Mileage at Commitment and Where Did the 6 Go?

Mileage at Commitment and Where Did the 6 Go?

I wanted to change up my Q for commitment and come out of my comfort zone, which meant a good deal of mileage for the PAX.
Everyone did great and very little complaints, if that makes everyone feel better :).


  • Mosey from the parking lot to the Millbridge Parking lot.
  • 20 Side Straddle Hops
  • 20 Imperial Walkers (Fuse made sure to circle  back for the 6, as he anticipated this in the warm up )
  • Upward Dog / Downward Dog
  • Runners Stretch

The Thang

  • Mosey to Millbridge Parkway and head up towards the first circle
  • Stop at each street on the left 20 slow squats
  • 20 big boys at the circle and then head back for the 6 and repeat another 20 big boys.
  • Mosey to the next circle
  • Stop at each street on the left 20 merkins
  • 20 Heals to Heaven at the circle and then head back for the 6 and repeat.
  • Head back to the first circle
  • 20 Dry Docks at each street on the right
  • Reach the circle and circle back for the 6.
  •  Bear crawl around the circle.
  • Mosey to the street’ish by the park entrance
  • Each street on the left, 50 calf raises.
  • Reach steet’ish, 20 Mike Tysons, circle back for the 6 and repeat.
  • Here is where it became interesting.  The 6 was no where to be found.  TB had noticed a little kid in front of his house with no parents or anyone watching.  He went and knocked on the door, only to find the older brother answering (probably 2 days older :)), saying the parents were home, but no one answered.
  • Mosey to Millbrdige parking lot, 20 merkins by the curb with each hand separately touching the curb between each Merkins
  • 50 flutters, 2 is 1 or until tired, which I was 🙂
  • Mosey to the bridge towards COT
  • 20 Moroccan night clubs
  • 50 shoulder press
  • 50 jabs
  • Mosey to circle
  • 20 V Ups
  • 10 fist over fist merkins.  I know I wasn’t going to do any patented merkins, but our new friend Dilly Dilly from Illinois was so curious on what they were, he begged me (maybe not) to do them.
  • Mosey back to COT

The Moleskin

Great job today gentlemen.  TB good job keeping up with the mileage, you are doing well.  Please be on the look out Monday through Wednesday for Dilly Dilly before he heads back to Illinois.  The PAX was very friendly and engaging with him, he also wanted to make sure to take back the picture from COT.

Have a great day


Prayers for my neighbors daughter Meghan, she was 18, had spinal cancer that went to her brain and past away this week.
Prayers for my former colleague (Phil) who was in need of a kidney for years, then a liver.  He went into hospice this week and past away.
Prayers for TB’s cousin Michael that he finds his way out of his difficulties and looks for a better life.

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