Das Boot asks for a kick in the rear – mission accomplished?

Das Boot asks for a kick in the rear – mission accomplished?

Das Boot, in an effort to lure Abacus to Body Shop, invited YHC to Q.   Alas, 30 days out from April 15 is not great timing for a tax guru and thus the attempt failed.      We can try again after April 15.

8 men showed up for a workout with 2 sticking with gear work and the other 5 deciding to see what YHC could bring.  In an effort so slow down the younger guys, I brought some sand bags and we had the perfect match with one bag for each set of 2 partners.

The Thang:

COP with SSH, Squats, Merkins, Mtn Climbers, Plank Jacks, and 5 burpees

Grab the sand bags and mosey to kiddy track for some partner work.   Partner one runs the track while partner 2 does called exercise.

Round 1 and 2 – Squats with sand bag and run

Round 3 – Dolly with sand bag and run

Round 4 – Flutter with sand bag and run

Round 5 and 6 – LBC and sand bag carry over head across field and back

Round 7 – Boone’s and carry sand bag around the track

A few minutes of plank before taking sand bags back to the car and dropping them off.

Head over to parking lot on other side of school with bear crawl and side plank walk down the parking lot and back.

Line up at bottom of big hill for Jacobs Ladder – Run up the hill and back down and do 7 burpees.   Run up the hill and back down and do 6 burpees.  Repeat all the way down to 1 – I smoked myself here.

Back to parking lot for some back ward run, karaoke, and BTW sprints.    Back to starting point for a few minutes of wall sit, mary, and then squat jumps to run out the clock.

Naked Moleskin

Great group this morning and YHC needed the invite to get me outside my comfort zone.    Posse, who reminded me that we were once team mates on a Ragnar race, demonstrated pro skill mumble chatter.   Das Boot (I think) got YHC with the old “when do we  stop” question as I answered “when I say stop” and the Pax got a good laugh at my expense.

Great AO but it costs me $40 to drive this far south (thanks Putin/Biden) so I’ll have to ration how many times I visit.   As I said earlier, it was good to get outside my comfort zone.  That is also why I always tell guys they should do at least one grow ruck.   It’s long but not that bad if you properly train and everyone at Body Shop this am can do it (believe me as I saw guys in much worse shape grind thru Growruck24).

As always, I am honored and blessed when I get to Q a workout.


Blood drive coming up in a few weeks – our community needs us

Waxhaw trail race on April 30 so check it out

Trade Career Day on April 2 from 8am to 2pm.   Over 25 companies will be demonstrating what they do and it’s a great event to expose youth in your Concentrica (kids, family, church, school, etc) to these career options.

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