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IPC Week -1 In the books….

  1.  Disclaimer
  2. Run coupons over to the scene of the crime
  3. Warmup around the circle
  4. Workout- Pair up and start online at one end of the soccer field. One partner stays and exercises while the other advances downfield. 

    – Advancer – murder bunny to first line, three blockees, leave block and run back.  Partner two – bear crawls to left partner left behind block, murder bunnies to next line, three blockees, run back.  Wash rinse repeat until you reach the other end of the field.  You will cover the length of the field 4 times.

    – When reach other side both partners run back to other side and start process from the other end.  

    – Online exercise stays the same until the other end is reached when it changes.

    – Curls, chest press, flutters and LBC’s

  5. COT
  6. Prayer
  7. Announcements
    1. Surge needs help moving a neighbor tomorrow at 10am

Asylum Field Trip

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Backblast here.

  1.  Quick mosey
  2.  Warm up
  3.  Mosey to the old “201 Central” shopping center
  4. We did stuff
  5. We did more stuff
  6. Then even more stuff
  7. Mosey back to COT while allowing the 6 to keep pace


  1. Christ Closet needs book bags or backpacks
  2. Shop at Kohls for a book bag to donate and Loafer will give you the F3 discount
  3. Need Q’s at Asylum – Doughboy and Ackbar volunteered


A Jaunt Thru the Wood

Down and dirty backblast.

  1. DICCS
  2. Warmup
  3. 7’s at the Millbridge pool hill
  4. Carolina Thread Trail run
  5. COT


We Discovered Coyote Cove!

This is going to be model of an MVP (minimal viable product) backblast.  I do have to say that today we discovered a secret yet beautiful lakeside workout site hidden in one of the neighborhoods by Watchtower…its perfect. There is a special statue of a predator that guards the lake.  Those in the know will show you if you post at Watchtower consistently!


2. Warmup

3. Exercises

4. COT

Bad Dream

Quick and simple backblast here….MVP 1.0 style.

The Thang:

  1.  DICCS
  2.  Circle up – warm up
  3. Paula Abdul to the hill – 10 T-Merkins/10 Squats
  4. 7’s on the hill – Burpees/Lunges
  5. Partner BLIMPS – 20x each exercise.  One Pax runs, the other planks, excercises done together.
  6. Mosey back…like a bad dream for more 7’s on the hill – Bomb Jax/LBC’s
  7. Paula Flabdule back to start – 3 lights (later to be 4 for time) up and 1 back.  Side Straddles/? (Memory fails me)
  8. COT
  9. Announcements – WTF on 5/1 last day for T-Shirt order. Waxhaw clean up right after workouts tomorrow.  Bring your back blower, rakes etc.  Coffeteria afterwards at CrossRoads Coffee.
  10. Prayer
  11. Family Photo


WTF – Waxhaw Threesome Fest

Get your mind out of the gutter.  Really?  What were you thinking coming here thinking you would read about “that kind” of threesome at F3….in Waxhaw of all places.  Hartsville maybe….Waxhaw no.  This message was biblical.  Little did the Pax know they were living out a biblical truth that three are better than one.  A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” – Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. Now you really feel ashamed don’t you?  Go read your bible after you read this backblast.

The Thang:

  1. DICCS handled
  2. Brief mosey down Keith Jong Hill
  3. Circle up for the warmup at the apartments
  4. Usual warmup stuff up – Side Straddles, Imperial Walkers, plank, calf stretch…….etc.
  5. Lineup at the bottom of KJH.  Choose the other two guys you want in your threesome.  One pax at the bottom doing lunges, one at the top doing squats, the runner in the middle is the counter.  Do each exercise three times.
  6. Mosey to the side road next to Mavis Tire.  It’s long and dark with a dead-end…great for threesome activities.
  7. One pax close to the road doing Lawson curb dips, one pax in the dark dead-end doing various merkins, one pax running between is the counter.  Do each exercise three times.
  8. Run back to COT
  9. Announcements –  Sign up for CPR, remember the other WTF coming up and sign up for a Q for One Q April.
  10. Prayer
  11. Family Photo



2021 MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Backblast

This backblast is meant to serve as an example of a “Minimum Viable Product” backblast that anyone can take 5 minutes or less to write.  2021 is a year about metrics and analytics.  The Pax will not be denied their post counts which come from you writing a backblast.  So, here you go.

*** Start MVP Backblast***

  1. DICCS
  2. Warmup
  3. We ran, did exercises, ran more, did more exercises, ran more.
  4. COT
  5. Announcements
  6. Prayer – Pray for Shop Dawg and his family as his Dad John went to be with the Lord.  Pray for Chris, Catfish’s Mom, who is in the hospital with COVID but improving.


Redemption Q

Enter to Win the Redemption T-Shirt - Rockstar Games

After a little goof up last Monday, that left many Clydesdale Pax to suffer at the hand of Dasher, I had to get back out and redeem myself for failing to show for my Q.  That is now behind us, so lets move on.

The Thang:

  1. DICCS handled
  2. Mosey to Rudy’s poop palace for a little warm-up.  Light stretching and the usual suspect exercises.
  3. Mosey to the traffic circle behind the High School
  4. Out and Back’s – So look, when you’re a Clydesdale Q’ing a Gazelle oriented workout, you have to get creative.  Last week as I was pondering the Q I would ultimately miss, I came up with this idea.  Everyone launches from and returns to the traffic circle.  You run 4 minutes out and then turn around and run back.  This allows the Gazelles to stretch their legs and naturally pick up the six on the return trip.  We did this 4x with a few minutes of Mary and Planking between each leg.
  5. Mosey back to Rudy’s poop palace.
  6. Lieutenant Dan up the back drive to COT.  Each light stop and do 1 squat and 4 backward lunges.  Increasing per the usual at each light.  We ended on the 9th light, with 9 squats and 36 backward lunges.
  7. COT
  8. Announcements – Thursday night load a truck at Christ’s Closet, bound for distribution in Wilmington.  Sign up for the 1/30 blood drive.  CSAUP coming up on 2/6.
  9. Prayer
  10. Family Photo

Peace.  Redemption attained.


We were running with Lieutenant Dan

How to be Superhuman: Rop Pope running – interview

The Thang:

  1. DICCS handled
  2. Quick running warm-up around the MRHS parking lot.  Stops at each cross-section for an exercise.
  3. First up was a running version of Lieutenant Dan.
    • Pax lined up on line at one end of the parking lot. Start at the bottom of the hill/parking lot with one lunge, run to the top of the parking lot for 4 backward lunges.  We went up the line and back down.  I am told we hit 347 backward lunges and 1/4 that of squats.
    • Grab rocks and a partner.  Back online at the parking lot.  100x each of curls, triceps extensions, standing front lateral press, and lying bench press.  One pax runs while the other works.
  4. COT
  5. Announcements
  6. Prayer

It was cold. We ran, squatted, lunged, moved heavy stuff and sweat.  We also had the Mashers with us.

Ahh…The Warm Glow of Christmas In Waxhaw

Aah….the promise of a workout by Christmas lights.  What promised to be a cold, bitter morning, turned out to be a nice festive jaunt through downtown Waxhaw.

The Thang

  1. DICCS out
  2. Quick jaunt down Keith Jong Hill and a warm up in the new apartments parking lot.  It was apparent that Ice9 never had an inside voice.  Even his whisper was jarring.  Better than the dry heaving I guess, but loud nonetheless. Quick jog to the backside of the long road to Waxhaw.
  3. Paula Abdul.  5 Merkins forward, 10 squats back.  The Burpee Train made an appearance right at the start.  The majority of the Pax complied with the rules.  Zin was on his own plan.  He drug a few other weak and impressionable Pax along with him, as they continued the Paula Abdul.  Later in the day there was debate about Floater rules.  You will need to get caught up in the Playhouse to understand the court room drama that unfolded.
  4. BLIMPS – Mosey’d to DreamChasers and started BLIMPS (Burpees, Lunges, Incline Merkins, Merkins, Plank Jacks and Squats).  Pair up gazelle and Clydesdale.  50 burpees and 100 of everything else.  Runner is the timer.  Lap around Christmas Island.  Long story short…time ran short….dropped the count to 75 and then 50.
  5. Mosey back to COT


It was a pleasant workout in the glow of downtown Christmas lights.  I saw some of the Pax working out a little closer than they should have been (you know..COVID)…it was just the warmth of the season I guess.  Good group.  It was great to have Deadwood and Dancing Bear cotters.  Announcement were light.  Really don’t remember any of them. I’m about to reference the blacked out picture that Carb Load took and see if I can identify the 16 suspects.  If I miss you, blame Carb Load.

That’s all.  Peace.