The Floater – A Tale of Two Church Parking Lots

The Floater – A Tale of Two Church Parking Lots



* Mosey lap around Waxhaw United Methodist Church Block.

* 20 Rocking night clubs * 20 Side Straddle Hops *20 Imperial Walkers

*Plank Position – Calf Stretches, Jack Knifes, Downward dog, Upward Dog.


* Mosey to Central Grove Freewill Baptist Church for sevens between Amazing Grace Lutheran Church: 1 LBC / 6 Mike Tysons, 2/5, 3/4, 4/3, 5/2, 6/1.

* In Amazing Grace Lutheran back parking lot: Start with 3 Burpees in the center

(25) Bobby Hurleys / 3 Burpees center

(25) Jump Squats / 3 Burpees center

(25) Freddie Mercuries / 3 Burpees center

(25) Big Boys / 3 Burpees center

* Then, continuing in Amazing Grace Lutheran back parking lot for Jack Webb’s. 1 Merkin/4 Air Press..2/8, 3/12..up to 10/40.

*Jail Break back for COT


20 Pax showed up for 5 for mash & 15 for boot camp. Great job fellas, and special shout out to Turn Buckle for showing up to Floater for the first time and continuing to stretch out of your comfort zone toward your goal of attending every Waxhaw & surrounding AO this summer!!


*Blood Drive – June 19th 9am – 1:30pm @ Five Stones Church – 13 slots left – lets fill by end of this week!

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