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Bushwood Member/Guest Leapfrog

ByTonyatine Sep 15, 2020

Apologies are in order as I have been running late, well I have been trolling the Twitterverse for new video of other regional PAX week 3 IPC sub

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A foggy day in Waxhawtown

ByRudy Aug 23, 2020

DiCCS given Warm Up Mosey up to Kensington Rd and back down to traffic circle.  Circle Up.  Moroccan Night Clubs, Jimmy Dugans, Calf Stre

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Smell What’s Cooking

ByDeep Dish Aug 19, 2020

Belated BB from Tuesday.  After the VQ Saturday at Commitment, had to re-fire the ovens for the Bushwood halfway house diners.  Whether cold or

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Finally some REAL Pizza

ByDeep Dish Aug 16, 2020

Chef’s hat on, dough ready to rise, and ovens preheated for some home cooked Chicago Style Deep Dish VQ (pizza). Not knowing the appetite nor p

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Mechanic or Car’d’ dealer, hopefully they don’t screw up.

ByTonyatine Aug 13, 2020

For the second time this week, QIC had to scramble last minute to get a weinke ready to go. Rolled in a little worried as there were just a coupl

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