Up to 51-Years & 51-Weeks

Up to 51-Years & 51-Weeks

With a Birthday a week away and a planned business trip to keep me from the Body Shop next week, Das Boot was kind enough to let me bring the B-Day Pain a week early. So here’s what happened.

Mosey to back parking lot as a warm-up and into COP.

SSH x 20 (Regular & Canadian)

Imperial Walker x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Calf & Runner’s Stretches

Morrocan Night Clubs x 20

Small Arm Circles x 20

Large Arm Circles x 20

Finish with a quick-sprint (75%) around parking lot to main road for a round of Paula Abdul’s (2-lights out, 1-light back) to the Fire Station. Exercises at lights were Merkins x 10 followed by Squats x 10 (Note: Squats were on the balls of your feet, not the heels.)

On the return trip, Carolina Dry Docks x 10 at each street light, rotating between Regular, Wide-Arm & Diamond.

Circle up for a round of Mary called out by PAX and mosey back to COT.

It was a good day out in the gloom with the guys and it’s also good to see Chipotle back and off the ‘Wild Turkey’. Thanks to Das Boot for his support and T-Claps to Judge Smails for the enhanced Squats technique on the balls of your feet.



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