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Who got Prickled and Who got Goo’d?

ByTurnbuckle Sep 1, 2021

5 PAX did the Ironman and Superman and felt like heroes in the dark sheltered confines of the Millbridge airnasium

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Summer time in the woods in July

ByTurnbuckle Aug 11, 2021

3 men ran through the steamy woods after a night rain in the trail thread. 3 men walked over the river and through the woods

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“Taxes up north are TOO DAMN high!”

ByZinfandel Jul 21, 2021

Hot Yoga called out due to knee injury, so the always faithful Paper Jam jumped up to the plate. Thanks as always for leading, however…. We ha

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Are backblasts necessary for running workouts?

ByBottlecap Jul 15, 2021

At least 8 PAX believe the answer to the title’s question is YES. However, does a running workout deserve a great BackBlast? At least 1 Q

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Swarm invasion

ByChastain Jul 9, 2021

About a month ago Gerber asked who I had signed up to Q Diesel for today's date. He had the Swarm Q and wanted to do a mini-convergence between t

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Starting our day with Morning Wood

ByTurnbuckle Jun 30, 2021

I was asked by Rubbermaid to write this backblast. We had 4 pax show up for Morning Wood. 2 - Completed a full run through the Threadtrail

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Death By Man Cold

ByFuse Box Jun 11, 2021

I've been fighting a pretty hard fight this week.  Its known as the Man Cold.  While its symptoms often mimic the common cold, even when our wi

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Mid Week Release

ByPaper Jam Jun 9, 2021

9 PAX with mats, one matching it with his socks, found their way around the playground in Milbridge for F3Prickle & Goo. Dynamic stretchin

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CAUTION: Pursuit may cause Dizziness

BySchedule C May 27, 2021

12 Pax decided today was not the day to fartsack. Pursuit was their weapon of choice to attack the day. Wise choice gentlemen... wise choice.

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Go Around Back

ByPaper Jam May 26, 2021

9 PAX found their way to the airnaisum. We came, we stretched, we conquered. Those who opine that our flexibility style AO (which is now in

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