IPC Week -1 In the books….

IPC Week -1 In the books….

  1.  Disclaimer
  2. Run coupons over to the scene of the crime
  3. Warmup around the circle
  4. Workout- Pair up and start online at one end of the soccer field. One partner stays and exercises while the other advances downfield. 

    – Advancer – murder bunny to first line, three blockees, leave block and run back.  Partner two – bear crawls to left partner left behind block, murder bunnies to next line, three blockees, run back.  Wash rinse repeat until you reach the other end of the field.  You will cover the length of the field 4 times.

    – When reach other side both partners run back to other side and start process from the other end.  

    – Online exercise stays the same until the other end is reached when it changes.

    – Curls, chest press, flutters and LBC’s

  5. COT
  6. Prayer
  7. Announcements
    1. Surge needs help moving a neighbor tomorrow at 10am

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