. The same goes for rep count. If you’re not creative (like me), you might stick more to the written exercises/reps, but if you want to mix it up, go for it. Instead of deadlifts, which are hard to do with enough weight with kettlebells, you might mix in some sort of lunge (walking, weighted, reverse, etc.).

The more flexible portion will be similar to what we’ve been doing since January, with complexes and/or easy strength. The spreadsheet is editable, so please add complexes or exercises that you find that would be challenging for the pax. Feel free to come up with your own stuff, as long as it’s not something as ugly as Mighty Mite’s snatch 11s.

Feel free to mix up the order of the sections – you don’t have to start with the SFG portion before doing the flexible portion. You don’t have to do the carries at the end. The order can be another source of variety to keep things interesting for the pax (and the Q). Another source of variety can be load. There’s nothing wrong with following a heavy week with a light week or mixing in the occasional medium week.

Here’s a link to the Google Sheet:

See you in the gloom,



Falcon Crest??

Circuit City put out a Slack asking for someone to take his Q this week at Hawks Nest. YHC thought it was 0600 start. It was not, but responding to a Q call with a question about start time is really an HC, so, after a month-long hiatus, I wound up with the Q. Disclaimer was talked over and interrupted, as expected, but it was said.


Mosey a little and circle up for COP

SSH/IW/Peter Parker/Merkins/Parker Peters/Merkins

Short move to the corner of the lot.

4 Corners, 2 rounds

First round. Merkins. 5 at each corner up to 100. Mary. 2nd round. Squats. Same numbers. Mary.

Mosey to Hope Church. Grab a rock. 10 each-Curls/Tri Ext/Overhead Press. 2x through. AYG down the parking lot and back. Repeat 2 rounds of Rock set. Mosey back to launch lot.

Mary/Plank set. 5 Burpees OYO. Done



Solid crew of 18 plus the Q. Had no idea what the numbers would look like so the plan was to keep the group in the same general vicinity. Didn’t much matter what we did today, the humidity was through the roof and the sweat was flowing.

Great to be back out after some time off of F3. Missed you guys. Spackler, too.

Some mumbles about the name change of the workout to Falcon Crest. Did not get a definitive answer on whether or not that officially happened.

T-claps to Snowflake for the takeout prayer. More for Sable for prodding me along to take the Q.


Clover is collecting for the Limey Tennis Shoe Fund.

Crane Relay coming up. Hit up Frasier if interested.