Death By Man Cold

Death By Man Cold

I’ve been fighting a pretty hard fight this week.  Its known as the Man Cold.  While its symptoms often mimic the common cold, even when our wives get it first, they often multiply in us guys to a level never seen before (at least not in our wives).  It also increases the urge to complain and look for sympathy from your M’s.  Unfortunately for me, and probably many of you, I get no sympathy from the M for the common Man Cold.  Well I found a new symptom yesterday.  I sat down to write the winkie and stared at a blank screen for thirty seconds.  Apparently the Man Cold zaps all creativity from you as well.  I knew what I didn’t want to do – use a coupon.  We have been relegated to non sharing coupons for a year now.  Mash does coupon work daily.   I wanted something different…but what?

I arrived at what I thought was an early time only to find Drive By and Chastain already there (20 minutes before launch).  They both graciously helped me set out the gear and grab some more from the bin.  (No snakes in the bin again so its a win already – but there are tree frogs).  Pax begin filtering in and by habit start unloading their coupons…NOPE, you don’t need them.  The look of confusion shows hard on their faces.

An FNG approaches and asks if we are with F3.  Nope, we are just a bunch of guys that come here in the morning to talk trash about each other.   We get the FNG settled in.  He comes prepared with gloves (good job Bottle Cap).   Turnbuckle arrives on two wheels blaring music….oh but he brings a friend – snowball.  We quickly get snowball gloved up and I announce the DiCCS.  New guy seems half amused and half shell shocked.



Circle up for the following:

  • 2o Side Straddle Hops
  • 15 Peter Parkers
  • Calf Stretch
  • 10 Parker Peters
  • Downward Dog
  • 10 Merkins
  • Jimmy Duggans

Drug the warm up out longer than intended, but with the such a short winkie (but hey, its girthy), I felt the need to add a couple inches minutes. (God I love a good wienkie joke/double entendre).



Partner up for station work.  There are two exercises per station.  The intent was for one of them to be gear focuses while the other to be a mix of cardio/body weight work.  The stations were:

  • Front & Side Raise with 10 lb dumbells.  LBC’s
  • Lawn Mower Pulls with 35 lb keddle.  Foot release squats
  • Bench Press with 30 lb dumbells.  Merkins
  • Bobby Hurleys using a 20 lb slam ball.  Turkish Get Ups.
  • Overhead Tricep extension with 25 lb dubmell & Bent Over tricep extensions with 10 lb dumbells.   Curb Dips
  • Curls with 27lb bar.  Toe Taps.
  • TIMER: Hair burner with a 35lb plate with a 25lb dumbell on top.  Riffle Carry (Audibled to a Riffle Lunge Walk later).


We did three rounds of this with Atomic Merkins in between rounds.

2 minutes left and AC/DC Thunderstruck on the speaker.  Audible.   Recover and circle up to do Thunderstruck workout to the end.  Merkins when you hear Thunder.  Mountain climbers in between.  I believe we got 17 merkins in before time hit, though I still think Chastain was a little early on the time call.



  • Great job today.  Everyone pushed hard.
  • Chastain and Recalc got to racing on the hair burners.  What an awful thing to race at.
    • Candidly the 25lb dumbell got added to the hairburner to slow Chastain down.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work.  He was still fast.  So fast in fact that I couldn’t let the hair burner/riffle carry continue to be the timer.  So I audibled to make the riffle carry a lunge walk and that seemed to slow things down enough.
  • Snow Ball and Turn Buckle were pushing each other to work harder today.  I love seeing that.
  • Sledge and Ex would have just assumed to have used the plate for a discus throw than a hair burner, but both pushed hard to the end.
  • Ghosted telling pax that I was the first person he met on his first day out and that I called him Steve the entire workout (I thought he told me his name was Steve….it is not…and in an hour long workout he never corrected me).
  • Drive By there for his first Diesel workout.  Looking to lessen the stress on his calves to allow them to heal (I’m not sure that was achieved doing hair burners though).
  • I called out Mayhem and Penalty Box for throwing the slam ball back and forth.  For a guy as old like Mayhem, it looked like a back breaker was about to happen.  (Someone whispers in my ear, Penalty Box is 73).  Oh,  yeah, and for someone as old as penalty box as well.  They didn’t seem to be amused at my suggestion that what they were doing was unsafe.
  • Spitz is looking for help from Walnut Creek pax in getting a video that was posted on their facebook page of an altercation between a member and his son who is a life guard.  That’s the second incident with an F3 pax 2.0 lifeguard there.  What is going on in Walnut Creek???  I blame Hollywood.  As soon as he left it all went down hill (pun intended for Rockwells off the chain workout which launches Wednesday’s from Walnut Creek – free marketing, you’re welcome).
  • Beaver put in some good work on his first day out.  He asked twice if there was running at the workout so the second time I told him not much, we would probably keep it just short of 5 miles today.  Chastain quickly swooped in to tell him about Diesel and Mash.
    • Beaver gets his name after telling us he turns wood on a lathe.   Because he was born, raised, and went to college here in Charlotte, some pax wanted to go Oregon Trail or traveler.  Wood Chuck was also suggested but Beaver was too good to pass up (and way better than Falcon).  Welcome Beaver!



  • There are 12 10 spots left to fill up for the blood drive.  Have you signed up?  If not, sign up at the link below.  If you have, push the link out to friends, family, and neighbors to get us to that final goal.  Have a neighborhood facebook page?  Post the link there today please.
  • There are lots of opportunities (and needs) on the F3 Service Channel.  If you are able, please step up to lead or help in the coming weeks.
    • Sandbox family moving to the Waxhaw area.  Area 51 pax are going to load the truck/trailer.  They need help unloading here in Waxhaw.
    • Chopper is moving.  Two pax and a truck needed.
    • Christ Closet opportunities coming up with a large furniture donation pick up.



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