Monthly Archive January 2023

Classic white board, Classic Rock, and Baracus’s Classic Bronco???

DATE: 2023-01-31 AO: Skunk-Works Q: funky_cold PAX: baracus, stonecold, lois, Orange Whip, Mountain Momma FNGs: None COUNT: 6 WARMUP: SSH & IW, Run lap THE THANG: PICTURED MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Blood Drive 3/3. Lois on Q next week. COT: Prayers for Goatbag, wife, and baby on the way today. Prayers for Mountain Momma’s wife- job interview today.

Tyler Durden’s Basement

DATE: 2023-01-31 AO: Bagpipe Q: Rousey, Spitball PAX: ToeJam, Pilgrim, Carny, teddyf3, strange_brew, tagalong FNGs: None COUNT: 9 WARMUP: jogged to the parking deck basement and did some light stretching – SSH, Squats, Mtn Climbers THE THANG: the AMRAP was in effect this AM in the Fight Club Basement. The design hit the full body but definitely crushed the arms/shoulders. The lineup included: Burpees (10), Donkey Kicks, Bear Crawl, Balls to wall / hand release merkin, Sprint, Hands to Toes, Bear Crawl, and Hair Burners The top dogs – Toe Jam and Spitball were able to do this 3+ times around. The rest of us were succumbing to the dust or asbestos that we were stirring up from the basement floor. MARY: Pushed back to the AO for some well deserved Mary ANNOUNCEMENTS: Toe Jam received well deserved “Savage of the Day” recognition; honorable mention for Pilgrim who looked like he climbed down a chimney he was so dirty after the workout COT: Please keep @kirby ‘s dad in your prayers as he undergoes heart surgery tomorrow

All hillz, no thrillz

DATE: 2023-01-31 AO: Fast-Twitch Q: voodoo PAX: voodoo, Cheese Curd, Joker_Shawn Heath, Benny, purple_haze, turkey_leg, Runstopper, Christmas FNGs: None COUNT: 8 WARMUP: run to the bottom of Slim Fast hill via Raintree Lane
THE THANG: Run Slim Fast Hill to the stop sign at Four Mile Creek and back to the speed bump x 2 Run to Windbluff and run the half pipe to the second light on the right at the top x 2 Run to Rising Meadow and run to the cul de sac x 2 Run to Smokerise and run to the end and halfway back and back to the end, then back to Raintree Lane (not one for 2 full laps) Back to the AO via the sneaky back road
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Give blood on 3/3 Prohibition on Q next week
COT: thanks to Runstopper for taking us out

There is a pattern?

DATE: 2023-01-30 AO: Swole Q: mighty_mite PAX: voodoo, The Worm, wildturkey, Uncle Leo, MARTA, mighty_mite FNGs: None COUNT: 6
WARMUP: 10 IW, 10 windmills, prying squat THE THANG: 5 rounds: 10 swings, 10 plank pull throughs, 10 push ups 5 rounds: 10 swings, 10 curls, 10 tricep extensions 5 rounds: 10 swings, 10 snatches. 10 rdls 5 rounds: 10 swings, 10 up right rows, 10 presses 50 swings MARY: 1 minute each of plank, hollow body hold, glute bridge ANNOUNCEMENTS: Blood Drive March 3. Marta on Q. COT:

No cake?

DATE: 2023-01-30 AO: Firestarter Q: Rudy PAX: Franky, Point Break, Rudy, Hippie FNGs: None COUNT: 4 WARMUP: Mosey to Target, coupon stash.  Jimmy Doogans, runners stretch, downward dog, arm circles THE THANG: 3 Rounds with Coupon, 15 reps each-  Curls, Arms to Heaven, Merkins.  Mosey back to park by COT.  3 rounds, 15 reps -Supines, Low slow squats, Dolly.  Mosey to fountain, 3 rounds, 15 reps each of step ups, derkins, dips.  3 rounds, 15 reps each of LBC’s, incline merkins, rosalitas.   MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bloodrive March 3, see slack for details COT: thanks to these 3 HIMs for coming out to celebrate my birthday

Do you have a lift kit on you Lexus RX?

DATE: 2023-01-28 AO: Olympus Q: voodoo PAX: voodoo, Pelosi, Krzyzewski, Unplugged, mighty_mite, The Worm FNGs: None COUNT: 6 WARMUP: SSH x 20 IC 5 High Pulls e/s IW x 15 IC 5 Swings e/s Windmill x 10 IC 5 snatches e/s
THE THANG: See the handy image in the thread below We had about 10 minutes left at the end, so we did sled pushes and weighted carries to kill the time.
MARY: No time
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1) Blood drive on 3/3 at Wesley United Methodist. See MARTA’s pre-blasts for more details. 2) Q Source is Sunday at 0800 at Panera at the Arboretum. We’re wrapping up the next few chapters of the Q Source book, then starting Never Split the Difference. Join the Slack channel if interested.
COT: Joined The Rock and Iron Horse (#kotters) took us out.

Still Room for Old Men

DATE: 2023-01-28 AO: -Rock Q: Hops PAX: geraldo, Bulldog, Orange Whip, Cheese Curd, gummy, hopper, Horsehead, turkey_leg, hoover, ironhorse, Sweetness, Runstopper, rachel, Floor Slapper, beaver, O Tannenbaum, Mr. Magoo, ductwork FNGs: None COUNT: 19 Where to start? The OG pax just kept rolling in. The reunion was on. Kept thinking we might see Donkey Kong, Stagecoach & Long Distance emerge from the woods or from the pond at the bottom of North Face. I turned the fountain on for the day’s festivities. Won’t post much of what we did as no one cares. Geraldo told me we hit 2 miles. Everybody watched Hoover do his 13 burpees to finish; some of the onlookers did 13 of their own prior. We used some Ductwork-supplied gear but bit of a Q-fail on that segment. #cobains We visited NorthFace…of course. No one got thrown in the pond. Another Q-fail. Great to see so many of the veterans out this morning. And by veterans, I mean guys with 7-8+ years of Area51 seasoning. Runstopper was kind enough to lend Bulldog some gloves. Orange Whip, with his first F3 Saturday post ever, did some balls-to-the-wall OYO. No CCV’s or Mahkthar N’Djaiye’s. You’re welcome. No SSH’s either. Gummy did a lot of standing around after his 121 mile mountain bike trek yesterday. Hasn’t lost a verbal step, however. Horsehead pre-complained a bit and complained of the Q-fail with the gear. Floorslapper was early, thereby, debunking the “old dog/new tricks” myth. We did some other stuff, but nothing noteworthy. Seeing a bunch of the long-absent pax out in the gloom was noteworthy. T-claps, men. T-claps.

All About that Base

DATE: 2023-01-28 AO: Chicken-Run Q: midriff, HazMat PAX: goonie, wingman, soft_pretzel, Dosey Doe, tuck, Astro (Kyle Kirchhoff), Chopper, Kielbasa, midriff FNGs: None COUNT: 9 10ish mile loop up Rea, across 4 mile creek, back down Community House and back across Ardrey Kell. 1 right turn (where was Right Turn) followed by 3 left turns
Marathon and half marathon training is in full swing
Soaked up much training wisdom from Astro, Tuck and Soft Pretzel

Ballantyne Bladerunners

DATE: 2023-01-28 AO: Stonehenge Q: wildturkey PAX: ToeJam, markettimer, lex_luthor, f3bigtuna, tagalong FNGs: None COUNT: 6 6 brawlers took on 30 degrees and 3.5 miles through new and old territory.
WARMUP: SSH, IW, Steve Earl, arm circles and mt climbers THE THANG: Run to the old deck on Ballantyne Corp. 10 donkey kicks, 10 superman, 10 situps each level up 10 wall maktar d’ye down
Stream park Rocker squats Hammock burpees ‘merican ladder wall climb commando run/slide Chair burner sleds
MARY: LBC Pretzel crunch Chippy cross Protractor ANNOUNCEMENTS: Scouting for Food Blood drive
COT: Be better, do better DFQ

Jedi Training

DATE: 2023-01-28 AO: Davinci Q: Luke Crabwalker PAX: Odd Job, C3P0, kirby, OMNICRON, Palmolive, das_boot, super trooper, Multiple Runners FNGs: None COUNT: 8 Warm up Mosey towards smash burger SSH Stretches Arm circles
The Thang Mosey to Dentist: Partner Rock Lifts/Runs 100 curls 100 overhead press 100 triceps extension 100 squat thrusts
Mosey to stairs by yoga studio for: Jedi temple climbs (stairs between sets) 45 LBC 35 SSH 25 Merkins 15 Slow squats 5 Balls to the wall
Mosey to fountain/playground for: Kessel Runs Partner run/exercise Dips Pull ups Step ups
Mosey to best buy 8 minutes of Mary while keeping legs off the ground.
3 miles total
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Happy hour at Woody’s on Wednesday 5:00 pm