Stairway to Heaven (well not really)

Stairway to Heaven (well not really)

Issues getting the flag into the ground…near the dumpster.

DiCCS reviewed and Schneider had to bring his phone.  We started our warm-up run to front of school then back to the loading dock area while picking up Popeye on the way…imperial walkers, side straddle hop, moroccan nc, runners stretch, calves, plank 6″, merkins.


Partner up at back of school, bottom 5 benches, team of 200 dips & 200 step ups while timer is running back behind the school, up the loading dock steps and back

Mosey to front of school (stopped for an audible exercise for the six to catch up, thanks Zin), mosey to observation deck.  Partners again, team of 200 American hammers & 200 shoulder taps while timer runs up to the top of the observation deck, touch all corners.

Mosey to the road in the back to run exercises at the lights, only had ~ 5 minutes so burpees at the first 3 lights then mosey (or fast mosey if you are big tuna) back to COT…


Good chatter today…it was humid and even though we only got in 2.54 miles it seemed longer.  I know I was tired.

After Schneider’s extended weekend at Lake George he forgot how old he was


Blood Drive on June 19th 9:00-1:00 at Five Stones Church…need 13 more to sign up

Dad’s camp…sign up

June 26th Christ’s Closet needs our help at the barn/house with furniture

Thanks for taking us out 069

Ricky Bobby forgot he was site Q

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