Schweddy Watchtower

Schweddy Watchtower

The Warm up

Mosey front of school and around traffic circle.   Return to COT for stretching.

  • 14 SSH (breathy)
  • 20 imperial walkers
  • 20 Moroccan night clubs
  • 20 Jimmy Dugan’s with clap
  • calf stretch to runners pose
  • Downward dog

The Thang

  • Mosey to front of school.  Partner up with someone equal or less strength than you.  Timer runs to back of cafeteria while other completes exercise
    • 200 Dips; 200 incline pushups; 150 steps ups
  • Mosey to main entrance and partner up in group of 3.
    • Partner 1 and 2 on opposite ends of road while timer runs back and forth.  Partner 1 sumo squats.  Partner 2 speed skaters
  • Mosey to front of school.  Partner back up.  Partner 1 run around traffic circle and Partner 2 air presses.  3 1/2 rounds
  • Move toward COT.  Circle up and complete make it stop till time.

The Moleskine

  • Great group of dudes today pushing it hard.  Honored to be your q today and had a blast doing it.  Schnieder and Ricki Bobby are great site Q’s and opened my eyes that i need to up my site q responsibility; they reached out to me several times and helped get together a background plan if it rained or to extend time if needed.
  • Swimmers needs q’s
  • Chicken little mental health 5k.  Please donate Friday after coffeteria

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