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On the 12th Day of January…..

Big Tuna gave the 12-Brave Souls at The Maul a Hill-acious Birthday Workout that should have everyone reaching for the advil the day after. Here’s what happened:

Introduction, Disclaimer & to share the Bad News……It’s the Q’s Birthday [51], so immediately 5-Burpees!

Mosey from the Launch to the side lot next to the theatre for SSH x 15, IW x 15, Merkins x 15, Carolina Dry Docks x 15 and Stretching.

Tempting the Pax with a possible Murder-Horn workout, we took a hard left on Elm and circled back to the Speed-Bumps for a simple Mike Tyson x 10 at each one. (Total 60)

In the back corner-lot we circled up for a round of Lt. Dan’s beginning with 12, then in declining order, 11, 10, 9…. all the way around the circle until we go to 1. (1 Lt. Dan = A Backwards Lunge of each leg plus a Squat)

Next was up the Hill with Merkins x 10 at the top, Repeato x 3.

Long Mosey to the Fountain for some partner work;

200 Calf-Raises & 100 Dips – One partner runs while other does exercise

150 Step-Ups & 100 Dips – Repeato

Head for the Tall Hill behind Firebirds for a once-up & 10-Squats

Mosey a few yards to do some Ab-Work – Heels to Heaven x 10, LBC x 10, Chippy-Cross x 10

Get in Plank Position for Jail-Break back to COT

Final Exercise……1-Burpee!


The Q was excited to Lead on his 51st Birthday, but he didn’t follow tradition. We started with 5-Burpees and ended with 1-Burpee. The Q isn’t quite over the 50 he logged in last year. I also parted with my usual Murder-Horn workout since Goonie called me out. (Goonie, this was the 3rd Q I’ve stayed off the MH, so I think I’m ready to go back.) The Mike Tyson’s were no fun, but the Lt. Dan’s really did a number on preparing the legs for Hills. All credit for the Lt. Dan’s goes to Mad Dog (Waxhaw), they are quite terrible. A lot of familiar faces, but all good to see. Omnicron is still beasting it and good to see Cold Cuts back. I partnered with ABBA, who I’d only worked out the day before with in Weddington. (He’s punching that ticket on the Passport Challenge.) Anyway, great partnering with ABBA and getting to know him.

There were some announcements that are posted on slack or you can just ask Patent Pending, like I usually do. (Thanks PP!)

Tribute to Area 51’s 10-Yr Anniversary

7 -Souls showed at the Body Shop for a Tribute to a milestone in our F3 History; Area 51’s 10-Year Anniversary…..Here’s what happened!

Mosey around the parking lot with a few high-knees, butt-kickers and karaoke then circle-up.

Canadian SSH x 10 (Shuffle Feet front-to-back, not side-to-side)

Merkins x 10

Calf-Stretch then Warrior-Stretch

Imperial Walkers x 10

Potato Pickers x 10

Then mosey to the Track to partner up for an early game of ‘Catch Me If You Can’. Partner 1 stands 15-yards away from Partner 2, on GO it’s 1-Lap and Partner 2 tries to catch Partner 1. (If so, the penalty is 10-Burpees) Flapjack and Go Again! Finish with a little Merry for Recovery.

Mosey around the back of the school while stopping at two street lights for 10-Burpees at each stop. Mosey to back Parking Lot for a Starfish

5-Merkins in the Middle

10-Squats, 10-LBCs, 10-Carolina Dry Docks & 10-Plank Jacks

Rinse & Repeat again, with the same, except this time 10-Merkins in the Middle. Mosey to the Rock Pile in the Front Entrance.

Circle Up for Pax-Choice of Rock Exercise x 10-Reps. After two rounds, run down to street light and back. Repeat 4-times and then return rocks.

Mosey to front of school at the Map of the US for an East Coast vs. West Coast Partner Pull [With Ropes]. Each Pax goes 4-Times

Grab some wall for 50-Jabs & 50- OHP

Line up in Plank Position on the Map to make a Horseshoe-route Jailbreak back to COT.


We had a few V-Posts today; Bratwurst for sure and I think possibly Dunkin & Endo. It was great to have you and hope you come back again.

If you weren’t there, then you’re probably wondering what happened on the “Catch Me If You Can” game. We had NO Losers! I think there was some close calls, but no penalty burpees.

The QIC did have a little fun with the Gazelles in the group. As a Clydesdale,  I feel obliged to demonstrate that slow & steady can also win the race. So to be respectful of social distancing, we did a 1-on-1 Tug-of-War. Das Boot looked like he was water skiing he was pulling so hard and Prohibition got jerked about 3-feet into the air.

Respect to Area 51 and it’s Leaders on their 10-year Milestone!!!!

Q-Jack at the Body Shop by Large Pelagic

The schedule showed Das Boot on Q, but it was Big Tuna taking the Leader today! Here’s what happened:

5:30AM Launch for a quick mosey and COP Warm-up.

SSH x 15, IW x 15, Plank for Calf-Stretch & Runners-Stretch, and finish with 10-Merkins OYO.

Mosey to front of school for Board of Pain (inspired by Smokey) to complete 10-Reps of the following:

  1. Merkins
  2. Jump Squats
  3. Mountain Climbers
  4. Carolina Dry Docks
  5. Chippy Cross
  6. Mike Tyson
  7. Lunges
  8. American Hammer
  9. Heels to Heaven
  10. Burpees

On the odd number’s, make the long-run down the driveway and even number’s, make the short-run to the playground.

Finished strong with Merry:

LBC x 25, Pistol Crunch Right x 25, Pistol Crunch left x 25, Pretzel Crunch Right x 25, Pretzel Crunch Left x 25


It was a good spirited group of PAX today. Initially, they were engaged with the Board of Pain until I shared that the board is a ladder separated by the running. Oh, how those groans quickly turned to grunts of repetitive exhaustion.  (Speaking for myself of course!)

Our prayers are with One Star and his family as his Mother is dealing with some medical issues.

Special Thanks to Das Boot and his continued Leadership at the Body Shop. Thanks for letting me Q-Jack!

Big Tuna

A Chipotle AB-Normal Workout

There were twenty-one brave souls that showed up for a Chipotle Workout today. Here’s what went down!

Quick mosey over to the other side of the school for a quick warm-up of stretches; calf’s, hamstrings, back & hips with Up-Dog / Down-Dog. With the warm-up complete, we moved into the workout.

  • 100-Reps of “Called AB-Exercise”,
  • Then 1-Lap around Parking Lot,
  • Followed by 25-Merkins,
  • Then 1-Lap around Parking Lot,


Called AB Exercises (x 100):

  1. Regular Crunch
  2. Little Baby-Crunch (LBC)
  3. Pistol Crunch (Alternating Legs)
  4. Side Crunch-Left
  5. Side Crunch-Right
  6. Freddy Mercury (Bicycle)
  7. Pretzel Crunch-Left
  8. Pretzel Crunch-Right
  9. Toe-Tap Crunch
  10. Chippy-Cross

Mosey / AYG back to the COT.


Chipotle dished out the AB-pain today, as expected. Thanks to One-Star for supplying the speaker……he probably needs to refresh his playlist. (GNR-Bueno followed by Billy Joel – No Bueno!) Its a good thing this workout is outside, because this AB-workout seemed to be producing a higher-than-normal amount of Methane from the PAX. (Maloliente!) Great Leadership today. Remember when you go to tie your shoes tomorrow and those Ab’s are screaming, that was Chippy’s workout.

Your Scribe – Big Tuna!

Dern Tuna…..Times 50!

It’s Big Tuna Season and today’s conditions were ideal; Cold, Dark & Wet!! Only Five braved the foul-weather conditions to help graduate this QIC to RESPECT-status.

So here’s what happened;

A quick disclaimer and immediately go into Burpees x5. (The Burpees were sprinkled throughout the the work-out to end with a total of 50.) Followed by a quick-mosey around the parking lot.


  • Side Straddle Hop                                       x50
  • Burpees                                                         x5

Head for the one dry sheltered area for a round of exercises with a lap around the parking lot in between each exercise:

  • Merkins                                                        x50
  • Jump Squats                                               x50
  • Mountain Climbers                                   x50
  • Carolina Dry Docks                                   x50
  • Chippy Cross                                              x50
      • Burpees                                   x10
  • Mike Tysons                                               x50
  • Lunges                                                         x50
  • Carolina Dry Docks                                   x50
  • Heels to Heaven                                         x50
      • Burpees                                   x20
  • Lil’-Baby Crunch                                        x50
  • Side Crunch (Right & Left 25/25)          x50
  • Pistol Crunch (Right & Left 25/25)       x50
  • Pretzel Crunch (Right & Left 25/25)     x50
      • Burpees                                   x10

Final lap around the parking lot, first-half mosey and the second-half AYG!!!!!

Ye Moleskin:

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to lead these men today and they were all GOOD-SPORT’S to hang in there as the Q attempted to prove [to himself] that 50 is no different than yesterday. T-Claps to Long Haul and Tanyatine for setting the pace, also to Das Boot & Deep Dish for hanging with the Q and to Noonan for being spot-on with the weather forecast. (He said it would stop raining at 6am).

Special Prayer Request for Deep Dish’s friend Bill and his family.

His Mother was a Mudder.

It was a a brisk (35-degrees) launch at 5:30am and Meat Smoker showed up in shorts & a T-shirt. (Pittsburg Strong!) Chippy worked out with no gloves. (Weddington Strong!)

The Thang – 

We took off for a quick warm-up run and exercises; SSH x25, Mountain Climbers x20, Merkins x10, Imperial Walkers x15 & Jimmy Dugans x15. We also worked in some crowd pleasers; Calf & hamstring/hip stretches. With muscles-warm and hands-cold we headed for the schools access road.

  • Run to 1 of 4 street lights and return to start line. At each light do alternating Squats x 20 & Bobby Hurley’s x 20 and back at the start Burpees x 5. (Plank at 4th light, wait on the six.)
  • From 4th light, lunge walk to [approximately] to the 5th light and then backwards run to 6th light. (Plank and wait on six)
  • Bear crawl to the 7th light. (Plank and wait on six) As a breather; Moroccan Night Clubs x 60
  • Backwards run back to the 4th Light, then [regular] run back to the start for Burpees x 5.

A quick mosey to the back parking lot for some modified Hill-work of 11’s. Merkins @ the bottom and Monkey Humpers @ the top. (Plank and wait on six)

Chipotle lead us in some quick Abs ; Crunch x15, LBC x15, Side Crunch-Right x15, Side Crunch-left x15, Pistol Crunch-Right x15, Pistol Crunch-left x15 & Thu’ Chippy Cross x15 (Finish in Plank)

Finished with an AYG back to COT!

Moleskin –

I appreciate Das Boot allowing me to make up my missed Q from December. This is a Great AO and he’s a solid Leader! Apologies to the PAX for the Q’s misread on the Hill-Work. It’s not rained since the weekend and the Q assumed the hill was dry. (I think McGee plugged in the Mud up to his shins.) We modified to the parking lot, but the muddy-damage was done. (My Bad!) Always great seeing Long Haul out in front grinding it out with Fiji & McGee. Smuggler and Noonan did a good job pushing the Q to stay on pace. Big thanks to Chipotle for his rapid Abs workout.

Announcements: New Bootcamp Workout begins on Friday’s (Tomorrow, Jan 8th) called “LAST CALL”. It’s at Marvin Ridge High School with a 6:00AM Launch. Goodfella is on Q. (Check your local listings for further details.)

Merkins and Crunches

Twelve brave souls showed up on a crisp Monday morning for a 5:15am launch. Here’s what happened.

The Thang:

Mosey towards the pet store for a little warm up to include;

SSH x 25, Low Slow Squat x 20, Imperial Walker x 20, Mountain Climber x 25, Calf-Stretch, Hamstring-Stretch, Down-Dog & into an Up-Dog (Hold, 10-Count Akbar)

Mosey to Parking lot lines; 10-Merkins at each line and Bear Crawl in between. (Approximately 8-lines).

Mosey towards the neighborhood, turn right and go all the way to the cul de sac. Using the adjacent cul de sac around the corner that forms a ‘U-shape’ we have 4-pain stations; 1) Toe-Tap Crunches 2) Pistol Crunch-Right 3) Pistol Crunch-Left 4) LBC……begin with 50-Reps each and Repeato 3x, each time declining the number of Reps by 10.

Mosey back towards the Launch, stop in Target Lot for some wind-sprints. Mosey back to Launch with 30-seconds to go, 10-Burpees OYO.



The Merkin / Bear Crawls turned out to be a Pax-Pleaser right out of the gate. There was little mumble-chatter after that. It was good to see Demascus back out. Thanks to Akbar for taking us out. I appreciate Swimmers allowing me to lead the PAX.


The Perfect Holiday Substitute for Bratwurst…….a Big Tuna?

Apparently for Saturday’s Homecoming at WMS, it was a Rare-Serving of Big Tuna. Here’s what was on the menu:

After a 6:30AM-sharp launch, we headed to the front of the school for a quick warm-up and brief Bro-ga stretch. We then jumped immediately into a Demascus Crowd Pleaser – Burpee Ladder / Bear-Crawl under the school canopy. (Everyone was warmed up by then.)

Partner Up (Clydesdales partner with Gazzelles) for a called exercise while the partner 2 runs the middle school loop. (Dips, Jump-Squats & Lunges) Mosey around school towards cafeteria. Same Partners, for a team total of Step-Ups x 100, Dips x 200 & LBCs x 300, while alternating running the outer-ring.

Mosey towards the Bus Parking Lot for some Partner Push-Pulls (Thanks for the reminder Deadwood!) Partner 1 Pushes midway then pulls second-half. Partner 2 Repeato. Last time Pulls-Only and midway Partners rotate. Mosey towards the WES playground for the Posse-Inspired Swerkins x 20 (a merkin with feet in a swing) Pull-Ups x  20, Dips x 20 with a 50-yard run between each exercise.

Next we find a rock-pile and the instructions were to get a lifting rock. (Definitions vary!) The PAX were asked to call the exercise. Once done, we needed to mosey to the front of WES, but not without a little backwards run across the parking lot. We finished the Burpee ladder / Bear-Crawl under the canopy. Mosey back to the front of WMS to the base of the driveway. Run up the hill of the driveway and back down the otherside and wait on the six. Once everyone made it, the final instructions from the Q was a AYG Jail Break back to the COT. Deadwood finished us with ab-merry.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve these fine men today. I haven’t seen Dasher more exhausted then after those Partner Push/Pulls (he was the unlucky one who partnered with the Q). Gerber, once again, crushed that hill like it was flat. Demascus & Legal Zoom saved they’re energy for the Down Hill. I appreciate Posse asking me to Q and showing up with his support!

Special prayer requests go out to Dasher and his family as well as Nails and his family. Happy Holidays!

Black & Blue

20-PAX showed up at 5:30AM in 40-degree rainy weather with a forecast for Pain. Some of the PAX may have stayed up to watch the Browns – Steelers Brawl, but knowing what was in store, this Q had to get his rest.

The Thang

Not trusting the weather, we made our way to the parking deck for a little warm-up exercises on the first level of the deck.

SSH x 20 – Jimmy Doogan’s – Walk it out to a Plank – Calf Stretches – Bring Right Foot to Right Hand Stretch – Merkins x 20 – Imperial Walkers x 20.

Mosey to the second level and circle up. Q has a board with 10-exercises and asks ALF to choose a number between 14 and 16, not following instructions, ALF chooses 16. (That’ll teach this Q to call on ALF again.) So 16 is our number of reps.

The odd numbered exercises were in BLACK ink and the even number in BLUE ink. After each Black exercise, it was followed by a single lap around the deck and after each Blue exercise, it was two laps.

Merkins, Jump Squats, Mountain Climbers, Carolina Dry Docks, Chippy-Cross, Mike Tyson’s, Lunges (each leg), American Hammer, Heels to Heaven and Burpees.

With 5-mins to go, it was a Backwards Sprint up the incline and back to the launch for the COT.


Jobe & Ice 9 did a great job working through the Board of Pain. I appreciated Otennenbaum on setting the pace for the laps. Thanks to Chipotle for demonstrating the perfect form on the Chippy-Cross. It was also great to see Goonie back out in the gloom. A special thanks to Snow Flake for naming this backblast after describing the board’s color contrast of Black & Blue as a subliminal message of pain.

It was a pleasure leading these men today.

¡Pura Vida!

After a quick Disclaimer, we were off at 5:30AM sharp for a mosey towards the front of the school, enjoying some Hi-Knees along the way, to a COP warm-up.     

SSH x 25, Potato Picker x 20, Mountain Climbers x 15, Calf-Stretch (each leg)


Mosey to school entrance & partner-up.                                                           Round #1 Partner-1 do Dips until Partner-2 runs the Oval,  flapjack                Round #2 Partner-1 Step-ups (one-leg) until Partner-2 runs the oval, flapjack Round #3 Repeat #1                                                                                                Round #4 Repeat #2 (opposite leg)           

Mosey back to parking area for a partner-race around lot to meet half-way for Hand-Slap Merkins x 5. Repeat exercise 3x.

Mosey to Rock-Pile and Partner-1 grabs a lifting rock, while Partner-2 planks. Partner-1 does a Pax-called rock exercise, while Partner-2 runs to the second light and back. Partner-2 returns, repeato 2x, then return rocks.

Mosey further and turn left towards lower ball fields. At gravel lot, Squats 10x, run up the hill onto the soccer field for Monkey Humpers 10x. Rinse & Repeat 3x.

Mosey towards the restrooms to grab some wall for some quick air-presses 25x. Begin heading back to COT at 50% pace, stop at 3rd light to plank waiting on Six. From plank position, AYG back to the COT!


Doughboy & Red Bull posted today after spending 10-days in Costa Rica. It reminded me of that country’s mantra of Pura Vida, which means Pure Life. This struck me as appropriate as these 30-men were chasing one another in the dark to push their bodies and spirit. Thanks to Rockwell [& Posse] for allowing me to lead these fine men. A big thanks to Strawberry for making the trip down to UC to support the Q.

Announcements – Bushwood Launch, wear your Golf Attire. Convergence on Labor Day Monday for Union County to become its own Region. Finally, Church on the Street needs volunteers for Labor Day Weekend. (Hit up Strawberry for instructions.)