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Kickoff to Memorial Day Weekend Birthday Bash

Welcome to Diesel and I am your host and guest of honor for today’s workout here at Diesel. I chose to Q this weekend in celebration of my 43rd birthday.

Due to the busy holiday weekend I am late with my backblast. But like they say…better late then never. Rumor has it that im actually not that late compared to someone like Posse who is still weeks late in turning in his backblast.

The Bottom Line:

Disclaimer provided to the 13 Pax in attendance.

I wanted to do something a little fun for this weeks workout. Since we are a 0.0 site…I had the Q juices flowing and didnt want to just stand around. As Premature stated…man…someone has some energy to move this morning.

So we started with warmups first:

A: Moroccan Night Clubs

B:  Imperial Walkers

C: Side straddle hops

D. Potato Pickers

E. Stretch to the right foot / Stretch to the left foot

F. Shoulder stretch (arm across body) each arm

G. Tricep stretch (old baseball elbow stretch) each arm

H. Downward Dog and Upward Dog

I. Calf Stretch Each Leg (The Damascus favorite…told me I wasnt a good Q unless I included these in my weinke)

J. Sit on your six and spread your legs open…stretch down the center, to the left and to the right

The Thang:

Let’s Mosey. Neighborhood Watch…meet Diesel! We took a walk around the campus of Five Stones Church where the Pax talked it up…around Mt.Chiseled and up to Cuthbertson Road and back. Along the way we stopped at different times and myself and a long with others that I called upon led us on different exercises such as Side Straddle Hops, Big Boys, Squats, Merkins and a few others.

Returned to COT area and completed the following:

  1. Bent over rows (coupon)

      2. Overhead press (coupon)

      3. Canadian Beavers (bricks)

      4. Curls (coupon)

      5. Merkins

      6. Hammer Curls (bricks)

7. Overhead Tricep Extensions (coupon)

8. Weighted Shoulder Shrugs (bricks)

9. Recalc’s Curb Squats

10. Scarecrow

11. Bobby Hurley’s (I love seeing Mayhem cringe when hears the name of a great Duke basketball player)

12. American Hammers

13. Lay down chess press (coupon)

14. Speed Skaters

15. Captain Morgan Squats

16. Al Gore

17. Outer Curl/Muscle Flex Curl (bricks)



I absolutely love Diesel. It is my favorite AO to workout at. I one day hope to become site Q here when Chastain and Brutus decide it is time to move on. The workout which doesnt always need to include running brings a change of pace and something different to our region. What I enjoy about this site is the chatter, laughs and good times had at this site. Diesel is a site that everyone should try at least once. We have the reputation of being slackers and the weaker link AO, but when people show up, they learn that you do get a quality workout in at Diesel. Some of the big guns in F3 Waxhaw have shown up recently to Q Diesel and they seem to have walked away with a new found respect for Diesel.



Memorial Day Convergence: 6:30am on Monday 5/31 at Waxhaw Elementary

Beer Run: June 5th. See Zinfandel for more info

Christ’s Closet needs your help. They need help with clothes folding. Please come out and help fold clothes on your free time. Any time you are able to give helps. Saturday’s 10am to 1pm or if you need a week day/night, please contact one us on the CC team to get you access to the building. Family friendly. Can be used as a service project.

Rice & Beans is in need of men’s underwear, socks and belts (men’s, women and kids). See Centerfold or Turnbuckle for more info.

Blood Drive: Saturday, June 19th at Five Stones Church. Sign up now:

2 Fer One

As is often said in a backblast, better late than never.  Sometimes work and life intervenes.  But I am within my 1 week window, so it still counts as an official BB.  Here is what we did at The Bottom Line and The Maul last week.

The Bottom Line

The Thang:

Disclaimer provided to the 10 Pax and off we went.  Moseyed up Bridgehampton drive to an area that YHC had eyed for our first exercise and here we partook in a standard warmup.  The area where we were was in the middle of 4 cul-de-sacs.  The group was broken up into 1’s and 2’s with 1’s headed one way and 2’s the other.  Run to the furthest CDS and perform the exercise that YHC had laid out.  Run back to the center meeting point for 15 sumo squats then work your way around the 4 CDS.  Exercises in each CDS consisted of 15 diamond merkins, 15 wide arm merkins, 15 right arm staggered merkins and 15 left arm staggered merkins.

Headed back to the basketball court beside the launch site.  Here YHC had laid out some gear for some 4 corners.  The group counted off by 4’s.  Corner 1 was the timer and was tasked with running to the parking lot for 5 burpees then back, Corner 2 was bicep curls with cinder blocks, Corner 3 was goblet squats with kettlebells and Corner 4 was tricep extensions with plates.  Whenever Corner 1 finished their burpee run we rotated stations.  2 passes through the stations for everyone.

A little time to kill so we gathered around the gaga ball pit for some clock work.  Get in incline merkin position and where you were on the wall was your 12:00.  Someone called out a time and we hand walked to that time followed by 5 incline merkins each time.  5 minutes of Mary and done.


Great core group out there at The Bottom Line.  Appreciate the first timers like Sweetwater coming out and checking it out.  Brexit is doing a phenomenal job building TBL up and setting the stage for future Indian Land sites.  Inkwell and I even EH’s a homeowner who was coming down his driveway to check out why a bunch of guys were doing pushups in his cul-de-sac.  He asked if it was that M3 thing.  I said yeah its F3 and we will see you next Tuesday at the clubhouse.  Schooner and Myrtle continue to kill it out there.  I can’t wait for the 2nd F get together with you guys in the F3 cul-de-sac there in the neighborhood.  Mighty and Midriff obviously have invented a way to clone themselves because it seems like these guys are everywhere at every workout.


The Maul

The Thang:

12 Pax were properly disclaimed and off we went stopping at the Wells Fargo ATM to circle up for the warmup.  Prior to warming up we knocked on the ATM for a while to try and stir Escobar but to no avail.  After a COP of Hillbilly’s, merkins, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters we noticed a shadowy figure racing to our group.  As we all waited with baited breath the mystery 13th Pax was none other than Big Tuna.  Sorry to Tuna for finishing the warmup just as he got there but we had places to be and things to lift.  Time to pick back up our mosey over to St. Matt’s.

At St. Matt’s instruction was given to grab a lifting rock but fair notice was also provided to expect high reps.  Rocks were chosen and we then lined up abreast along the bushes in the parking lot.  Partner up with P1 staying and performing the lifting exercise while P2 runs to the clearly designated area between the 2nd lightpost and grassy island.  Upon reaching said spot P2 does the called exercise and runs back to flapjack with P1 until reaching the designated number of lifting reps.  Here is what each round consisted of.

1 = 250 total bicep curls and running exercise was 10 J-Lo’s (R+L = 1)

2= 200 total squats and running exercise was 20 H2H

3 = 250 total overhead presses and running exercise was 10 dying cockroaches

4 = 200 total lunges (R=1 L = 1) and running exercise was 20 flutters (I think)

Not sure that we fully made it through the lunges but it was time to head back to launch stopping halfway at the Wells Fargo ATM (still no sign of Escobar) for some Mary.  1 minute left at launch for some plank then time.


This is one of my favorite workouts because with those many reps you definitely feel it.  And you get to throw in a little running and abs.  Solid work out there by everyone.  I got the pleasure of working out beside Olaf and Cold Cuts.  It was great catching up with Olaf who is back stronger than ever from the IR and great meeting Cold Cuts.  Enjoy those Phillies games with the daughter…those types of things to bond with them are priceless aren’t they?  Big Tuna obviously was not winded by having to track us down at the start because he was ready to sprint it home to launch.  Tuna loves the sprints. Thanks to Loogie and Patent Pending for doubling up with me this week and making both my Q’s.  Speaking of posting a lot, my man Frankie is hitting the pool/beach season head on and posting like a fiend.  T-claps.  Kirby as well with the solo pre-run.  TnT (the new nickname that I am going to start pushing for Teddy and Tagalong) are dynamite leaders in F3.  Thanks fellas for all that you do.  Good to see Mic Check making it back from his back injury.  Mic Check said that he is getting there and not 100%.  A 100% Mic Check is going to be scary.  Most of us can barely keep up with him at less than 100%.  The IT pro in Wingman came out when I was explaining the “general area” to run to for the ab exercises.  You know by now there are a lot of generalities in a War Eagle Q.



  • Beer Run June 5th.  If you can make it and are even debating it…do it.  It is an immensely fun event.

Kicking off Summer at Olympus

6 pax decided they wanted bells instead of boot camp this morning and posted 1 lot over from the RockZero pax.

Warm up:

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • 20 swings
  • IW x 10 IC
  • 15 swings
  • Windmill/Sharon Towers x 10 IC
  • 10 swings
  • Prying squats x 2
  • 5 swings

Main Thang:

  • Neupert: a slight break in reps today with only 10 sets of 4 double clean and double military press
  • Complex: 3 swings, 2 cleans, 1 thruster L/R for 5 sets with :45 rest between sets
  • Easy strength:
    • 3 sets of 5 double deadlifts
    • 3 sets of 8 lawnmowers per side, then 10 merkins on the bell
    • 5 sets of 4 double cleans
  • Static holds: :20 overhead/:20 rack/:20 farmer. Repeato for 4 rounds with 1:00 rest between sets.
  • KB burpee complex: merkin, snatch L, merkin, snatch R = 1 set. Complete 1 sets


  • 1:00 hard style elbow plank
  • 1:00 hollow body hold

Finish up by joining the RockZero pax for their final ~2 minutes of burpees.

COT with RockZero with the takeout by Orange Whip (RZ Q).


  • Memorial Day Area 51 (and SOB?) convergence at Base Camp at South Charlotte Middle School at 0700. Thunder Road is on Q and says you won’t run too much, so you might want some gloves if you have soft hands. Runs & Guns will be launching a Murph at the same time from the same location.
  • Beer Run (not to be confused with the Beer Mile) will be next Saturday at noon in Plaza Midwood. Keep an eye out for a pre-blast from Tuck if you’re interested.
  • Grow Ruck in August in Metro. Leadership + CSAUP all rolled into one. There are a number of HCs from south Charlotte. If you’ve ever wondered what all those pax with backpacks are training for, this is it.


  • It was great to get a good crowd out to Olympus today. The humidity was high, but the temps were comfortable and there was occasionally a nice breeze.
  • Strange Brew had HCed a few days prior and it was great to have him out. Urlacher has been working a bunch, but fought off the 12 beers and night of couch sleeping to join us this morning. High Tide had been resting his knee since last weekend’s inaugural Functional Strength Challenge, but committed to coming out and put in strong work. Cottonmouth showed up to ask if any pax knew what kind of tradesman installs a washer and dryer, but stuck around for the workout. Frehley’s eschewed the double down this morning and was early to the workout. He was killing it with the double 24s for most of the workout. Joker showed up a little after 7:30, already sweaty from some track work at SCMS. He chose to do some of the bell work before bailing for the 10:00 of burpees at RockZero.
  • I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. Please keep in mind why we have the long weekend by remembering the servicemembers that have fought and died for our country for almost 250 years. Let’s not dishonor their sacrifice by allowing those who profit from dividing Americans succeed in pulling us apart. We have different faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds, but we’re all citizens of the greatest country on Earth. God bless America!

Helen of Troy

Was this the PAX that launched a thousand reps

and burnt the topless towers of Blakeney

Sweet Helen, make me more than just this…


11 Pax launched from the dock and set a course through the Blakeney sea. The gloom of the morning weighed heavy on the Pax as they tendered into their first port.  First to arrive and greet the Pax was Sir Burpee.  Sir Burpee is a fidgety man, constantly moving up and down.  After a short meet and greet Sir Burpee decided to join the expedition and the sailors set out to their next port of call, Merkin Island.  Merkin Island was not your typical island,  no white sand to be seen, only a black tarred rocky surface with low brush, which kept each sailor on their hands and toes have to flirt with the tarred surface millimeters from their face.  After pushing through the thick brush for 10 clicks the sailors decided this was no place to set camp so they set sail once again.

The sea was like black glass and in the distance the men saw, what looked to be, a mountain.  The Pax anchored ship and decided to climb the mountain to catch a peak at what lies ahead.  Slow and steady the men climbed 15 clicks up the mountain staying low bringing knees to chest each time.  Arriving at the peak of the mountain they gazed out across the terrain to find only a meek pond setting in the middle of a field.  As the Pax approached the pond each decided to take a dip.  After their arms had been exhausted it was time to continue the journey.  Back to the sea it was for a short float to Geyser bay.

After anchoring just off the bay the men looked back to find their boat starting to float away each of them quickly got on their six and starting pulling the rope each time lifting shoulders slightly off the ground and bringing knees to elbow and then extending just enough to pull the boat back towards land, only taking 25 good strong pulls.

Moving inland we encountered a new a strange tribe who worshiped the sun using their feet.  With a mixture of emotions; confused, worried, and tired the Pax decided to join in.  Laying on their six each of them raised their heals to heaven and lowered, keeping them slightly off the ground each time.  After about 30 times the men decided the sun god was not paying attention and bid the tribe ado.

Tracking further inland the Pax decided to take a squat or two or three each time unable to get comfortable after about 35 rounds everyone decided it was time to move.  On the trail back to the bay the men encountered a creature unlike any it had seen before.  The creature was big a burly beast moving on all on fours.  Trying to keep their distance they moved silently passed the creature. Later they came across what looked like a bird, wobbling low to the ground with webbed feet.  The webbed footed bird, unable to move very fast, would have been a great meal for the hungry Pax but after deliberating for about 10 seconds they decided to continue on their journey.  The Pax, rapidly approaching the bay, found themselves so excited to be back they started jumping up and down while moving their arms.  After gathering their composure the men rushed up and down the bay to make sure everyone had made it back.  Just before leaving each man positioned themselves at the base of the bay slightly inclined hands on edge and each man lowered himself to drink consecutively until each had quenched their thirst.   Sir Burpee having liked the bay decided to stay behind.  With sadness in their eyes, the men bid farewell to sir burpee.

Finally the time had arrived for the final passage through the canal up to Blakeney.  On the way through the canal the men decide to make a quick stop by the Well in Fargo.  While there, excited to be near their final destination, the men enjoyed a little quick dancing, in traditional fashion, toe tap…toe tap.  Just before the merriments ceased the Pax each had a chance to dance a Mary with Rosalita before lying down the hammer.

In reflection of our journey taken this day every Pax carried with them what was before to each destination, compounding the overall rep count to 1,060.

Great Job Men! Hope to do it again soon, Thanks for having me!



Afternoon Delight 3-Some

YHC, LegalZoom, and Tanyatine showed up for a beautiful afternoon for a 30 minute 3some!

Standard DICCS, then quick mosey under the shade of a large oak tree to warmup.

  • 15 SSH
  • 15 forward arm circles
  • 15 reverse arm circles
  • Few leg stretches and we’re off

The Thang

Trying to stay in the shade we ran down the trail stopping at every sign to build on the previous station.

  • First Sign: 15x Shoulder Taps
  • Second Sign: 15x Shoulder Taps, 15 Bobby Hurleys
  • Third Sign: 15x Shoulder Taps, 15 Bobby Hurleys, 15 Merkins
  • Rock Pile: 15x Shoulder Taps, 15 Bobby Hurleys, 15 Merkins, 15 Burpees

Grab a rock from the pile, and complete 75x curls, 75, chest presses, 75 LSS holding the rock.  Between each set run back up the trail (that hill is sneaky tough) and back down to the rock pile.

Leave rocks where we found them, mosey back up the hill (short but again sneaky steep) to the clay brick pile under the deer stand.

  • 15 Alligator Plank Walks holding a brick in each hand
  • 15 Arm “Box Cutters” with a brick in each hand

Rinse Repeat above

4 minutes left, just enough time for some Mary.

15x Flutters

15x Bicycles

15x LBC

90 seconds of Big Boys


In the words of Fred Sanford – “You Big Dummy”  I forgot the family photo.  I accept whatever flogging and punishment is coming my way.  All in all, very good way to spend 30 minutes on the eve of a Holiday.

Total of 15 SSH, 30 Circle Arms, 60 shoulder taps, 45 Bobby Hurleys, 30 Merkins, 15 Burpees, 75 rock curls, 75 rock chest presses, 75 LSS with Rocks, 30 Alligator Planks, 30 Shoulder Box Cutters, and 4 minutes of abs.  Strava said I ran 1.1 miles and  burned373 calories.  In other words, 2 IPAs and a slice of pizza.


Don’t Let The Door Hit You In the A$$

16 men joined YHC at Centurion for a workout and handing over of the shovel flag. Disclaimer given and we took off.

Mosey across 51 to the WF parking lot. Circle up.


SSH/IW/MC/Peter Parker/Merkins

Mosey down 51 to CCHS campus to Stairwell 3 of Tartarus. Chair Plank. Talk of A51 Champions begins.

Quinite Tower Set

5 trips up to level 4 and back down. 100 Jump Squat mixed in wherever pax chose.

Mary to regroup

AYG to level 4 using ramps. Plank-o-rama at top. Mosey down to ground level.

Chair Plank. Continue Talk of A51 Champions.

Quinite Tower Set 2

5 trips up to level 4 and back down. 125 Merkins mixed in. Pax choice.

Mary/Plank to regroup

Mosey back to launch lot. Circle up.

Mary/Plank/Burpees for 5 minutes. Done



Snowflake was handed the shovel flag this morning. He joins Preschool as a co-site Q at Centurion. These guys will do a great job leading this site. T-claps to both for stepping up to lead. Centurion is a long-running site in A51. My first post, over 9 years ago, was right here. Hurt like a mother-f-er. Dora was on Q. He ran us through Byron’s 40th birthday workout. Found out later, Byron was not in attendance. We celebrated with a ridiculous amount of squats, which I felt for a solid week afterwards.

A51 Champions were talked about. Dolphin was in town for his daughter’s graduation. He moved to the beach a while back. Great to see him again. Told the pax about his completion of the Barkley Marathons
“Fun Run.” A huge accomplishment of 3 laps of a roughly 20-mile loop starting at the Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee. It is described as the hardest ultra running event. Watch a documentary on the race HERE. Well done, Dolphin.

Also, brought up Curd’s recent WTF gold medal performance, as well as, his Mud Run A51 Championship, many moons prior. Another A51 Mud Run Champion, also a pre-runner today, Hops, was in attendance as well. Talked about A51 and F3 participation in the Mud Run down in Columbia, SC, when we used to charter a bus and bring 20 or so teams of 4 men down to race the other regions and our A51 teams for bragging rights. Back in the day.

Get something on your calendar. Challenge yourself and the guys around you. Give yourself a reason to avoid the fartsack.

Floorslapper pulled in as we were leaving the launch lot. No surprise there. He caught up.

Hops, Sable, Lorax, and, Curd completed the Centurion mile prior to the workout. Preschool ran in and back.

Clover’s barber disappeared. He is looking for recommendations.

Great group of men this morning. Thankful to lead and share some fellowship.

We prayed for Dolphin’s daughter and Hops’ oldest, who are both graduating this weekend.

We prayed for Jennings Palmer, for complete healing, from cancer. Please keep him in your prayers.

Preschool announced that he and Snowflake are looking for Q’s for Centurion schedule. Get you one (or more) on the Google Sheet that will be floating around the inner-webs.

Memorial Day Convergence on Monday. South Charlotte Middle School. Thunder Road on Q. Runs and Guns will also do the Murph and launch from the same spot. 0700-0800

Have a great weekend. Remember why we celebrate Memorial Day, for those who gave their lives for our freedom here in the US. The US has lost over 1.3 million servicemen and servicewomen since 1775.




CAUTION: Pursuit may cause Dizziness

12 Pax decided today was not the day to fartsack. Pursuit was their weapon of choice to attack the day. Wise choice gentlemen… wise choice.


The deal:

#DICCS given
Basic plan was disseminated and we were off.

#The Thang

  • Mosey up Millbridge Parkway to the section with the median.
  • 1 lap around the median at about 70-80%.
  • 1/2 lap around median at 100%.
  • Repeato.

With just enough time to get back we gathered everyone up and headed down Hudson Mill to the trails and took the trails back to the clubhouse.


  • Great work by everyone this morning, lots of effort put out.
  • Great job by the ruckers. Looking good. Strong pace.

Kudos to the Floater Newbs

Every AO has their regulars and that is needed…but its always great to see guys posting at places they haven’t ever posted or it has been awhile since they last posted… KUDOS to Judge Smails, Lambeau, and Ghosted. Not to mention, you all came ready to work!

The Thang: (Gotta keep this BB short today—–here I go)

Pretty typical workout–Gave DICCS–did a warmup mosey—some stretching and we were off. Did some running to the Baptist Church and started with each pax  Planking and doing Merkins off the Plank—-then Squats—-then we ran to the Lutheran Church and did 15 squats and back to the Baptist Church for 15 merkins—rinse and repeat 3 times. Ran to the Swimming Pool Parking lot for 3 rounds of Starfish abwork and finished up with a give it all you got on KJH.


Pax came ready to work today….

This happened: Ice9 dry-heaved at the end. (I think  Zins weighted vest he borrowed help with that)

Just a few shoutouts: Zinfandel wearing the weighted vest getting ready for the Murph! Outstanding! Judge Smails and Ghosted practically sprinting together up KJH…..keep coming to Floater.

Lots of funny conversations and one liners from the typical crew—-thats what makes it worthwhile. Love the comraderie of F3….thanks guys!

Announcements :

Murph is Monday—If you have any contacts around town that can help donate food, drinks, anything else to the Murph—contact Chicken Little

Dasher introduced an SOB event (Similar to WTF) which will be held at the end of August called the Crane Relay—more details to come from Dasher as he receives them from SOB…..

069 made a great point of reminding pax to continue to wear reflective gear and headlamps

Zin mentioned F3 Dads on June 5th—starts at 9am for a fun workout at Briarcrest-Swimming afterwards.

Also on June 5th at noon is the Beer Run in E Charlotte (Plaza Midwood) Hit 6 or 7 breweries….Definitely just a mosey pace for the running…..will be a great time.

June 19th—Blooddrive!



Country Road, (Please) Take me Home

Madison, Chicken Wing, Retread, CRS, Jock Strap, Cage, Lex Luthor, Horsehead

8 pax, no snax


The Thang:

Run to the Matthews UMC, often confused with RUN DMC, especially by the Plantation Estates crew across the street.

Brief warmup with standard warmup fare.

Three giant Partner loops w/ partner merkins and partner jump squats at each end.  What’s a partner jump squat you might ask?  That’s a good question.  I was looking for something between a Double Dragon jump kick and the Kid N’ Play dance move where one guy kicks over the other guys’ head.  Everyone failed.  Also note the 2nd old skool rap reference, which really doesn’t fit the John Denver title of this backblast so I’m not sure where this is going.

½ mile Triple Nickel down the Country Road, which was much more fun going down than it was coming back up.  After some carnage, we took a vote and decided that two trips up was enough so we headed back to launch.  Nobody did the burpees I requested upon passing another pax, but I didn’t want to do them either so meh.

Back to launch, where Madison tried to do some weak QJack shizz while runing around staring at his watch and yelling in efforts to get some precise mileage amount that nobody cares about.  After foiling that mutiny, we did a few AYG sprints and then joined the P51 crew for some random wall thing that Slim Fast was trying to kill the last 5 mins with.  We then tied Madison to the anchor and dropped in into Davy Jones Locker.




It’s always nice being reminded that you are leading a running workout that you have completely forgotten about.  It did prompt a few days of trading snacks for miles though, of which I am thankful for.  I have admittedly been pretty low effort with the workouts over the past few months and I’m feeling it for sure.  Thanks to Madison for keeping me honest and signing me up to Q.

I’m not sure I’ve ever had the pleasure of posting with CRS, but he was getting after it.  Good nickname.

Jock Strap, who does not have a good nickname, was right on his heels the whole time.   If you’ve ever worried about scaring off new guys by giving them a terrible nickname, this should assuage your fears a little.

Cage did his typical thing where he appeared out of nowhere.  All I can think of is the butler from Mr. Deeds.  Sneaky Sneaky.

Lex Luthor is doing some thing where he runs 4 times per hour every 4th hour for 4 mins on the 4th of July.  Awesome.

Chicken Wing made the mistake of telling us all about his wife’s foot surgery recovery, to which he was mercilessly heckled about with many assumptions about the subpar support system he provides for his better-half.   It was rough, I tell you.  I mean, he left her home hobbled like Paul Sheldon in Misery, telling her that the Uber app was halfway loaded on her iPhone and she could “figure it out” , so I’m not sure what you guys were expecting the man to do.

Retread just did retread things.  Steady pace, not much chatter.  Always there, always watching.

I’ll be looking to trying to get after it a little harder in the upcoming weeks – need to get the fitness up a bit and unchain Princess Leia from my leg.  Summer time is the best time to drop a few lbs.  Time to get a sweat on.  I hear there’s a chocolate milk with my name on it at an upcoming Ghost Runner.



Something about a Grow Ruck, or Glow Ruck?  I think you buy a $400 book bag and then pay $800 to have Dredd yell at you for 24 hours.  Who’s in?

















First ones here!

19 gentle men got the good parking spots at OPES, so at the end of the day, when the lots all full and everyone is fighting to get out, we’ll be the first ones out too.

Hydra is infamous (more than famous!) for its regular PAX. To Q Hydra, you need to be able to cadence count without anyone counting along, put up with constant chatter about your clothes, form, hair, odor and other personal characteristics, and watch as 50% of the PAX don’t even pretend to do the called exercises. The guys did not disappoint this morning. It’s ok, it’s how I know they love me.

After a perfectly adequate disclaimer, we headed off to see what I could come up with. It included:
– Warmup in the bus parking lot.
– Peoples’ Chair while your partner runs to the bleachers for jump-ups.
– The usual picnic area thing where one partner stands around the tables talking while the other jogs slowly out and back each of the four pathways between the fields.
– Some “sprints” and exercises on the big field in the back.
– Triple Nickel on the hill out the back
– A little planking and lunge walking
– The ol’ alternating mary exercise and “sprints” on the front field. Classic time filler.

Other notes and observations:
– A 6:00 start in the summer means full daylight the whole time. That’s not necessarily good. Semi Gloss looks better in the dark.
– Spackler is starting his own business. No sarcastic comment here. That’s pretty cool.
– Slingshot and Jet Fuel have made some capital improvements to the Hydra facilities. There are new picnic tables and painted dugouts. Not as important as the parking lot work Sprockets and I made during our reign, but nice.
– Lots of discussion about the band who sang some old song. Hopper figured it out when he got his phone but I don’t remember the details. I’m sure it was amazing.
– I ignored the guys’ warnings about the prickles on the fields until I stuck my hand in one. No more hands on the ground on the back field. The front field was ok though.
– Prohibition (not pictured) is an Instagram influencer, although not very good since none of us could remember what liquors he sells.

– Rock Zero hosts their annual Memorial Day Weekend workout on Saturday. 7:00 at Calvary. You should go. When is the last time you did 100 burpees?
– Convergence on Monday at Base Camp. 7:00 at South Charlotte Middle school.
– Brewery on Saturday, June 5 at noon. Details coming soon from Tuck. Starts at a Plaza Midwood brewery where we’ll drink a beer, then run to another brewery. Repeat for 6ish total breweries. Then go home and take a nap. It’s a social event, not a race.
– Geraldo had an announcement but I stopped listening when I heard “ruck”. Ask him.