Forgotten BB

Forgotten BB

Realized I had not written BB on my Q at watchtower.

DICCS given and we are off.

Run to Deal road and back to COT. Do some streches.

The Thang:

Run to the right side of the school and use the light posts to do some Paula Abdul workout. Merkins and Jump squats in the mix. Run to elementary school drop-off zone. There are numbers on the wall 1 to 8. Do as many as burpees and run around the drop off loop. Run to Middle school drop off loop. Partner up. Partner does Big bois and donkey kicks (I think). Finish with a run to Deal road and back to COT. Awesome morning and Chicken stole the show with his bath suit. Thanks chicken, I think I was let off the hook for BB because of your show.


It’s always a privilege to lead and the support is always overwhelming.


It’s not cold anymore and it’s time to get all back to the workouts.

F3-Dads every Saturday 9:00 am at dogwood park.

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