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In an Ornithology Battle Who Would Win…Eagle or Hawk?

ByWarEagle Sep 7, 2020

A couple of weeks ago Cobbler reached out to YHC with an invite to head down South and Q Blackhawk.  Having never been to this AO I was looking

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It always looks better on paper

ByUdder Nov 13, 2019

It’s inevitable. You say to yourself, “Self, let’s make this easy on ourselves.” Then as you mull over “the plan” you add a little s

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Rock usage safety standards

ByAlf Nov 6, 2019

A little drama last week at Anvil due to some misplaced rocks.  Hopefully it passes with little further impact, but always a good reminder to b

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Fire up the Glutes

ByLorax Oct 29, 2019

YHC rolled into the AO a few minutes early followed by Chelms and Magoo. We gave Chelms some coats YHC and Way had donated at Anvil on Wednesda



ByAlf Oct 18, 2019

15 men showed up to watch Chelms and Abacus go 2v2 in basketball against a couple of middle school kids.  Wait, that event is Sunday, locat

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Is it wet?

BySpackler Oct 16, 2019

"Pssst. Hey babe is it raining"? "What? Leave me alone" "No seriously is it raining"? "It sounds like it" "Whew Ok good. I lo


Are you wearing your summer coat?

ByHops Oct 4, 2019

First time in years that YHC was first into the launch lot before any workout....think there was something in Q school about being first one the

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Making Boot Camps Great Again.

ByChampagne Oct 3, 2019

Despite the warning that it was going to be old school and it would be painful, #OGs (both young and old) decided to get better and showed up in

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